Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Criminal Minds: Here is a link to a Washington Post article which looks at top viewed shows and their fans. Criminal Minds is mentioned.

While there was a 50 percent overlap ( Gray's Anatomy, Dancing With the Stars, Two and a Half Men, CSI Miami, House), the rankings were different. Gray's Anatomy ranked No. 8 in social network interactions versus No. 1 on broadcast TV. Two and a Half Men, which was ranked No. 5 on TV, was No. 1 on social networks because of its avid online "quote following" (people who follow quotes from the show). Desperate Housewives, No. 2 on TV, doesn't even rank on social networks, possibly because people don't like to talk about their guilty pleasures. More surprising is that The Office doesn't rank in the social network list either, but Criminal Minds does (at No. 2).