Sunday, March 29, 2009


Criminal Minds actress A.J. Cook is writing about her weight loss program on

Criminal Minds actress AJ Cook is trying to shed her baby weight. Check back here each month to see how she’s putting Health’s Feel Great Weight plan to work.

Her story: “I gained 40 pounds during a difficult pregnancy on national TV! That was tough—it’s hard to see your body change and have no control over it. But now I want people to see that I have to work just as hard as anyone else to take it off. And I really feel strongly that it’s important to do it the healthy way.

Now that I’m back on the show, I have crazy hours, which makes things tricky. (That, and staying away from baked goods—I love a good vanilla or red velvet cupcake!)

But my goal is to get back to a toned and healthy body, even if I don’t get all the way back to my prepregnancy weight. And, honestly, I’m OK with that now because when I come home after a long day and see Mekhai smile at me it’s all worth it!”