Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Criminal Minds: Just a couple of reminders from the Criminal Minds Fanatic moderators and me (pictured above with the fantastic Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer).

1. Our chat with Holly Harold is tomorrow at 10pm est after the airing of "House on Fire".

2. The Criminal Minds Fanatic website is having a special anniversary chat within the next week and details will be posted later today!

3. Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler will be joining Rick Dunkle to chat about his upcoming and very first Criminal Minds episode in a few weeks. More on that when details are firmed up. Lets show Rick our support and recruit newbies to watch his episode.

4. Ed Bernero is in Washington, DC this week blowing things up! Washington Field is off to a fireball of a good time. Make sure to keep this pilot on your radar and recruit people to watch it.

5. Jim Clemente and Andrew Wilder are lecturing in Boston this week. There is an article on the blog about this event.

6. Amanda Bernero-Koiter sent us an email letting us know that she has had her first ultrasound and everything is going great with her. She's feeling well and is extremely happy. Even her email was glowing. She wanted everyone to know how much she appreciates their good wishes.

Details of our special chat later today!