Sunday, November 18, 2007


Criminal Minds: Several emailers have asked me what they should do if the writers strike continues and we enter Criminal Minds rerun hell and they can't watch reality or prime time news shows. I have been tivoing shows I never had to time to watch before. Shows that friends have recommended but I never got around to looking at. I also love to read and am always up for a good book. Since many of the emailers were college students then I'm going to let the mom in me answer the question to them and say they should study.

I have also received a ton of emails about "Lucky" and "Penelope" which I will try to answer here thus eliminating the need for individual responses. Yes, I loved "Lucky" too & I'm glad that you enjoyed it. "Penelope" does look like a highlight episode for Criminal Minds and no I'm not going to say anything else about it on Wed. lol. Kirsten Vangsness plays my favorite character and I am glad to hear from so many emailers that they also appreciate her talent. I agree that Garcia is extra special & yes I saw what happened to her. Again, watch on Wednesday! lol.

I have received the most letters from fans of the shows asking me to express their best wishes to Ed and the writers. I don't speak for any of them but I feel safe in telling you that they all appreciate your kind words and your dedication to both them and the show. Okay, I think that covers all the emails except ones asking specific character and previous episode questions. Can I have some volunteers to help me knock those out please. Email me and let me know who is available. Thanks. :)