Monday, March 19, 2007


Lets discuss Criminal Minds character Derek Morgan portrayed by Shemar Moore. Any thoughts? :)


Kelly said...

I love that the writers clearly had the "past abuse" storyline in their heads when they came up with Morgan. After seeing "Profiler Profiled" it's interesting to go back and watch the episodes with child sexual abuse and see just how angry Morgan is about these creeps.

Additionally, this fits in with his failure to form solid relationships.

I love that his character is deeper than I thought he was going to be initially. Because when I first started watching, I thought, "Oh here's Morgan the Muscle, here to break down another door". But clearly there's more to him than that.

LIz said...

I LOVE THIS CHARACTER. But I think that stems from the fact that I love Shemar Moore, lol. I agree at first he seems like just the muscles and heat of the group but as the series has progressed we have seen greater depth to this character.

I also love the interaction he has with the other characters. Him and Garcia lighten the show for me which I appreciate, and he and Reid have these beautiful brotherish moments. Morgan fits the protector role and in revelations it was nice to see him vulnerable.

Elizabeth Bear said...

I agree with Kelly. They did an excellent job of setting up Morgan's history before they revealed it, and it explains so much about his character (like the womanizing).

Also, I love the little character details--his sudden change of interaction with Reid's mother when he realizes who she is--suddenly, she's "ma'am." And the scene in which he disobeys orders to stay with the scientist in peril in Empty Planet.

Morgan's character gets revealed mostly in tiny little pieces that could seem like throwaway details, but they all add up to a larger, mosaic picture of a person who very much undermines the stereotype he seems to present.

Also, I am amused, after all the tackling, that anybody was surprised by the revelation that he played college football.

Anonymous said...

I love Morgan's passion. Gideon and Hotch are so controlled.

Kris said...

Derek Morgan........interesting character. I think Shemar does a good job of bringing this character to life. He's less intense than Hotch and Gideon and I think his relationship with Garcia works really well.

Now, to take his character to the next step, I think Derek Morgan should either find out he has a long lost brother (or distant cousin) or be the one to train a young aspiring FBI hopeful, kind of like an internship. **wink,wink** lol

melinda said...

I loved Profiler, Profiled because it explained so much to me about Morgan's rage when it comes to children being hurt or abused. I love this character.

Jean said...

He's certainly developing into a more complex character than it appeared at first. It gives Shemar an opportunity to show the depths of his talent.

Steph said...

He's a cool character, though not my favorite. (I'm a Reid addict) I love the moments between him and Garcia. They lighten the tension without being to campy. I also like how passionate and driven he is. He puts his heart into everything he does.

Anonymous said...

My favorite scenes are when he visualizes the crime scenes and might have happened there.

Lori said...

I do love Morgan. He is physical, good looking, and has great depth.

One thing I noticed after re-wathcing FK1 and FK2 this weekend is that he didn't have anything done to him or happen to him because of the unsub.

Gideon - Nelly Fox card, head in a box
JJ - butterfly
Hotch - call at home and later delivery at home
Reid - key
Elle - arrested for Frank Giles murder
Garcia - her computer system was hacked by the unsub
Morgan - his vacation got cut short, but he didn't get any weird deliveries or anything.

Just thought I'd mention it.

I hope they start using him more as an intellectual being as opposed to the physical stuff--now I am not panning the physical stuff, but I really like it when he flexes his intellectual muscles.

Ambra said...

Handsome, smart, loyal, caring--what's not to like?

leonada said...

I love Morgan! I think Shemar has done an excellent job with the character and bringing him to life. Profiler Profiled filled in so many blanks with Morgan and made the audience see why he's so dedicated to what he does and why he's protective of the people he cares about.

I love his interaction with all the team members....the way he acts like big brother to Reid and respects Gideon and Hotch. And of course his playfulness with Garcia is always fun to watch.

To develop Morgan more, I would like to see him have a nemesis on the show. An unsub that toys with his head while he's trying to crack the case. I think it would be interesting to see how he handles an unsub one on one.

Macmillk said...

Awwww, who can't love Morgan? He's only one of the most handsome guys on the planet, he's strong (physically and mentally), he's got a tackle on him that would indeed make any football team jealous, and he's got attitude, and a KILLER sense of humor.

I loved the episode "Profiler, Profiled" for both the fact that the episode was fantastic, as well as for more personal reasons. It really did bring out the fact and explain a lot of things about his behaviour in prior episodes, and it was great that he finally was able to get justice on what was done to him, even so many years later, and to help out the boy that was in his position when he was younger.

