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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Limelight" written by Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin and starring Thomas Gibson, Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

*** Spoilers are in the comment section. You've been warned ***

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** The chat with Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin is at 10pm est and may cause members to post their spoiler info and recaps later than usual**


april said...

I can't friggen believe that this is our last new episode of the season. This sucks worse than a lemon.

jean said...

I wonder if this is how a junkie feels whilst waiting for a fix.

allie said...

Rossi looked like he was going to have a heart attack when Hotch told him to take Reid and Reid yelled out, "Roadtrip". Very cool.

JILL....there is a Jill.

Love the song. What is it?

julia said...

$450 bought them them a trunk full of serial killer stuff. Not a good auction result.

Loving Hotch already. -Your world is a crowded place!- very good line.

nancy said...

So Rossi interviewed Ted Bundy. That is a new fact.

He is working well with Reid. He actually told him 'Good Work' and that is very cool.

I'm loving this episode. They are all working together so well.

lauren said...

We know it is the guy who was bidding against the kids. I like watching them figuring out his past. The smutty mags of his dad's.

anne said...

Jill! There is a Jill. We all thought it was in one of the other episodes. Hey Jill. This is very cool.

I'm so impressed with Rossi in this one. His experience is showing through without over shadowing the rest of the team.

I like how they are looking at what turned this guy into a monster. The process.

monica said...

Jill pissed off Morgan and Hotch but Rossi gets her. I loved the bar scene. He's profiling her.

Favorite line so far going to vote me off the island?

I want to know what was in the fax Rossi got after the press conference. Did anyone catch what it says. I am watching live and didn't tape it. I can't go back and look.

Awesome episode so far!

jean said...

Rossi sold out in his own eyes by writing books that brought the serial killers to everyone's attention and forgot the victims. And he apologized. This is huge.

mona said...

I think this was the best episode of the season. I loved every minute of it.

Rossi saw his past in Jill and we learned so much more about him.

The team was tight tonight. Great show!

Fireness said...

I just about laughed out loud when I heard Reid go "Roadtrip! Cool! I have these audio tapes of *insert whatever geeky books he has, I forget the title* XD Would have loved to see the team's reaction, but I was distracted at that point.

More Rossi development....I have to admit, I'm getting used to his character more quickly than I got used to Emily. Still don't really like him, but still giving it time.

Ardelia said...

Did the reporter die at the end of the episode? I missed the last few minutes.

Anonymous said...

The reporter died and this was an incredibly good episode. One of the best ever.

sara said...

I learned more about Rossi tonight than in all the other episodes put together. Wonderful.

I Love Shemar Moore said...

Ok so this epi had me all tuned in and I can't believe its our last episode/I totally loved this episode too bad it is our last new epi I mean gees les moonves you suck! JERK!!!
Anywho, whats up with this agent chick I mean self righteousness is a true pain and it jumps up and bite you harder than its bark. I totaly digged the Hotch/Rossi interaction and I how Rossi checked Agent Morris and put her in her place I was like so right on Right on! Rossi!!!

Lee said...

This episode wasn't my favorite. Mainly because of Rossi. I can't put my finger on it, if its Joe's acting or the writing done for him, but he really bothers me. Otherwise though the other characters were Golden. The guest star did a GREAT job, I quickly disliked her which usually means she did her job top notch! I missed Garcia, she didn't have enough in this episode. Sorry for the "not so positive" review.

Tamara said...

This wasn't a favorite for me. I really don't like Rossi, and Jill was just the opposite of everything that our team are supposed to stand for. (Hmmm... maybe that's part of why I don't like Rossi, too).

Still, though, the idea of profiling the storage locker was great, and there were some nice scenes with Morgan and Prentiss.

Hotch tearing into Jill was a thing of beauty. Probably my favorite scene of the night.

As usual, I wish there had been more of Garcia and JJ. There never is enough of those two.

Can't wait for the strike to end and new episodes to return!

ImpyChick said...

Great episode! There were some awesome scenes in this (my favorite were the scenes with Garcia, the scene in the diner, & Hotch laying the smack down with Jill). We also got more backstory on Rossi, which was nice. Plus, the content of the episode gave me the goosebumps!!! It was very creepy, & I loved it!

Anonymous said...

have not seen it but looking forward to it posted by sa1989

Frogg said...

I gotta agree with a couple other commenters - Rossi really bugs the hell out of me. I'm not really convinced he's learning to be a team player.

