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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Minimal Loss" written by Andrew Wilder and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**** BEWARE comments will contain spoilers*****

*** Quotes for this episode will be posted after it airs in Canada this evening **

*** Andrew Wilder will be in the chat room to discuss the episode on Sunday ***


Anonymous said...

Loved this ep! I like to see our team and local police work well together. The unsub was a surprise.

Hope Hotch's ear gets better soon. I'm sure he hates getting left behind driving, but I'm glad he had the sense to do it this time at the end. I'm not sure the FBI would keep a half-deaf agent.

I like MGG's haircut.

Anonymous said...

What was the name of the actor who played the Attorney General? Is it the same actor who appeared on Mad Men?

Unknown said...

so canadians, how was the episode?

Anonymous said...

Great episode! It reminded me of an episode of Law and Order that I watched a few months ago, just better. JJ looks\ed fabulous! And I love Hotch out of a suit :)

My favourite part of the episode was at the end when Emily and Reid were on the plane. The scene was just so real, and Reid looked so vulnerable. Although, there was not enough Garcia. Probably my favourite episode to date.

Anonymous said...

okay a few comments will post more tomorrow.

Love the episode, lost of action at the start. Yes Hotch had to stay behind. Poor Prentiss she got bashed for real! and poor Reid, he got it too!

Lots of good cameos, Jeff Fahey and did I dream and see Joel Murray from Dharma and Greg?!

Great work from Luke Perry, I like how seems to be at first this mild mannered guy but as he started losing control over his people he started to show who he really was.

love the ending, they cannot save eveyone.... and the last scene with Prentiss and Reid was good.
Prentiss sure knows Reid.

Oh for us Hotch fans, Hotch without a tie and suit on the JOB! Wow! Never thought I would see that!

well, I'll have more later but Andrew you did give us another great episode! thanks!


Unknown said...

damn, cannot wait to see this episode...

Oracle said...

This was one of my favorite episodes ever! It had pretty much everything a fan could hope for...high stakes, great guest stars, amazingly perfect performances from the cast (especially Paget Brewster - can you say emmy?), great special effects, edge-of-your-couch action from beginning to end, and tieless Hotch to top it all off. In the last scene with Reid and Prentiss on the jet, her little speech to him had me in tears. No doubt about it, everyone brought their A-game. This was Criminal Minds at its best. This season just keeps getting better! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Luke Perry was amazing. I never would have believed he could pull off being such a bad ass. I thought he was going to kill Emily. Poor Reid and Emily being held hostage and Morgan and explosions! I really admired how brave and smart Emily was during the ordeal. A strong woman. I love that the show knows how to show us strong and weak women. The chick that went back to the psycho was a nut but Emily showed she had serious game!

Andrew gave us the eye candy we have been asking for all these seasons. Hotch without his suit and tie and looking hot! Thank you Andrew. It was a great cookie and a great episode.

Anonymous said...

I just knew when Reid and Prentiss went to the commune under the guise of being from Childrens Service that something really dark and bad was going to happen.

Luke Perry was good but Jeff Fahey was terrific and I agree that he was severely under used. I appreciate that AW showed a woman being beaten without the implied sexual connection that so many shows use. Sometimes the pain a perp inflicts is what he gets off on and not a prelude to sexually abusing the woman. Prentiss held her own and wow can Paget act. Nicely done episode. This felt like the start of the season for me and my boyfriend. A strong AW episode with superior writing and terrific guest stars.

Luke Perry has really put 90201 behind him! Paget-beautiful job!

Anonymous said...

i can hardly waite tell tomarrow night after reading all the comments/

Anonymous said...

We need to be more careful about what we ask for. We wanted more Reid and they had him kidnapped, drugged and beaten. We wanted more Hotch and they hurt him and now he has hearing problems. We wanted more Prentiss and they beat her to a pulp.

I enjoyed the episode and hah we got it first. *g*

I have some questions about the episode. Why was the BAU involved in a state case of this nature to start with? Were they there to simply profile and leave but got sucked in or were they supposed to take over the case? Also, in tactical raids isn't it prudent to have the swat team secure the room before profilers go in? I really liked the episode but I was wondering about those two things. I think I must have missed something.

I associate Andrew Wilder with being the best Hotch writer and this was a totally Emily episode. He did a great job. And in Andrew Wilder fashion he played with Hotch too, much to the delight of this fan.

Lets start a petition to have all of Hotch's suits and ties burnt. Casual Hotch is a beautiful Hotch.

Enjoy the episode tomorrow everyone. It was really great and you'll all enjoy it. Oh and next week we get the episode on Tuesday again. HAH! *g*

Anonymous said...

Is the episode titled Minimal Loss because only one of the agents was found out to be from the FBI?

Anonymous said...

Well, I've watched it twice already. I'll get a third viewing in by tomorrow I'm sure.

What can I say....
It was excellent!
It wasn't exactly what I expected, but that's okay because then it wasn't predictable!
I was, as always, quite impressed.

And being an AW episode I wouldn't expect anything less!

Paget/Prentiss was amazing!
So excellent!
Was waiting for a little Reid whump and it came near the end so of course I was uber happy!

Liked Prentiss telling Reid not to blame himself, but Reid is Reid... no amount of telling him not to blame himself will stop him from doing it if he feels it. We'll have to wait and see for that one though...

Anywho, overall it was excellent as always!
I can't wait for more!


Deirdre said...

I can't wait for this episode!! It was impossible not to read the comments. It sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

I am beyond exited for some Reid action. And his haircut is sooo adorable. Casual Hotch is also something I am dying to see!!

Anonymous said...

I am exited to see Reid too!!!! is he good in the ep anyone that has already watched?!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist, had to read the comments. Now I'm even more excited about the episode.

Oh my gosh, it sounds like it's going to be Soooooo good!

Anonymous said...

Loved this episode so much it's ridiculous. I think it's currently tied with "L.D.S.K." as my favourite episode. Certainly this was Andrew Wilder at his best. I'm incredibly surprised by how much more I appreciate the character of Prentiss now.

Loved the team working on the outside, and the team working on the inside as well. Morgan and Prentiss communicating through the window was just brilliant, and really shows the resourcefulness these agents need to have in order to survive. Loved the team reacting to the news reports at the beginning of the episode.

All these team-in-peril episodes are wonderful, but it's getting too safe for our guys- even when they're in awful situations, everyone makes it out, maybe with an impairment or an injury, but basically fine. Much as I love the whole team, if they're going to keep getting put in danger, someone's eventually going to have to not make it back for any sense of jeopardy to remain.

Reid must be getting pretty tired of religious fanatics holding him hostage. He has become the CM poster child for torture and abuse. Matthew shines in these episodes. He really shows a lot of range as an actor and amazes me that he is so young and this talented.

The scene at the end with Reid and Prentiss was terrific. The hug? Sure, friends, I can buy that. The "it was not your fault thing"- again, friends. Prentiss reassuring Reid that this was not his fault was sweet but obviously he is going to internalize what happened. This sets the way for whatever the writers have planned next for Reid. The man is walking emotional baggage. Prentiss being the one to step up was in character and very expected, but I liked that it clearly made Reid think. He was scared, he was trying to protect both of them. But she was willing to step up. And he let her. I'm still not sure what I think of that, but I can see that moment, that decision, haunting him for a while, making him question himself a bit. She said it was not his fault, that it was a decision that she made, and that's true, but I can see him wondering why he wasn't willing to make that same decision. I got the sense that the pause when Cyrus asked who the agent was wasn't Prentiss hesitating, I think she was giving Reid the chance to step up of he wanted to.

I think this episode is one that needs to rewatched a few times in order to catch everything. I know that I will be rewatching it this evening.

Anonymous said...

I loved this eppy! The season just keeps getting better and better! Even though they are only three eppys into the season, Season Four if by far the best yet!

( If you don't want to know specifics about the eppy until you see it, stop reading here!)

Reid and Prentiss were great! I am glad Prentiss spoke up and said she was the FBI agent. (though I want to clober the guy that leaked the news!) She was trying to protect Reid from those big mean guys pointing the guns at him!

I loved the end when she went up and hugged him (and not Morgan) and then talked to him on the plane and held his hand!

I was wondering though if Hotch saying he couldn't go in to the ranch had anything to do with his ear as there was no mention of it anywhere else

I also noticed that when JJ was wearing the white shirt, there was a little baby bump! :) Or maybe my mind was playing tricks on me as I was looking for it, but then I don't think so.

Can't wait to see it again tonight!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this episode. I thought it was really great. I wasn't such a fan of Mayhem, Angel Maker was pretty good and now - amazing. Luke Perry was spot-on. Strangely, I wasn't thinking "90210" the whole time he was on. Also, the interaction between his character and Reid was perfect. At one point, I thought Reid was going to join the commune, they got along so "well." Prentiss being the one to step up to the plate certainly cemented that she is a team player. Now Reid has more guilt to eat at him. Really great episode. Keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Was that Jenna Boyd from "The Missing"?

Unknown said...

Yes I read that Jenna Boyd was in this episode...definitely taping tonight...thanks for the reviews, Canadians rule!

Anonymous said...

I have about 8 more hours here in IL till it starts. You guys in Canada are so lucky and I am so happy this day has come. These comments are killing me because I want the episode to come faster because the comments are really great. I am going to record the episode and probably watch it ove and over.

Anonymous said...

This is killing me. I am seriously condiering moving to Canada so I can see eps on Tuesday. 7 hours, 37 minutes until it airs!

Silvinha said...

Where can I download this episode?

