Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Catching Out" written by Oanh Ly and starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, A.J. Cook, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

"A serial killer who jumps trains and targets people living near the railway is the subject of a BAU manhunt." - CBS

***Canada views the this episode of Criminal Minds on Tuesday***

***Episode quotes and songs will be posted once Criminal Minds airs in Canada ****


Anonymous said...

The opening was GREAT! So far, it's a really good ep!

Anonymous said...

how's the episode canadians?

Anonymous said...

It was great! Great opening, lots of action towards the end, cute ending. Reid's hair looks good!

Anonymous said...

Awesome eppy! Didn't someone once say that wanted to see Morgan attack a train?

We get introduced to JJ's replacement during this eppy. Loved how she met Morgan, or should I saw how Morgan met her! :P

I think how they showed us a lot of things through the unsub's point of view was really neat.

Anonymous said...

i can hardly waite to see this one tomarrow night.

Anonymous said...

Watching it right NOW!....

Laura_G said...

Can't wait to see this one tomorrow night! I've heard so many great things about it from my CMF Canadian family!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, I won't be able to say anything about the episode until I see it tomorrow. But, I'm looking forward (and crossing everything that can be crossed that I'll get it) to episodes where less gets mentioned about action! and more about those stories that lead to those things like, "it's never perfect, but it's still better to care" or what closure is and can it be achieved, or all those other insightful themes that were in episodes in the other seasons. But, we'll see about this one.

Anonymous said...

Love the start, the camera work was very good with this close view of the unsub and some of his actions. I like that at the start we didn’t see much of the unsub and as the team learned more about him so did we get to see more of him physically.

That episode was full of bright colors, the fields, the view from the train as the unsub watch the scenery go by.

The case was interresting. A transient who kills in the city he goes through and gets to live the life of his victims for a short period of time. Good look at the transient life of moving around, living next to the trains tracks, having their own code and talk.

I think this was the first time an undub didn’t say a thing throught out and episode. So if some don’t like it when the unsub is all over the episode well this one wasn’t.

The episode was full of team work, profiling, visiting the crimes scenes and tracking the unsub.
Love the humour. Poor Reid, he should never tease Morgan about his love life, his, Reid, love life or maybe lack of , will always been a good and easy target for Derek!

Loved how Prentiss took charge at the police station, getting everyone attention, informing them about who the unsub was. Oh and Emily speak Spanish! Excellent work from Paget Brewster.

Oh so Reid doesn’t like to feel a baby kick…it was a great scene and I like the look on Reid’s face as JJ put his hand on her belly.

Great JJ moments with Reid and talking on the phone with Hotch. Glad that Hotch does admit that they will miss JJ while she is on maternity leave. And we the fans will miss her too!

I like when Rossi and Morgan team up, they work well together. I hope to see more of that.

Great ending to the case, yes Morgan did jump on that train but it was Hotch great marksmanship that saved Derek life!

Funny introduction to JJ replacement, Agent Todd who’s got a sharp eye! Didn't miss Morgan throwing into the garbage his coffee so he could get back in line for another one, just behind miss Todd! His flirting didn't work, he got turn down!

Love the humor in the ending, poor Morgan got to meet agent Tood again and she made it quite clear they knew each other and in front of Reid and Prentiss! Those two are not about to let this one go by!

BTW excellent work from Shemar Moore.

So, I did like that episode alot and I think the writer Oanh Ly did write a classic CM episode. An interesting unsub, great teamwork, profiling, action and humor, everything this CM fan wants from a CM episode. Only thing lacking was a bit of characters in term of developement but hey like the Rolling Stones sings ‘you can’t always get what you want’ with this episode I got alot so thanks Oanh!


Kirsten said...

Nice epi! Great opening! I especially loved the inclusion of some really cute scenes to give us a reprieve from the killings. Awesome plot idea, can't wait to see it again tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Morgan can evidently tackle anything! Go Morgan! There was tons and tons of teamwork and profiling in this episode and I thought it was great. JJ's replacement may take some getting used to. She seems like an eager beaver. Prentiss seems to know every language there is and I am constantly amazed at how darn smart she is. Really special episode. I don't think we've had an episode about transients before. The story was totally believeable.

