Friday, March 06, 2009


Criminal Minds - Rick Dunkle- Sometimes it's easy to forget that people you greatly admire and are fans of are actually likely fans of something themselves. We had this refreshingly reminded to us thanks to Rick Dunkle who is a massive sci-fi TV affecionado. Rick has been acting as the show's Script Coordinator for the last few seasons, but this year, he took a big leap forward by penning his first episode - number 20 -"Conflicted".

On our first night, he was a constant presence in the Writer's Room with us, staying all around all evening even though he didn't have to. He watched the episode and then sat next to Breen as we were questioned about what we liked and didn't like. He knows the show very intimately and whenever there was a moment when someone was stumped by an actor, character or even a line, Rick was quick with the answer. If he was unsure of something he thumbed through the massive Criminal Minds binder (the CM bible)to try to beat the ladies to the answer.

On the second afternoon, Rick was our constant companion down on the set, always talking to us and ensuring that we knew all the terminology and lingo. His genuinely friendly nature let us know that we were welcome there and to this lady, that was especially very appreciated.

During one of the shots, Rick and I ventured outside for a few minutes. We talked about his upcoming episode and how stoked he was to have his first script directed by Jason Alexander. He promised me the many pictures he had taken(which will be revealed after the episode). His giddy excitement over this upcoming episode is palpable and it's easy to say that we share it and are rooting for him.

While walking around taking another break, Rick introduced me to the guest-star for the episode we were watching film - the charismatic and handsome Alex O'Loughlin. More about Alex coming soon!