I'm from Brazil and the new season only starts here next year and I'm really dying to watch this eppy!

Criminal Minds Fan said...

Downloading is illegal and we do not give out links to sites that promote it. I can understand your frustration with having to wait to see it so I am sorry that we can't help you with this.

Anonymous said...

I thought this episode was alright. Not one of my favourites, as it was really confusing in the beginning.. it was a little slow too.. but got more intense closer to the end. :)

Anonymous said...

Ah! Now I want to see it even more! Why can't 9 o'clock come faster!!

Anonymous said...

I was really excited about this episode, but it really didn't live up to expectations for me.

The writers seem very excited about how much action this season has but I liked the show much better when it was about what was going on inside people's heads. I also really didn't like how Garcia and JJ just didn't matter at all in this one. They're supposed to be Emily's friends. I think I understand the effect this one was supposed to have, but it was really disappointing. But Paget Brewster always does great work and she was awesome in this one, and it was definitely still worth watching.

Anonymous said...

Okay I had sometime yesterday and decided to do this for those who might not see the episode anytime soon, here is the long detailed version of the episode.

Minimal Loss starts with events live from Benjamin Cyrus Ranch where some of his followers are hiding and three socials workers are held captive. A news reporter is informing his viewers that they are awaiting news on the fate of those peoples including one FBI agent then *BOOM*! We see in the background an explosion!

Cue to three days earlier as Prentiss, Reid and a social worker are going into Cyrus ranch by car as we hear the recorded voice of what sounds like a child saying in a hushed tone' 'he' comes into my bedroom and plays with me. He says it is god's will. I'm only fifteen and I am not the only one. Please help me!'

Since members of cults and polygamists hate the FBI, Prentiss wisely suggest to the social worker that she should introduce them by their real name but do not mention that they are FBI and instead introduce her and Reid as child victims and interview experts.

That church is smack in the middle of rural LaPlata County in Colorado, full of self sufficient church members who are hard at work on that summer day. Ah Reid, is in full encyclopedic mode does recognize that Cyrus first words to them are not from the bible but from Benjamin Franklin. Reid's mind is always something to be admired, not so sure about his slick back short hair....

Now meet the victim who doesn't seems to feel like she is a victim and is convince she is doing god will. She is very proud to be his fifteen years old wife. Reid points out that the state of Colorado requires a parental consent for such a union which Prentiss mention that she, meaning the mother did. All this interview was doing well until armed men with automatic rifles enters the school where the interviewed are been conducted.

Someone tells Cyrus that a raid was been planned on the Ranch, now the followers are in full defensive mode much to Reid and Prentiss astonishment.

Here comes SWAT! Things get ugly rapidly. Armed and masked men invade the school and church looking for the kids but where is everybody? They are all fleeing through underground tunnels, only well armed men are left on the roofs of the buildings, waiting for the SWAT team. If going inside the school was easy, the same cannot be said for the church. The SWAT team tries to force their way in but no luck, they are left standing at the door overlooked by angry, armed followers. An intense fire fight start, the men in body armors take a beating! That scene is great! For such a cerebral show, CM sure knows how to make action scenes like they make them on the big screen, loud, fast and on the edge of your seats scenes!

All the followers with three very reluctant governments employees are now somewhere underground, been told to stay together, remain calm and god will protect them. Well the social worker, who is also a state police, thinks this is 'ridiculous' her words and goes back up, to talk to Cyrus and get a bullet for her effort.

The SWAT team is pin down, with some casualty as we think it will get worse for them before Cyrus, order his troops to a cease fire and then appears on a roof and shout to the police officers to get the hell out while they can! They get out with tails between their legs....

After all this action, cue the Criminal Minds generic, thanks god, we the viewers need a break too!

"To follow by faith alone is to follow blindly" By Benjamin Franklin.

At BAU headquarter in Quantico, an almost panic stricken JJ, dress in a black blouse and showing a baby bum walks to Morgan's who is at his desk reading and drinking coffee. Remote in hand she flips the TV open to the news report out of LaPlanta Colorado. Now we know that Morgan isn't a guy who panic easily so I can only assumed as fellow CM fanatic cmwinner did, that the reason Morgan shouted like he did at Hotch, who was on the phone in his office, is because the Unit Chief is still suffering from hearing lost! Hotch gets out of his office, WITHOUT his suit coat, that fellow Hotch fans will not be our only surprise when it comes to Hotch attire! As a bewildered Hotch and equally bewildered BAU employees are watching the news unfolding on the small screen, their phones, yes multiple, all start to ring at the same time! Hotch tells them that all this means they are the lead with hostage rescue and secure support. With that, off to Colorado they are.

On the plane, yes plane scene yeah! The team discovered that the Colorado State Attorney Jim Wells lied about the investigation into the cult doing. Why did he lie? He is up for reelection! Raiding a ranch full of women and children doesn't help one reelection chances especially if one got his signature at the bottom of the warrant for the raid! I'll quote Prentiss here "I hate politics!" Back on the plane, here is for us Hotch fans our second surprise of the night, Hotch without a tie and a suit!!!! Wow! I got an early birthday present! Yes I know I am being delusional in thinking that was done for me but please leave me my illusions....

Okay back to the show, JJ tells the team that Wells knew that there were FBI agents at the ranch but still went on with the raid. Rossi asks what do they know about that sect and like a genie out of her bottle comes the Oracle...heu I mean Garcia on the laptop screen. We learn that the sect is a libertarian one and that they believe they can do whatever they want as long as they're not infringing on the right of others. We also learn that Cyrus isn't the founding members, a man named Leo Kane is and that Cyrus is the one who did introduce religion into the sect.

Back at the ranch, Reid and Prentiss are kept away from the rest of the followers.Cyrus and some of his cronies come down to meet with Emily and Spencer. We are told that some followers were killed. Cyrus fifteen years old wife comes in with her baby, Cyrus tells his daughter that 'everything is going to be alright, mommy and daddy are going to god' Reid dismayed expression tells us how bad this situation is getting. Cyrus sends his wife and some of his follower to the temple to pray.

At the ranch entrance, a black SUV full of BAU agents arrives at the scene. Hotch tells Dave that who negotiates is up to him and Hotch decides that Rossi will be the one to do the negotiations. Rossi protests but Hotch tells him that why go with the student when the teacher, Rossi, is there? Rossi rightly points out that they shouldn't be the one negotiating since they both are emotionally involved. But Hotch counters that they are the best to predict not just Cyrus moves but Prentiss and Reid moves also.

Now, here comes mister State Attorney General who sees his chances at reelection dwindling as minute’s passes without any peaceful resolves of the situation. Said Attorney General demands from the SWAT officer in charge why he wasn't told that the FBI had undercover agents. Hotch who was talking to Rossi nearby intervene 'The only think you are in a position to demand is a lawyer.' State Attorney General 'Who the hell are you?', Hotch 'Aaron Hotchner, Unit Chief, I'm the guy who will tell the Attorney General of the United States whether to charge you with obstructing a Federal investigation or negligent homicides ' SAG 'you can't talk to me like that!' Hotch take one step closer to the man 'Get off my crime scene!' Now they are face to face, having a staring contest. SAG goes away, the poor man, he never had any chances. BTW it was nice to see the talented Joel Murray.

We learn from the officer who had to deal with the SAG that after WACO, this time 'they' did listen and call the BAU to which Hotch says they did more than listen and put us in charges. The officer offers to cut the power to the sect, which Rossi refuses saying it would be an escalation. The man rightly points out that mean the sect still have access to the news. Hotch counters by having JJ talk to the news peoples.

We get to know why the title, Minimal Lost, Rossi explains to the SWAT team that this scenario is called Minimal Lost, ' every person we get out is a life saved but we will not save everyone. ' Morgan goes one to explain a sect structure, the leader on top, underneath him the diehard then followers, women and children.’ Those are the one we can save' Morgan says.

Hotch tells them their strategy, get one out, then a few others, then more, if it gets bad they go in. the BAU gives the SWAT team the profile of a religious cult leader. Rossi recommend that they make the situation less militarized as possible.

Now Rossi starts negotiating with Cyrus. Cyrus wants them to leave them alone but Rossi's tell him that it is impossible, a police officer bleed to death on his way to the hospital. Rossi inquires about the three child welfare workers and his told that one of them is death. We get close up on Morgan, Hotch and Rossi who are afraid it could be one of their colleagues. Rossi demands the name of the death and as we heard the name we see, briefly, the relief on the Morgan's face. The first exchange is setup by Rossi, food in exchange for the wounded followers.

The SWAT leader orders parabolic sets to all the windows on the ranch but he is told that the glasses need to vibrate or that someone is shouting for them to pick up any sound and that blinds will not help. Take note because that will explain a few things later. But just in case they but 'bugs' or listening devices into the supply that Rossi is taking in exchange for the wounded.

Rossi goes in, talk to Cyrus while he shown the followers and the 'guests' Prentiss and Reid, who are fine and sitting among the followers in the church. Cyrus tells Rossi that he isn't crazy and only wants to live by god's law. Once Rossi is out, Cyrus orders to prepare the wine.

Everyone drink the wine as Prentiss and Reid are exchanging notes on Cyrus wife and her mother. They notice the mother is trying to take her daughter attention away from Cyrus. While this happen everyone drinks the wine.