Anonymous said...

Loved it. The opening with Morgan and Jordan in the coffee house was hilarious. Our man can flirt. So funny. OMG the scene with Reid feeling the baby kick was awesome. Totally loved that. Great episode!

Anonymous said...

LOL...poor Derek trying to hit on his new team member! Reid and JJ were great, very funny. Emily was amazing, as usual. Such a talented member of the team. She has really grown on me this season and the last half of S3. Hotch is ever the brilliant marksman and Morgan is super agent, but we expect no less! lol

I love the way this episode was filmed. The view from the UnSub. Great writing and directing. Oh and I don't think Prentiss and Reid will let Morgan forget about the Jordan Todd thing any time soon! LOLOL

Thanks CM for another great ep! Oanh, you rock!

Anonymous said...

I'm packing up my homestead and moving to Canada. This waiting sucks!

Anonymous said...

Watched it and really liked it. This episode had the most profiling of any episode in s-4. The unsub was brilliantly acted. I will write more tomorrow when I am not so tired. Definately worth watching tomorrow americans.

Anonymous said...

Amazing episode!
Great pace and all in all character use.
I like how you introduced Jordan and how you are using JJ before she leaves.
Little Hotch but when he was there, he meant business.
I'm thinking this is my favorite episode this season so far.


Anonymous said...

I loved Reids fake laugh! And his hair looks so good.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else wake up on Wednesday mornings and think "Yay! It's CM day?"

I am so excited about tonight's ep - I can't wait! And I couldn't resist reading the Canadian's remarks...OMG...it sounds great!

Hurry up 9 p.m.

Deirdre said...

That was another great episode. This season has been great so far. I loved the look at the transient life, it was very well done. Also, there was lots of the team working and profiling. I also loved the little things between the team like the teasing of Morgan or JJ and Reid and the kicking baby. I also loved how Hotch said to JJ that they don't know how they'll cope without her!!! It was really sweet. Overall a very interesting episode that kept me gripped the whole time.

Anonymous said...

wow! what a nice episode! We have such talented writers! They never dissapoint me!

The story itself was great! I thought he had a kid in that camp or something at first but it also made very sense that the unsub had a brother there. I really liked how they team had to split up to get everywhere and JJ being in the middle to make sure everyone knew what to do and where to go next and that she kept everyone updated! I also found it great that the went into the world of the homeless the way it was portrayed! It was just an interesting story and interesting to see how it developped.

That scene in the beginning with Morgan I had the impression that she was checking Morgan out as well and we had the beginning of a new romance! I was kinda dissapointed at the end... because I think Morgan deserves a great girlfriend and some love in his life! But the funny end made up for the dissapointment! Emily and Reid getting to him that way :D!

As well at the beginning when Morgan is complaining about that it didn't happen to him before and Reid also saying that.. Turning his attention to himself... He still is that geek we know. Although he has grown so much over the past few seasons! This is the first real episode that I didn't see him as that kid! Just in the way that he interacts with his co-workers as well as the way he interacts with strangers and speaks to the local law enforcement. He is becoming more than a walking encyclopedia...

Hotch being very clear to that leading local dude! Confidence... I love to see Hotch confident more than hurt! And Hotch commenting on JJ when she had everyone doing something and being the link between them all was also the old confident Hotch who's very aware about his surroundings!

Very great humor when Reid gave his statistics on pregnancy stuff again and then JJ grabbing his hand! "Does that freak you out?"

Rossi and Morgan form a great pair lately btw!

I missed Garcia being funny though! Sad

Last! When Hotch said... "you're driving... get me next to that train"... whohoo.. I was dissapointed he didn't get "on" the train though... But that is just my fanatic fealing speaking I suppose!

