Thursday, March 15, 2007


What are your thoughts about Criminal Minds? Who is your favorite character? What storylines would you like to see? Here is a place for you to tell whoever may be reading your thoughts and opinions. Have fun! :)


Anonymous said...

My favorite characters are Gideon and Morgan. I would like the know more about Gideon's past so that I can have a better understanding of some of his recent behavior. It is sometimes very hard to predict or to understand why he reactes the way he does in some episodes. I would like to see Morgan's character have a bigger or at least a reasonable role in each episode. We tend to see him be moved way into the background in some episodes.

I have watched the show since the beginning and I love it. It is intense and holds my interest unlike most tv shows.

Anonymous said...

Gubler girl here and I would like an ending we can all understand to the Reid on drugs thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a favorite character really. I think they are all very dynamic and I can relate to them all in different ways, I could make a list of the things I like about each of them but it would get rather long. ;-)

I actually didn't start with the pilot episode. I started at about the fourth episode in. I remember waiting for another show to be on but instead CM was on. I distinctly remember being VERY P*ssed off that "my" show was replaced by CM - I even remember at first trying to be like "Oh, pffft....those guys got nothing to my show (I don't even remember what show I was waiting for)". But then I watched it. Heh. And since that day it's been my favorite show, and it surpasses any previous favorite shows I've had. I've got the Season 1 DVD's, want the 2nd when it comes out, and am a member of most of the online groups. I just can't get enough.

Some things I'd like to see:
- more character development on Garcia - more action from her!
- more info on Gideon's past.
- more info on Hotch's past (lingering from the ending of 'Natural born Killer')

- As I said on the Kirsten Group, I would LOVE to see a show where something happens to her (as I said, maybe some psychotic gets into the BAU and takes her hostage) and have Morgan save her. That would just be total love. :-) I'm not for a love-type relationship for them, but I'm all for things happening to cement the friendship that they have. And this would be icing on the cake for me!

Other than that I just hope the writers grow with the show (as I'm sure they will!) and continue to make the superb episodes they have to date. And I hope to see that entire cast (yes, EVEN Prentiss, I like her!) hang around for a long number of seasons yet. They all just work so well together. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have also been watching from day one and I am not sure that I have a favorite character but my husband's favorite is Garcia.

I love the writing on the show and each episode offers another great case to be solved and unsub to be caught but I would like to also see them spend more time at the office. It would be nice if we could have an episode where not only do they work a case but they also show us a glimpse of what a normal work day is within the BAU. I don't think it would be boring at all and I think it would add some substance and understanding to what a real BAU unit is like.

Some of my favorite scenes have nothing to do with the actual case. I loved watching them all out to dinner together and Reid bumbling chopsticks. Just an idea.

I agree with BJ and Macmilk that we need more info on Gideon's past and Garcia needs a story. I also love the quotes but I think they should all be said by Gideon. Sorry because I know that is not a popular notion but it is how I feel so please do not roast and toast me.

lisaw918 said...

My favorite part of the character interaction is the friendship between Hotch and Gideon. As I've said repeatedly (and to anyone who will listen, on my journal and elsewhere), they're so in tune with each other, they think in tandem; sometimes it's like they're not really two different people. I like the part in Machismo where Gideon calls and Haley says "it's your wife." She was mad, but I liked it :) And I love the way they pow-wow over Elle in "Fisher King" and "Boogeyman." Something's wrong, Hotch makes a beeline for Gideon. Something's wrong with Gideon, Hotch needs to know what it is. A few of us have had this "Gideon=Dad and Hotch=Mom" discussion :) The first episode of the show that I saw was "The Fox," but I got hooked during "Natural Born Killer" after Hotch has almost been strangled to death, and Gideon tugs at his collar and says: "Take your tie off for once in your life." Right there in one sentence you have a crystal-clear picture of Hotch's character, his friendship with Gideon and the depth of Gideon's knowledge of his friend. I downloaded the first six episodes, fell in love with them, too, and the rest is history :)

As for future developments... I want to like Prentiss better than I do. I want to know who she is, really. (Presumably this will happen anyway, at some point.) And it seems to me that after "Profiler, Profiled" and the stuff with Reid, the team is losing cohesion, hemorrhaging, in fact. I want things to either get better, or come to a head. An idea I've had for a long time now: if Hotch and Gideon disagreed on how to handle a case, and they couldn't smooth it over no matter what. They might split the team down the middle, and the "kids" would have to choose sides. It would be wrenching and horrible, but I'd love it :D I feed on angst. It's all about damning the torpedoes and just going for it.

Also, I love the silly stuff like the Physics Magic (thank you, Ed Bernero, that made my week!), so more of that, please. That is, more random goofing off. Also, gotta love the bar scene in "Big Game" with Reid engaged in a Star Trek drinking game (pun most definitely intended) :D

Anonymous said...

Although Reid is definitely my favorite character, I think one of the strongest things about this show is the ensemble cast. Everyone has a distinct and interesting personality which speaks to the talent of the writers as well as the cast.

What I like the most about the show, though, is its grounding in actual science and FBI procedure. True, it's a television show and the drama comes first, but I'm always impressed with how much the show gets right rather than disappointed in what it gets wrong. As someone who's been interested in serial killers and the science of profiling for a while (I even took a class on them as an elective for my BA, where we read Sexual Homicide and Whoever Fights Monsters by FBI agents Douglas and Ressler and Ressler, respectively), it's great to hear actors using the proper lingo!

At the heart of it, CM is a hip show full of attractive cast members, explosions and flashy production, but it's always been a smart show. That's what I think sets it apart, and for me harkens back to a lot of great television that The X-Files paved the way for in the mid-90s. You can't have enough smart TV, and these days there's not much of it at all!

Anonymous said...

I have only been watching since "The Big Game" so I am not sure I am qualified to even have any opinions but what caught me about this show is how really smart all the members of the unit are. Gideon is so smart you have no idea what is even going on with his thought processes. Reid is just plain cute and I just want to wrap him up in a warm fleece blanket and give him some cocoa. Someone else said that it is the stories that holds their attention and I think that is the case with me. I like the characters. All of them but I really like the stories. I like trying to figure them out.

Mt.Suz said...

Our family loves CM. We have started watching it fairly recently, but the Super Bowl 2 parter really got us hooked.
Reid is my favorite character but love the whole team.
What I like best about the show is the team interaction and how working together they solve the horrible crime. I feel this almost "family" dynamic is what draws me back. I love the character developement, but hated the drug use brought in for Reid. I feel it weakend the team. I didn't like what it did to Reid's character. There was a wedge there that distracted from the unity of the team solving the crime and even the crime.
I like it when all the team members are shown as much as possible. Not sure about Prentiss yet?? Love the little silly moments that lighten the mood and would like to see that continue. And of course lots of Reid.

Anonymous said...

My favorite characters are Reid (shocking) and for some odd reason I actually Hotch. He dance around, he wants the job DONE! Just like me.Hehe

What I want to see: Is the resolution to Reid's storyline! Is he, or isn't he on drugs? And I would LOVE to see him have one hell of an emotional breakdown. He looks like he wants to explode.

But besides Reid and Hotch, I love the entire cast too. They do such an exceptional job.

ESPECICALLY the writers, I also hope they grow the show, and that they KEEP the same people, because they know the characters better than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Eeek, me again, the English major in me wants to correct something.LOL

I forgot the word "Like" after I said, cause I meant to say, "Actually Like Hotch"

Anonymous said...

I want to find out more about all the character's family. I love stories that talk about when they grew up, and what it was like for them. We have seen a lot about Reid, but I want to see more about his dad. It seems he doesnt know where he is. I would love a show where he sees his dad.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Garcia spend one episode not plastered behind her computers. We love her in our house and we know she is the tech and all but we like when the whole team is together in the field.

Anna from Germany

Anonymous said...

i wish you put thomas gibson update people whats he up to

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Spencer Reid because he different and so smart. I would like an end to the "is he or isn't he on drugs" thing we have going on right now. The storyline is not worthy of this show. Criminal Minds is not a soap opera.

