Thursday, March 12, 2009


Criminal Minds Trip Diary: Matthew Gray Gubler, pictured on the set with Paget Brewster, told us a story about how his iPhone had been stolen from him by a bunch of kids while he was sitting outside a frozen yogurt shop. When he went over to AT&T to get a new phone, the rep had asked him if he would like to call the number. He had said yes and they'd called the number. An elderly gentleman had answered the line. Matthew told the man that he was coming for him and the phone effectively scaring the hell out of the guy. After hanging up, Matthew admitted to thinking that the call was very weird. The rep then explained why - they had called the wrong number. Matthew called the now frightened man back and apologized. When he told us this story, Paget and Ed were nearby, both cracking up. So were we.

Another funny moment on the set was when Ed took the Criminal Minds questions we had stumped him with the previous night and wanted Matthew to see if he could answer them. So we asked Matthew the same questions we asked Ed. Ed was better. Still, we had a great laugh as Matthew good humoredly tried for the answers. Matthew's laugh makes you want to laugh. He is full of whimsy!

*** Many more pics of the actors on the set will be posted over the next few weeks, as they are finished being edited. ***