Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Criminal Minds: Writer and Co-Executive Producer of Criminal Minds Chris Mundy is quoted in an AP article as saying he has started a novel. "It's fun to write prose again," Mundy said. "But I'd rather be back at work with a fair deal than have time to write a novel." Reading the article I couldn't help wonder if all the writers couldn't just write a Criminal Minds novel? Each writer could write a different story. We don't have to call them scripts. We can call them novels. If the strike doesn't end very soon they could make a fortune with these "novels" from all the fans needing a Criminal Minds fix. What do you think Ed? If the answer is no would you consider allowing the writers to come into the chat room and just read us some stories? Fellow fans, I am only half laughing. If we don't reach out and do what we can to stop this strike soon we are going to enter a rerun hell worse than during hiatus and we all remember how much we enjoyed that.