Rossi's back at the command center where Hotch and Morgan are waiting for news on their colleagues. He tells them they are fine but that Cyrus is too calm. They listen as Cyrus announced that they had drank the poison together. Now Cyrus is in full paranoid mood now. Rossi, isn't convinced unlike Hotch and Morgan that they are committing mass suicide. Now the police wants to get in, Rossi says no, people will die to which Hotch says 'peoples are already dying!' A technical note, I love all the fast camera movement from Rossi, to Morgan to Hotch, this makes us feels the tension and how Hotch need to make a fast decision to give the order for an assault or wait. All this is counter balanced by the view of the church where an almost serene Cyrus is telling his followers that there will be no more pain. There, in the church, the camera moves lazily from Cyrus to the followers.

Prentiss wants to do something but Reid is on the same opinion as Rossi, Cyrus is bluffing. He notice that someone is noticing everyone reaction to the news that they are about to die. Prentiss gets it now; Cyrus wants to know who will follow him.

Back to poor Hotch whose got to make a decision while Rossi is almost screaming at him that Jim Jones did the same thing, a test run just before doing it for real. Hotch gives the order to go in ....but aborts the order once he heard through his headphones, Cyrus saying to his followers that there was no poison.

JJ's comes in an announced that the former sect leader has arrived. Morgan interviews him. Kane tells Morgan Cyrus real name and history. He also tells him that he was kicked out because he been sexually assaulting young girls. Then Cyrus came back later saying he found god and wanted to come back home. Morgan asked how a kid could get rid of a man like Kane, Kane said 'he said that god wanted me to leave', 'I said if god wants me to leave he can tell me himself. He pointed a gun to my head and said 'he just did''.

Now that Garcia got Cyrus real name she can give the BAU all the dirt on Cyrus. We all know the powers of Garcia snooping and she doesn't fail. All of Cyrus former sordid life is exposed. But they learned that Cyrus was a model prisoner who volunteered to help HIV prisoners.

So now the BAU got a new game plan, since Cyrus been to prison, they know that he will not come out of that ranch just so he can go back to prison on charges of sexual assaults on children. As they are coming up with a strategy, JJ comes in and has them watch the news as the reporter tells his viewers that the SAG office told them that a FBI agent was inside the ranch! The team is devasted by that report!

Now, back at the ranch, Cyrus goes to Reid and Prentiss demanding, gun in Reid face, which of them is the FBI agent? Prentiss comes out and get one hell of a bashing as the team listen in! I like that we are shown how the team reacts, all are worried and wants to go there and get her out but of all of them it is Prentiss who keeps her cool, telling the team that she can take it.

Cyrus while tending his bruised hand, interrogates Reid who does his best to make Cyrus trust him. Reid accomplishes this by making Cyrus to agree to a plan to test the FBI negotiator. Give the name of the FBI agent then in return a child will be released and now harm will come to the agent. Cyrus right hand man tells him that the FBI will never do that but they don't know that the FBI is listening in via the microphones in the medical supplies brought in by Rossi. A child is released and then Rossi gives Prentiss names, thus confirming she is the FBI agent and Reid isn't. From now on, Cyrus do trust Reid. More followers are released not as a good gesture from Cyrus but because his right hand man told him earlier that some of the followers wants to leave.
So he is getting rid of those he can no longer trust.

Reid while talking to Cyrus, tells the team in an oblique way that time is running out, that they must intervene.

It is decided that the assault will happen at the 3h00 am but how to let Prentiss and Reid knows? Hotch finds a neat way by adding a note to the covert of the chicken meals ordered by Cyrus 'New owner! New Hours! Open Thu 3h00am!!!'

Hotch isn't the only one whose been hit by ingenuity, a hand tied Prentiss whose been kept away from the others in a lock bedroom, lifts the blind from the window with her booted feet. Remember I said to take some note earlier? Well now it comes in play! Emily keeps repeating the same message 'If you can hear I know you are coming. I can try to get the woman and children down the tunnels but I need to know when you are coming' Now it is Morgan who is hit by ingenuity! With a riffle equipped with laser he signals Prentiss when they will be coming in.

Down in the chapel, Reid is insisting to stay with the diehards who are preparing the ranch to be blow up!

Back to Prentiss who gets a visit from the mother of Cyrus fifteen years old wife. Prentiss tells the woman that Cyrus is planning on a mass suicide and that she, the mother was the one who made that phone call to 911. Prentiss is banking that the woman made that phone call because she wants to get her daughter away from Cyrus. So might be willing to help her get the followers to safety.

Hotch tells Rossi that he cannot go in there. We are not told why but we can guess that with all the fire fight that will happen in a few minutes that this wouldn' t be good for Hotch injured ears.

In parallels, we see the diehard getting the explosives in place while the assault team gets ready. The mother gets to Prentiss and frees her and together they get the followers to the tunnels.

The assault starts, the followers are evacuated while poor Reid is stuck with the diehard! Reid tries to talk Cyrus out his plan but this time Reid talking will not save him. He gets a beating for his trouble! While looking at poor Reid whose down on the floor Cyrus who got the control box to the explosives in his hand, says 'No one had to follow, god could have stop me.' Reid 'he just did!' says as Morgan bullets sends Cyrus to the next life. So all is well right? No! Cyrus now fifteen years old widow gets into the chapel, sees her husband dead, picks up the control box to the explosives. Reid's scream at Morgan to run! and....well we don't know what happen except everything goes BOOM! Prentiss goes back and calls for Reid and Morgan. They immerge away from the front door, a bit bruised but otherwise fine. The mother of the fifteen years old isn’t that lucky; she stands there hoping to see her daughter.

Nice hugs between Reid and Prentiss.

Another plane scene with Prentiss telling Reid it wasn't his fault what happen to her, that if she had to do it again she would do it again. It is nice how they are holding hands.

'Reason is not automatic, those who denied it cannot be conquered by it' by Ayn Rand

Great ending for another great episode.


Anonymous said...

18 minutes before Minimal Loss!!! I can't wait! I LOVE AW eps!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!! We are 8 minutes in and i have had chills the entire 8 minutes! Geez, AW, are you trying to give me a heart attack???

Anonymous said...

Finally a Prentiss episode and I like that they teamed her up with Reid. I hate commercials. So far I love the episode. Luke Perry is freakin awesome and this is Emmy material for Paget Brewster.

Anonymous said...

I love it! The title of this episode in my mind, though, is "Faith."

Excellently written.

Gigi said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! What a GREAT, FABULOUS, AMAZING episode!!!!!!!

AW, have we told you lately that you ROCK!?!?!?!

CM just gets better every week!


Anonymous said...

Wow! This was a very tense epi! I loved it! Andrew is the best!!!!!

And OMG! I can't believe we have to wait 2 weeks for that epi that they just showed the promo for!


Glampire30 said...

What a great episode..... Great work Andrew.... We look forward to seeing more of your work soon....
Just stop Morgan from almost getting blown up..... I don't think I can handle it again.

Ztivokreb said...

Please please please tell me the AG is going to get fried for letting that info out to the press!

Amazing episode...Reid and Prentiss were excellent, and go Reid for stepping up getting the information needed to the outside, both him and Prentiss having faith that there were bugs.

the actress that played Jessica..I've seen her in a few other shows/films...she did an awesome job.

Just one more example of how amazing the writing is on this show. combine that with the great cast and show on TV.

and stuff blowing up is always cool.

rock on

Anonymous said...

From the words of Peter Boyle, "HOLY CRAP!"

That was awesome!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG Reid and Emily had the cutest moment at the end of the ep!!!

Anonymous said...

Another great episode from Andrew. It had some great bits in it. Morgan rescuing that little girl was totally special. The makeup department deserve a medal for how well they 'beat up' Prentiss' face. Fahey needed a bigger part. Perry was really good. The story itself was great. I think they are setting us up for the big Reid episode. Reid is already riddled with guilt and now this. Way to stand up and do the brave thing Prentiss. At some point I think Reid is going to snap mentally. Every other episode he is being told that something is not his fault. I was actually surprised that he didn't brave up but Prentiss was certainly the defination of calm under pressure. Can't wait to watch it again and see what I missed.

Anonymous said...

OMG! I loved this episode. Of course I'm a die hard Reid girl so it was guaranteed that I would like it. Reid was awesome as was Prentiss. I can't believe Micheal was in it. Those who watch Stargate Atlantis will understand that. I liked Rossi in this one. He was dynamic and compassionate. You could really feel how he's integrated into the team now. Must say not enough Garcia and far too little Garcia/Morgan interaction. All in all it was quite a good episode so on my scale of 1-10, I give it...a 9.5. It would be a 9.8 but I deducted .3 for almost no Garcia.
One last note, if they ever have a religion related case again, Reid should sit on the sidelines. That man always gets in trouble when religion is involved. At least he didn't get hooked on drugs this time.

Anonymous said...

Loved the epi! Luke Perry did a great job, & you can really tell how much the team cares for one another. I saw genuine concern when the team found out that one of the 3 had been killed...genuine relief (but still sadness) when they found out it wasn't Reid or Prentiss. Then again, when Prentiss wasn't sure that Reid & Morgan hadn't made it out of the chapel. This was a very emotional episode that had me biting my nails, & the scene at the end w/ Prentiss & Reid was a great touch. Awesome, awesome stuff.

lizzymmcf said...

Awesome, awesome episode! The tension at the end was intense! I loved it! Andrew is a genius! Paget and Matthew did wonderful jobs! Luke Perry was a great unsub! And an excellent Hotch moment when he stared down the State's attorney general!

Anonymous said...

I thought this was an action packed, wonderful episode. I feel really bad for Prentiss. What was going on between her and Reid at the end???


Anonymous said...

