Sunday, March 08, 2009


Criminal Minds: There are many amazing individuals who come together to make Criminal Minds what it is. We usually see only the ones in front of the camera and we're aware of the ones with the keyboards, but we don't often think about the ones down on the sets, the ones who make everything come together week in and week out.

On any given set, there are over 200 unique personalities with one common goal -make it happen and make it the best it can be.

While there, we got the opportunity to meet quite a few of these folks. One that really stuck for us was Script Supervisor Pam Leonte. Her job is to sit next to the director and keep an eye on a TV screen, watching as the scenes are shot and making sure timing and consistency are correct. When the director calls for an action to be done quicker, she times exactly how much quicker. Her job is complex and deeply detail orientated, but like most of these people, she's understated in how she performs it. She just gets it done.

Beyond that though, she's also an incredibly friendly and outgoing personality. She constantly took time from her hectic duties to explain things for us. Her job that day wasn't to bring us into the magic of making TV, but that's exactly what she did. Thank you, Pam!

(Flea Bag is in the background of the first picture! Sweetest man you'd ever want to meet! We'll talk about him some more later)