I love, love, love his and Garcia's relationship, and I'm STILL waiting for that episode (pokes the writers) where Morgan saves Garcia after some big thing comes up and the episode cements their relationship and friendship for what we know of it. Still waiting for the episode. ;-)

Elizabeth said...

I love Morgan because he feels things so deeply and, of course, because he tackles unsubs like nobody else. It is great to watch Morgan get physical with the bad guys cos he does it so well.

Like everyone else, I also enjoy the fantastically flirty relationship he has with Garcia. That really lightens the mood just at the right time and works so well.

However (another plea to the writers coming up) I don't want to see Morgan and Garcia get together. The flirting is great, but this is Criminal Minds and not a soap opera. We want to see the team interacting with each other and dealing with the cases, so I, for one, really hope that none of them start having on screen relationships with each other.


sherlockette said...

There is a little more to his past than abuse. He did some deep cover work, though I am not sure it was FBI or the agency he worked for first. (Most FBI agents have worked previously in a local law enforcement agency).

It might be interesting to see him meet up with some of the persons involved in his deep cover assignment. said...

I know its not a soap opera and I too must say i really don't want any of the characters jump into thw sacks but if it all balls down to it I prefer Morgan and Garcia.
I might be on the defensive side when it comes to SHEMAR MOORE aka Agent Derek Morgan due to the fact I am a HUGE FANATIC FAN OF SHEMAR MOORE AND CRIMINAL MINDS!

Whern it comes to Derek Morgan:
His character besides all others is strong, hard yet firm and theres a sense of compassion with the love that he constantly shows with his fellow colleagues example his big brother support that he shows with Reid and his flirtations with Garcia and his high respect for Gideon and Hotchner, his cool sauve atitude with JJ and His partnershhip that he is mending with Prentiss.
I look at Morgan as strong asset to the team. I mean think about it who else do we see breaking down the door with his foot!? Hotch no Gideon never..(just my opinion). Anywho, Morgan is not only eye candy to the team but his insights on the crime and unsubs are wonderful as to how he speculates on how the unsub would commit the crime and why. I need to stop here because I can go on and on.
-San T

blue said...

At first, I thought he wasn't getting enough good line like the other characters on the show. But now I see how important his character is to making the show balance out. The first season, Morgan had some good small moments, this season the character has really taken off. Profiler, Profiled was the best of the season for me as far as Morgan character development. But I would still like to see more of what Morgan can do.

I like to see more Morgan utilizing his educational back ground in obsessional crime, because I don't know what it is basically. Reid, Hotch, Gideon, JJ and Prentiss we have seen that use the educational background a lot, but so much with Morgan. Other than the bombs he's pieced back together. I think Shemar is doing a wonderful job of playing Morgan. And if he read this I would say to him , "Keep Up The Good Work". Simply Beautiful.

Mt.Suz said...

Can't imagine CM without Morgan. He's that important. Love, love, love his interaction with the other members of the team, but it's not only that. Really love (yes another "love") how Shemar has developed the Morgan character. Really made him who he is.

Anonymous said...

He's so interesting. I always love when people take stereotypes and then play with them, tweak them, turn them into something other than than they appear to be initially. He did start the show as a big pile of womanizing muscle. But he was never just that. His wit and sense of humour has been obvious throughout. He is sort of the glue holding the team together, I believe. He balances the team. He seems to take everyone in the team on the same level. He respects Gideon and Hotch, yes, but he's not afraid to question them. He is the protector to those who need it, most specifically Reid. That relationship in itself is amazing. They seem to actually trust each other, and neither know how/ are willing to trust many other people, for very good reasons.

The abuse was such a good addition to Morgan. It gave him method, and a reason for his already vibrant identity. I also find it interesting that he's always the one to put himself in the hypothetical unsub's shoes. It shows creativity and a sense of the abstract that is somewhat unique to him.

I do agree that I'd like to see more of his educational background. There's obviously intelligence there, and I'd like to see it. The visualizations obviously show that he's more than the guy who knocks down doors, but it would be nice to see him be the key to solving an obsessional case.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE CM and this blog. I look forward to the new website. I am a HUGE Shemar Moore fan and I think alot of his character development comes not only from the GREAT writing but also from within Shemar. His character has a lot of passion, a good heart and a kick butt mentality; which balances out the team. I love the show just the way it is and I do not want to see any of the cast become romantic. I would, however, like to see a female from Morgan's past appear. Maybe she can be an ex-wife that couldn't handle the stress of being a cop's/FBI wife but now their child has been kidnapped and she needs his help.
What do you guys think? Or maybe, a child from each of their families could be kidnapped by the guy who tried to kill Elle because maybe she didn't shoot the right person.
Keep up the good work Shemar and the cast/staff of Criminal Minds. :)

shalicec said...

