Thursday, January 10, 2008


Criminal Minds Fans: We need to keep up the pressure on Les Moonves but this is an encouraging article. Keep calling CBS and Disney!

CBS Chief Moonves Wants to Get Back to Table With Writers:

CBS head honcho Les Moonves hinted at an industry conference Thursday that the television giant is trying to restart negotiations with the striking Writers Guild of America, but offered no details as to what that those efforts entail.

Moonves, speaking at the Citigroup Entertainment, Media & Telecommunications conference in Phoenix, stressed that the writers strike is not having an adverse impact on the network so far.

“We sincerely hope that the talks begin shortly and that there is a resolution,” Moonves said. “I can tell you there are some steps that are being taken to push that ahead, and we hope that reasonable people prevail and that we can make a go of it in the near future.”

But later in the conference Moonves said that he is “guardedly optimistic that it [the strike] will be over in the next few months.”

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