I really like the interaction between Hotchner and Gideon. I really like all the one of one conversations they have with each other. I think they are both broken in their personal lives but when they come together they are whole and a very strong pair.

Mt.Suz said...

I would like to see:
-Resolve Reid drug issue for good!
-Team members put at risk
-Reid in the field (in FBI vest);)
-Info on Reid's father
-More interaction-
-Garcia in the field
-Love your very great 2 parters!
-Love JJ, Prentiss and Garcia

Anonymous said...

I am also new so I don't have much to say other than I enjoy the show because the stories hold my attention and keep me guessing about what is going to happen next. I would say my favorites are Aaron Hotchner and maybe Derek Morgan.

Anonymous said...

More details of their personal lifes.

Anonymous said...

Nobody has mentioned JJ so I will. Since North Mammon we have seen her part grow and we know her past family life and small town girl stuff but I would like to see her character developed more. I would like to see her grow some more.

Other than that I love it all so stay the course and I will always tune in.

Unknown said...

All the characters are so incredibly well-written that I love them all. If I had to choose, I'd pick Emily; she's such an adorable nerd. And although she has the nerdy side to her, they don't overplay it: she's still a brilliant profiler and good at what she does. And I'm so happy they didn't made her a copy Elle.

As for storylines, I'd love to get some backstory on Emily, JJ and Garcia. But, all in all, it doesn't matter. I just want new episodes, heh.

lisaw918 said...

Actually, let me just resurface for a little bit here and say that what I do not want is anymore episodes devoted to the characters' pasts. I like drama, yes, and I like them finding out little things about each other that they didn't know before (especially the conversations between Reid and Garcia about the schizophrenia), but we know they all have issues; most of them don't even have both parents, if any. But the way to get to know them is not to invent huge melodramatic teenage traumas; it's to see how they interact and deal with the situations with which they're all presented, in the here and now. (I agree with leah w that the ensemble cast working together is the fuel in the tank; the Chinese Food Scene in "A Real Rain" is one of the biggest reasons why it's my favorite episode.) One "Profiler, Profiled" was ok because of the way it ripped at the relationship between Morgan and Hotch, and especially because of the Physics Magic :) But please, less of those 'history episodes' in future.

Anonymous said...

My favorite character is Gideon and I'd love to see more about his life outside the BAU. I'd also like to see a reunion with Reid and his father. After what's happened to him, I think it would do Reid a world of good to be able to confront his dad for abandoning him and his mom during a crucial time in their lives.

Anonymous said...

I have no fav one. I love them all. I wouldn't change anything about the show at all but I would like to see less breaks in new episodes. I realize that they can only make a certain amount of shows but we have had so many repeats this season and also the repeats are not shown in order. It would have been better to have started from the first episode and worked down from there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with ambra, I think it would be interesting to see Reid's father. He has to be angry with the guy, I would soo love to Reid confont him, in front of everyone! That would be, "WOAH"

Mt.Suz said...

I agree with diane and debbie. Reid confronting "Dad" in front of the others. WOW.

Elizabeth said...

I would like to see a bit more of Hotch's backstory. He is such an emotionally complex character it would be interesting to find out a little more about him. And I adore his relationship with Gideon - they really are like an old married couple and some of their exchanges are just perfect - the way they understand each other so well.

I have enjoyed the snippets of Reid's backstory but I don't really want the Reid family soap opera. It is his interaction with his co-workers that is more interesting.

And I would like to see more development of Garcia.

As for plots, I'm sure there are no end of real life nasty people to provide inspiration. Although any episode that has had puzzles and riddles has been fascinating.

And I do like the way Criminal Minds has the courage to challenge the viewer and to be unexpected. I actually liked the teasing and possible red herring with the drugs and I think the viewers are smart enough to try to work out what is going on in the scenes that we DON'T see and decide for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Someone else mentioned having a disagreement arise within the team. That would have massive potential for a great story line. It has always been blurry to me on who is really running the unit. I know that Hotch is the team leader but Gideon is their ace in the whole and the one with the most experience. Even Morgan who was nervous when Gideon came into the unit has come to respect his brilliance and experience. I think it could get nice and dicey to add some strife while they are busy working a case.

slashgirl said...

Does anyone really need to ask who my fave character is? *lol* Hotch, of course. I know lot of people don't care for him that much--say he's unfeeling or wooden and all I can say to that is you are not watching him. TG does a fantastic job with this character--and when Hotch shows emotion it's subtle but powerful.

Reid and Garcia tie as my second fave characters.

What do I want to see? Hotch's backstory (I really want to see how far off I am in my own guesses about it). I also want to see how they'll fix the timeline problems ...that will be interesting if they do address it.

And I know it's not very popular of me but I really wish they'd get rid of Haley; she annoys me--she's SO passive agressive with Hotch--I hate women who are like her. She really pissed me off in Psychodrama--she couldn't reach Hotch on his cell--so she buggers off and takes Jack by herself to the appt. What, were all the land phone lines into Quantico down that morning? She then has the nerve to go in an pull a guilt trip on Hotch...*argh* I used to be ambivalent about her but that ep made me despise her. (Although, Hotch has phone issues as well, when he tries to call her in Lessons Learned he lets her phone ring maybe three times and then hangs up and says he can't get a hold of her. *sigh*)

I'd love more Hotch/Reid intereaction; in fact, I was disappointed Reid didn't talk to Hotch about his problems; at least Hotch would've listened to him and tried to help him. Not been all "me, look at ME, my problems are worse than yours" like Gideon was, nor would Hotch have tried to discuss it on the plane where everyone could hear, like Morgan did. *bah* Doubt we'll see it though.

But what I really hope is that the writers keep up their great work with the characters, in general.

But, yeah. More Hotch/Reid would make me very happy. :D

Anonymous said...

Great comments already! First ep I saw during Season 1 was "So what's so special about this show?" Then I realized you actually need to WATCH IT--not just LISTEN!

It challenges the mind (as I yelled at critic Matt Roush awhile back). We are forced to think; we are able to see how the Team treats people with as much respect as possible to get their main goal accomplished: Try to catch the "unsub" before he commits more crimes with as little risk of loss of lives as possible.

The writers/production crew, etc. are superb! The cast cannot be topped. Love them all!--BUT HOTCH IS THE HOT ONE FOR ME!

I also have liked Emily/Paget since the 1st episode where she was introduced into the cast.

The complexity of personalities of the whole BAU Team is so perfectly presented to us...I don't know how any improvement can be done with their individuality. Maybe just a little more tidbits of "personals" of each member's life--not too much, a "dab" only. (We don't want too much "hot sauce" to ruin the meal!).

Future storylines? Just continue to use facts from the real BAU cases, along with the right amount of drama, locations, guest stars, a little more "touches" of humor (like Reid's experiment!), few more of those "smiles that kill" from Hotch (while still maintaining his professional ethics), to keep the series fresh, exciting, and eager for us to come back for more..!!

The series is already grown into a top-notch program, so probably too much change would not be beneficial.


Anonymous said...

This is going to sound so petty so please let me first say that I love the show very much and what I would like to see done is very minor and small.

I would like to see a change of scenery. It seems like the cars are always the same and the clothes are always the same. I told you it is very minor but I like to look at the small details and the cars are always the same. It is like they fly them with them which of course they do not do.

I love the stories. They grab you and hold you not only the first time you watch but also when you rewatch them. The writing is aces so that needs to stay the same.

I also always notice the lighting and they do a very good job with that. The cast is great and the guests are great. I am amazed at the kids they cast and how much talent they have when the episode calls for a child. That to me is really amazing.

I think many of us watch the show and every detail like hawks and I for one am very protective of the show. They make a boo boo now and again but it is still the best thing for two years running on tv.

Anonymous said...

Another thing...I think that Haley Hotchner is kind of just "like there"...not much personality. Has Hotch ever said "I love you" to her? Does she have a life outside the house? I wondered about their "marriage". She needs to either come alive and expand beyond just being there waiting for Hotch to return from wherever, or take baby Jack out of the house and actually DO SOMETHING!

Anonymous said...

