Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Criminal Minds: "Paradise" written by Debra J. Fisher and Erica Messer scored very well in the weekly Nielsen ratings. Here are the parts of the CBS weekly press release that talk about Criminal Minds. Great job by our Gruesome Twosome!

CSI was the week’s top program in viewers and adults 25-54 as CBS had 5 of the Top 10 programs including NCIS (#3), THE MENTALIST (#7), CRIMINAL MINDS (#8) and TWO AND A HALF MEN (#10). NCIS has now finished in the top five in all five weeks of the season while freshman hit THE MENTALIST has placed in the top 10 for its fourth consecutive broadcast.

CRIMINAL MINDS was first in households (9.5/14), viewers (15.01m), adults 25-54 (5.5/13) and was second behind FOX’s World Series coverage in adults 18-49 (4.1/10).

CBS top programs of the week: #1 CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION (an average of 19.49m viewers), #3 NCIS (17.23m), #7 THE MENTALIST (15.28m), #8 CRIMINAL MINDS (15.01m), #10 TWO AND A HALF MEN (14.63m), #12 CSI: NY (14.39m), #13 CSI MIAMI (13.51m), #14 SURVIVOR: GABON (13.31m), #18 60 MINUTES (12.82m), #21 COLD CASE (11.97m), #22 ELEVENTH HOUR (11.85m), #23 WITHOUT A TRACE (11.63m), #25 GHOST WHISPERER (10.14m), #26 WORST WEEK (9.88m) and #30 THE AMAZING RACE (9.70m).