Okay, that was worth waiting the whole summer for! Oh my gosh...what a great episode! I loved seeing the team members in different roles...Hotch in regular clothes, allowing Rossi to take the lead. Rossi's emotion at the thought of possibly losing members of his team again. Then being able to successfully get almost everyone out. I loved the focus on Prentiss and Reid. What a great team they make. And the scene at the end, in the plane...oh my gosh. I just want to wrap my arms around both of them. The guest stars did a fabulous job. Very tense episode. I loved every second of it! Bravo to everyone for this one. It's definatly one of the best episodes of the series. Thank you for bringing us great television!

Phoenix said...

I really liked Mayhem. Then I thought I liked last weeks better. Now I like this week's better... Does it keep going like this? I can't keep up with my "favorite" anymore!

I really liked the interaction with Prentiss and Reid. I thought the 'conflict of interest' issues that Hotch and Rossi had to deal with were well done both from a writing standpoint and acting.

It also looked like Reid's character is professionally maturing a bit, which I think was starting to get overdue. He's not just the "klutzy boy genius". After three years, he's not the "new kid" either. I like the change.
Great job.

jackie said...

I totally loved this episode!
It kept me glued to my couch
the entire episode. It kept
me guessing as to what was going
to happen next. I really loved
it when Hotch yelled at the
Attorney General to get off of
his crime scene or else he would
have him arrested. I have to
say there was nothing about this
episode that i didn't like. As
i said, i loved every thing.
Kudos to Andrew Wilder and
the rest of the Criminal Minds
writing team for bringing us
yet another top notch; excellent; glued to your seat; i can go on, but i think i can say one more word to sum it up: Awesome. Keep up the excellent work, and i look forward to the next episode.

Nita said...

This episode was amazing! The psychology with cults, the leaders are complex. Andrew, you gave the audience a crash course on what goes on within a cult. It brought back memories of "Heaven's Gate" and "Waco", two cults I followed news reports on. As for how you had written for our beloved actors, all I can say is did it wonderfully. As a fan watching, I was gripped by the storyline and by the relationship among the BAU characters. You played the heartstrings masterfully. I felt angst, wonder, and anticipation. Great job to everyone! Loved it!!!!

Anonymous said...

The hidden messeges and hoping people realized the plan reminds me of 'LDSK' and 'Revelations'. I really would like backstory (or more hints) about Emily.
Is it just me, or are they no longer using songs in the episodes?

Anonymous said...

That was freaken awesome! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Prentiss and Reid at the end was sweet. Morgan was terrific. JJ had her baby bump. Terrific episode. Cults are fascinating because you wonder how people could be so foolish to join them.

Anonymous said...

I thought Luke Perry was so realistic! I loved how everyone reacted when Prentiss got beat up, you could feel the emotions surging through the group. I feel that she did a great job and showed her mettle. The show is on a roll and Andrew wrote a winner. And I have never been a big Prentiss fan but boy she was tough tonight.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Wilder just keeps getting better and better, and he was already a great writer! Great job Andrew! You are a master!

This was a great epi. Prentiss and Reid going undercover to the ranch and nearly immediately the staties start a shooting match. The one state officer with Reid and Prentiss is killed by the swat team with a bullet throug the door/window, leaving Prentiss and Reid alone with the cult.

I liked the flashback . . . 3 days earlier to the BAU and seeing the team watch the broadcast of the compound under siege. I think the people in the compound heard Morgan yelling for Hotch, he yelled so loud!

Rossi seems to have a lot of experience with this type of scenario, remember the allusions to Ruby Ridge last year, and he knows what to do to get the leader talking.

Loved the scene with the ambitious State Attorney General. He was the recipient of a Hotchalanche!

Rossi brought in medical supplies that were bugged so the team was able to hear what was going on inside.

Cyrus did a fake Jim Jones, giving all his flock wine to drink and then afterwards, telling them it was poison. Hotch about lost it then, and then later Cyrus told them it was a test to weed out the unbelievers.

I want to know who the snitch was who kept feeding information to Cyrus. He nearly screwed it up for our team!

Cyrus finds out that either Reid or Prentiss is a FBI officer and Emily cops to it and she is beaten. Hotch and Morgan both nearly lost it when they heard her being beaten.

But, it allowed Prentiss to talk to one of the mother's who, as it turns out, wanted to get her 15 year old daughter out of the compound because Cyrus had taken the daughter as his bride.

The team got the original compound leader to talk to them--Jeff Fahey. He had been kicked out by Cyrus and wanted to help them take Cyrus down. His character was really interesting and it is too bad he couldn't be explored more deeply.

Reid did a really good job of ingratiating himslef with Cyrus and his men. Reid gave the team a message that he wanted to know when they were coming in.

In the meantime, the faithful men were planting dynomite all around the compound.

Cyrus let the little girl whose parents were killed in the first raid go, and Morgan scooped her up to safety, and then Cyrus let a bunch of people go who he thought weren't faithful. Rossi then called him and asked what he could do for him and Cyrus said he wanted a fried chicken with all the fixings. The team figured out how to let Reid know when they were coming in by writing onthe food lids.

In the meantime, Prentiss was sequestered from the rest of the people at the compound, and she was talking out loud, hoping the team could hear her and asked when they were coming in and said that she would get the women and children into the basement out of harm's way. Morgan took one of the sniper rifles with a laser sight and signalled to Prentiss when they were coming in.

Prentiss then talked to the mother again and got her to help get all the women and children out of harm's way.

The feds cars were seen lining up out front, but it was a set up, because they came in from behind and allowed them to take the compound.

Reid tried to talk Cyrus out of blowing up the compound, but Cyrus got mad at him and socked him in the stomach. Then, the feds infiltrated and killed Cyrus and his henchman. The 15 year old girl, who Cyrus took as his bride, came running in and saw the dead Cyrus and then saw the detonator, and things went into slow motion. The feds got out, but the girl, Vanessa, I think, got the detonator and blew up the compound.

Prentiss ran up to Reid and Morgan as they staggered out and gave Reid a big hug, and then had to face the mother whose daughter blew up. Prentiss didn't say anything, she just looked striken.

On the plane, Prentiss talks to Reid and told him that it wasn't his fault that she was beaten and that given the same circumstances, she would do the same thing, Reid smiled and Emily put her hand on top of his. That was a very sweet ending with both of them smiling.

It will be interesting to see how this situation manifests itself with Reid. The poor man keeps getting in the way of religious fanatics!

Andrew, this was a great episode. Thank you for a great job. I loved it!

Unknown said...

Loved the little moments between Reid/ adorable, and please more Hotch in casual wear, no no wear at all :)

This was an amazing episode and Luke Perry was great...Such a different role for him.

Prentiss didn't want Reid to get hurt, so she takes the beating, what a woman. So happy to see prentiss tell Reid that it was not his fault that she got hurt.

Anonymous said...

Incogn: I noticed the lack of music too. Maybe they used up their music allowance on Mayhem!

Totally pscyhed that there was going to be a Prentiss episode and I was not disappointed one bit. Big Prentiss fan. I never liked Elle and I love strong women!

Anonymous said...

To me the best part was how the team was able to decipher signals from each other. They know each other so well. Prentiss was brilliant. Luke Perry was a totally awesome bad ass! Great job by cast, crew and Andrew.

Anonymous said...

Who played the 15 year old wife's mother? The actress' name is driving me crazy. I think she was a sometime guest on "ER" a number of years ago. Anybody know the name?

Gigi said...

ok, so even my hubby couldn't find anything wrong with this ep and he is the most critical person i know. he is always picking shows apart, but he said, "...was well directed, well written, believable, action packed, tense and Emily did a great job!" i almost fell over from shock. he's never that positve! way to go andrew!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hotch looked like he was going to lose it while he was listening to Emily getting beaten up. Lucky for the creep that Hotch didn't kill him. Emily was so sweet to Reid on the plane. Her not wanting Reid to feel guilty or bad is a losing battle but she tried. She has a good heart.

Anonymous said...

While I like action on occasion, my brain could not exactly wrap itself around where the action was happening on this one. In a raid, the police/agents would carefully plot out where everyone is and study a floorplan. As a viewer, I couldn’t tell where the hostages/sect members or SWAT team were entering. Perhaps if we had seen a layout of the place, or at a minimum where all the doors/windows were it would have been clearer. I also couldn’t tell for certain where Cyrus was wiring. It seemed to be the chapel but how is that related to the tunnel. I know too much detail can have the writer in a corner but all the movements of “SWAT people” seemed a blur.

Other than that is was a great episode. I liked the way the team passed messages and it’s great that they knew immediately it was happening. Perhaps they did learn from past mistakes. It was good to see Prentiss didn’t fall apart either when she was hit and kicked or when she was talking to the sect members. She definitely was worried about Reid and how it appeared history was repeating. Strong and sensitive in a woman is a good thing. I do wonder if perhaps she was in a bad domestic relationship once upon a time?

I like when the whole team is involved in a case, but it is hard to give equal time to everyone in every episode without diluting the actual case story. The balance in this one was good, and fit with the case. I really liked that personal issues (except Reid’s) were in the background. Fix that problem with “SWAT people” and things would be about perfect

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: Here is what cbs has on their website. I have no idea which actress you are asking about:

Benjamin Cyrus............................ Luke Perry
Nancy Lunde.............................. Karina Logue
Jessica Evanson............................. Jenna Boyd
Kathy Evanson..................... Kathleen Wilhoite
Chris Cole............................. Colby French
State Cop #1............................... Jim Klock
Dan Torre.............................. Connor Trinneer
Reporter................................... Bob Levitan
Techie............................. Ryan Barton-Grimley
Leo Kane................................... Jeff Fahey
Sect Member #1............................ Jah Shams
Sect Member #2............................ Timm Perry
Sect Member #3........................ Kellie Koppel
Sect Member #4...................... Jennifer Keister
Sect Member #5..................... Gerard Marzilli
Sect Member #6........................ Julianna David
Attorney General....................... Joel Murray
Stunt Cop #6............................ Tim Clemente
Little Girl........................ Jessie-Blue Ewing

Anonymous said...