Walburga Benker said...

awwwwwwww what a great ep. So what can i say, it is almost said.

Full of excellent teamwork, humor and action, an interesting unsub. Love the look at Reid´s face when JJ put his hand on her belly.LOL

Rossi and Morgan at a team. That fits well and i like it. I love Hotch when he talk to JJ. Sweet. We also miss her.

This ep was amazing great and i agree with you Brigitte " i also get alot" a big, big thank to the writer Oanh Ly.

Anonymous said...

i loooved this ep <3

did i see emily say HAWT when reid, morgan and her turned around after jj introduced the new one?

Anonymous said...

I loved how at the beginning when Morgan was getting the coffee, he dropped it in the trashcan to meat the girl in line, who knew his name, but he couldnt remember her! I was laughing when Reid said he remembered every girls' name and then someone ( I forget who ) said that was becuase their was only one!
I also like the end where Morgan saw her again, she's JJ's replacement! He wouldnt tell anyone that it was her he saw in the coffee shop!

Hotch was great in this eppy when he talked to the guy not to name the killer ( even though it still got out ) and then said their were to many people there.
He was also had awesome aim, when he shot the guy off the train!

I can't wait to see the eppy again tonight!

Anonymous said...

Reid was trying to be so baby factual but JJ should ended that when she had him feel the kick. That was great. Morgan trying to be so smooth and going for the pickup in the coffee shop was great too. Jordan knew who he was but he had no idea of who she was. It is not often that Morgan has one pulled over him. Great episode with tons and tons of profiling. The highlight for me was Hotch nailing the guy with that bullet. It was nice to see him be so together. Our leader! Yeah!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't resist reading the blog comments for this ep first thing this morning - WOW - now I'm even more excited. It sounds like Oahn Ly has given us another great episode! Her previous two episodes were excellent. I'm really excited about having her come to the chat. This will be the first time we get to talk with her and I can't wait! I loved Distress and Identity.

Anonymous said...

You're not kidding when you guys notice how good Reid looks with his new haircut! He's still young and loveable but maturing so nicely! I want to adopt him, work with his hair a bit more, fatten him up just a bit and then lock the doors and have him all to myself! And I cannot wait to see the show tonight-it sounds like a memorable epi!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice Prentiss facial expression when she asked Reid about 'having baby genius one day'? Sounds like an offer to have another baby :D

Anonymous said...

What I liked:
The use of JJ while we still have AJ. Let's enjoy her while we can.
Jordan seems fun.
Rossi and Morgan.

What I loved:
The Nightcrawler look of this unsub.
Hotch not only stopping the detective of naming the unsub, but actually explaining why.

What I didn't like:
We didn't find out if Reid wants kids or not. I did sense a maybe, or a statistic coming, but can't really tell which one, maybe both.

Again, amazing episode. I can't believe took me two seasons to find this show.

And if you are hinting Reid and Emily to us, I'm all in.

Unknown said...

The beginning was super exciting.
A lot of action and I loved it.

Baby genius??Not sure about that.LOL

Oh noooo JJ is leaving soon.At the moment I don't like the new profiler.She is playing too much with Morgan.LOL

Reid was awesome as usual,and the hair looks great.And the sunglasses had again a short scene.

Loved the episode!!Well done.

Anonymous said...

LOVED IT. I wanted to wait until my peeps in the states has a chance to see it. This was the perfect episode. Totally team oriented and chock full of profiling. This type of episode is why I watch the show. It is what makes it different than all the other shows!

Ztivokreb said...

wow! awesome cinematography there, not to mention the story was great, too.

I liked the byplay between the team members, the introduction of Meta Golding's character, Hotch back in form, and JJ getting Reid to freak out over baby kicking.

I'm having a lot of fun watching this season :-)


Anonymous said...

this episode was fantastic.. but i am so!! excited for next weeks

Anonymous said...

love it! Hotch was all over that detective! Got some Morgan action.
Good humour and oh we got to see JJ's replacment!