My favorite characters are Morgan and Garcia. I like the show just the way it is now. This season much better than last season. I would like to see more interaction and more personal interaction with characters and the unsub or victums. In the beginning of this show, many of the guest stars part were far more interesting than the main characters/agent were. I loved Profiler, Profiled and the one before that one and the super bowl shows. I don't understand anyone not wanting there to be interaction on this show with the main characters. Guest stars are important but so are the main characters. And I would like to know them better and hear more of their thoughts about the job and cases from there point of view.

Anonymous said...

Love the show just the way it is but my suggestion would be more outside scenes. It lightens the mood but doesn't take away from the intensity when the scenes are on location and outside. Also no more dog scenes. I had trouble sleeping for a week.

Anonymous said...

Reid confronting his father - yes, though given his nature I would think he'd do it in 'private'. It's possible that the only reason he brought her to the 'office' was because his concern for her safety overrode his natural reticence.
But perhaps not.

Kris said...

Since I am an actor in the beginning stages, I really look for the growth and progress of other new actors. I just think Kirsten Vangsness has sooooo much potential and I'd really like to see her get some more action on the show, not just sitting behind her computer so much.

As far as story lines, hmmmm......I have to think some more on that one, lolol

Anonymous said...

I agree with Chris Kirsten is waiting to be unwrapped, as is Matthew. Based on the show thus far, Reid and Prentiss and Morgan are my favorites.

Anonymous said...

My favorite since I started watching is Gideon. I find myself watching his face wondering what he is thinking and how he is piecing things together to help find the latest dirt bag.

Suggestions: Less focusing on individual characters in each episode and give us our whole group like you did in the Fisher King duo!

Anonymous said...

I just watched the first five episodes so I understand a little more about how thing have developed. I liked the really nerdy Reid but everyone has to grow up. I also like Reid because he is not based in reality. Garcia is also not real, so that makes her character interesting. I also like Gideon. He is one of a kind, though his protégé (Reid) is starting to mimic some of his behaviors.

I can see typical FBI agents on any other show out there. What distinguishes CM is it has some FBI agents doing unique things. So far Morgan and Prentiss are very typical agents. There is a need for more character development from both. They do not have to be tortured, since that is not likely a good field agent would get kidnapped. They might be more involved with undercover work now and then. How about a mole story?

I am in total agreement with Mr. Bernero about not putting evidence at the forefront of any story. Evidence is very boring or routine for some of us. Mentally deranged people are much more interesting! I don’t want to BAU members to be the mentally deranged ones, though. They can be off center, just not total nut cases : )

Anonymous said...

My favorite characters are Reid and Garcia, by far. I would love to develop more into their backgrounds. Get Garcia out from behind that desk, yeah I get it, she is the computer girl..but let her walk around a bit like she did when she saw Hotchs brother. :)

I would actually like to see a touch more of their personal lives, the way we see Hotch and Haley. Not a ton by any means, that isn't what the show is about..but a little could go a long way.

In conclusion I would just like to say MORE MATTHEW GRAY GUBLER!!!

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

Besides the thing I suggested earlier, I think the show is great JUST the way it is. They don't need to do muuch.

Anonymous said...

Garcia - definately. I'll never forget the scene in 'The Fisher King' where she realised the system had been hacked through her laptop,and then had to go and confess to Gideon. An incredible performance! I really felt for her...and the scene with her and Reid when she told him his mother was safe - concern, compassion, friendship; the acting was 'understated' and was far more effective for that.

lisaw918 said...

slashgirl said...
I was disappointed Reid didn't talk to Hotch about his problems; at least Hotch would've listened to him and tried to help him.

Would he? It's not just Morgan and Prentiss noticing Reid's odd behavior. Hotch gives him just as many "what the hell is wrong with you" sideways glances as Gideon does. He knows what's wrong; there seems to be some kind of unspoken agreement between him and Gideon that Reid should try to work some things out for himself before any interference would be welcomed.

Not been all "me, look at ME, my problems are worse than yours" like Gideon was

Oh, no, that's not it at all. I loved that scene, not just because Mandy made it shine, but because Reid needed to know that what he was feeling was normal for a profiler. The worst conclusion Reid could come to would be that he's not part of the team anymore because he can't keep it together all the time. We really don't want Reid turning into Elle II. Gideon was letting him know the bottom line, that the nightmares and the trauma mean he's still a human being, and if he felt nothing, then he should find some other line of work. In spite of Gideon sharing his own feelings, it wasn't really about him; it was about Reid finding some context, somewhere to put his feet. That was the part he needed from Gideon; the rest he needs to figure out for himself.

It's interesting about Morgan; he gives this advice to J.J., but when it comes to Reid, he puts on his big brother shoes and can't leave well enough alone :)

joyce said...
Has Hotch ever said "I love you" to her?

That's a good point, although the story he tells her about knowing when he saw her that he was going to marry her is kind of the same thing. I think Hotch can show love and affection, he just has a hard time saying the words.

take baby Jack out of the house and actually DO SOMETHING!

Well, there was the time when she brought Jack to Quantico to show him off...and there's the part in "Fisher King" when she comes to the office with the package that has the book code inside. But no, I don't think she works, at least not right now; she's pregnant at the start of the show, and Jack is still very little, so I think she just takes care of him. And, yeah, just waits for Hotch to get home. Probably not a good thing, and probably why she has to keep bringing up the fact that he's never home on time.

The Swedish Mystery said...

I'm hooked on Criminal Minds because right now all the characters are a little underwritten - we get glimpses and hints of what makes the members of The BAU Team tick and that is what fascinates me. Even though I want to know more about all of them I still want a little bit of them to remain unknown. It's a balance that is hard to keep. I have no favorite character even though I for the moment like the little character development they are giving J.J.

For me all the two parters have been a hit and I would to see more continuity between episodes like the one we have now with Reid struggling with himself after he was taken by that lunatic. Those kind of character arcs are cool and it would be interesting to see someone else than Reid evolving as a character. I know he is popular among the fans of the show but all the focus on him is starting to get a little bit boring.

This season has had some really brilliantly creepy serial killers - the one that ran off with Amy Amdigan and the guy from Dawson's Creek were great. I would have no problem with having The BAU Team trying to catch the same serial killer over two or three episodes instead of one.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

The first season of Criminal Minds was wonderful and had the show stayed exactly that way I would have been happy. The second season has been even better than the first. I am not sure if the actors and writers have become more comfortable with the characters and the premise of the show or what the difference is but it is a tangible improvement.

I think that one of the most remarkable things about this show is the attention to detail given to each episode by the fans. The majority of us know every minute detail of every episode. We watch and then rewatch. We discuss it and we write about it. I honestly have never seen a show bring out so much passion in its fanbase before.

Before my trip I considered myself a Gideon girl but I am not sure what I am now. Perhaps I have become the writers' girl. I love all the characters...even Prentiss. (okay, I am warming to Prentiss....sorry Paget..I do adore you personally).

I wish I could list the things I want to see happen on the show but since in an earlier post I admited to having asked about those things only to be told by a writer and a producer that I would never see it, I would being spoiling the rest of you.

PS. I might not be a Gideon girl anymore but I will always be a Mandy girl and in the long run that is even better. :)

I love this show! said...

I like all the characters but Reid is my favorite because I relate to him the most. The biggest change I think I've seen between season one and two is the "team" element doesn't seem to be there as much anymore. I would prefer to see the focus of the show stay on the crimes and how the team members (using their individual specialties) work together to solve those crimes. Also I would like to know more about Emily (specifically what would motivate her to want to work in the BAU.)

slashgirl said...

Lisa said: Would he? It's not just Morgan and Prentiss noticing Reid's odd behavior. Hotch gives him just as many "what the hell is wrong with you" sideways glances as Gideon does. He knows what's wrong; there seems to be some kind of unspoken agreement between him and Gideon that Reid should try to work some things out for himself before any interference would be welcomed.

I meant when Reid was ready to talk. I agree they ALL had to let him have his space to try and work through things for himself. In fact, that's how I viewed their non interference when so many people were whining that no one was helping him or noticing that anything was wrong. They were all noticing but were treating Reid like an adult. He can be naive at times, but he's still an adult and they, to my mind, were respecting that but would be there when he needed them.