Reminded me of Waco which maybe is where Andrew got his inspiration for the episode. I really liked the episode but why didn't Prentiss fight back? That is confusing to me.

Anonymous said...

i have a hour and 15 min to waite. the comments are makeing me very excited to see this show.

Anonymous said...

The scene with Hotch and the Attorney General was terrific. Totally love a pissed off Hotch. And a Hotch without his suit and tie is a work of art.

The episode was the official start of the season for me. I didn't like Mayhem, only half liked Angel Maker but really loved this one.

I also really was worried in the beginning that the show had been pre-empted because the news report looked so real. That was some cool camera work and editing.

Prentiss! Wow! Paget didn't phone this one in. She brought her A+ game! Matthew, wonderful as usual. Not enough Garcia but I always say that.

Morgan has got to be tired of almost being blown to pieces. Really CM writers! You are scaring the crap out of me. *g*

Anonymous said...

Hmm not making my list of favorites. Maybe I misunderstood that this was supposed to be leaning towards being a Prentiss episode, even if it wasn't outright about her? About Reid and Prentiss, but a little more about Prentiss? But, I'm not really seeing how it leaned in any way towards Prentiss. Yes, we saw her get beat up. And, thank you for having a scene like that not involve any threat of rape. But, I don't sense that she got any more screen time or focus and it didn't illuminate anything about her. The best part was her on the bed telling the team that she knew they were coming and the signal she received from Morgan. Even her conversation with the mother in the cult falls far short of her conversation with the serial killer groupie last week or her conversation with Karen Foley in Birthright, or the aunt in Seven Seconds. All different attitudes and situations, and all that made an impression.

Someone please tell me that there's a completely different skill set between hostage negotiation and crisis negotiation. And, that being good at one does not mean you're capable of the other. Otherwise I really want to know why there wasn't even a mention of Hotch being the guy who taught crisis negotiation and who "co-wrote the text book." If there was a reason why Hotch couldn't have done it even with the skills, I would have liked them to bring that up. His ears (if he actually still has any ear problems)? Him being too emotionally involved? Even if the job had still gone to Rossi. Or, is this just another belt in all the wonders of Rossi - satanic serial killer expert, one of the men who started the whole BAU, the guy who wrote the books Reid quotes from, who was at Ruby Ridge. (Was he also at Waco, or did he manage to miss that one?) And, he's the "teacher" of hostage negotiation. Can he bake a cherry pie, too, Billy boy?

The frustration of the team outside listening to everything was well done. I couldn't buy Hotch and the Attorney General, but that's more my problem. I've never seen the actor playing the AG in anything but Dharma and Greg, and he wasn't in this episode long enough to establish a different character. So, all I could see was Hotch yelling at Pete. I'm sure people who could make the switch or who never saw D&G didn't have that problem.

Luke Perry was an okay unsub. Neither a standout or the travesty that was Frankie Muniz (sorry, I hated True Night with every fiber of my being). Somewhere in the middle.

And, the news broadcast at the start of the episode must have been good, because for a second, I seriously thought the show had been preempted.

Anonymous said...

I so loved Emily is this ep. Also, I loved the emotion that both Hotch and Rossi showed. How much Rossi has become a member of the team now. It was just a great episode!


Anonymous said...

I think it was a Prentiss episode. She stepped up to the plate when she knew it wasn't going to be a picnic and then she held herself together and gave them info. She was totally calm under pressure. I liked it but I really like Prentiss and I can totally get that a fan who doesn't like Prentiss might not pick this as their fav episode. The one thing we can all say is that it was well written and directed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I like Prentiss. I wish I could have seen this as a Prentiss episode. It just did not come off that way to me. That she didn't give anything up? That she was calm under pressure? Not surprising. No more than I'd expect. I'd say Prentiss was much better served in In Birth and Death or Sex, Birth, Death, or The Angel Maker.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Wilhoite played the girls mother.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode! Very intense, had me on the edge of my seat. The scene with Prentiss getting beaten up was brutal; I winced with every blow. Some beautiful moments with her and Reid, too. The scene after the explosion when she's calling out for Reid and Morgan was heart-wrenching and the scene on the plane when she's reassuring Reid what happened wasn't his fault had me in tears.

I also liked how Rossi was written in this one. The arguement with Hotch about not wanting to handle the negotiations because he was too close to Reid and Prentiss to be objective shows how far he's come in his relationship with the rest of the team.

And Luke Perry was just amazing! I hope this performance gets him even more work!

My only complaint would be that there wasn't much Garcia in this episode but I guess it would've been hard to get her more screen time, considering everything they had to cover.

Anonymous said...

Ok, this episode was unreal. I can't even begin to describe how much I loved it!! So intense, and I always love when they get into the team dynamic and the relationships they all have to one another. They are like a family and the most spectacular moments were the ones between Reid and Prentiss. The way Hotch and Rossi were emotionally involved was also a wake up call. Morgan was awesome, as was MGG obviously. And Paget!

I think Prentiss is going to be just fine, especially because she is finally proving herself in a big way.

But I hear what everyone is saying and have to agree that Reid is another story. So much has happened to him that something big is in the future of the season. Is he going to snap? I think Reid is the deepest character, and that the episodes centering around him are always the best ones.

Anonymous said...

This wasn't about Wacko. I think this is modeled after the polygamy case that happened a few months back where the kids were all taken. At least that seems to be who Perry's character seems like it modeled after.

The start of the episode was totally cool. The social worker was a total loon thinking she could get him to stop shooting. The man was twisted. Big time twisted. Weird twist of fate that Reid and Prentiss got stuck in that situation.

I really loved it.

Anonymous said...

There was a lot of religous references in this one. Lots of religous speeches. Cyrus was a complex character. History of abusing kids dating back to when he was 17. Then he found God, or his form of God. Wild ride. Rossi being the negotiator was a good mood on Hotch's part but Rossi was really nervous. That is a side of him we haven't seen before. Loved the episode.

Anonymous said...

minimal loss was so had so much action. i was on the edge of my seat the whole time,hotch look great out of the suit, i felt bad for emily .i could tell reid felt guilty. i really like her talk on the plane to reid.

Unknown said...

Wow, this was intense, as an overall package my favorite episode so far this season.

Rossi is really growing on me, and not in a moss on the wall kind of way. He's definitely one of the team now, he fits, he cares, I believe it. All of the team on the outside did a great job supporting Reid and Prentiss on the inside and reacting as I would expect to the inside. Also, lots of great profiling in this one. Yay for Morgan being amazing profiler and gun running in man. (Oh, and the nodding laser? Brilliant.) I missed Garcia and Garcia/Morgan interaction too, as she is one of my favorite characters--but really there wasn't time in the episode and I'm sure she will get more time later.

I loved Prentiss in this one, and I get a feeling I will love this episode even more once her secret is revealed. She is officially the coolest. When everyone else was freaking out and she was yelling "I can take it"--man. And her strong woman speech later was pretty amazing and everything was great. I liked both her and Reid's interaction and profiling.

Jenna Boyd (the fifteen-year-old) did an amazing job with her part, and I thought the cult leader was quite natural and believable, too.

All around, excellent acting, excellent writer, excellent cinematography and editing--just what I expect from my favorite "Criminal Minds" episodes. I can't wait for the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Am I correct that the episode title refers to them saying that you get as many out of harm's way until you have as many out as you can get and then you have "Minimal Loss"?

Anonymous said...

Great episode!

Anonymous said...

Luke Perry was just one of the very best unsubs EVER! Wonderful episode. I do wish there had been music but only because I kept waiting to see what song/songs Andrew picked and there never was one. Totally in shock over Prentiss's bravery. She has guts, brains and Paget deserves an award for her performance tonight. Luke Perry deserves an award for best guest star in a drama series.

Anonymous said...

I'm usually a Hotch fan (so obviously this episode was like, my all time favorite) no suit is sexy.
But something about this episode made me fall in love with Reid! Something about Prentiss being in control and Reid being the vulnerable one is so deep and I want to see more!

LuvtheJEm said...

This episode absolutely rocked! If I wasn't completely in love with Emily before I am now. Where can I find one of her? She was awesome. Strong, smart, level-headed and ever the protector. WOW! She was impressive. I was a little dismayed by the fact that Emily was the one that got her butt kicked and she was the one comforting Reid. What was that? How about someone show her a little love? Or at least give her an ice pack and an aspirin. Considering how well she handled this beating, I'm really starting to worry about what her secret might be.
Another plus in this episode was JJ's wardrobe. Thank God they didn't put her in another ridiculous frock that looked like someone's curtains. That blouse last week was hideous, but this week she looked fabulous in the black blouse.
I loved the almost family feel of the team in this ep. The way they all reacted so strongly to what was happening. Hopefully, this will mark a return to some of the more team oriented atmosphere that seems to have dissipated at some point.
While I loved this episode, it makes me want to know more about Emily, which we probably won't get. She will get shuffled aside for more Reid. *sigh* Who do I have to bribe to get an Emily centric? Because the little crumbs that have been dropped, scarce though they may be, have made me exceedingly curious about her.

Deirdre said...

