Saturday, January 12, 2008


Criminal Minds: Ed Bernero, Executive Producer of Criminal Minds, is a Chicago Bears fan. Andrew Wilder, writer for Criminal Minds, cheers for the New York Giants. Shemar Moore, Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, is a Red Sox fan. Debra J. Fisher, Erica Messer and Chris Mundy, writers on Criminal Minds, are Washington Redskin fans. What teams to you root for? What teams would the characters on Criminal Minds root for?



I like the Jets, the Mets, the Knicks and the Islanders.

Violet said...

Hey, it's nice to see that Andrew Wilder has good judgement in football teams! I'm a Jets fan, too!

About the only other sport I really like is baseball--and I love the Yankees!

slashgirl said...

I'm not a big sports fan. Definitely not a football fan--it just seems silly (no offense meant if you do like football. *G*). In fact, I like football even less than I like hockey. Yes, I'm one of the rare breed of Canadians who hates hockey.

I do like baseball and my fave teams are the Toronto Blue Jays and the Dodgers. And while I'm not a hockey fan, if forced to chose a team, I'd have to say the Montreal Canadiens. for the characters? Well, we know JJ is a Redskins fan (and that Reid is clueless about sports teams. *lol*) Morgan played college football and he's from Chicago--so maybe the Bears? Morgan strikes me as the kinda guy to be into a lot of team sports, but I'm not sure what teams he'd like. Probably the Bulls, for b-ball.

I really don't have much idea about the rest of them--I think Prentiss, Rossi and Hotch probably all enjoy sports, I just have no idea who they'd support! As for Garcia--with four older brothers, she either loves sports or hates them! *lol*

impychick said...

I'm in Kansas I root for the Chiefs & the Royals. Too bad they don't live up to my expectation most of the time :(.

I can see Rossi laying back on his couch during the weekend with a cooler of beer by his side & just channel surfing & keeping track of all the games at once. I can see Garcia taking dates to hockey games & getting WAY into the action, & perhaps even scaring off her suitors :). As for individual teams, I'm not really sure.

dearlydead said...

Hotch would be a Redskins fan.

Rossi would be love all sports, and probably watch with Morgan.

Reid would know all the sports statistics, but not really enjoy the games.

JJ would watch all sports with Rossi and Morgan.

Garcia isn't into sports.

Morgan would be a Cubs and Bears fan, being the Chicago teams. He would also root for Green Bay/Brett Farve because he has an empathy for the underdog.

I root for the Philadelphia teams, and for anyone to beat the NE Patriots.


P.S. Thank you, Shemar!

Anonymous said...

i like the sea hawks,mariners, and portland trailblazers. sense i live in wash. state go sea hawks/

Elizabeth said...

In Europe, we play proper football *G*

My team is Aston Villa because I'm a Brummie by origin. Apparently Prince William and Tom Hanks are Villa fans too . . .

angelninjagirl said...

Oh Ed, you and I would have some heated conversations, I can tell. Why?

GO PACK GO!!!!!!!!!!

I'm such a die hard Green Bay Packers fan, it's a little sad. LOL And a Wisconsin Badgers fan when it comes to college football/basketball. Don't watch baseball or the other team sports and don't care for the NBA. But, I am a nerd and love to watch (and play when I can) golf.

As for the team...

Hotch is from the south, I believe South Carolina, so I'd say a Panthers fan.

Rossi...not sure yet.

Morgan...Bears fan, I'm sure. Unless he went against his roots and turned to the Packers, Colts, or Rams. Been known to happen. :)

JJ is a Redskins fan as previously known.

Emily...I would guess that since she traveled all over when she was little, she probably isn't really into a certain team.

Reid...poor thing, doesn't know anything but stats. I'll turn him into a Packers fan, just you watch! LOL

Garcia. Well, I have 3 older brothers and look how I turned out? So, she probably roots for whoever her brothers followed. I don't remember where she's from though...maybe the west coast? I'll go with the 49ers.

Ahem, I repeat: GO PACK GO!!

And the Jags too because I HATE the patriots. :P

maxie said...

New England Patriots and the Chicago White Sox.

I bet Morgan would be a Bears fan.

We know that our poor Spencer is clueless about sports.

Anonymous said...

I bet Prentiss would be really into sports. She would be a Washington Redskins fan and probably a Yankees fan. I totally agree that Rossi would be a major football fan but I think he would be like a team like the Tampa Bay Bucs.

I'm a big Buccaneers fan!

Anonymous said...

Me and J.J. Redskins fans all the way. (but it only seams to be to the play offs arrgh!)J.J. is probably a fan of whatever D.C.'s soccar team is.
I imagine since Reid had his first date to a Redskins game, that if forced to choose he'd say also say Redskins.
Hotch got his start in the Seattle office of the FBI so Seahawks for him or whatever Washington state's baseball team is. He strikes me more as a baseball fan.
Rossi and Morgan anything Chicago.
Garcia didn't even know what quarterback was in "Profiler Profiled" so she probably isn't into sports. Tho she might have taken up an interest in football just to suck up to Morgan. If so 49ers.
Prentiss- I can definitely see her as a sports fan but she moved around so much she probably didn't commit to any one team. Maybe she's a Redskins fan now too since living in D.C.

Anonymous said...

FYI Hotch said his mother was from Virginia in "Blood Hungry"

Anonymous said...

I agree that Garcia doesn't seem the sportsy type. I do think if she was then she would be rooting for an underdog team.

palais said...

I am a die hard baseball and hockey fan, so I cheer for the Blue Jays and the Toronto Maple Leafs ( which is a death sentence in Oiler/ Flames country...)

JJ is a Redskins fan, and probably watches soccer as well.

Reid knows nothing about the sports, but can tell you any stat you needed.

Morgan would watch all sports.

Garcia wouldn't be able to tell a football from a basketball.

Rossi would be a big football guy.

Emily would probably be more interested in soccer, seeing as it's the most popular sport outside the U.S., and she spent so much of her life in other countries. But she's most likely got a passing knowledge.

And like most people , they all dig the Superbowl.

allie said...

Seattle Seahawks & Mariners all the way. Great teams. I never miss a game.

Morgan: Lakers, Cardinals and Packers.

Prentiss: Ravens.

Reid: A book about sports

Rossi: Dodgers, Lakers and Packers.

Hotch: I think he probably watches any game that is on when he has time to watch. No team in particular.