Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Criminal Minds season 4 spoilers from Ed Bernero, Executive Producer of Criminal Minds:

The boys above—hotties Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), Morgan (Shemar Moore) and Hotch (Thomas Gibson)—are actually going to see some action this season, and I don't mean the kind that involves running from explosions in slow motion...

Reid Meets a Real-Live Girl: Yep, Reid is finally coming out of his shell and talking to those lady-people he doesn't really understand. Says boss Bernero, "We do an episode about a pickup artist, and we see him get a phone number from a girl, under Morgan's tutelage." I never thought I'd see the day.

The show also delves into Reid's backstory. "We're doing a two-episode arc that really solidifies where Dr. Reid came from," Bernero says. "It's an exploration of his abandonment by his father and a certain repressed thing in his past. These episodes will show you why all of Reid's massive brainpower turned toward stopping serial killers instead of, say, physics."

Morgan Makes a New Friend: Remember how I told you Meta Golding would be filling in for A.J. Cook while both A.J. and her character, J.J., are on maternity leave? Well, no one enjoys that news more than Morgan, who finds Meta's character, Jordan, veeeery appealing. Does Morgan's flirtation with Jordan make his baby-girl Garcia jealous? According to Bernero, "There's a little bit of that, although Garcia has a boyfriend (Nicholas Brendon), so it's hard for her to get too jealous. You will see in a couple of episodes that demonstrate just how deep Morgan and Garcia's feelings for each other are. I think those two are one of the reasons the show really works—it's a love story."

Also, in a season that Bernero promises is full of "thrills, chills and superscary bad guys," they have a plan that I'm totally on board with: "We're turning Morgan into the action hero for the show." Awesome, now just take his shirt off, too, and that plan is perfect.

Hotch Does Not Get a Life: I lied. One of our three guys is not getting busy this year. In fact, quite the opposite for Hotch. The only thing he's busy with is paperwork. Says Bernero, "We have an interesting moment in the eighth episode where he talks to Prentiss (Paget Brewster)—he says there's something missing from a case file, and she says, 'I just turned that in last night...when do you sleep?' We're going to ask this season, When does this guy ever go home?" Hey! I always knew I felt a kinship with Hotch.