I really enjoyed this episode. It was very intense. I loved the way the team worked together and also how they trusted each other to understand what was going on and to do what they had to. I loved the Emily and Reid scene at the end. It was really nice showing Emily being concerned for Reid even after everything she went through. My only gripe with the episode, which is always my gripe, is not enough Garcia and JJ. I can understand the lack of Garcia cause she was in Quantico and they didn't need that much info but JJ wass there with them. I would've liked to see some reaction of hers to Reid and Prentiss being hostage. For example, in the scene where Prentiss was being beaten up, they showed Rossi's, Morgan's and Hotch's reactions, why couldn't they have shown JJ's as well?? Also, the press were really interfering with the situation, it would be nice to see JJ actually dealing with them and putting a stop to it!! It is a part of her job we rarely see these days.

IvyB said...

I liked it, though it wasn't my favorite. Can't put my finger on it, but I feel like I need more time to digest it.

I absolutely LOVED Emily in this! She was so strong and calm, but you just know this episode will lead to Reid angst and guilt, and not Emily (which is a shame).

I loved how Morgan, Rossi and Hotch all reacted in this episode and their panic- they really care about their teammates.

Rossi is definitely growing on me, just like Emily did during S3. He was very capable and compassionate.

Ouch for the mother of the 15 year old. She started the whole mess and look how it ended up. I'm sure she's gonna be blaming herself for this.

I liked the Reid/Prentiss moments not as a shipper, but from more of a older sister/younger brother vibe. Her comforting him on the plane was a nice touch and just shows how strong she is.

Hotch without a tie and Jacket..... Yummy, can we have more of it please? Was his hearing the reason he didn't want to go on the raid? Cause he was on the plane with them and put those headphones on, so it seems like his hearing is fine. Unless he's trying to make the team think he's fine, while he neglects a major health issue... I just don't want the storyline dropped.

Oh and please: No more Morgan almost being blown up and Reid taken hostage by religious fanatics, ok? Thanks.

HardKOrr said...

Great episode!! I think I only breathed during the commericals. Well written by Andrew Wilder and well acted by Paget Brewster. Favorite Prentiss episode so far. The scene where Emily gets the tar beat out of her was intense.

Only complaint - and it's been a constant one all season - not enough JJ. I miss her interaction with the team. And, of course, not enough Garcia in this episode.

Well done though!!

Geekette said...

I loved that the guy that played the Attorney General is someone that Thomas Gibson worked with in Dharma & Greg (he played his goofy lawyer friend).

Loved the episode. My mom made me laugh though, she doesn't like the idea of Reid/Prentiss. She thinks it would be more interesting to see Reid/Morgan.

Anonymous said...

I liked this one, but I loved Mayhem and Angel Maker. This one wasn't really creepy for me since we knew who the unsub was at the beginning. Emily was really good in this one. I do think we are seeing a trend so far in that our characters are getting beaten up and blown up a lot lately. So far, in 3 episodes, we have had Hotch, Morgan, Emily, and Reid all put in extreme danger. Depending on who your favorite character is, it becomes a really intense episode for you. And, the promo for the next episode in two weeks looks REALLY CREEPY - can't wait, I love those.

Anonymous said...

To From Criminal Minds Fan:

Of course they knew the peoples at the ranch would read what was written on the food tins. The way Hotch wrote down the time of the raid wasn't that obvious, it read 'New owner, New Hours, open thru 3h00am!!!'

It wasn't as if Hotch wrote 'Hey Reid, we will raid the place at 3h00am'!


Anonymous said...

ok, so i watched again and the moments between Hotch and Rossi were just wonderful. The emotions from Hotch, Rossi and Morgan while knowing what Emily was going through were very well played.

Andrew, this was a GREAT episode. You did a wonderful job. It seems that everything you write is intense and keeps us all on the edge of our seats for the entire hour. I apologize to all the other writers, but you are my favourite CM writer. AW, you're the BEST!!!


Anonymous said...

Meeting at my son's school and I had to wait until this morning to watch the episode. I hate when real life gets in the way of my hobbies. :)

On first blush I really liked the episode. A few things I am not sure about because everyone else is hyping the episode as a Prentiss episode and my first impression is that it really was a team episode.

Prentiss did step up and say she was the FBI agent but Reid had already made a connection with the leader when he complimented his self sustaining complex with the solar energy. I think Prentiss knew that Reid would have a better chance of helping calm the guy down than she would and she was right. Reid was brilliant in the way he manipulated Cyrus. He played right into his delusions. Also, Cyrus has freaked out notions about women and girls to start with and he wouldn't have trusted Emily as much as Reid. I think the entire team really thought on their feet very well.

I do wish we would find out something about Prentiss' back story. I have questions about her.

Roger D. Paiz Castillo said...

I really did not enjoy this episode as much as I did the last two. Knowing who the unsub was since the start was kind of boring, I prefer when the team do all their investigating and thinking together. I think all in all it was kind of predictable.
Things I liked where interactions between Rossi, Morgan and Hotch. Hotch without a suit! The team concerned for each other.
Things I did not like that much: almost no Garcia, Morgan always being the superhero running to the rescue, too much time for the unsub (although the actor did good).

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a wonderful episode. Thank you Andrew for writing it! It's great! I'm still not able to describe how much I felt with Emily and Reid! Paget and Matthew you did wonderful work!
And thank you Andrew for getting Hotch rid of his tie and suit!!!! It's really appreciated by us!! Hotch looks gorgeous without it! :) Please please let him stay like this!!!!
So everybody, cast and crew of CM, thank you so much for entertaining us. We all know that it's hard work so lots of kudos to all of you!
I would so love to join the chat with Andrew on Sunday, but I'm not sure I will be able to wake up at 3am! So, I just want to say you're such a talented writer Andrew, I can't wait for more episodes written by you.

Anonymous said...

The cryptic messages being passed around reminded me of Revelations. I really liked the episode. Like many others that are commenting I wanted to take the reporter who ratted out that a FBI agent was in the compound and beat them witin an inch of their life. I am all for the public's right to know but not when it puts innocent people or first responders in jeopardy.

I thought the casting was both great and bad. Luke Perry was amazing, Jeff Fahey would have been amazing with a bigger part and I didn't like having the best friend from Dharma and Greg in the episode. I found that distracting. I was engrossed in the episode and then I was thinking about Dharma and Greg. I know the show likes to use friends and people they have worked with before but I think they should be more careful about how they use them.

Another example of what I mean was the beautifully written episode that used so many cast members from Judging Amy. That was a great episode with superior writing but I had to remind myself to stop thinking about Judging Amy.

Anonymous said...

Alright.....I have read all of these comments, and only a few mention JM!!! Am I the ONLY person that thinks this man is HOT HOT HOT!!!!! I have been waiting for weeks for someone to say something...anything. I just can't stay silent another minute. The man is too sexy! I didn't think that I would like him a year ago. I had only seen him once or twice, and really didn't like him in the first two episodes. When the episode with the wife from Rescue Me (sorry I can't remember the name) came on, and he was finally really featured, all was lost! There is just something about him. I know there are MGG fans, and TG fans (suit and tie, great with, great without!), all great, but JM????? YU-MEEEEE! I rewatched the episode just to see him again. I'm glad they didn't make him the jerk he started out to be in his first episode. Somebody HAS to agree with me on this one!
P.S. Seriously, the best episode so far, ever. Even my hubby, who only tolerates watching it because I will watch nothing else on Wednesdays said "Man, this show just keeps getting better and better! Next week looks even better!"

Anonymous said...

Nobody has mentioned the beautiful job Thomas did. When Hotch told Rossi that he couldn't go in there, well that was a wow moment for me. Hotch emotional, or potentially emotional. That was new and no suit and tie. I think the no suit and tie was meant to be an early Christmas present from Andrew. It was tooooo great to simply be a cookie as previously mentioned. Great episode. Not wild about the lack of music but that is just me being anal about the format I like on the show. Religion and unsubs. It is amazing how much religion, or the manipulation of religion, by psychos is part of an unsub's mind.

When we first saw Dawson boy in season two I remember thinking that wow, who knew he could really act and I felt that way with Luke P. Wow, who knew he could be so great.

I loved the episode and I am enjoying the season so far. It is different than the first three but it has a lot of promise.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and just for the record (about the whole suit and tie issue), put JM in one once in a while. That would be just as sexy as TG w/o one. As many 30 somethings that think MGG is sexy (though he is so young...and I am not one of them, he is cute, but in a "what a cute boy that delivers the paper kind of way), there are a few of us 30 somethings that love those 60 year olds!

Anonymous said...

Wild thought here but is it possible that Emily had been abused before? Just a thought. Prentiss is smart and thinks quickly which has to be ubber important for a profiler. I also think she shows great empathy towards her team. Reid has already been tortured and developed a drug addiction because what happened to him. Prentiss learned about his ordeal, his addition problem and his therapy in Elephant's Memory. So, she could have also realized that his recovery might have been harmed by being tortured again. And in the end when she told him that it just wasn't his fault and he wasn't to blame, well that was all I needed to see to finally realize that she was more than just a team player. She is a person with a big heart. She has come a long way from the gal that was "Yes Sir"ring Hotch every three minutes.

Anonymous said...

thanks Andrew! you're just a wonderful writter!

I don't see anything wrong in this episode!

great work from luke Perry, Paget and Matthew!!

I tottaly loved this episode and I'm going to watch it again and again

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful episode.I was on the edge of my seat trying to take it all in. I thought Paget Brewster did an award deserving job during her beating scene. I think I actually winced while watching it.