I liked the episode. I'm not sure I *can* like an ep with that much Rossi in it, even with that fantastic scene with Hotch chewing out Jill.::snicker::

sherlockette said...

Thanks, Jay, for visiting us in chat tonight!!!

I thought the episode was great. All my favorite things were there-the unsub stays a mystery, there is a lot of team activity and the case/story was not forgotten.

We certainly learned a lot about Rossi in this episode. It was clear previously that he had an ego, one that prevented him from being a team player and sharing his knowledge freely. It is good that the character is allowed to admit to his shortcomings. That way he does not have to become the focus of a lot of excessive drama. That focus takes away from the case and the show IMO.

From a law enforcement perspective… the light was put on some of the negative aspects of the job, and was handled well for a tv drama. Egos absolutely get in the way and victims get forgotten in many cases. Other agents do tend to get suspicious of any co-worker who goes on the lecture/book circuit. Ego and sometimes jealousy go hand-in hand.

I enjoyed it. Thanks.

Dani257 said...

Better than the first three "everyone get Rossi shoved down your throats" episodes, not as good as Birthright (best episode after Rossi) or Third Life. Still an amount of shoving. I was sure he was going to pull that blasted bracelet and tell the story. If we *ever* get scenes on the jet again, I hope someone flings it out the window.

Found some scenes more gratuitous than necessary.

Loved Hotch (hate the implications -second time on the show!- that he might have a problem with women, because I haven't seen it). Loved his smack down of both Jill and Rossi. *HATED* how Reid acted in that first scene (seemed way too exaggerated) but he quickly made up for it later. I liked Reid talking to Rossi when they were in the parking lot - he sounded normal (and I don't want Rossi to always be the wiser figure). Think they should have used JJ a lot more. But, I did like her telling Jill that they don't like to memorialize the unsubs. I also wasn't expecting the hair to be fake. And, I had expected something worse inside the trunk (body parts or something) so that was a switch.

If they learn how to balance Rossi's screen time (still don't have that balance, although this episode could have been worse) and continue to show he's fallible - instead of super agent who knows everything from Satantic serial killers to how to bake a cherry pie, well, I won't like *him* any better, but I'll ignore him more easily.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed chatting with Jay tonight. I missed the last chat he was with us for. He was a lot of fun and has a great personality. Thank you Jay for chatting with us. I hope Dan can join us next time.

I loved this episode. Rossi's back story given to us in a unique and creative way, not just sit downs, and flash backs. Although I will take our teams back stories anyway I can get them.
I will post more later. I like to watch the episode a couple of times before I really post. I catch more that way. *G*

brooke said...

My favorite part was Garcia talking about being shot and how painful it was. I liked the fact that what happened to her wasn't forgotten but was revisited.

I liked Rossi better in this episode than any of the others. He seemed personally vulnerable to me. I think he saw Jill as himself in the past. Nice way to add to his backstory.

I enjoyed the episode. I wish I could have joined the chat. Children are in the way of such things.

Judiebuk said...

Jay...mega thanks for visiting the chat tonight. I've not yet seen the ep, but after hearing what other people were saying, I'm on edge waiting til I can see it!!!

I'm sure it is great, and I will post a full comment after I watch!

Anonymous said...

They should have called the episode EGO and be done with it. I feel we are getting episodes in which the crimes and criminals are creepy and evil for the hell of it and what made the show so cool was getting into the criminal's mind, to coin a phrase. The Philly agent was believeable to me, she was all for the show and the glory and had neither interest nor empathy for the victims. She is exactly what is wrong with "cop" mentality.

I was not pleased with this episode, it was all handed to us on a platter and way, way, way too obvious from the start. Blah, I hope when this freaking strike ends that the show will recapture it's original cool persona.

I like Rossi a bit, but I do not like how he interacts with Hotch. Hotch read the riot act to the Philly agent and then got NO support, Blah again.


Anonymous said...

The thing that bothers me about Rossi/ Joe is his voice. I start to cringe when I have to listen to him talk for a few minutes. He has a one toned voice. He's a good actor, but his voice really annoys me. I'm trying to get over it, but it's taking a while.

This was an interesting story. I was kinda wondering how much they had to work at CBS to let the show air with the storyline and such. There was some crazy stuff going on tonight.

