Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Criminal Minds: Happy Tuesday everyone! I've got just a view brief notes this morning from the Criminal Minds Fanatic moderators. If you haven't received the password yet for the chat tomorrow with Thomas Gibson and Andrew Wilder, both pictured above with Joe Mantegna on the set of "Omnivore", then please email Debbie or Laura to receive it. Also, please remember that not only do you need the password for the chat but you also must be on the master list to stay in the chat room. If you share the password with somebody and they show up in the room and their name is not on the list then they will be ejected from the chat room. Lastly, more info on the "Crim-a-con" will be posted here or available on the message board in a few days. We've all received many emails containing questions and will be answering them as time allows. The best place for info with be this blog until the convention blog is up and running which won't happen for a few weeks.

Thanks! Have a great week everyone. Remember to grab a non-watcher on Wednesday and have them watch "Omnivore". We still have time to convert new fans for the show.