Friday, October 17, 2008


Criminal Minds: Happy Friday everyone! A few reminders and new items that I wanted to discuss this morning. Wed is a new episode of Criminal Minds, "Paradise" written by Deb and Erica, which will be followed by a chat with our "Gruesome Twosome". I know everyone has been looking forward to chatting with our special ladies so please remember to email me or Debbie for the chat password.

The auction for Wil Wheaton's book ends in a few days so please bid high and support this wonderful charity. The direct link on the blog is:

I've received approx. 20 pens for Kirsten Vangsness. I didn't realize we were collecting pens again this year but okay, that is cool with me. I must have missed a meeting. lol. Anyone else that wants to send Kirsten a cool pen or note is welcome to join in. Whatever has collected in the next few weeks will be sent on to her at the studio. (the ones pictures above were from the last time we did this)

Kim Harrison is working really hard getting ready for the Aids Marathon. Please continue to contribute. The direct link is on the right hand side of the blog about half way down. Thank you to the people that made donations for Kim for my birthday. Totally a cool thing to do! Criminal Minds is still running second behind CSI which totally blows. There is still time to make Criminal Minds number one.

The Criminal Minds chat room will be off limits twice this weekend but for just short periods of time for two moderator meetings. Sorry for the inconvenience!