Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Criminal Minds: Today I received an email from someone wanting to desperately write for Criminal Minds. Evidently this lady is talented and understands the "criminal minds concept" or so the email says. She would like someone to contact her asap. I have a few problems with this email. Real big problems. The obvious problem is why tell me about it but the bigger issue is that the writers are on strike. If this young woman is wanting to write for Criminal Minds "asap" and already has script ideas to share then doesn't that make her a scab? I know a few very talented writers who would love the opportunity to write for Criminal Minds and none of them have ever asked me to pass something to the studio for them and none of them would ever scab for any network. But evidently a total stranger thought I could or would help them. I emailed her back and used my southern manners (she's lucky the New Yorker in me didn't answer her) and told her I was just a lady with a blog and she had come to the wrong place. Jay Beattie is the strike leader for Criminal Minds. Yo Jay! Who do I report scabs to?
** Update: After receiving a second email from this writer, who has a few scripts ready, I reported her on the WGA scab hotline**