Sunday, January 27, 2008


Criminal Minds: New Contest starts on Jan 28 and ending at noon on Feb 2nd on the Criminal Minds Fanatic website message board. Win a 4x6 autographed picture of Paget Brewster, Emily Prentiss on Criminal Minds.

When a thread doesn't have any activity on it for 120 days and a member decides to post a message a red warning note pops up asking them if they really want to post there. It is great to post there. Here is the contest:

Find as many old threads as you can and post something of substance (meaning, a comment of at least 25 words that is relevant to the thread). At the end of your comment place the number that corresponds with how many of these you have found. Now let me make this very clear and fair. Even if someone beats you to the red warning message, if you are posting on an old thread it stills counts even if you were not first. Example: you post your 25 plus word comment and then you just add #4 (or whatever number you are up to).

We started this message board long after the show first aired so it would be nice to bring the board up to date and discuss older topics.