I don't know if it's just me, but I want more of the team and not so much of the guests. I guess because my favorite season is the first, so I compare alot of the 3rd seasons shows. I'm not a big fan of the non-BAU involvement. I'd like to see the team working together more and more stories about the team. You know what I mean?

I thought at one moment Jill was making up the whole story for her publicity or she might have even been the unsub...just a thought. I didn't like what she did at the end either.

I was so happy to see Reid more involved in this one. I was so excited when they said Reid and Rossi where the ones to go on the road trip. How incredibly nerdy and cute was he when he said he could bring his tapes....LOL! I so love him!!!!!

He definately needs to cut the hair....too long for me. I'm one of the derailed hair girls.

Even with the long hair he looks amazing, especially when Rossi and Reid were looking through the boxes....YUM!

I've noticed that they've been showing Reid and his mapping skills lately....I love watching him draw those lines with all those markers!

I can't believe this will be the last new show until who knows when... .it makes me incredibly sad. When the show does come back, I'm hoping for more team back story lines and conversations about how the work is affecting them. Tonight's episoe would've been a great moment to have between Rossi and Reid and maybe talk about the shooting from the last show or something.

Anyway, I enjoyed the show and hope to see new episodes soon.


kimmie said...

Doing that press conference without telling the team was a big bad mistake. I liked how Prentiss asked in the dinner if it was a feminist issue? I think the agent just has lots left to learn about proper protocol but she is ambitious.

I loved this episode. If flew by. Not enough Garcia but except for Lucky and Penelope there never is.

Tight episode. Well done. Last one for awhile. I guess I will be rewatching it many times.

Lori said...

WOW! A home-run right out of the park, a hail mary pass, a three-pointer with nothing but net from mid-court!!! Sorry for all the sports analogies--ESPN is a staple in our house!

Many thanks to Jay Beattie for joining us in the chat--he is witty, articulate, and plain awesome!

Loved, loved, loved this episode!

This episode really showed how Rossi has handled (or not) his fame and ambition, and he saw the same pitfalls for the Philly FBI Agent, Jill (not named after our Jill, because our Jill would have kept the team notified about EVERYTHING!)

I laughed at Reid and the "road trip" and how he had that book on tape--I could just see Rossi rolling his eyes at that!

Lots of interesting stuff in this one. Rossi seeing himself in Jill and trying to tell her not to emulate him because he burned a lot of bridges in his past, and Jill thinking she had it all together and ignoring Rossi's advice. I loved the scene at the end when Rossi walked by Jill when she was talking to the reporters and just gave her that look. I think a psychotic break is in Jill's future.

Garcia's comments to Morgan were so wonderful. I am so glad they didn't just drop her being shot--it is going to stay with her for awhile. I love her empathy with the victims and saying that she knew her pain would end, but that the poor women who were tortured didn't know if their pain would ever end. Garcia is the emotional compass of this show. They are all empathetic but Garcia is the one who gets to really let out her emotions. JJ too, but for me, it is Garcia.

The scene where you see a partial view of the unsub dressed in the clothes of one of his victims and reliving and rehearsing his torture was so well done. Creepy.

There were some really nice Morgan/Prentiss moments when they are going through the contents of the storage locker.

Hotch was at his Hotchliest when he laid into Jill for talking to the press and she was so flippant with him--so, are you going to vote me off the island? Then he struck back at her when she was talking about catching a serial killer with naming their victims and she didn't know who they were. That was the problem--everyone remembers the serial killers, but no one remembers their victims. Such a sad, telling moment.

The Lucy Maud Montgomery quote was great and to think that it came from a book written for children--Ann of Green Gables (I do love her books).

Jay told us that this episode was shot after the writers went on strike, so he and Dan Dworkin weren't able to be there during the filming and they weren't able to offer any feedback on the episode. It just goes to show that what great writers they are--their story came through with flying colors.

stephanie said...

The problem with Jill was she didn't really feel any empathy for the victims. It was interesting to hear Rossi say that he lost his way like that years ago. The filming of some of these scenes was incredibly good. Great camera work. Very good episode.

Tracy said...

Liked the show a lot. I think becoming a Rossi fan is supposed to be a gradual process and if that is the case, well done. I learned more about what makes him him in this episode and I liked that. This team is so close knit, it takes a bit to get in with them but I think he gets that and is slowly making the transition. I hope the strike ends soon so we can continue to see that.

