Thursday, November 08, 2007


Criminal Minds: After Ed Bernero and Kirsten Vangsness posted on the blog yesterday I decided to send some personal emails of support to several of the people I had met on the set of Criminal Minds. Not wanting to leave anyone out I grabbed a Criminal Minds call sheet that I had been given on the set to use as a guide. I looked at the front page which has few names and is mostly just production time info and then I flipped the page off and it hit me like a wall. The back page is filled with all the employees names and their departments. It even includes info on the caterers and animal trainers. What struck me was just how many names it held. So many people out of work right now. Reading the entry from Kirsten on the blog described what was happening to the people she works with but looking at that sheet of paper reminded me of just how many real life hard working people are being effected by the strike. I want networks to make a profit. If they are profit driven it will encourage them to strive to do things better to make more money. I just don't want them making their profit off the backs of the writers.

So starting next Monday Kris will be delivering for me and all the fans of Criminal Minds food to those walking the line. Their location changes daily but Ed is going to keep me informed of their location. We all need to do whatever we can do to help. Write an email to a network, send a fax, sign a petition, make a call, say a prayer, bitch to the companies that pay for the ads, etc. These people need to go back to work and not just so we can watch their shows! Contrary to some public belief not everyone in the entertainment business is banking a six figure income. Most live paycheck to paycheck.

**** I moved my post under Ed and Kirsten's. What they have to say is more important!****