People talk about the way Gideon and Hotch seem to read one another (and they do) but Reid and Hotch seem to have that/be developing it. After all, Hotch IS the one Reid relied on to get his clue in revelations and Hotch did. I just think it would've been better if this discussion, when he was ready, had been with Hotch.

Oh, no, that's not it at all.
In your opinion.

In spite of Gideon sharing his own feelings, it wasn't really about him; it was about Reid finding some context, somewhere to put his feet. That was the part he needed from Gideon; the rest he needs to figure out for himself.

I didn't get that from the scene at all; I found it rather flat on Gideon's part and if that's what I was supposed to get from it, I didn't. To me it was very Gideon focused, not Reid focused. I do think Reid has finally decided that this IS what he wants to do, he's made an adult, conscious decision to be a profiler, not just follow where he's lead. But the feeling I came away with from it was that for Gideon, it was more about and for HIM than about or for Reid. And it doesn't matter how many times I watch that scene--it just doesn't work for me and I doubt it ever will.

Anonymous said...

I love the show too. It really does just keep getting better with every new episode. There has to be someway to squeeze just a few more episodes out of the cast and crew each season. This season we will have 24. Would 26 kill them? Then in year four we could move up to 28. These gaps in new episodes have been awedful. I am a Morganholic!

Anonymous said...

We have some open stories we need closure for. Reid's "drug" story and Frank from "No Way Out". I would like to see both of these finished within season two but I suspect we may be looking at one of these being our season finale cliffhanger. I think the show is right on track. We need to let the writers keep growing and just go along for the ride.

lisaw918 said...

I meant when Reid was ready to talk.

Well, ok, good; sorry for misunderstanding.

People talk about the way Gideon and Hotch seem to read one another (and they do) but Reid and Hotch seem to have that/be developing it. After all, Hotch IS the one Reid relied on to get his clue in revelations and Hotch did. I just think it would've been better if this discussion, when he was ready, had been with Hotch.

I think that might have worked, but I feel that ever since the beginning, Gideon has been the one to whom Reid always comes to figure things out that are puzzling him. I think his genius status bothers him sometimes because it sets him apart from the others, but Gideon has a kind of 'seen-it-all' wisdom that Reid hasn't had time to learn yet, and that helps him when he's unsure of himself. Hotch might have been able to help him, too, but even though they do have that connection, it's just sort of there; they don't really discuss things the way Reid does with Gideon. And the few times that Reid does ask Hotch for advice, Hotch quotes Gideon to him. In L.D.S.K., for example: "You know what Gideon told me when I first joined the unit? 'You don't need a gun to kill someone.'" (Please excuse any possible paraphrasing.)

In your opinion.

:) Well, yes; that's all I have, after all. But it seems to me the writers meant the scene to have some purpose, and that's what I think it is.

But the feeling I came away with from it was that for Gideon, it was more about and for HIM than about or for Reid. And it doesn't matter how many times I watch that scene--it just doesn't work for me and I doubt it ever will.

Fair enough. And, on top of that, we all have our favorite characters, and we all look for the interactions we want to see, and it's pretty much impossible to convince other people that one's favorite really is the best, so I won't try. But I love Mandy, and I loved that scene :)

Anonymous said...

The discussion going on is a great example of the passion this show and its characters brings out in all of us viewers.

Anonymous said...

I am a Gubster. Love him to pieces and as long as he is in the episode then I am a kitten with a saucer of milk.

Elizabeth Bear said...

I am also a long term fan who went from watching the show because it was about forensic physchologists (personal passion) and had Mandy Patinkin (ooo. Mandy!) in it, to total love of the show in general, the ensemble, the writing and the directorial choices that I find it hard to complain.

There are, of course, errors. (That's not how you pronounce Groton. How old is Hotch?) And bits of plot I do not buy. (So how *did* the Fisher King know Elle would be sent home? So the psychopath feels deep emotion? ehn. yeah... sure.) But I honestly don't care, because they are so minor, and the things the show does right are *amazing.*

There is the fact that there is no character in the cast I loathe. In the annals of TV, I have never found an ensemble cast I could say that about.

I adore these people. And more, I care about them.

There's the psychological accuracy, which is nothing short of breathtaking. There's the character development, which is both brilliant and photorealistic. The characters often do what *people* do, not what characters do, and it leaves me both pained and grinning. There's the unflinching combination of compassion and ruthlessness with which the show confronts issues like turture, child abuse, and so on.

There's the ongoing thematic debate about whether criminal behavior is caused by nature, nurture, or personal evil.

There's the only realistically portrayed geniuses on television. (and Spencer Reid is not the only person on that team who would test over 140. Elle, Gideon, and Garcia at the very least are in the 95th percentile.)

There's the way the show presents layered narratives, obvious and inobvious, some of which contradict each other.

There's the ambiguity of things like the ending of "Riding the Lightning," "A Real Rain," and "Sex Birth Death," and there's the in-character ambiguity of things like the Reid and Gideon conversation at the end of Jones. I mean, I know what I think happened.

And I think it's brilliant.

Garcia is my favorite character (I LOVE HER), and Reid the one I identify with most. (Actually, Reid is the only fictional character I have ever profoundly identified with. So *this* is what that's like.)

Also, I should weigh in on saying that by me, Haley Hotchner is the best cop wife in TV ever, and all the other cops are jealous they haven't got one of those. She's not stupidly histrionic; when she calls Hotch on the carpet, he usually deserves it; and she tries pretty hard to be understanding of why his work matters to him.

Also, they are cute together. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite character is Reid, but I love the way the entire cast works together and the team is like a big family.
I also like that JJ is getting a bigger role and would like to continue seeing that.

Anonymous said...

I love the family feeling of the BAU - any real interaction among the members is wonderful. I hope the writers do NOT choose to hook anyone up. That would destroy the ensemble cast.

As for favorite character - I have two: Garcia and Reid. Two unique individuals. Garcia is underappreciated, and needs to be showcased more often. Lose the Reid/drugs story line, though. You've toughened him up, that's good, but let him still be the little brother to the team.

Please give us some backstory on Prentiss! NOT an entire episode devoted to it (like "Profiler Profiled") but something. I love her, love the way she's added to the team, but want more.

Anonymous said...

There is definately something in the show for everyone. I am a big fan of Hotchner, Gideon and Prentiss but Reid leaves me with too many questions. I can't relate to him on any level. The beauty of this cast is that there is something or someone for everyone.

I have no idea how realistic the crimes are that are being portrayed because I have no background in that area but I know that the stories interest me. They hold my attention. At the end of the day when my television time is almost nonexistant I have to make the choice on what to watch. We do not have any recording devices in our home. I always watch Criminal Minds. The show hooked me from day one and it is a joke with my friends and family that you do not call our house on Wed. nights.

I would like to see more character background given for Gideon and Hotchner but I am willing to wait.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Stacy
I think the discussion about Gideon/Hotch/Reid points out that human interaction is complex. I also see the conversations between them a little differently because I just watched L.D.S.K. and there was a similar conversation to the one in the more recent episode.

Gideon is the empath. He concentrates on emotions, even to the point of blocking out some obvious facts. Hotch is a better analytic listener, and he is less likely to inject his personal feelings and experience when he interprets what is being said. The two combined make the perfect “couple”. And they know it. Writers, am I close?

Reid is the child that is learning from both parents. Both Gideon and Hotch recognize Reid had no real parents and raised himself. Gideon is likely to support Reid’s emotional side, but he is ignoring or not acting on what is obvious to us. Gideon cannot provide Reid with life skills he does not himself possess.

Who has every need met? If the characters had no flaws we would be very bored.

Anonymous said...

Love this show. Found it at the end of season one. FK1 was my first episode. Then I started watching repeats, found your blog and jumped onto the CM team.