I love the character Morgan. He's confident, competent, intelligent, sensitive yet stern, is respected by his fellow teammates and he keeps everyone on their toes.

This season has really been a great one for Morgan because he really came into his own. He's definitely shown that he's a vital part of the team with his expertise and experience. I would like to see more of his experience utilized in solving cases. Like someone said above, it would be really interesting to see Morgan and an unsub in a battle of wits. We would really get to see his profiling expertise at work. We've seen the physical side of Morgan and we've seen him assist with tracking down the unsub. However, I would like to see an episode where he takes the lead in tracking, battling, and catching the unsub to show off his education and experience more.

Also, may I say that no one kicks a door down (or tackles an unsub) like Morgan. So sexy!

Shemar/Morgan, you can kick my door down anytime you want!

Marissa said...

Aaahhh, what can I say about my absolute favorite character on CM? I agree with all that has been said, the relationship with Garcia, the protector role he plays within the team, and the passion he allows himself to feel when battling an unsub.

I would also love to see Morgan be key to solving a case and to flex more of his education. It would be great to see him vulnerable to an unsub and for him to get out by using his training or maybe Dr. Reid could save him. Not a likely storyline, but oh well. I don't really have much to complain about Morgan's character development. The writers are doing a phenomenal job with all of the characters that I just love to sit, watch and truly be entertained.

Last, Shemar, you are doing a wonderful job with this character. Keep up the great work. See you Wednesdays!!!!

Elizabeth Bear said...

It's funny to see so many people saying they want to see Morgan be key to cracking a case...

He cracked the case in the most recent episode, "Jones." (I crowed. DEREK SHOOTS! HE SCORES!) And in Natural Born Killer, he was instrumental.

And he and Reid did it in "The Popular Kids," independent of each other.

I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.

Allie said...

I too think he is very front and center on helping nail the cases. He is the first one to kick in a door but he is instrumental in figuring out which door to kick. I have always liked this character. He is just what you see. No hidden agenda in my mind.

hmr1126 said...

Loved Morgan in "Profiler, Profiled" and he just generally makes me smile when I see him - Reid is my favorite...but Morgan is a great character and the Garcia/Morgan banter is priceless!!

Anonymous said...

I've got the BIGGEST, HUGEST, little mini crush on this man! Derek Morgan is so passionate about his job, so protective of the people in his life, yet has no problem speaking his mind. He is so believably "real" thanks to the awesome talents of Shemar Moore. Shemar has come a long way in his acting career. Bravo!

Jan & Quentin said...

Yeah, we're lovin' all that Morgan characterization an' stuff! Mom says 6 pack abs (whatever that means) show a whoooole lot of character. And of course Derek has a DOG, so he is waaaaay cool!

But despite Morgan's developing sensitivity - like respecting Reid more - Quentin knows that DM will always need a collie buddy to watch his back while he chases and tackles the unsubs, right?

Please let Derek know that Q is his dog for that (although we can't figure out how to count the abs), and he is always available to guest star, for a few snacks of course.

Anonymous said...

Crack the case? A personal nemisys? Come on, guys, Profiler Profiled. That S.O.B. was his nemisys, and it took him years to defeat him, but he is the one who used his brain and figured out who was killing the children. He did have the one piece of information taht nobody else had, but it was all him who brought down the bad guy. Hotch and Gideon figured out where he was going, why, but Morgan did it all on his own, and Hotch and Gideon had the respect to let him.
And I can tell you, the abuse storyline, as a former abuse victim myself, I can spot the signs a mile away, I knew long ago what was coming, the anger at those who victimize children, his overprotectiveness of Reid, the massive amounts of flirtatiousness without commitment, a black belt in judo teaches hand-to-hand, all classic. I love that the writers have thought out the backstories for all the characters so carefully and thoroughly.
When Morgan tells Shemar to use what's happened to him to make him stronger, to make him better, he's speaking from experience. Humans can overcome almost anything, but first the first step is to take the first step.
The reason I rarely watch sitcoms is because I hate it when a character has "flaws" that indicate abuse, and it's all just a comedic device. These writers have thought out what makes their characters tick, and how those charcters can and do use the traumatic events from their pasts to shape their futures. Each character has their flaws and strengths, and there's a reason for all of them. It's part of the whole character. They're not pulled from a hat, the problem du jour, it's not swept under the rug when they're done using it. It's not ignored, it's exposed, acknowledged, conquered and used.


