Saturday, March 07, 2009


Criminal Minds - International Press Junket -We got the opportunity to watch the Internation Press Junket down on the set. This is when reporters come in from other countries to interview the cast of the show. We went back down to where the entry hall of the BAU is. Instead of being empty like it had been earlier, it was now filled with chairs. We lined up against the back wall, next to the elevator and watched as they first interviewed Joe Mantegna. While he was speaking, construction was going on. Joe repeatedly pointed out what an amazing job the crew does. Well spoken and funny, Joe spoke about how he'd visited the actual BAU and how impressed he was. It was a clear to us how much respect he has for the job the real agents do.

After a few minutes, Paget Brewster joined Joe up front. The first words out of her mouth were about how just seconds earlier she'd stumbled down the steps of the makeup trailer. Hysterically self-depreciating, Paget talked about how the show had changed her. She spoke about how at first she'd gone crazy about security, but then declared that she was now cured.

After their session ended, Paget and Joe hugged each other and then disappeared into the BAU set. A few moments later, Matthew Gray Gubler, Kirsten Vangness and Ed Bernero dropped into chairs. For the most part, Ed leaned back in his chair and let Matthew and Kirsten take center stage. They were asked questions about what was coming up for their characters. The chemistry between Matthew and Kirsten is awesome, the constant teasing coming fast and furious. More to come.........