Tuesday, November 13, 2007


The writers of Criminal Minds wanted me to send all the fans of the show a big thank you for all the support they are receiving. Kris delivered muffins, donut holes and fruit today to our Criminal Minds strikers. I posted the other day that I didn't think writers would want fruit but Ed Bernero shot me an email letting me know that writers did indeed enjoy fruit. According to Kris they were happier with the fruit than the sweets. Ed Bernero is right again...that is hardly a surprise. I spoke with Andrew Wilder, Deb Fisher and Erica Messer and they loved all the food and are so appreciative of all the fans and everything that everyone is doing to get them back to work. Some of our other talented writers were also there and they are all working together on the line like they did in the writers room. Lets keep calling, faxing and emailing and get them back inside that room soon.

On a personal note it was brought to my attention last week by Shawn that Simon Mirren had written an episode with a character named "Jill". I was assured today that "Jill" is not some psycho, wacko, fire loving, child killing unsub. Thank you Simon. Also, Andrew Wilder thought it would be fun to have Kris play a joke on me and tell me that they were not there and he could not find them. I freaked until I heard them all laughing in the background. I had a bit to say to him about it but he was still laughing and that is a good thing. So the score is Andrew Wilder 1 and Jill Davidson 0....for now!