Friday, January 11, 2008


Criminal Minds: How well do you know the Criminal Minds characters? What musical instrument do you think Spencer Reid, Derek Morgan, Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Emily Prentiss, Kirsten Vangsness and JJ know how to play?

I'm currently listening to the Woodbridge Flute Choir's CD "Passages" which includes our own very musically talented Criminal Minds moderator Lori. Lori was kind enough to send me several of the group's cds last month and I am amazed at the beauty that is the flute and stand in awe of her talent.


Anonymous said...

I think the Ambassador would have insisted that Emily take piano lessons.

Anonymous said...

JJ grew up in the country so maybe the guitar for her. I agree that Prentiss probably was forced into the piano. Reid maybe the piano too. His mom was cultured.

Ztivokreb said...

hmmm...good question.

Rossi would play lead guitar, a la back to the future style

Hotch, totally on saxaphone.

Reid, probably cello or piano

Prentiss, most likely flute or clarinet

Derek is a percussionist.

Garcia could rock the bass or xylophone.

JJ is on acoustic guitar.

Anonymous said...

It's too weird opening the CM blog and seeing a picture of yourself with the group you play with! For those inquiring minds, I am the last one on the right in the 3rd row--my hair is very short in that picture (it was taken a couple of years ago) and I am growing it out and have lost some weight-lol.

Emily, I can see Emily playing the piano, classical, of course, and probably the violin

Reid, I can see him playing the Clarinet and figeting to get the reed just right. With his long hands and fingers, I can see him at the piano or classical guitar, too. I can also see him as a conductor with his long body weaving around and his long arms conducting the music.

JJ - piano, and if she was in the marching band, the bells or glockenspiel (don't know if that is spelled right)or flute--flutes are very popular with girls

Hotch - classical piano

Morgan - trumpet. Can't you just see him wailing on the trumpet and trying to get the high notes?

Garcia - with her hippy upbringing, the guitar and autoharp and learning folk music

Rossi - the accordian! He is a bit younger than my (much) older brothers and they both played accordian in the 1950's!

Anonymous said...

Reid- piano, like his friend from new orleans.

JJ- Guitar, I can see her playing guitar, acousic though, like my mom.

Prentiss- violin, its hard to play [believe me, I tried] but I am sure her mom would have insisted, oh & maybe a little piano on the side.

Morgan- DEFINATELY drums, though maybe lead guitar [electric] or maybe bass.

Hotch- wow... nothing, lol.

Rossi- Piano or something old.

Anonymous said...

Reid has cellist hands: big, angular and flexible. So, cello or piano.

Hotch is definitely piano--classical, not jazz.

JJ I'm not sure of, but it's probably something that can be played in a marching-band.

Garcia might be a drummer.

Prentiss, maybe violin?

Morgan, something unexpected. Clarinet?

Rossi I haven't met yet, so can't say about him.

Cal from LJ

Anonymous said...

i thnk both emily AND reid would be playing the piano. hotch the bass,derek the drums jj.violin,garcia flut.rossi the piano also,

Anonymous said...

Reid-Violin or Piano Like Diana would let him play anything else but classical.
Morgan-Drums Oh ya! Morgan just beating the crap out of things.
Hotchner-Saxophone I can just see Hotch playing some smooth jazz.
Rossi-Electric Guitar Rossi in a rock band as a teen- definitely.
Prentiss-Piano or Clarinet The ambassador would have made her take piano lessons and Prentiss reminds me every clarinet player in my high school band.
J.J.-Flute agian she reminds me of just about every flute player in my high school band.
Garcia-Acoustic Guitar With her hippie back ground it just seams like a perfect fit.

Anonymous said...

(This is in the spirit of fun since we all can use a laugh so don't kick me if I riffed on your favorite character)
Hotch- violin because you can't get wound up any tighter than that.
Rossi- trumpet because he's known to be full of hot air.
Reid- oboe because all reeds stick together.
Prentiss- clarinet because there's no strings attached.
JJ- harp because she knows how to pull strings.
Morgan- drums because he's always has to be pounding on something.
Garcia- anything she wants because she's a free spirit. :)

Elizabeth said...

