Friday, November 16, 2007


Criminal Minds: Kris Campbell, pictured above with several of the writers of Criminal Minds, is an exceptional young man & I am proud to call him my friend. New readers of the blog wouldn't know this but Criminal Minds fans adopted Kris after he was an extra on North Mammon. He blogged about the experience and I found his blog. When I went to CA in March I met Kris in person. Scott David, the Casting Director of Criminal Minds, helped Kris get his third Sag voucher as a favor to me and to the fans of the show. Long time readers of this blog know I place a high premium on people being positive and just being nice. Kris is a very nice young man. When the writers went on strike and we decided to take food to them on the picket line I asked Kris if he could help us & without the slightest bit of hesitation he said yes. It was his way of paying back the kindness that Scott David had shown him. I wanted to express my sincere thanks to Kris for his friendship and send a shout out to his mom, also named Jill, who frequents the blog and loves the show. Hi Jill!

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