Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Criminal Minds: After much thought, research and moderator input, I think we've found the perfect birthday present for Ed Bernero. Read the comment inside and then email me at with your comments, thoughts, etc.

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Criminal Minds Fan said...

I found and the CMF moderators weighed in positively what I think is the perfect birthday present for Ed.

It is a cake in the shape of a football that is colored and decorated like a Chicago Bears football and will have his name on it. Email me if you want to see a picture.

We've wanted to do something for the crew but never could think of anything so I priced a cake that could feed 100+ people.

I think Ed would like the fact that he can share it with the cast and the crew!

Here is the rub: The cost of the cake with delivery is $565.00. I'm going to need donations for this present. I have contributed a lot of money to the Red Cross and Kim this month and an extra $600 isn't in my budget.

If there is a way we that people can donate even small amounts towards this cake it would help. I have to let the bakery know by Monday if I am ordering it so please email me quick if you can help out.