Anonymous said...

this was a pretty good ep, but i'm seeing a slight pattern in the episodes that is starting to bug me just a little bit. the unsub always dies at the end. maybe i'm just being nit-picky but i'd like to see at least some of them get cuffed up and slammed with the law... but anyways, the ending was super cute :) i really missed garcia's silly little phone lines though. hotch was lookin mighty fine tonight ;) i wish they would show him easing up a little bit with the rest of the team at the end every once in a while.. even though it is a little out of his character we need to know that he can chill once in a while... hopefully we'll see that. i loooouurve it when he smiles :) and ohhh boy another reid centric episode is next... dont get me wrong i love him dearly but i feel like they're spending more time developing his character than others. eh. oh well. i've written enough. :)

lizzymmcf said...

great episode! i was impressed by paget's spanish accent!

Laura_G said...

What a GREAT episode! I loved it...from start to finish! Prentiss looked wonderful. Reid was great with JJ. GO HOTCH!!! Morgan was Morgan...what can you say? I loved the way this episode was filmed. Very different than what we have seen so far this season. A new surprise with CM every week....but we are NEVER disappointed! Thank you for a great ep Oanh!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow! What a great episode! Oanh Ly writes such interesting things for us to watch!

This one hit a little close to home for me--I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley and my hometown is Bakersfield, CA, and they were right on target that the farms have housing for the migrant workers. I taught at a small school in Lamont, CA, just outside, Bakersfield, and the population of the school would increase and decrease as the growing season changed.

So many great things to love:

Morgan flirting with the pretty girl at the coffee shop who knew his name, and then getting razzed for it when he told the team about it.

The unsub spending time at the first house, huffing or whatever they called it, the cleaning solutions to get high, showering, brushing his teeth, putting on clean clothes and then, this blew me away, getting in the bed with the dead guy and watching TV. YIKES.

The mini hotchalance with the local SAIC. You knew it was coming! When they saw the sign *Highway 99 Killer* on the white board, JJ and Reid couldn't get out of the room fast enough and then Hotch let the guy have a mini 'lance.

Rossi figuring out that the unsub was jumping the trains to travel up and down the central valley.

Garcia being magnificent as usual, finding similar crimes in small towns up and down the valley.

JJ having Reid feel the baby kick! That was precious, especially since he was spouting facts about how many times a baby moves in an hour and then after he felt it asking JJ if it freaked her out to feel the baby move.

Emily showing her talents as she is able to question the unsub's brother in Spanish, but we knew from Distress (another Oanh Ly epi) that she spoke Spanish. I liked how they started out the questioning in Spanish and then went seemlessly into English. It reminded me of Hunt for Red October, when the Russian officers started out speaking Russian and then went into English. Just enough to give you the flavor.

Morgan tackled a train! Way to go Morgan, but he was getting the you know what kicked out of him by the unsub and couldn't get on top of the train, and Hotch saved the day with a fabulous shot and killed the unsub.

Our team was back in perfect form this week, it was a great balance between profiling, investigating, and action.


Glampire30 said...

That was a great episode.... Except for the part at the end with Morgan on the moving train.... What is he trying to do give me a heart attack ^_^
Can't wait for next week

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great episode!

Okay, I have a dog, but I'm getting motion sensor lights and looking into an alarm system!

Excellent opening. I was swept up immediately into the action, partly seeing the world through his drugged eyes and partly observing from the outside. A good blend of the two perspectives.

The idea that the unsub would go in and eat the food, sleep in the bed, shower, etc. showed the depth of his sickness and evilness. Very good detail. Loved how it tied into the motivation so cleanly. The ultimate example of "keeping up with the Joneses." I felt really sorry for the older brother. You know he's got to have some kind of deep guilt about this.

And of course, I loved the interactions of the team, the way they worked the case. Thought it was great how we finally saw details of how JJ contributes to the case.

