Saturday, January 05, 2008


Criminal Minds: A reminder for everyone that tomorrow's guest in the Criminal Minds chat room is Chris Mundy. We have a new episode of Criminal Minds on Wednesday written by Simon Mirren. Simon will be joining us in the chat room after the airing of the episode. For the next five days there will be two new auctions items listed on the blog to help raise money for the Criminal Minds Assistance Fund. Anyone wishing to make a donation should please either email Stacy or me. The Criminal Minds writers are still on strike and will be back on the picket lines on Monday. Please do not stop calling CBS and Disney to voice your outrage on this injustice. Please sign the CBS petition if you haven't already. Ed Bernero's post is still open for commenting and please do so if you haven't already. Lets help make a 2008 a great year for Criminal Minds.