Lots of Reid in this episode which I love. Personally I like it when Reid gets to have a childlike moment like he did with the roadtrip and his books on tape. And even though Rossi reacted, it wasn't really a negative reaction.

I also love Reid's recent map making skills...seems logical and makes use of MGGs brilliant hand-acting skills.

Garcia's contribution in this episode while short, was great writing and a perfect way to get her more integrated into this episode even from her office.

I also liked Prentiss and Morgan, profiling the storage unit and basically making it a lunch bet.

Hotch, what can I say, I'm not sure if the word Hotchalanche is copyrighted by Stacy, and if it is my apologies in advance....but it was a good one. And, even though he still looks a little tired and suffering to me, he delivered it as usual, with full effect.

Overall, fantastic episode.

ashley r. said...

I give this one an A.

It was very interesting how the team learned about the unsub and his victims and pieced together their profile by going all the way back into his life. It was like watching them peel an onion and it was fascinating. I liked how the team worked together on this one.

I also liked watching Rossi watch Jill and being able to see on his face that he was facing his own past. That is great writing.

I am on my way to bed. A happy CM camper.

marc said...

Learn to like Rossi...learn to like Rossi...learn to like Rossi.

I'm making progress. I don't loathe him anymore. He just irrates me. I liked some of his scenes tonight. The one with Reid and the road trip was precious. Hearing him admit to having once sold out for a buck was interesting. His scenes with Jill were good. You can't stop someone else from making the same mistakes that you yourself made in the past but he just couldn't see that. The ending was terrific. I like how they filmed her talking to the press and seeing Rossi walk away from her.

All of a sudden Morgan is calling Garcia, Penelope? What's with that? Could mean something.

Anonymous said...

If this truly is the last episode for the season, I think it's ended with a bang! The team is a smoothe-operating machine, and they have proven themselves strong without Gideon holding them by the hand. Rossi is still a jerk in many ways, but I am beginning to believe that is part of his character - something I am getting used to. CM has entered a new phase, and that's not necessarily a bad thing!

I absolutely loved Reid, as so many others have said before me. He has his quirky-dorky outbursts but it doesn't dominate ("Roadtrip!") his place on the team. As a character, it is really interesting to look back and see how he has matured.

The creepy factor is awesome! Showing the extent of a horridly deranged killer through his manifesto and belongings really, really was well delivered, chilling and unforgettable. Our writers keep opening new angles - both disturbing and emotional that I admire greatly.

In all, I am so glad that Season 3 pulled through as a triumph rather than a total slump. Again, we have excellent, talented writers to thank for that. I look forward to new episodes - even if I have to wait until September - with great faith in all of them!

Thank you again, CM Writers, for all all that you do!


Dani257 said...

My belief is that Garcia is changing how she wants to be addressed based on the guy who shot her (who she introduced herself to as Garcia). This is colored by my emphatic *no* ship among the main characters on the show. Garcia is with Kevin Lynch (who is wonderfully only a guest star/maybe recurring character later on if the strike didn't mess that up, rather than a main character)

Lisa said...

Wow!!! Great Episode....but I'm all teary eyed because it's the last one.."sigh".

I know it's kinda mixed reviews tonight on Rossi, but he really won me over in this episode. He interacted well with the team (well he still hides quite a bit from people, but he's getting better), and his interactions with Jill and how he identified with her extreme ambition. I like the look he gave her at the very end, and how he mentioned to her that she didn't even ask how the other girl was and she didn't make it. He actually showed compassion, weakness, and regret which I think is a big step for him.

Jill in a a nut shell!

Reid was so adorable with his giddyness about the road's good to see his spirits up.

Hotch, oh Hotch!:) Great moments tonight, and yes he released the Hotchalanch on Jill (Stacy's brillent saying). He's so good when it comes to remembering what they are there for, he always has compassion for the victims which makes him such a great leader and person. I like when Hotch finished Rossi's sentence about Ted Bundy...."Burn Hustler, I've read your books too Dave". Soo Cute.

Great Moments between Morgan and Prentiss too, I like there little wadger, I guess you have to try and make fun in such a stressful situation or you would go crazy. Garcia comparing herself to the victims broke my heart, she's so sweet!

Anyway, thats my two cents! I'm very sad this is the last episode and it was not a season finale kind of episode. I think they should start next year where they left a continuation rather then start a whole new season! I don't know, I hate this strike...GIVE THE WRITERS WHAT THEY DESERVE...which is a whole lot!!

