Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Thomas Gibson as Aaron Hotchner

When the cat is away, the mouse will play (sorry, Jill, I just couldn't resist...)! If it's not obvious, this is being posted by Stacy (aka slashgirl)...

And how could I let this golden opportunity pass me by? For those who don't know me from the blog, yahoogroup or LJ, I'm a major Hotch (and Thomas Gibson) fangirl! I love the character and think Thomas Gibson is a truly talented actor (after seeing him in Dharma and Greg on DVD for the first time this year and seeing him as Hotch on CM? WOW!) who gives a wonderful performance in every episode, without fail. The fact that he's also a very handsome man is just icing on the cake!

CM is the best show on TV and I think that everyone involved in the production, from the producers, to the cast, the crew, and especially the writers deserve kudos for creating something so interesting, compelling and enjoyable! Thank you.