Nice one Lori *G*

Emily would have had music lessons as a child but I'm not sure about the rest of the team.

I'm sure Rossi plays the spoons though.

Anonymous said...

babruin -- you are hilarious!!!
Gosh, how can anyone follow that??

Reid -- piano or violin
J.J. -- acoustic guitar, definately
Prentiss -- flute
Hotch -- cello
Rossi -- drums
Morgan -- saxophone
Garcia -- guitar

Anonymous said...


Rossi-Electric Guitar
Prentiss Piano

slashgirl said...

I agree with those who say Prentiss probably had to take piano lessons. But I can see picking up the guitar (electric) just to rebel, just a little bit.

Reid: Piano or violin--again, probably because of his mother. I wonder if he has an eidetic memory for music--if he's like the savants who can hear a piece once and reproduce it perfectly.

JJ--she was a jock in HS--if she did music, it probably wasn't the band. I knew very few jocks in HS who also played in the school bands. I could see her having taken piano lessons as child--but I think acoustic guitar would work for her as well.

Rossi: Guitar or sax.

Garcia: I think she'd sing--I'll bet she sings along when she's listening to music. I can see her being interested in a lot of different instruments--whatever caught her attention, so she might play a few, but what, I don't know!

Hotch: Probably piano lessons as a child...he might still play as an adult.

Anonymous said...

Very cool Lori. I tried the flute in junior high but then switched over to the trumpet. I was a member of our school's marching band.

Tempermental Libra said...
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Tempermental Libra said...

Ok I'm going to try this again because my comment did'nt go thru the first time!

she was a hockey. I doubt if she was an instrument player but if so, I see her playing either the flute, the guitar (because she's from the country), the xylophone or something simple like the triangle or the tamberine.

he's a nerd, so his mom prob had him in lessons that were more challenging to his brain like the cello, the piano, the harp, or maybe something a little simple like the oboe.

is such a serious character. In his days he prob to my surprise was the little boy who blew his horn. Mostly the trumpet (he prob played the trumpet for the ROTC)or maybe the clarinet.

now this is the kid who's mom stands for something I mean she prob was the kid who lived in the hills and "O her mom always dresses her pretty" little girl who went to private school and had ballet and piano lessons.

one of my favorite characters but my favorite female CM character. ANYWHO, O where do I begin, lets see, for some reason Garcia's a challenge I see her singing in a funky band while JJ plays the tamberine and Reid plays the bass and Hotch is on the drums while Morgans in the stand waving his hand as her number one fan! lol But I serious think GARICA would prob be more of an instrument holder like the band needs that extra member to fill in the gap at half-time and she would just be the one to just learn the dances and act (a fool that is)!

and last but never least my man my fav character over all.....(drum roll please and blow your trumpet Hotch!.........

Of course as we all know from Profiler, Profiled,
Morgan, alongside with JJ is a jock so he prob was too busy playing sports more so than playing an instrument but just for imgination. I prob see Morgan playing either (and don't laugh) the cymbals or just maybe the trumpet with Hotch or the snare drum.

Anonymous said...

Reid - violin
JJ- flute
Morgan - base
Prentiss - piano
Garcia - guitar
Rossi - harmonica

Anonymous said...

I think that Morgan would play base he just seems like a Base man, JJ probably steel guitar being from the country and all, Prentiss either Piano or violin, Reid I can see playing the cello, Garcia flute she just seems like a flute person, Rossi drums , Hotch definitely sax.

Marypop' said...

have you ever noticed how Reid's nails were always long, like a guitar player? that's why I'd say classical guitar, and probably violon as well. I wouldn't be surprises if he knew how to play several instruments as a matter of fact> he's got magic fingers!
and I totally agree with angel, Hotch has to play the saxophone! or eventually the bass, something jazzy...