The beating was necessary because up to that point Cyrus seemed like a calm person with weird beliefs and fairly benign but the beating showed his rage and his lack of respect for anyone's life. While it was necessary, it was still hard to watch. In a good way.

The reactions of the team were deep, wonderful and tugged on your heart strings. I can't imagine how helpless they must have been feeling. Hotch's confession to Rossi that he could not go inside was beautifully written and incredibly well acted. Kudos to all the cast, crew and Andrew on a job very well done.

This is another Andrew Wilder keeper. If he writes a few more episodes we'll have enough for a Wilder greatest hits disc for the season's dvds.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode! They just keep getting better - how is that possible?

I love that they showed Emily's strength and cool-headedness. Someone asked why she didn't fight back - I was wondering that at first too, then I realized if she did, she would only make it worse and she needed to maintain as much functioning as she could to deal with the situation once the beating was over.

I thought the mixture of real things we have seen in the past - the religious compound, the poisoned drink, the molestation and marring young girls, etc. was all well done.

Poor Reid's tummy - but if he hadn't just gotten knocked to his knees, he most likely would have been shot too. I'm just grateful that he had enough wind to scream when he needed to.

Everyone associated with this episode needs to be commended for a job EXCELLENTLY done!!

Anonymous said...

Morgan yelling clear across the office - "HOTCH" pretty much set the tone for the entire episode, talk about intense. I gotta say the hardest part for me was watching Emily get the living crap beaten out of her - but she took it like the pro that she is. Broke my heart when she kept saying "I can take it". I love it when Hotch dispenses with all pretenses and just goes for the jugular. Pure poetry the way he "handled" the politician.

And as much as I hated watching Prentiss get beaten up, the roles that she and Reid assumed while in the compound could not have been done any other way. I'm not sure she would have been as effective as Reid was in dealing with Cyrus psychologically and to be honest, after everything Reid has been thru, who knows how he would have faired if he'd taken her position in dealing with Cyrus physically. I think Prentiss must have assessed the situation they were in and realized that if anyone could talk that sicko down it would be Reid. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to impugn Emily's contributions because even though she'd been beaten to hell, bound and tossed on the bed she still kicked ass exchanging info with the team outside and talking the mom into getting the women and children to safety.

Jeff Fahey (Leo Kane) was great, I always forget what a fantastic actor he is. I wish he had had a bigger role. He is totally a gifted actor.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a great episode. I look forward to watching it soon.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode, Rossi was excellent...he kept a cool head and made all the right decisions. Hotch was unusually panicky and for whatever reason he asked Rossi to do it he made the right choice. Rossi is a very experienced agent.

Favorite line: "Now get off my crime scene."

Anonymous said...

Great negative thing: it finished too quickly!! It was so fast, so good, all the acting so intense that it made me feel like the episode lasted just 10 mins!

Great writing, acting - everything!!

Anonymous said...

Loved them writing the message about when they were going to do the raid. Loved how they have equipment that can listen into a building, although that is big time Uncle Sam is watching you.

The story was rivoting. It was a great showcase for Emily and Reid but it also had a relevant case. I think it was really a compilation of Waco, and the newer cult cases this year. Cults are so hard to understand but so interesting to me because they are so extreme and so non main stream. That the girl would willingly follow the cult leader to death becuase she believed in him so strongly was strong stuff.

Hotch calling on Rossi to do the negotiating and Rossi balking that he wasn't sure he was the right one to do the job was my favorite scene.

Anonymous said...

My favorite parts of the episode:

1. Hotch's facial expression and obvious relief when he found out that Emily and Spencer were alive.

2. Feeling for the first time that David honestly cares about the team members and that he was afraid that something he might do wrong would cause one of them harm.

3. The way the episode flowed. I liked how the tension just kept building up and even when there was a rescue plan in place it continued to grow while you wondered if something would go wrong.

4. Reid quoting scripture better than most priests I have heard. Also, in this one you could see how much he has grown and matured since his ordeal in Revelations.

5. Emily using her brains from the start and figuring out that Reid had the better chance of keeping them alive than she did and her taking the chance of being killed. A true professional.

6. Luke Perry! He nailed the role. I have total respect now for his range as an actor. He was perfect.

Great night! Thanks to all involved with ML!

Lola said...

Really exciting ep! I liked Reid and Prentiss interaction.
But there's never enoughn Reid...

Anonymous said...

I liked the episode alot but I have to say it wasnt in my top 10 - the writing was great and everyone acted the parts very well. Excellent casting etc. but to be honest I didnt really feel the originality in this episode. It was Waco...and I live in Texas so I remember.

Prentiss and Reid ? Not so much, I can never get over how she treated Reid in, I think it was Birth and Death, so I really just see them as collegues and not really friends or otherwise.

I really like Rossi in this episode although I have basically liked him from the beginning.

Overall, great episode, just not one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I love this exciting episode where Reid goes undercover as Mr. Rogers(what better way to reassure the children that he wants to be their friend :)).After being terrorized by Van der Beek,and Perry, all we need is for Joshua Jackson to show up and make the perfect trifecta to create Quantico Hells 20910. I am in awe that he can outrun an exploding bomb like his pants were on fire. Oh wait, that was the last time that it happened.
Emily was wonderful in this episode. So brave of her to step up to save Reid's bacon before he tries to bamboozzle Cyrus with a monologue on the psycho-sexual pathology of cult leaders!!!
So clever of everyone to be able to send and correctly interpret cryptic messages all without the use of a secret decoder ring!!!
I like the interplay between Hotch and Rossi as they struggle with so many issues in this crisis. Although, when Hotch said he couldn't go inside the compound for the final raid, I kept waiting for Rossi to say "gee,thanks, Hotch, I guess I won't have to worry about my hearing loss...if I'm blown up into little pieces." But he still goes in. What a guy, Dave!!!!
A big kudos to Andrew for such an exciting episode with elements from real incidents in Waco,Jonestown, and the recent Texas compound. I enjoy the evolving dynamics between the team members. I'm loving season 4!!!!!

Anonymous said...

me tto I like very much this episode. specially the last scene beetween Prentiss and Reid. Prentiss was so sweet with reis. I loved her!


Anonymous said...

I can’t believe how nervous this episode made me. Even when you know no one in this team will die, seeing them getting beat up is more than enough.
I’m done re-watching and I’m still in awe. Criminal Minds is getting more and more serious and with that, hitting new highs of quality and expectations with every new episode.
Luke Perry was amazing in the part, and so was the entire guest starts, and I recognized most of them.
Emily’s “I can take it” made me sad and incredibly proud. Reid is just so trustworthy looking and acting, is amazing. Even pedophiles cult leader gun-holders who beat up women trust him.

Amazing episode, Andrew, as always.

Anonymous said...

Duh. I was the first to comment on this message b/c I mistakenly thought it was for LAST week's ep. So sorry. I'm an idiot at times.

Now that I've actually SEEN last night's ep, I'm truly blown away. It was exciting and nail biting, but still handled the subject matter even-handedly. Appreciated Prentiss' self-sacrifice in protecting Reid and then getting (most of) the women and children out before mayhem struck.

Masterfully written and realized.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I want my CM back. I want the psychological torture back not this CSI Miami clone. Why change what was such a staple for the show? Two of the last three episodes haven't really done profiling, and have had at its core mass explosions and shootings. Where's the dark matter that made this show such a smart show, why dumb it down with splashy explosions and shoot outs.

I want my smart CM back where the brains is what matters and not how many bullets and things explode.

Anonymous said...

andrew, you treated us to ANOTHER fantastic episode! thank you so much. paget and matthew were absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Wilder has a very unique style. He doesn't shy away from having the characters make "unpopular" decisions that are nevertheless the "correct" call. He doesn't write the easy story and that is aces in my opinion. The characters do sometimes face the agony of having to live with some of the implications of their actions. Perhaps Reid felt a bit guilty or cowardly for having kept his cover and letting Prentiss take the beatings, but I think he knew it was the right thing to do. The fact that he's so intellectual probably makes that a great comfort. All the writers have done such incredible work growing the character of Reid. Matthew Gray Gubler is outstanding in his portrayal.

The scene on the plane seemed to me to be almost a mirror version of the scene in LDSK when Hotch apologizes to Reid for hurting him in order to take down the unsub. In both cases a hard call was made and harsh things done. I thought it was amazing that when all was said and done it was Prentiss caretaking Reid and not the other way around but Reid is like a corked bottle with his demons. Prentiss showed great strength and intelligence in this episode.

Never enough Garcia and almost no JJ but it worked in this episode. Hotch showed a level of emotion in this episode that we haven't seen in a long time. I would sign any petition to have his suits burned. Thomas Gibson is just fantastic. His smoldering stares at those who get in Hotch's way so more than words would and he smoldered in this episode.

The season is off to a good start. I think it is obvious that they are trying new things in the episodes. The lack of music isn't one that I prefer but I guess I could learn to forget about it. There does seem to less conventional profiling being done but we are also getting more team interactions than before. So maybe it is a trade off.

In the end the episode worked well for me. It was a very good 44 minutes. I expect nothing less from Andrew Wilder.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nearly the whole time I was watching the episode I was holding my breath - Luke Perry was scary! (but also *coughs*hot*coughs* ;))
Loved the action, the drama and the Emily/Reid interactions. And all the emotions during the scene when Emily was beaten up! Very well acted, from everyone.
The 4th season started off fantastic, waiting for the next episode will be nerve-racking *gg*

On a side note: thanks for showing JJ again and don't hiding her behind desks etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Rossi was great in this episode. He kept a level head and got the job done. I can only imagine that it is a terribly hard job when your own team members are the hostages. I was surprised that Hotch picked Rossi to be in charge of the negotiations but Hotch has been through a lot lately and he may not have felt that he could be calm and effective.

