Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Criminal Minds blog notes: Just a few announcements and Criminal Minds reminders this week. Bridgette won the Criminal Minds "Mayhem" recap contest. Congrats to her. "Minimal Loss" written by Andrew Wilder airs this evening in Canada. The chat with Andrew Wilder is on Sunday. Those of you needing the special password for this chat need to email me.

Kimberly Harrison has reached the twenty mile mark in her training for the Aids Marathon. Way to go Kim! Please consider making another donation to Kim's Marathon Run. If you look at her page you will see that the CM family is in this together. Actors, writers and fans all working for the same goal. To help those who need our help. Add your name to the list and join the Criminal Minds team.

I have received over 2,000 emails inquiring about the birth of A.J. Cook's baby. I apologize but I can't answer these emails. I can tell you that A.J. and her newborn are doing well but you will simply have to wait for A.J. to make her own announcement. I have made CBS aware of the intense fan interest and they have passed it on to A.J.'s representatives. An announcement will come when she is ready. And frankly, that is how it should happen. So please stop emailing me about it because I can't and won't answer you.

Congrats to Dan Dworkin and his wife on the birth of their son last month. A gift has been sent to them from the moderators. Halloween gifts have also been sent to all our Criminal Minds regulars in the chat room that have children from the moderators.

Thats all for this week. Enjoy "Minimal Loss" and tell a friend to watch it!