Love to all the CM cast and crew...we are behind you every step of the way, and will be right here for you when you come back!!

And Love to Jill, Stacy and all the CM fans that are really like a family to me, and families stick together!!!! XOXOXO!


babruin said...

Wow, a story about egotistical people rabidly seeking the media spotlight...wait, we're not talking about the presidential candidates, are we? Great story with two parallel storyline of people going for the limelight.
Loved the little character moments like Reid geeking out on the roadtrip with Rossi looking like he'd rather have a root canal. Garcia was sweet, empathizing with the victims. Hotch came on strong with humanizing the victims as the more important aspect of their job.
Two thumbs up and a big thank you to Jay for taking the time to share some great insights into the script!!!!!!

slashgirl said...

Just a few comments. *G* Enjoyed the ep and thanks to Jay for being in chat with us last night.

Okay, is it just me or did Rossi, when crediting the closing quote, say LUCILLE Maud Montgomery? That's what it sounds like to my ears. If so, that is wrong. Her name was LUCY Maud Montgomery. *sigh* That's almost as bad as the misattributed quote at the end of LDSK.

First,the shallow. I thought Reid looked very pretty tonight.

And *gasp* someone must've been asleep at the editing table. I think Hotch and Reid were in the same frame tonight more than ONCE. *faints* /sarcasm

Wow--whacked out fbi chicky. By about 10:20, I was suspicious of her...*lol* I also figured the hair was a plant--why else would she have it seperate from the other evidence?

I like Rossi more with every ep--and thought he was great tonight, esp in the bar. Also liked that he understood her because, well, he WAS her at one point in his life.

Hotchalanche (please note that Elizabeth Bear is the originator of this phrase, not me!)! *hee* But she deserved it.

It's a shame she didn't learn anything from her experience. Her friend dies and she acts like nothing happened. Man, she is gonna crash and crash hard. Hopefully, she doesn't take anyone with her.

Oh, yes. *LOL* at Reid and the road trip. Would've loved to have been a fly in that car...

I thought they played the song and showed the evidence a little too much in the beginning. Also, when Prentiss and Morgan were in the garage and Prentiss did the voice over--it sounded scripted. Which it is, but man, it SHOULDN'T sound that way. I'll chalk this one up to the fact there was a writers' strike and there could be no editing of the script, etc.

Overall, I enjoyed the ep. But I still want more Hotch/Reid...and no, I'm not being greedy.


Great great great ep, one as I love, nothing was missing (maybe a little bit of Garcia and a plane scene, but this is really to be a perfectionist!)the team working together, the profiling (A LOT), the suspence,and last but of course not least, enough of Reid to get a little supply for the long winter...spring...summer lonely nights...OMG....
*sobbing out loud*

Tom Bryant said...

the local agent was almost as spooky and wacked out as the unsub.

I like Rossi more and more. He brings an edge to the group. All groups need someone who will push the edges a little bit.

Lee said...

Rebecca Said: The thing that bothers me about Rossi/ Joe is his voice. I start to cringe when I have to listen to him talk for a few minutes. He has a one toned voice. He's a good actor, but his voice really annoys me. I'm trying to get over it, but it's taking a while.

Maybe this is a big part for me. He is monotone, his voice shows NO emotion, so when he acts it seems he is not very talented. As I said before, I was never "not" going to like Rossi, it just happened. I LOVED Paget as Prentiss, she is my 2nd favorite character, so I DO accept new people into my TV family. Just not Rossi.

And yes, what in the world was up with Morgan saying, "I don't know PENELOPE...." he never says Penelope, that was odd.


Anonymous said...

i like the part when hotch told rossi to take reid with him. it was great. i like also how hotch told jill off because she did that press confrence with out telling him. i am sorry i wish she would had died at the end.

Judiebuk said...

Well...finally got to see the ep and it was everything I expected and more!

I loved it! I liked that you were teased with the didn't know who it was til close to the end, yet saw glimpses of him. Reminded me of Silence of the lambs...and when you first meet the unsub in that, it creeps me right out. This was up there!

I see what people were saying about Reid's hair...I like it long but erm...a comb now and again?

I missed the Garcia moments. I know you can't have everyone on screen for equal time but just seemed to be even less of Garcia this week, though when she was on screen, she was as awesome as ever (and the comment about the pain - knowing hers would end, and the torture victims never knowing when it would end).

