Saturday, November 10, 2007


Criminal Minds: The first week of the WGA strike is over and the Criminal Minds writers are still without a contract. Edward Bernero, Exec. Producer of Criminal Minds, and Kirsten Vangsness, Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds, both reached out to us yesterday to explain the strike and what it means to everyone they work with. Today Criminal Minds fans started taking some nice steps towards showing support for our writers. I think it is time to organize our efforts:

1: Call 212-975-4545 which will take you directly to Les Moonves' secretary and bypasses the CBS switchboard. It is important to be polite but clear. State your name, state or country and which CBS shows you watch. Tell CBS that you want the writers to have a fair contract. Call as often as possible and pass the number to everyone you know. Also tell them that you will not be watching any reality shows or any primetime news shows.

2: Watch Criminal Minds tomorrow and write down every product that is advertised during the commercials. Google those products and find out who the company is that distributes that product. The maker of the product will have a phone number, email number and fax number on their website. Call, fax and email the companies and let them know that your family will not be purchasing their products until the writers are given a fair contract. Again, be very polite but firm. Tell them that you will be telling your family and friends to boycott their products. They will listen to you. Believe me this is a great way to help the writers. Do this as often as you can. It is an effective striking tool.

3: Watch all scripted shows and reruns. Don't miss any Criminal Minds episodes. DO NOT watch any reality or primetime news shows. It was posted today that these are cheap shows for the networks to produce and they are will hurt the strike and our writers. **** I have a contact who is getting me a list of the advertisers on the CBS reality shows. When I post it please call, email and fax these companies and let them know that until the writers have a contract you will also be boycotting their products and you will not be watching these shows.

4: Project Feed a Writer is in progress. Criminal Minds writers will have food, drinks and goodies for the next few weeks. Any fun food ideas you have are welcome. So far we have planned: Pizza, burritos, muffins and someone suggested fruit but I have eaten with these people on the set and not one of them reached for an apple so maybe we should use fruit as a snack to go with something else. Email me anything you can come up with but keep in mind that Kirsten and a few others do not eat meat so it has to be animal friendly.

5: Talk about the strike. Talk to everyone at your school, office, grocery store, post office, etc. Make people aware and spread the word.

The writers are striking and the networks are greedy but in the end it is all about us. We are the consumer they want. We have a voice and we can make a difference. The only thing you really need to figure out is if you really care.