Thursday, January 17, 2008


Criminal Minds: Thank you to Stacy for continuing to run the Criminal Minds Fanatic blog for a few more days. I'm just popping in to say hello and share a funny story with all of you.

I spent the majority of today with the CEO of the company I work for and my direct supervisor. We had a very productive morning talking about normal business matters and future company growth. We continued talking shop while at lunch and then somehow the subject moved to the internet, new media and the writers strike.

Let me backup for a moment and point out to you that my CEO is about 100 tiers ahead of me within the company, is very personable and extremely intelligent. I mentioned the blog and both of them pointed out that they did not know about the blog. Several people within the company do and so I had assumed they did as well.

I asked my CEO if he watched Criminal Minds and was thrilled to hear that he does. Here's where he tickled me. He said "Oh, Mandy Patinkin's show. I watch it. Did you know he left the show? Did you know he sings?" I pointed out that I had been to several of Mandy's concerts over the years, did in fact know that he had left the show and actually had been the person who had posted Ed Bernero's letter announcing that Mandy had left the show on my blog. I mentioned that the blog was being run this week by a Thomas Gibson fan and he said, "The one that leads the unit". The whole thing really tickled me. He is a great CEO and a nice man. The fact that he really likes Criminal Minds was the cherry on the sundae. I think I'll stay with this company for awhile! :)