I especially liked that Oanh Ly focused on a group of people that we often over look - the migrant workers. I have picture in my mind of what a serial killer "looks" like, but placing him in this different population reminds me that they could be anywhere.

All in all, an excellent episode - and tomorrow night we get to talk with Oanh Ly!

Anonymous said...

Very good episode!! The writer did an awesome job! I can't wait to chat with her tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Hotch being Hotch tonight. A little respite from his angst from the last two seasons. Loved the part where he dressed down the local agent about naming the killer.

There was some really great camera work, especially at the beginning, when the killer was sniffing whatever it was he was sniffing--nice blurriness there to show he was getting high. And I wondered why they focused on the sores around his mouth until Reid talked about that being an effect of sniffing the household cleaners. That tied in really well.

Loved the scene with JJ and Reid when she made him feel the baby kicking. His expression was too funny.

This was a great episode all around, interesting case, interesting method of getting to the various crime scenes, and a climactic ending.

Ann said...

Fantastic episode! I love episodes that combine a compelling story & interplay w/ the team, & this epi delivered both. I loved the way Agent Todd was introduced & the gang teasing Morgan @ the end, the scene w/ Reid touching JJ's stomach, & Hotch laying down the law w/ the local cop. And the story was great & I felt for the unsub's brother after the unsub got shot.

Terrific work!


Anonymous said...

Now I know what everyone has been raving about - excellent episode!

Great mystery. Very creepy.

I thought Prentiss and Reid were so cute tonight. All three are like siblings.

And loved how Hotch saved the day with his excellent marksmanship. YES!!

Anonymous said...

Profiling, profiling and more profiling! Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Morgan and Rossi have certainly learned to respect and work well with each other. Outstanding episode. The family profiled their butts off and the unsub was creepy enough to make me happy. The family bits were great.

Anonymous said...

This was a great episode! I have to admit one of the main reasons I watch CM is to see the team interaction. There was a perfect balance of that with the crime investigation. Loved the lighter moments.

Anonymous said...

Now we can add railroads to our list of things to stay away from. I really liked this case and the way the team pulled together to solve it. I wish the unsubs wouldn't die in every episode this season. It is getting predictable but other than that I am a happy CM fan.

Anonymous said...

I loved this episode. Lots of profiling, lots of team interaction. Hotch-alanche! Thank goodness there are no railroads near me! Our "list" is starting to get long! Looking forward to meeting Oanh tomorrow! And I can't wait for next week!!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this episode!

The train scene freaked me out. D: I was yelling at the TV so loud.

Reid/Prentiss BFFFs is so cute. I hope for more adorable BFFFness.

Anonymous said...

I still feel like something is missing this season. Individual aspects of the episode were great. The meet cute with Morgan and Agent Todd was, well, cute. Also, the teasing from Prentiss and Reid -and I bet Reid lives for every moment he gets to turn the tables on Morgan with the teasing. Overall, this was a very good episode for Morgan as far as largely case based episodes (with no personal connection from a team member) went. I've been so scared that they've been getting too happy with Morgan:Action Man! Well, he was that, but only at the end, and we had Morgan:Profiler! and quite a bit of it. I liked that. And, Morgan the flirt, which meant lots of sides of Morgan. (Are we ever going to have Morgan say, "So, I'm the unsub" again?)

JJ and Reid beating it like bats out of hell when Hotch was about to tell the local cop why he had to make changes was funny.

Them showing how much JJ does and keeps things organized was nice, especially seeing her do it all while sitting. It comes as no surprise at all that Hotch tells her he doesn't know what they'll do without her. They have a lovely friendship and mutual respect. Somehow, I also really liked the scene where Hotch yelled out to let the migrant workers who ran from him, Reid, and Prentiss, to go. And, Hotch making a very difficult shot was nice evidence of why he has all those trophies.