I think our entire team has to be suffering from PTSD. Other than Rossi all of them have suffered horrible traumas and/or physical abuse. Maybe they can do an episode where they all go see a shrink.

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Wilhoite was the 15 years old Jenna's mother. I recognized her from LA Law years ago when she played Benny's wife but she was on ER a few years back as Dr. Lewis's sister (played by Sherry Stringfield)who was mentally challenged and you may remember her name on ER was "Chloe". Good actress and she's been in a ton of other shows but these, I think, were her biggest roles that I remember.

Unknown said...

What else can I say?!
It was absolutely awesome!!!!!
When the unsub hurted Prentiss I just thought "I'm gonna beat his fu***** a** up"...and then when he also hurted Reid I just thought "I'M GONNA KILL HIM!!!!!"...well Morgan was faster.
Oh my god and the scream of the beginning from Morgan.Hell this man has a loud voice.I was scared for a moment.
The acting of EVERYONE was perfect!!!
Uh and Hotch got angry.Loved it.
And the end was so sweet.
Thanks for such a great episode!!Great work,as always.


Anonymous said...

i found the professional and personal relationship between reid and prentiss very enjoyable to watch, especially the ending on the plane which made me smile. even thought the team has had a tough time, im glad too watch it when something goes right. the episode shows how the team has grown and has become much closer.

i like how the relationships are presented, and how they can be represented. hope to see more epsiodes in where the writers delve into the pairing of the characters and some more insight of the chatacters past.

reid looked very nice by the way :-)

JJ xx

respectanimals said...

Loved it! My favorite episode this season so far. Emily was awesome, Reid was his adorable self and Rossi was the man who stayed in control throughout the whole ordeal.

Sarah said...

Wow, wow, wow. For me, best episode ever - and there is very strong competition. Paget Brewster - one of the best actresses in the business. Just great. And I'm not lavish with my praise normally.

Anonymous said...

I can't make the chat on Sunday so would somebody ask Andrew a question for me please. Luke Perry was great but why use someone as talented as Jeff Fahey for such a small part. It was little more than a walk on role. Other than that I really liked the episode. Oh, also ask him why there was no music in the episode. Thanks guys! Say hi to Andrew for me.

Firemouse said...

Hello all!!! My name is Mary. I am a newbie around here. This is my first post. Here are my thoughts about this weeks ep.

Last night's ep was a another great one!!!!!!!!

Emily and Ried going under cover without the rest of the team was an interesting twist.

The raid going bad just as they got there was awful for them!!!!!

Finding out that the Colorado State Attorney General had a big part in allowing it to go bad was enough to make me want to climd through the TV and smack him myself. I didn't blame Hotchner for getting in his face telling him to get out of there. Later in the epi when I found out that the same AG released the info to the press that FBI agents were under cover really ticked me off!!!!!!!! He is in seriouls trouble. I really hope we get to see some of the fallout from that in a later epi some time this season. Only CM could get me that mad at a fictional TV guest character!!!!!!!

Paget Brewster really rocked in her performance this week!!!! Emily did a great job in communicating with the team in such an encrypted way!!!!! As did Reid.

I could also understand Rossi's conflicts with being the lead negotiator on the case because of his emotional involvement.

All in all it was another great one!!!!!!! This seaon will definitely rock!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of my favorite episodes.
No doubt Andrew Wilder is the best Hotch writer.
Well written, well directed, great actors, nice action.
This season is going to be awesome.
Just please don't forget the psychological torture.We need it. That's why we like CM so much.

tin said...

Lovely episode...wonderful to see Prentiss get smacked around...she was brilliant!!..and Hotch out of a suit? Fabulous...loved the Reid bits obviously...

Matthew's hair looked good like that...and I like Kirsten's glasses!

Morgan shouting out for Hotch was interesting too...Liked it...loved Hotch telling the guy to go away...very nice. :cD

But...yes...matthew was awesome!


Anonymous said...

The show has never had trouble before with team interaction and traditional profiling, so I don't think there needs to be a trade off.

Anonymous said...

This was a favorite episode of mine. Emily was great...very strong. Of course the end with Reid and Emily...great. I also thought Dave did really well being lead.

Once again...this episode is why I watch the show.

Anonymous said...

argh i haven't been able to see the ep. i hope i will manage it till sunday!
i only read a few comments and now i can't wait to see it!


Walburga Benker said...

Don´t know what more to say, it is all said.
I have to see it again and again to catch everything. It was great. Touching Prentiss/Reid moment. A brilliant Luke Perry. Love the Hotch moment at the beginng. Lots of Rossi. Yelling Morgan.
Love the hair.
You did a great job Mr.Wilder

Unknown said...

OMG what an absoulty amazing episode.
I loved every minute of it. Hotch looked awesome in casual wear, it was nice to se him without a tie for a change. I loved the way he told off the guy at the begining, and I loved how he and Rossi comumincated with each other.
Pagent and Mathew did and amazing job and were awesome.
Thanks to the writers, Ed and criminal minds cast you rock

Anonymous said...

Late posting but had to share my enjoyment of the show. Love the scenes showing the team's caring interaction with each other. The scene between Hotch and Rossi just before the raid at the end was so touching. As were many others. I'm not sure I would want to watch a show dealing with such sad and violent topics without having the love and humanity shown between the team members. It gives the show a depth many others don't have.

Kirsten said...

A really great epi!!! I thought that the topic was a good one and Luke Perry played the 'bad guy' to a tee. Even as a Hotch lover, getting to see more of Prentiss was fab, especially her toughness yet sensitivity to protect Reid. And Hotch without the suit jacket and tie... thanks, Andrew!!!

Silvinha said...

I love it!! The best ep. so far!!I have to say that I really loved when Prentiss said she was the FBI agent and then she looked at the ground and then she looked at Cyrus. She sighed and maybe she thought that was her end. Despite of being a tough lady that was the first time we saw Prentiss vulnerable. And I think she was about to cry in that plane scene. Emily is a amazing woman and I love her even more!!

Another cute scene for me: when Reid sees her for the first time since the beating with all those bruises. The painful way that he looks at her and then he says he was sorry was really a touching moment!

Hotch was about to cry when he listened to her screams.

Paget and Mathew were awesome and Paget is a terrific actress!

Sam Stein said...

First off kick-ass Emily/Paget? Ridiculously hot. Seriously, drool.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole. Freaking. Time. Great ep, really well written. The only thing that confused me a bit was the final scene on the plane. It was brilliant, really really sweet, but it sort of seemed like something more was going on there. I don't mean a Prentiss/Reid shippy thing, but I kind of got the feeling there was something they weren't telling us. Maybe it has to do with Emily's big secret?....

Good lord, is it the 22nd yet?

Mira said...

Finally got the opportunity to watch Minimal Loss and it was worth the long agonizing wait. Good episode in which we see all the characters in their own mindsets, except for Garica and JJ. Thank you Andrew and I hope to share my thoughts with you during the chat on Sunday.

As a Hotch fan I would love to see Hotch all the time and not really in the predicament he is in now, but so far my worst fear is still a fear and not reality. I have to say yet, because I have this eerie feeling about it. In my comment I will focus on Hotch, really can't help myself.

With Prentiss and Reid taken hostage and the BAU being the lead, I do have a question regarding continuity. Hotchner is flying again and I wonder if that is because of the urgency of the situation - and Hotch ignoring medical advice again - or did so much time pass between the episodes that the injury has healed itself? My guess would be the first as Hotch mentions to Rossi at the end of the episode that he can't go in during the rescue, hinting at the injury again.

I also have some thoughts about the dialog between Hotchner and Rossi about hostage negotiating. They both have experience and Rossi is the teacher and Hotchner the student, but I feel there's more to this explanation Hotchner gave Rossi. I think that Hotchner didn't want to be the 'lead' negotiator on this. Not - again - with two of his team members in peril. Could also be that he didn't want to be the lead because of his hearing injury or his mental state and he didn't want to take unnecessary risks, but it is always nice to think about it.

All in all a very good episode and I do feel the season is only getting better by each episode and can hardly wait until the next episode airs!!


I LOVED the episode,
expecially the HAIR!!!!
Come on...let's be a bit serious script...action...suspence...
the actors, all of them...extraordinary, as always,
everything was there...

but the HAIR!!!!*swooon*

Silvinha said...

I think the 'I can take it' sentence could also mean that Emily somehow was used to be beating up in her past like if it wasn't the first time she was getting through something like that. And I think she was moved to tears in the plane scene with Reid.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful episode. I loved seeing Luke Perry! I wish we could have had more Jeff Fahey but the team did a great job in this episode. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

This epizode was really amazing! It absolutely wasn't what I expected, but much more better than that! I really love the idea of retrospective narrating, waiting the whole time for the explosion not knowing what's going to happen... I don't know what more to write, this episode is simply perfect.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a bit late to comment but I did not know of this place until today. Loved the episode! Loved how Reid and Prentiss were able to communicate with the team. Glad to see Connor Trinneer in this episode.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Andrew Wilder for chatting with us on Sunday and talking about Minimal Loss!

We do like to pick the episodes apart. Much like vultures we only stop when there is nothing but bones;)

Anonymous said...

Andrew thank you so much for joining us in the chat about this episode last weekend. It was really fun talking to you about this great episode!