Elizabeth Bear said...

LoraLee said: They're not pulled from a hat, the problem du jour, it's not swept under the rug when they're done using it.

And I agree. That's exactly what keeps me coming back to this show, and has made me so passionate about it.

They're all damaged. And they're *really* damaged, and there are no magic fixes for them.

But they keep trying. And they're still useful. And that's something Hollywood almost *never* shows. But it's also the truth.

smith said...

I love Morgan's passion for his job. The way he visualizes the crimes is awesome.

sindee said...

I'm so glad you pointed out, that DMs role will "grow" in a way.

The first season just ended here and at this time my opinion is - when do they finally show some more of that guy?

OK, I managed to see some eps of season two in the meantime (up to Sex, Birth and Death)... :-S
I think Shemar did a great job in "The Boogeyman" and really look forward to see more of him.

Referring to his interview on an UK website I think he always does a great job on "lighting up" up the show - love his interaction with Garcia, no doubt.

CU sindee

Anonymous said...

I love him! His character is great, and he has been trough a lot to make him the way he is. We have learned a lot about him in many different episodes.

carole said...

I think Morgan is a very complex character. He has a huge past to get past. He is also very in his head to reconstruct the events of a crime. That takes lots of concentration and skill.

jacqui said...

ah, morgan. he is possibly my second favorite, right under Hotch. again, I identify. it is his goal in life to help the most people he can possibly help. he's good at making the people around him feel good. like Hotch, he tends to put the needs of others above his own, even to the point of bodily injury. Morgan is probably the best of the team at hiding his emotion. there is the Morgan he shows to the people around him, and that Morgan is just a mask. the real Morgan is somewhere underneath that, and only he knows just how much of this real Morgan actually shows through to the rest of the world. I get his character because his character is a lot like me.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy Morgan's protective role with Spencer. When Reid related to the young unsub who was killing people out of revenge for things done to him and his girlfriend in high school, Morgan opens up to him. He tells Reid of a similar situation in which he was dared by a bully to piss on a spark plug to see how tough he was. He stated he started hitting the gym and would never be that naive again.

Frederick said...

I love him! His character is great, and he has been trough a lot to make him the way he is. We have learned a lot about him in many different episodes.

Anonymous said...

This is contiuation from the 10/06/2008 post. Reid ask Morgan what happened...did he actually accept the dare? Morgan told he did and explained what happened. The next day...which fell on a Saturday; young Morgan, the bully and a couple of other kids went down to this autoshop own by one of the older kids dad. Morgan stood on a car that was in front of another car, drank damn near a gallon of water and waited. Once young Derek felt the urge to urinate he gave the thumbs up. The bully then started up the other car, opened the hood and exposed the sparkplugs. Derek stated once he began urinating he realized what a mistake he had made. He felt like his little friend was on fire and that he had crapping his pants(which he was and did). Instead of trying to help him;those who were watching were chanting, "Go Derek Go" and "It's your time to shine kid." The bully who thought Derek was doing well from hearing the chanting got hyped up and started reving up the engine. Derek stated that finally felt a pop(from his bladder partially exploding) and he passed out. Derek told Spencer that the other kids just left him on top the car passed out and his sisters found him 3hours later. "There I was"...he told Reid...pants still down, my feces dried to my backside surrounded by flies and smoke." As Reid stared in amazement,Derek looked him shaking his head..."Can you imagined your family walking in a place filled with smoke and the stinch of dried-up urine and feces filling their nostils?" The community felt bad for what had happened to me and started what they called "Derek Morgan Bladder Fund". "I was embarassed but at least my family didn't have to foot the bill for my reconstructive bladder. My mom said it served me right for being stupid and embarassing myself as well as my family. I wore diapers for the rest of my time in school and laughing stock for quite some time...hell...some still laugh at me behind my back." "Look the point of the story is we've all been through something and it can either make you stronger or you can let it destroy you." Reid looks at Morgan in amazement, thinks for a moment and states excitely as he always does when he goes on a ramble: "Your bladder was destroyed and was made stronger through surgery,your pride and mind crushed behind your own stupidity...Morgan then looks at Reid and cuts him off..."I think you got the point kid!"