The case itself was okay (I think this episode is similar in style an tone to Scared to Death, another episode that leaves me flat, although the team moments in both are really good, and I do love team moments). I don't mind seeing the unsub upfront, but I like it better when it's less of seeing the unsub in action, and more green screen, someone standing in for the unsub as a team member is in the midst of it, watching and relaying the profile. At least I had no idea why they focused on his mouth until they mentioned it in the profile. And, I think they could have had the same effect just showing the bloody bed and the unsub showering the blood away.

I know this is feedback, and I wish I could give more concrete feedback of why I'm not satisfied. It's like the parts are there and nice parts, but the whole episode doesn't gel.

Anonymous said...

What a cool epi! This started out great and kept my attention the entire time. Everyone did such a great job. Way to go CM!

I loved the cast interaction in this one and the subject matter was so interesting. I think Debbie said she liked seeing the forgotten people, migrant farm workers, in this episode and I agree. CM always opens my mind to new things.

Morgan cracked me up in the beginning, throwing away his coffee to flirt with the pretty girl, and her throwing him for a loop by calling him Derek! He sure didn't know what to do with that! And at the end, he just couldn't take Reid's and Prentiss' teasing. So cute.

The team was really on the ball tonight, just the way I like them.

Keep it up CM!

Anonymous said...

I LOVED this episode. So many things reminded me of season 1. Which is great. The camera showing the deluded mental state of the unsub reminded me of "Blood Hungry". The staying in the victims' homes reminded me of "The Fox". The banter between Reid, Prentiss, and Morgan about sex and dating reminded me of the beginning of "Broken Mirror" and "A Real Rain". Again we had trains. I won't attempt a list of episodes. And the crime scene photo blending to the next scene and having to wait a while before seeing the unsub's face. Am I the only one that saw all these things or am I just a freak? Anyway it was all great and I absolutely loved it. I love Reid's new hair cut. I am back to swooning over geekalicious Reid. I can't wait until next week.

Anonymous said...

this one was so great. i love the jj read interaction it was so cute.hotch was great. morgan at the coffee with the girl was good.and at the ead. so far this has been a great season. next week looks really good.can not waite to see that one and the one after that

Anonymous said...

Great episode! The photography at the beginning was really freaky but explained away later by learning you were looking thru the eyes of the unsub who was higher than a kite and sicker than sick when you saw how nonchalant he was in their homes immed after he'd killed the owners - really sick!
Plenty of interpersonal stuff with the team tonite, too, working hard together but knowing each other so well. Loved having a switcheroo pulled on Morgan-Mr. Cool was not feeling quite so cool tonite which had to make Reid feel better about himself!.. Morgan may think twice before he teases Reid about his love life again! Speaking of Reid, next week looks great - I can't wait to see the good Dr. in bed-with his dress shirt on, no less? I don't know that Reid gets more air time or attention but when he gets it, he deserves it, he's so damn appealing. His expressions are priceless and he is such a good actor, you can't help but empathize with him, demons and all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that was an absolutely amazing team-centric episode. There is just so much to love about this one.

The case was very creepy and interesting. I absolutely loved all the profiling by all the characters.

But the little moments with various characters is what made this such a wonderful episode. Right from the start, we got flirtatious Morgan resorting to dumping his coffee to chat up a pretty girl. I loved the humour in the scene. Poor Derek. But what a great way to introduce JJ’s replacement before introducing her as the new liaison.

Then there was the priceless banter with Morgan, Prentiss and Reid. I just loved it…Morgan telling them what happened in the morning, Emily and Reid teasing him and Morgan turning the tables on Reid…Morgan always knows how to tease the guy but Reid is slowly learning to tease Morgan too. It’s adorable…the three of them are like siblings.

Loved Hotch’s ‘little talk’ with the local law enforcer, not to mention JJ and Reid hightailing it out of there (so funny). Reid spouting facts about baby kicks and JJ making him actually feel the kicks was also priceless. “Doesn’t that freak you out?” Reid is so cute and his expressions are hilarious. (And I agree, loving the haircut!)

Reid watching JJ was interesting…just what is he thinking about?…is he thinking about little baby geniuses? I love the relationship between Reid and Emily, they seriously are becoming BFFs, lol. I love it!