Some nice little insights into Rossi's background. Little crumbs here and there...we will eventually get the whole cookie!!!

And I agree with Stacy...not enough Hotch/Reid. I'm going to watch it again though as it was a brill ep. well done Jay and Dan!

addison said...

I enjoyed this episode for many reasons. The team dynamics seem to have settled down with Hotch firmly incharge and Rossi walking behind, or rather roadtripping with Reid. That was precious.

I was surprised that Jill didn't learn anything from the death of her reporter friend. Rossi breaks the news to her but then she sees that group of reporters and walks right towards them without even a blink and starts talking to them again.
She didn't learn anything from her encounter with the serial killer, the death of her friend or Rossi and is only out to further her own FBI career. Rossi sais Jill was him twenty years ago and that did give me more insight into his past. I really did like that.

Tracy said...

slashgirl said : Hotchalanche (please note that Elizabeth Bear is the originator of this phrase, not me!)!

- - -

So noted.

rose said...

Good episode. Lots to talk about in this one. The agent had a crush on Rossi years ago and still admires him and his ambition but refused to learn from his mistakes. Rossi seems like a sympathetic person for the first time to me in this episode. When they rescued the agent and Rossi was holding her and comforting her I really thought that now he was in a position to get through to her and set her on a clear path. Wrong. Admitting his past mistakes was huge.

JJ was so good last night. She tried to rein in the agent by befriending her or at the least she was playing her and playing to her sense of ambition. Commenting on her awards was a nice touch by JJ. It is always good seeing her be so sharp. Liked the episode. I thought it was a good one.

bonnie said...

OK, I really liked this episode, but I also get irritated with Rossi's voice (or I think that that is what bugs me). I also disliked the "scripted" sound of Prentiss's voice doing the voice over in the storage locker. There are other episodes that she sounds the same way, something in her tone.

I loved all the Hotch moments (he's my guy!) and the "team" feel was right on tonight. I wish for more Garcia moments, JJ, and Morgan/Garcis moments, as well as I miss the plane!!

I immediately disliked Jill, but as someone already said it is because she acted her part well. I did like how Rossi figured her out because she is just like he was. It was nice getting some back story on Rossi through this episode.

I'm really angry that this is it for the season because of greedy mongrules!! I sure hope that next season is a full one packed with good stuff! Guess it's time for me to get back to my books and go into TV blackout! *cringe*

blaire said...

When Jill manipulated the evidence to get the team to come to Philadelphia by showing Rossi that blond hair I really wondered if she had any idea of how law enforcement works. If you plant evidence then you risk all the evidence being thrown out of court. Loved when Rossi had to admit to the team that she had planted it and that he hadn't told them about it. I thought Hotch was going to kill him.

jamie said...

Road trip – nice! I've got books on tape with Peter Coyote reading the entire Foundation Trilogy!

Awesome episode.

Anonymous said...

So now we know that Rossi lost his way years ago. I like that the super agent wasn't always so super:
Hotch, I know what people think. I took serial killers mass market. Now everyone knows their names, but not the victims', right? Somewhere along the line I put myself first. I admit it. I can't go back and change it. But it's not too late for her.

amy said...

It was a strong episode. I can understand that if you don't like Rossi then this episode would fall flat for you. I happen to like him and I liked finding out more about his past.

The case itself was interesting. Sexual sadist. I liked watching the team piece together his past so they could figure out his next move.

Anonymous said...

I didn't like it the first time I watched it. Jill really REALLY annoyed me. Actors were great. It could've had more JJ moments. and Garcia. There were only 2 scenes or 3 or Garcia, and JJ, well, she was hardly in it. I mean where was she, and what was she doing while the the team was searching for evidence and when they caught the guy? JJ was really left out in this one.

AJ look hot though :) Her suit fit really well on her ;)

palais said...

I'm still processing the episode. I like it, but I'm not sure how much I like it. Something is bugging me about it.
Need to watch it five more times to figure it out...

Jan and Quentin said...

Great ep.

steven said...

Good points: We learned that Reid is ambidextrous and that he likes roadtrips. We learned that Rossi sold out for money and is not exactly the golden child in the FBI that we thought he was. The diner scene with Prentiss, Morgan and Reid talking about the scene was good. Garcia talking about her pain from being shot was a nice touch.

