Thursday, November 29, 2007


Criminal Minds: Here are the advertisers to target this week. These companies had ads during Criminal Minds "True Night". Call them and don't forget your daily Criminal Minds strike calls to Disney and CBS. I have narrowed it down to three companies that advertise repeatedly on the show and who are the most likely to take this issue seriously.

SC Johnson Glade
* Glade sells numerous products but this is their best sales period for household cleaners. Tell them you will use many of their products and would like them to support the writers strike by pulling their ads.
Pfizer Drugs
Phone: 1.212.733.2323
* Pfizer doesn't just sell prescription drugs. They sell many over the counter cold, allergy, flu, etc. drugs. This is their busy season. Same the same thing as for SCJ.
Coca Cola

* Tell them the same thing as the other companies.