I’m going to miss JJ! It was great how they showed her as the glue that ties them all together. Enjoyed the conversation between JJ and Hotch. We’re going to miss her too!

Morgan and Rossi teaming up was great…they make a good team. Morgan is quite the action man, isn’t he? Not to mention Hotch and his aim!

The end was just perfect. Again, more of the teasing and cute banter with Reid, Morgan and Emily.

I can’t wait until next week’s episode. It looks very intriguing!

Anonymous said...

I liked it, but I thought there was going to be more to morgan and the train climbing. Like a fight on top of the train. anyway, it was pretty good. and this season is good and stocking and scary and all that.

Anonymous said...

This was a wonderful episode, it made me feel like I did first season. They chased the unsub down from point to point, the local cop had some personality, Hotch was TOUGH TOUGH TOUGH and wonderful and the whole team had something to do.

Anonymous said...

Andre Royo was great without uttering even one word. That's great acting. I liked the story of a migrant, puffer killing people on the railroad route but now I guess there can be no Amtrack runs in my future! Hah.

The family interactions were not only strong but they were funny and light and I loved them.

Solid episode. A+

Anonymous said...

Another great CM episode! Boy, they just keep 'em coming, don't they? I love it!!

It was good to see all of the profiling and the team interactions. There was good balance there.

The storyline was great. I'm glad that they gave the unsub a compelling motive (crazy, sick, but compelling).

The interactions between JJ and Reid were priceless. I loved that Hotch told her that she would be missed. This show does a great job of valuing each of the characters - no one is ever a placeholder.

Great job everyone! Thank you for another wonderful episode.

Anonymous said...

This was a great episode. Good mix of crime and team. Everyone was spot on. Great job crew, writers and actors.

HardKOrr said...

Great episode. I love the interaction of the team. Thank you Oanh Ly for writing an episode that highlighted the team's chemistry. I loved that it showed JJ to be the glue that held it all together. I too will miss JJ/AJ while she is on maternity leave!!

Anonymous said...

Hotch is quite the marksman. That was one hell of a perfect shot at a moving target. Nice to see him on top of his game.

Cookie in this episode: Morgan tackles a train! Gotta love the Morgan tackle and we've been wanting one!

Prentiss keeps amazing me with her skills. She's amazing.

Can't wait to watch this one again!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what is left to say??? What a great episode!

The alchemy was amazing, great team work/action/profiling/creepy atmosphere ep!

Keep it coming!!!!

Phoenix said...

I'm afraid I'm in the minority on this one. I have a bit of a Love/Hate relationship with this episode. I loved the teamwork, the scenes with Morgan in the coffee shop, working the case, all the things the others listed. The concept of the story was fine, but I really didn't like the delivery of it.

Maybe it was just me, but I really couldn't follow opening unsub montage. I didn't like it visually and I couldn't follow what it was supposed to be saying. For me it was an unappealing (artistically and story-wise) waste of story-telling airtime. It added nothing. Usually the opening sets up the story line. This one did nothing for me.

Also, I don't think the unsub had any lines. I don't remember any, so I didn't experience him as "creepy" or any other adjective we usually use. I feel like I know more about his brother than him. For me, we may know his name, but he's still an unsub to me. We only know what others (his brother, the team) say makes him tick. I didn't like that. He died (I'm okay with that scene) but we still don't really know who HE is. It's almost as if they could have filmed it with a "guest star" for the unsub.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. I loved Reid and JJ making a hasty getaway so they wouldn't be around when Hotch was going to explode all over the cop. Loved seeing Morgan profiling and the part with him trying to pickup the new gal and then finding out who she was really was great. Seeing and knowing who the unsub is from the start is still weird to me but this episode would not have worked any other way so it was cool this time with me.

Anonymous said...

i love it. i like it when j.j put reid hand on her belly. read and emily giving morgan a bad time about the girl. hotch was great.everyone was great last night.