I don't have a favorite character which probably makes me weird but I love them all. I like Prentiss but I miss Elle too. I would like to see J.J.'s role be expanded. I like the way she gets on with the others in the unit. Garcia is wonderful but one does get the feeling that she lives in that room 24 hours a day. She seems to be there when the others arrive and is still there when they leave. Garcia needs a life. Even Morgan has a dog.

Anonymous said...

shelly said...
Garcia needs a life. Even Morgan has a dog.

This cracked me up. Thank you :)

As far as the characters needing lives, I really love how this is a constant thematic undercurrent in the show. Elle is bothered the most, and asks Hotch how to deal with it. Hotch has trouble maintaining the life he has. Morgan deals with the problem by dating casually, and, as you say, keeping a dog :) Gideon is unashamed of the fact that he has no social life (except for the mysterious pop-up date in Fisher King, for whom I would still like an explanation at some point). Reid is a geek; everyone assumes he lives in a book, and except for the thing with Lila, which we knew from the start was temporary, he kind of does. J.J. seems to have a few past acquaintances she tries to brush off like flies; she is obviously not looking for a boyfriend, either. And although she liked the New Orleans cop, I didn't get the feeling she was very serious when she gave him her number. Hmm... maybe because he's in New Orleans and she's in Virginia? :) And Garcia... well, she plays online games, and I guess she is in love with her computer.

So, yeah... I think my favorite part of "Profiler, Profiled" (after the Morgan plotline starts!) is when Morgan tells Gideon he has the right to keep some secrets ("Look at us, man; we practically live together").

I agree with everything you said. Gideon and Hotch are most definitely parenting Reid. But they have more emotional distance than the average parent, not only because they're profilers and are good at putting their emotions on the back burner when it's necessary, but also because they feel responsible for him, so they try to handle him carefully; like you said, they know he was pretty much the grown-up in the house from age 10. So they play off each other and try to back off when it's warranted, and each reminds the other to take care of him. They want to be sure to get it right, with the result that it sometimes goes horribly wrong -- kind of the definition of a parent/child relationship.

So yes, I think Gideon is good at handling the emotions of others, but when it comes to his own, he withholds like crazy; it kind of leaves most of the others scrounging for his approval and praise. Hotch greases the wheels, doles out the praise, keeps things running smoothly. As I said -- Mom and Dad :D

Anonymous said...

I love all of them but Reid has my heart and Garcia makes me laugh even when there are dead bodies laying around so they are my favs.

Definately no more killer dogs please unless you are going to sell nightlights with a Criminal Minds logo on them.

Anonymous said...

My favorite characters are Morgan and Hotch but the whole cast is great. I enjoy the flirtation between Morgan and Garcia but never want to see them together. I am probably the only one who loved the interaction between Morgan and Prentess in "Fear and Loathing" and would like to see them closer. I loved the "antelope" scene between them in "Jones," too. JJ and Reid are cute together. I like only getting snippets from Gideon. I think he should remain and enigma. It is part of his charm.I love Morgan's passion and Hotch's sensitivity. Hotch is really so caring if you peek behing the mask.

Anonymous said...

This is easy:

The show is great and just keeps getting better and better but if we are making a wish list then here goes mine:

Why does Gideon wear a wedding band?

Is he divorced or widowed?

Who was the woman in the cabin?

Why is he always so sad?

What is the deal with Hotch's past?

Was he abused as a child?

Does Penelope Garcia have any life besides her computers?

How did she end up at the Bau?

Okay we can start with getting some answers to those and then I will think of some more. LOL xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

I agree with Sandra, I am a Reid fan also, I would like to see more into the past of JJ and maybe have some more reid and JJ episodes. like in Revelations

Kirsten said...

I am a Reid girl, but my daughter is a devoted Garcia fan. My three girls and I watch the show every week ( I Tivo). I love it when little aspects of each characters past seeps its way out into a story line.
I came to the show late ( beginning of season two). I can't even remember what I was watching all last year. But I caught the first part of The Fisher King one weekend and was hooked. Especially the following Wednesday, when part two aired. I no longer watch any other crime drama, they all seem tired. Thank God for Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson. I keep thinking about my late mother, who loved both actors when they were on Chicago Hope way back when. She would love this show as well.

Elizabeth said...

I agree with slashgirl that it would be good to see more interaction between Reid and Hotch - they read each other very well and have a strong bond. They have more of a relationship of equals. After all, it wasn't Gideon who got the coded message from his protege, it was Hotch and he understood Reid well enough to work it out.

I like Gideon but I do find him self-absorbed. I like the scene at the end of Jones now (I didn't when I first watched it) but I do think Gideon is very "feel MY pain" in it. It does seem telling that both Morgan and Gideon have tried to talk to Reid and neither of them have managed to be very helpful. Morgan misread the conversation completely (although he meant well), and Gideon is maybe too broken himself to give Reid any pointers on truly recovering. Gideon is a father figure, but at times a very distant one.

Whereas Hotch is a character who can and does put his own feelings aside in order to lead and guide others. If Reid spoke to Hotch, at least Hotch would listen to him. That's what "Mom" does.

But what I do love about this storyline is that it hasn't been overplayed. We don't need pages of dialogue where the characters repeatedly tell each other that Reid is not too happy - we can see that and we know the rest of them can see it as well.

I also think it is important to have made Reid snarky and bitchy now and again and like a normal person. He is a such an adorkable character and MGG is obviously such a sweetie that there is always a danger of Reid becoming a "Mary Sue" so I am glad that he has his darker side.

Development of JJ would be good also. She has grown into a much more interesting character in season 2 and it would be good to see more of that.

And maybe Mandy could sing? Just a line or two. Just while he potters about in his office maybe.


Elizabeth Bear said...

I agree with Elizabeth. I find a good deal of my fascination with the show comes from the way in which the viewers are encouraged to profile the characters.

And the fact that we see them much as their coworkers do. We get occasional glimpses of their life outside the job, but only occasional: what we see is the facade they bring to work.

So we have to construct them, figure out what their damage is from hints and omissions and the places they won't or can't go, the same way the people they work with do. Which is, of course, also what the show is about.

So I like that the writers respect our intelligence and present things in terms of clues and ambiguities, so there's backstory for a big reveal. The consistency of characterization is really high, and there's not that air of, oh, it's sweeps week so we'll inflict some big trauma on a character and then next week it's gone.

They live with their damage, they find coping strategies, and they still manage to be mostly functional and very good at their jobs, and I think that leads into something else the show does well, which is frame a very humane discussion about crime and punishment and the causes of violent crime, and the ways people can survive being victimized.

And the ways being victimized can break people. As it broke Elle.

Anyway, I'm captivated by that, and I have been victimizing pretty much everyone I know by forcing my 1st season DVDs on them (you know, they are always reluctant to take them, and then they come back really fast (usually in under two weeks) with a string of questions: "When is this on? This is on NETWORK TV?")

ehe. I bought a second set for loaners. *g*

Anonymous said...

Wow -- so many good thoughtful comments. I love this group almost as much as I love the show.

I'm kind of undecided about whether I want more background or not. I mean, I do, I want to know every single thing about every character, but... part of the beauty of the show is that you get hints and peeks instead of the whole story at once. I think the writers balance it all very well -- the right amount of background at the right moment -- and so on the whole I wouldn't change a thing.

There are many things I really like about the show, but they've all been said above. Most of all, I like it because it's smart. It treats the viewers like they're intelligent, able to deal with complex cases and issues that aren't all black-and-white, good-and-evil. "Distress" was a great example of that -- the unsub was killing people, but he wasn't evil. Same with "Revelations", and there are many other examples.

Another thing I really like is that the victims aren't always helpless. In "Extreme Agressor", the victim very nearly manages to free herself; in "Charm and Harm" she beats the crap out of the unsub. I think it shows a great deal of respect for the human will to live, that the writers understand these people wouldn't just lay down and die, even against impossible odds.

On the Hotch & Haley issue, I have to say that their relationship had never looked right to me, except possibly in "Fisher King". According to the background we're given, they've been together since high school and presumably married a long time. So I feel like the 'you're married to your career' issue should have been resolved long ago -- either Haley would have learned to deal with it or she would have been down the road. "Machismo" especially bothered me, because obviously the subtext was supposed to be about Hotch learning to appreciate his wife as the base of his household, and express his appreciation, but then there was never a resolving scene to all of it. (I'm fairly sure there really was such a scene and it ended up on the floor.) There was so much lead-in to it early, and hints throughout, I kinda feel cheated that it never got closed.