The problem: Too much David Rossi and way too soon. Accepting Rossi is proving to be harder than accepting Prentiss was when she joined the team.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. Rossi is not my favorite person, but he's gradually growing on me. I didn't like Prentiss at first, either, so no big surprise here. And he was actually nice to Reid; I don't think he interrupted him once and even told him he did a good job. About time!

This was the best episode of the season for me; it had so many "OMG" moments. And we got to see that Rossi (even in his own eyes) is actually human and not some larger-than-life uber-agent.

Elizabeth said...

Good episode and I was pleased to see some more development of Rossi. I really like the way he and Hotch interact and how well Hotch knows him.

The Hotchalanche was great.

Anonymous said...

I thought the episode was ok, but I didn't love it. I'm still having a hard time getting used to Rossi. I don't mind him in smaller doses, but I don't like when the episode centers around him. I loved Prentiss from the beginning, so I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time learning to like Rossi.

Anonymous said...

Poor Rossi, just about to protest Reid tagging along to Philly and then Reid, (who for the the love of all that is good, holy, and decent, do something with that hair please) responds like an 8-year-old whose mom just told his cool big brother he has to let you hang with him and all his cool friends. Like it or not. I know Rossi's the wise uncle but the scene still reminded me of that. Reid added insult to injury with the promise of sci-fi books on tape. Hell on Earth for Rossi I'm sure no matter whose doing the voice work. Rossi's expression spoke volumes. Everything from "Aw mom do I have to take him with me" to " He's a good kid, he's smart, he'll be helpful there. I hope."
Still Rossi made sure that Det. Jill acknowledged Reid when it was clear that she was focused solely on him. Showing he sees Reid as an asset even if Rossi finds him a little annoying. I think Reid is trying to hard to impress Rossi.

I liked the Hotch/Rossi moment "I read your books too, Dave."

Det. Jill is more whacked out of her mind than the unsub. Saying he's perfect and getting all excited over the prospect of more victims. Her level of sympathy for the victims is an par with the unsub. Also I am not sure if she really wanted Rossi or if she was just trying to flirt with him to throw him off, but anytime I see two people flirting when one is old enough to have spawned the other, my EEWWW! factor goes off. Anyway I am glad Rossi put a stop to it by profiling and annoying her.

I was glad to see a more human side of Rossi, admitting mistakes and showing a lot of empathy for Det. Jill. Admitting mistakes is hard for anyone, but once your on a pedal stool it becomes even harder to put yourself out there. You never know how the people who put you on that stool are going to react. Unless of course your a politician whose mastered the non-apology apology.
Over all I absolutely loved this episode. Jay and Dan did a great job on the writing and the actors where awesome. It is definitely going in my top ten.

Anonymous said...

i loved and hated this episode at the same time.
i usually love the storylines of the agents- especially garcia- but rossi was the worst yet.
he just dosen't care and it shows.

on the other hand-
the serial killer was one of the creepiest i have ever seen!
it would be amazing to see a recurring storyline with his character.
pay attention writers! eventually you will have to go back to work- don't throw away such a great and creepy killer!

Anonymous said...

Can someone please post the song which was played during the search of the boxes near the start of the episode!

lizapest said...

Everyone keeps telling me that Rossi will grow on me...

I don't see it happening. <_<

Kimberly said...

This Episode was disturbing to me in the fact that Jill had to watch as her friend was killed right in front of her and the method was so intense the shocking and the recording of the women's cries it was just about to much for me. But it did go allot more into Rossi's character it showed him actually profiling someone and not just taking notes. It showed his human side that hopefully we will get to see again. And when Hotch Ripped Jill a new one I wanted to hide under the table like a dog does when its in trouble. But over all the episode was great.

Dr. Kris said...

Love me my Rossi. What a great character. Of course, he's a great character, IMO, not just because of the acting, but the writing, Ahem...

And now they are all gone. The episodes, I mean.

I missed Garcia. And now I really will be missing her. So not fair.

I almost shook my TV to put some sense into that FBI agent. Didn't realize that sort of attention seeking went much beyond adolescence. I wish that there was some epilogue about her being forced to turn in her badge...

Anonymous said...

Hello people Morgan has called Garcia Penelope in the past. May I direct you to "Derailed" as well as a few other episodes that's just the first one that comes to mind. I have been watching season 1 DVDs lately.


I do not know why people keep posting on this thread asking what the song was. It was posted with a Youtube days ago.