Anonymous said...

Loved the episode. Great to have Emily use her language skills again and fun to see more of JJ, too. The unsub was so repulsive, as I guess he should be.

Thanks so much for coming to chat with us, Oanh!

Walburga Benker said...

Thanks so much Oanh for taking the time to chat with us and answering our questions. It was all worth to stand up at 2 Am. LOL

greetings from Germany

Anonymous said...

Thanks Oanh for chatting with us!
I hope you will come back soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Oanh Ly for joining us in the chat. It was wonderful!

I just watched the episode right before the chat. I loved it. It had all the components of the episodes that I enjoy. The unsub was somewhat a mystery and things about him are revealed in his thoughts and actions rather than dialogue. The unsub had some type of psychosis and his mental process was demonstrated through neat camera work. The team had to do some profiling to locate and identify him. I also learned a thing or two about hoboes.

Great writing by Oanh Ly and great direction by Charles Haid. The look and feel of the episode kept me interested even without SWAT people!

Great episode, thanks!

jackie said...

This was definately a great
episode. It made me not want
to leave my set. The scene
where the lady went to lock
her door, and saw the unsub
standing there with the shovel,
made me scream too! I loved the
part where Morgan was in the
coffee shop and started hitting
on Agent Todd. I also liked the
ending where Morgan was on the
moving train, battling with the
unsub, and Hotch's shooting the
unsub while in a moving suv.
The end where Morgan was chasing
Reid and Prentiss out of the
elevator was to die for. I
couldn't stop laughing. Keep
up the awesome and excellent
work Criminal Minds! I can't
waite for the next one! Thank
you Oanh Ly for coming to chat
with us tonight. Come back and
chat with us again real soon.
It was great having you with us.

Anonymous said...

Oanh, thank you so much for joining us in the chat room tonight. I wish I had been able to be there for the whole thing because everyone said you were fantastic!

Laura_G said...


We can't thank you enough for coming to chat with us. You were so thorough with your answers and so patient with all of our questions. You are truly an asset to the CM writing team. I hope you enjoyed the chat as much as we did. Come back and visit us again soon. You ROCK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Oahn,

Thank you so much for coming to the chat last night! It was such a pleasure to get to talk with you. I loved your other two episodes, too, and was super excited when Jill said you were going to come talk with us! I enjoyed "hearing" all of your insights into Catching Out. It was a great epsiode; I hope you could feel the excitment that was in the room last night. Please come talk with us again!

Anonymous said...

Wow, so nice to see that Morgan has graduated from tackling vans to trains! Way to go, Morgan!!!
So Hotch's ear problem must be mended since he's back to form with blaring sirens and it certainly hasn't affected his aim at all!!!
Interesting episode with a look at the disenfranchised in society and how they can become psychokillers also. America!!! Equal opportunity abounds!!
Loved all the cute team moments with the goodhumored teasing of Morgan. Honey, if you're going to dish it out, you have to be able to take it too. Emily, sweetie,your biological clock was ticking a bit loudly there. Reid, if he's only had one girl's name to remember, he's a better poker player than all of them. When will they ever learn,never trust a magician!!!!!
Oanh wrote a great episode. Sorry to not get home in time to make the chat but thanks for being a trooper. It sounded like a fantastic chat.

Unknown said...

OMG!!!! Loved this episode the opening scenes we awesome. the interactions between the were team I loved.
spencers reaction to feeling JJ babies kick was classic made me laugh.
I loved the ending scene where Hotch shot the unsub, so cool.
All up an amazing episode
Thanks for the great episode

Anonymous said...

thanks so much to Oanh for taking the time to come to the chatroom & talk to us - it was great fun & I loved your insights about the show - & how the writing works
It was a great episode - probably my favorite this season !


loved the ep....
Emily speaks Spanish too! The more it goes the more I love her.
And Reid...I won't say anything.
He can't maybe tackle a train, but he is always the CUTEST!!!