As for Prentiss -- I think the writers handled her introduction well. We obviously were not supposed to like her at first -- Hotch was ticked off at her being thrown onto the team, so so were the viewers. But as she's had some time to show her talent, and to relax into her role, she's growing on me as she's growing on the rest of the team. I think, on the whole, this is better than just having her show up and everyone being oh so happy to see her -- I think the viewers would have resented being asked to like her right out of the gate.

I am always uneasy with shows that use children in danger as a dramatic device -- I will deliberately not see movies that have this plot, and will usually change the channel on TV shows. I do think, though, that CM manages to use this device sparingly and with respect. It still makes me queasy, but it's handled better than most.

As for new story lines -- there have been several occasions when they've talked about the different kinds of killers -- the true psychopaths, the ones with political agendas, and the ones who do it as a profession. I think I'd like to see, just once, a case about a killer just does it for the money. Because that's its own kind of crazy, and one that they haven't explored. Besides finding out what allows this killer to kill without conscience, they'd also have to figure out the thinking of the person who was paying him to kill particular people. Or what happens when a paid assassin suddenly decides his job is fun and starts killing randomly? Or what about a political bomber who gets such a thrill out of it that he stops focusing on just his cause and starts blowing up buildings for other people's causes as well? (An abortion clinic bomber who starts blowing up fur stores?)

Oh -- and during the wars in the Balkans, there were a number of teenage girls who were trained as snipers and spent months and years in the mountains, shooting their former neighbors. And after the conflict was over, they went ... well, back to high school, some of them. I think it would be interesting do a story on one of them -- now 40, three kids, nice husband, Golden Retriever, minivan, bad habit of going out at night to shoot people from the hillside ... okay, just a thought!

Anonymous said...

We never even considered watching the show until the super bowl episode because anytime we heard anything about the show it was a horrible review. I think we also thought of it as another crime who did it type of show and we have become somewhat burned out on those.

I really glad that we did watch it after the game. It wasn't really on purpose. We had company over for the game and one of the other wives asked if we would leave it on. The first few minutes she was the only one watching and we were licking our wounds from losing the game but that changed and by the end of the show we were all watching it.

It really is very different than anything else on tv right now. I personally like trying to figure out the unsub as I am trying to figure out what and why the unit is doing what they are to catch him/her.

I lurk here every evening. I never post but I wanted to give my impressions as a new viewers who only this week has received and seen the season one dvds. I hope that it is alright since I am new.

I think in season one the ground work of starting to tell us who these bau members are as agents and people was started. I think it was a process. Little hints and pieces of information here and there. Just enough to make you ask questions. I missed the first part of season two but many of the members of this blog and the yahoo group have been kind enough to answer my numerous emails answering all my questions.

I think a really good show leaves the audience wanting more and asking questions. This is a really great show. I do not have a favorite on the show. I really appreciate all of them and their differences.


Anonymous said...

You hit the nail straight on the top saying they don't treat us like we are stupid. It is a thinking person's show. I am sure a person could just sit there and drool if that is all they wanted to do since the eye candy is there but for most of us we get the eye candy and an episode that has us thinking and has up asking questions or remembering real life crimes and trying to apply what we are learning from the show to those cases.

"LDSK" has been my favorite so far and it did make me think. I have viewed it three times now and find something I missed from a previous viewing every new time. "The Big Game" left me with chills as a mom with yound school aged kids and wondering if the FBI would really just have allowed Frank to walk away. I know they wanted to find the children but I still ask myself if it could have happened.

Hell. We live in a world that is full of danger and "Boogeymen" in places around us that nobody wants to really think about. The show reminds us that these people do not wear signs but they blend in to society and they walk among us. It does make me think.

Love the show.

Anonymous said...

This thread reminds me of the excitement we all had trying to solve the Fisher King mystery at the end of season one. Loving this.

Anonymous said...

I have been a Mandy Patinkin fan for years and originally watched the show because he was starring in it as so many other people did as well I am sure. I would like to see much more character development written for Gideon. I love the show but Gideon seems to be floundering and I am not sure why. I do love the show.

lisaw918 said...

Lin said...
Or what happens when a paid assassin suddenly decides his job is fun and starts killing randomly?

Isn't this what Vincent Perotta does do in "Natural Born Killer?"

they've been together since high school and presumably married a long time. So I feel like the 'you're married to your career' issue should have been resolved long ago

But it's different now, because they have a child. Haley might have been cheerfully accepting Hotch having to work all the time when she was the only one who needed him, but I think she's fed up on Jack's behalf. A wife can handle her husband, but a little boy needs his father, and she has to give Hotch a wake-up call that he really needs to put his family first now.

That said, she has gotten less likeable lately, although the scene at the end of "Lessons Learned" when he finds her safe at home is simple brilliance. He's so close to tears, and it makes me want to cry :)

All I can say about Gideon and Reid at the end of "Jones" is... I give up. I really don't know how Gideon helping Reid to see that what he feels isn't wrong and doesn't make him weak is about Gideon.

And Reid chose Hotch to save him because, I think since L.D.S.K., Hotch is the one he trusts to watch his back and keep him safe, so he knows Hotch will rescue him. Gideon is the one he trusts with his mind, which as he's told us, frightens even him sometimes.

Anonymous said...

You all have so much insight and great takes on this show! I have loved the show since day one and like many of you I started to watch it because Mandy Patinkin was in it--I have been a Mandy fan since Evita! I have also liked Thomas Gibson since Chicago Hope and loved seeing his funny side on Dharma and Greg!

I love Mandy's character, Gideon. He is so flawed, and yet perfect. I have also come to love all the other characters and adore the Garcia/Morgan flirtation, and agree with all of you that it should stay a flirtation. All the characters contribute so much to the whole. Hotch is more staid, and rule-abiding, Morgan is the physicaly type--kicking in doors and tackling the unsub. I could go on and on, but each of them round out the others so well. I have to give kudos to the casting people and the writers. The casting people put together a great group of people with lots of chemistry and the writers weave wonderful story lines.

I waver between wanting to know everything about these characters RIGHT NOW, and then wanting to wait to see what the writers chose to give us. The practical side of me knows that the less they give us, the more we will want it and also the slower the revelations about the characters may increase the probability that the show will be around for several years.

I am amused by some of the reviews of the show. For the premiere the reviewers wrote about how violent the show was, but there wasn't any blatant violence, more a psychological affect on the viewer, which is what the show is about!

I also agree with those of you who like the fact that the show doesn't pander to the lowest common denominator--it makes you think.

slashgirl said...

Lisa said:

Lin said...
Or what happens when a paid assassin suddenly decides his job is fun and starts killing randomly?

Isn't this what Vincent Perotta does do in "Natural Born Killer?"

No, actually, it isn't. Perotta was a psychopath who had found the perfect job. Getting paid for what he, er, enjoyed doing and would have done regardless. His progression is, most likely, the opposite. He started out killing for the sake of it and then became an assassin--the show didn't really delve into his pre-assassin days beyond his killing his father.

I think Lin is talking about your average, non-psychopathic assassin, who kills for money but then goes off the rails and starts killing for the fun of it, without getting paid.

Haley might have been cheerfully accepting Hotch having to work all the time when she was the only one who needed him, but I think she's fed up on Jack's behalf.

She should've thought of that before getting pregnant. If, as has been hinted at on the show, they've been together (and married) for quite a while, then she was quite aware of how Hotch was before she got pregnant. If she expected the baby to change things, then she's quite naive. It's like women who think having a child will keep a marriage from falling apart: it usually doesn't work--it creates more stress. I never loved Haley but I didn't mind her so much before Psychodrama. Her behaviour in that ep bothered me a little too much and now? I really don't like her nor can I have much sympathy for her.

when he finds her safe at home is simple brilliance. He's so close to tears, and it makes me want to cry :)

Through most of that scene, his focus is on his son, not on her. Although I'm sure he's glad she was safe, too--but it's Jack he's looking at. Either way, I think that incident has helped Hotch realise the importance of his son, and his place in his son's life.

