Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Criminal Minds Blog Notes: Happy Tuesday everyone! I have just a couple of exciting Criminal Minds announcements for you this morning.

1. Those of you who have emailed for the password for tomorrow's Criminal Minds episode chat with Deb and Erica already know that we are also being joined by director John Gallagher. I know that everyone is excited and so am I. The only thing better than our twosome is a threesome! Please be patient with the moderators! They will be emailing the password for the chat to you shortly.

2. For well over a year I have been asked to try to get Oahn Ly into the chat room so you could talk to her about her episodes. I am very happy to tell you that Oahn has accepted the invitation to come to chat with all of us. Her schedule is booked for the night of her upcoming episode but she is booking some time for us on another night after the episode airs. Thank you Oahn! We'll all be looking forward to chatting with you!

3. "Paradise" looks like a terrific episode. Spread the word! The show is doing great in the Nielsens but we can help it do even better. You never know who is a Nielsen family because they are barred from telling anybody. So promote the show to everyone you meet in the course of your day. You never know if they are a Nielsen family! "Paradise" would be a great first episode for a newbie to watch!

4. Pens for Kirsten! 32 pens and counting. If you want to send me a pen for Kirsten, drop me an email for the address to mail them to.

That's all the news right now! Enjoy the episode and chat tomorrow night! :)