Thursday, January 31, 2008


Criminal Minds: All the writers for Criminal Minds have imdb pages. On the bottom of an imdb page there is a message board. I recently looked at the pages for the Criminal Minds writers and they are not as active as the pages for writers of other TV shows. Since we have entered Criminal Minds rerun hell this would be a great time to correct the situation. Here are the imdb links for our writers. We need to start a Criminal Minds thread for each writer so that when newbies look at their pages they can get a sense of the wonderful work these writers have done and will hopefully soon continue to do on Criminal Minds. So pick a writer and start a thread or if someone beats you to it then add some postive comments about the episodes the writer has written. Dan Dworkin Jay Beattie Andi Bushell Simon Mirren Debra J. Fisher Erica Messer Andrew Wilder Chris Mundy Edward Allen Bernero Oahn Ly