I would really like to see more of Hotch's backstory--but I don't necessarily want it given to us the way Morgan's was in "Profiler, Profiled". Yes, it's frustrating, in some ways, to have the information given out (or even implied) over several episodes but I prefer it that way. It's more natural and much more interesting. And did I mention frustrating? *lol*

Anonymous said...

All the development they've done with Reid has been wonderful but I think it is time, Like in Fresh Hell, to stop focusing on him growing up and just let him be the competent adult he is and valued asset to the unit he is for awhile. I am ready to move on from the Reid drug storyline. I keep thinking the writers are taking us some place, and maybe they are, but I am not seeing it yet. Love the show.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Garcia for reasons I would rather keep to myself. I really love the show. It is one of the highlights of my week. I love that it is on Weds and splits my week. I think the cast and crew do a great job. I would like to see more depth to Garcia but I can wait.

Anonymous said...

non-psychopathic assassin, who kills for money but then goes off the rails and starts killing for the fun of it, without getting paid.

But isn't that psychopathic in itself? I dare say that anyone who can kill people for money has got some screws loose somewhere. Perhaps not the general definition of psychopathy (since it involves egocentricity, antisocial behaviour, and lack of ability to establish meaningful relationships), but it's certainly something "wrong" in the person's mind.

I love all the input that's been said here! As someone else mentioned, I love how the fans can discuss the show with as much emotion and passion as the show itself portrays.

Adding on to what I've said above, I do so badly want to learn more about our characters and see them develop, but on the same note I just LOVE how they give it to us now, and in essence that is one HUGe part that keeps the interest up! If we knew everything there was to know, it would get boring a lot quicker. But when you learn little bits here and there, and then we are left to our own devices to try to profile these characters and wonder just what is going on in their lives, it keeps our own interests alive. So I really do have a great respect for just how WELL the writers intertwine all of the components of the show, I thinks it's extremely well-done.

lisaw918 said...

His progression is, most likely, the opposite. He started out killing for the sake of it and then became an assassin--the show didn't really delve into his pre-assassin days beyond his killing his father.

No, that's true; but I thought it was pretty ambiguous. The way it was presented, with Morgan and Hotch going to tell Perotta's boss he'd started to "freelance," it seemed like most of his prior kills had been the ones he was supposed to do and the "going off the rails" was a more recent phenomenon.

This is why I love this show; there are so many interpretations for almost everything :)

She should've thought of that before getting pregnant.

:) Logical, but not really all that realistic; she probably didn't expect things to change... hoped is a better word. After all, how many people wouldn't make an extra effort to spend time with their children? Hotch is a workaholic, but he loves his son very much. I seriously doubt that Haley, a woman who obviously wanted to be a mother very much, could have decided not to have a baby after all because Hotch might not be around all that much.

I'm not sure I like her that much either, but I can understand her.

Through most of that scene, his focus is on his son, not on her. Although I'm sure he's glad she was safe, too--but it's Jack he's looking at.

Ok, although I call this excessive attention to detail ;) I think he's thinking of his family... all of them, together. Besides, Haley's the one who might notice something's wrong, and I think he's avoiding her eyes a little because he doesn't want her to get suspicious.

Either way, I think that incident has helped Hotch realise the importance of his son, and his place in his son's life.

I agree. *crosses fingers*

Yes, it's frustrating, in some ways, to have the information given out (or even implied) over several episodes but I prefer it that way. It's more natural and much more interesting.

Second that! Or, I guess, now I'm more like the tenth in line :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jill sweetie!

I'm still getting into the show so I'm not sure who my favorite character is. I've been watching repeatts!

Elizabeth said...

All I can say about Gideon and Reid at the end of "Jones" is... I give up. I really don't know how Gideon helping Reid to see that what he feels isn't wrong and doesn't make him weak is about Gideon.

I guess there is more than one way of reading that scene.

For me, Gideon goes to talk to Reid but doesn't really listen to what he is saying. Reid tells him he is struggling and instead of probing and asking more questions, Gideon talks about himself. And in the end, Reid has worked out for himself what he is going to do. And he is by no means "recovered" - he merely implies that he will be professional at work. Gideon says nothing that seems to give him cause to make decisions at that point. Reid probably got more from talking to Ethan earlier on.

And at the end, Gideon looks so sad, he can't make it better for either of them.

That scene annoyed me when I first saw it, but on rewatching it and reading what others have said about it, I have changed my mind. The line "I'll never miss another plane" still irks me though.


lisaw918 said...

instead of probing and asking more questions, Gideon talks about himself

Because he doesn't need to. He's a profiler, and he's been where Reid is, and he knows what Reid needs (and it isn't more questions). And he knows that Reid's worst fear is the loss of control he's feeling, over his mind, over his life. Gideon's trying to give him some of that control back by letting him know he's stronger than he thinks, and that's really the only thing he or anyone can do. The rest, as others have said before me, is up to Reid, because he's the only one who knows what's best for him (which I think is why Gideon doesn't try to convince him to stay on the team, even though you're sitting there going: "He might leave! Make him stay, dammit!" Or at least I was...).

And at the end, Gideon looks so sad, he can't make it better for either of them.

Exactly. Gideon can't really do anything except tell Reid to believe in himself and make his own decisions for once about the course his life is taking. Nothing else to say.

lisaw918 said...

Gideon even says to Reid: "You're not that hard to profile."

Incidentally, that 'never miss another plane' line bugs me, too. I like the way it doesn't really solve anything, but manages to sound hopeful at the same time. But it still sounds wrong, still too blunt, somehow.

Ok, I really am done now, I promise :)

Anonymous said...

I am not as articulate as those who have posted before me but I do love the show with the same about of spirit and insight. I like the small doses of personal information that we receive and do not like it all handed to me in one episode. The only reason I liked Profiler, Profiled was because it finally showcased Shemar Moore's talent which I thought the show had up till then pushed to the background. I think there has to be a sense of mystery surrounding the characters. If we knew everything from day one then I think it would not be realistic. The team is learning about each other and so must we as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

In NWO Gideon was faced with an unsub that he could not easily figure out and who actually bested him. I loved the episode for that reason. It was nice to remember that no matter how smart they are or how experienced they are they are not always going to be successful. It pained Gideon to have to let Frank leave but I bet he learned from it. We all know Frank will be back and it will be interesting to see how the unit takes what they learned from him the first time and uses it during the second meeting. The wanted to interview the jacob and Sara jean on death row in Riding the Lightning to learn about married serial killers. It only became about proving Sara Jane's innocence later in the episode. I think this elite group of profilers learns from every case and they educate themselves with every new unsub. In the real world we live it crime runs rampent and all you have to do is read the newspapers to read about the depravity and sorrow swirling around us. It amazes me that there are real BAU profilers who deal with these situations everyday. I think we are getting a wonderful peek at what these brave people face every day. Watching the show is a treat. One of the few shows my whole family agrees on. I would not change anything about the show. As for favorite character: Garcia of course.

lisaw918 said...

Ooh, just one more thing -- on an unrelated topic :)

Lori said...
I have loved the show since day one and like many of you I started to watch it because Mandy Patinkin was in it--I have been a Mandy fan since Evita!

That was indeed my reason for watching at first, although I've expanded my horizons a bit :) (Meaning now, among other things, I'm in love with Thomas Gibson, too.) Did you see Mandy in Evita?? Was it magnificent? I wish I could have seen it... but I had the aggravating, if really good, excuse of not being born yet :(

Elizabeth Bear said...


I actually like the line, both for the Casablance allusion--"You'd better hurry or you'll miss that plane," Rick says to Ilsa, as they both go back to their separate wars--but also because of what Reid is and isn't promising. He's not promising to be all better, because he can't promise that. He's not even promising not to self-medicate, if he has been doing so (and I think he's been drinking, not using narcotics, because he's subject to random drug testing and anyway we keep seeing him with his sleeves rolled up, and yeah, he could be shooting up somewhere else, but I digress.)--just promising not to let it affect his work.

