Saturday, March 07, 2009


Criminal Minds: Alex O'Loughlin, the former star of CBS's MOONLIGHT, will be guest-starring in Simon's upcoming episode THE BIG WHEEL. Enjoying one of TV highest Q ratings, everyone on the set is incredibly stoked to have him on the show.

To be honest, I don't watch a lot of TV besides Criminal Minds so I had no idea who he was. When Ed told us about him, many of the ladies, who are familiar with him, became excited, leaving me a bit in the dark. So much so that to my chagrin and embarrassment, the name just didn't stick in my head initially.

Thankfully, a little light got shone on why he's so popular during our second day on set. While the ladies were watching some of the shooting, Rick and I ventured out to get some coffee and walk outside. While filling up my cup, I saw Rick talking to a man I didn't know. I assumed he was someone on the crew. When Rick introduced us, his name still didn't ring any bells. I asked if I could get a picture of him with Rick, as I always do when I meet any crew member, and he graciously agreed - but only if I would be in the picture. I tried to resist, but he would have none it. He then insisted on a shot of just he and I. I took a few of him alone which I will post later in this diary.

I feel a little silly not knowing who he was. Actually I was panic struck thinking that I had not shown the amount of respect that big stars are used to but Rick assured me that Alex probably found it refreshing to not have someone fawning on him. Alex was charismatic and and I can see why he has the following he does. I may not have known who he was before this, but I certainly do now.