And Gideon looks miserable because he knows Reid gave him an honest answer, and it's not the answer he wanted. (I also think Reid's already made his decision by the time Gideon gets there, because when Gideon shows up he doesn't have a drink.)

I agree that Gideon talks about himself to give Reid something to hang his recovery on. Reid knows Gideon's come back from a long way down. When we first meet Gideon, after all, Reid is one of the three going to fetch him back to the field. And Reid models himself on Gideon, and I think Gideon thinks of Reid as his protege, sort of another him.

Gideon is saying, in essence, anything I can do, you can do.

I think that the mirror pose at the end supoorts that interpretation, anyway.

Anonymous said...

I am almost too intimidated to comment. So many wonderful writers have commented and my english is iffy at best. I love the show. I would like season two to hurry up and start here for us.

Anonymous said...

My favorite character is Reid and my favorite episode so far is Revelations. I really love the show. I am not a writer so I don't have that much to say but I wanted you to know I like the show.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, I wish I could tell you I saw Mandy in Evita in NYC, but I saw it in LA and he wasn't in it. :( But I did have the original cast recording and became a fan of his through the recording, and of course everything he has done since then. He is an amazing talent.

I did get to see Mandy in concert in Baltimore in January. It was wonderful!

lisaw918 said...

Elizabeth Bear said...
the Casablanca allusion--"You'd better hurry or you'll miss that plane," Rick says to Ilsa, as they both go back to their separate wars

Huh, funny, I've seen Casablanca about 12 times, it's one of my all-time favorite movies, and I didn't catch that. Maybe because I always sort of half-listen to the goodbye scene, because it's such a staple of cinema and pop culture that I kind of cringe the way you do when you've listened to the same CD ten times in a row :D (Which is not to say I don't sit down and watch it again when I feel like it.)

Gideon is saying, in essence, anything I can do, you can do.

I think that the mirror pose at the end supoorts that interpretation, anyway.

Ooh, niiiice catch :) I like that. And I like what you're saying about Reid, too; I think the drug storyline is over, at least for now. Man, I can't wait for "Ashes and Dust"...

As for those of you who feel intimidated: please don't be! This is not a writers' club; it’s for CM fans, and we all want to hear what you have to say. For my part, I’d like to point out that just because I'm an incorrigible former English major who likes to amuse herself by searching for ways to rip into people's arguments does not mean I have ideas that are worth posting more than yours. Let us hear you!

Lori said...
Lisa, I wish I could tell you I saw Mandy in Evita in NYC, but I saw it in LA and he wasn't in it. :( But I did have the original cast recording and became a fan of his through the recording, and of course everything he has done since then. He is an amazing talent.

Oh, well. Still not bad, though :) Thank goodness for that man’s voice. I loved it before I ever saw his face; I was in a summer theatre production of The Secret Garden when I was 15 and the director told us to get the cast recording to familiarize ourselves with the songs. And guess what? The next summer we did Evita :D But we didn’t get that cast recording, because the director didn’t like Patti LuPone’s performance, and I have to say I agree, in spite of her incredible voice. I love that show dearly; I was in the chorus and all that dancing was so much fun. I had trouble with the pronunciation of the Latin, though; I’d taken three years of it in a German school, and needless to say, they have a different idea of it :)

The first time I actually matched the voice with the face was in college, when I saw Sunday in the Park With George for the first time. That cemented my admiration once and for all.

I did get to see Mandy in concert in Baltimore in January. It was wonderful!

No way! So did I! January 20th, right? Oh, it was marvelous. My dad was with me and he hadn’t had any warning about Mamaloschen, so he was pretty flabbergasted :D

Anonymous said...

I'm the crazy lady with the Collie, Quentin, and we both believe with total sincerety that Criminal Minds is by far the best show on TV! The writing, including plot and character development, is incredible, and I feel I receive quality entertainment week after week.

This, of course leads me to the cast, which is uniformly dynamic and solid in the portrayals of their various characters. I was originally drawn to the show during Fisher King 2 (I missed the whole first season but did buy the DVD), primarily due to Dr. Spencer Reid, as portrayed by MGG (we all know who he is, right?). I think the character is incredible and MGG is the perfect choice to play him. It's unusual to see a talented young actor take on such an intricate character with apparant effortlessness.

I've been a fan of Mandy Patinkin for many years, including his music, and he excels as his complex character, Jason Gideon. I'm shocked to say that the other fabulous cast members had flown totally under my radar until I found the show. They are all excellent actors and completely believable in their roles. I love the shows that focus on particular characters and hope to see more of that type.

But I must say that I have only one gripe. I find it totally unrealistic that the BAU, Gideon and Hotch especially, would allow both Elle's and Reid's obvious PTSD to go unaknowledged, and apparently in Reid's case, untreated. Reid may have been the first to notice Elle's problem (and budding alcolism), but Hotch only saw it as a managerial issue until Elle actually yelled at him. It seemed obvious that she should not have been used as bait in that particular situation.

It's impossible to tell how long it had been since Reid's kidnapping, but even though the team had not seen Reid take the drug vials, something was obviously not right. Morgan's response to Reid was that his kidnapping, torture, digging his own grave, and forced drug injections would somehow make Reid "a better person." That would be laughable if it weren't so tragic. Gideon's response wasn't better. It seemed basically, "Hey, we're all screwed up, so you're in good company." Perhaps I misinterpreted. The "I'll never miss another flight" line was equally ridiculous. Has anyone there heard of PTSD treatment as a matter of course? Or are they all supposed to give up anything approaching normal lives because of their horrible experiences?

Showinging the audience Reid's obvious obsession with the drugs on 2 occasions should also be addressed. Leaving them as a red herring belittles Reid's horrible experience and insults the viewers' intelligence. I hope the drug issue is resolved better than that. Personally, I don't want to see Reid have a drug problem, but it would be better than ingnoring the issue at all.

Sorry about the negativity about the PTSD. In all, I love the show and get a lot of enjoyment from it. I've become a Criminal Minds ambassador and have converted several friends. Quentin's working on it in the dog park. Many people are wondering why their dogs refuse to budge from the TV on Wednesday nights!

Thank you for bringing such consistent quality entertainment. Kudos to you all!

lisaw918 said...

Oops, sorry: Mamaloshen. It's the German, I can't help it. The sounds are similar enough that I find myself understanding some of the words in spite of the fact that I have no Yiddish whatsoever (and quite apart from the fact that I know the English words to the more popular songs). It's a little disconcerting :)

Anonymous said...

In Sex, Birth Death Hotch showed he can play the politics necessary to become the FBI director, but he might not have the stomach for it. He is not ruthless enough. He cares for the team members and he never puts himself first. Someone aspiring to the job, as opposed to a political appointment would have to really keep moving up the ladder. He has already been in the BAU too long and should be higher in the organization by now. I don’t want him to leave, mind you.

I don’t see a problem with Hayley. There are all kinds of police wives. She may be doing all kinds of great things, but it is not her show. Hotch can do what he does because he knows when he gets home, he has a family to go home to. He is the only one with an intact family in the group.

Don’t forget the team is usually only gone for a few days at a time, so in reality he is probably home more than it seems.

Criminal Minds Fan said...

WOW. It is nice to read everyone's opinions about the show and the characters. As the owner of this blog it always warms my heart to see veteran CM fans and newer fans come together for a good conversation and lively debate.

Please rest assured that on this blog nobody should ever feel intimidated to post. All opinions and comments are not only welcome but they are relished. If English is not your first language then you post in any language you feel comfortable with and we will use Yahoo Babel to translate. All fans speak the same language....they speak Criminal Minds and all comments are always welcome! :)

Anonymous said...

I have just seen 'Perfect Storm' and poor Penny...the others have each other for support; but she was alone, watching those DVDs , being expected to give information, analyse sound tracks...the girl is awesome! I have a newfound respect for her and Kirsten (because the character would not be so believable without such a talented actress interpreting the writers' script.)