Thursday, July 10, 2008


Criminal Minds Family: Wow! What a difference a day makes. Keep those donations for Kim rolling in. We are making a lot of progress today!!! Criminal Minds rocks and so does its fans. We are sooooooooooo going to be #1 in donations. A special thank you to the donor who wishes to remain anonymous for the $750 donation they sent to my paypal for me to donate. You rock hard! Lets keep it up everyone.

Also, thank you so much to all the people who have and continue to donate to the Red Cross in honor of Rick Dunkle (WA on Criminal Minds). The Criminal Minds moderator incharge of that assistance fund sent me an email yesterday telling me that we are almost at the $1,800 mark which is fantastic. Mother nature left a mess so whatever we can do to help people rebuild their lifes is great.

Remember as well that the multi-fandom blog to aid the Actors Fund is up and running and adding new items every few days. Thank you to ALL the showrunners, writers, actors and crew who have dug in their closets and contributed items for auction. While I am not incharge of gathering item donations I have touched those at Criminal Minds that I felt comfortable emailing and ALL of them have said they will also donate items from the various shows they have worked on. Unknowingly the donations committee reached out to an actor (can't tell you who yet) that not only offered a very special item as a donation but informed them that he is actually filming on Criminal Minds next week. Terrific!

The next Criminal Minds chat is on Sunday. Ashes and Dust airs next Wednesday and I will email Andrew Wilder and see if he is available to spend a few minutes chatting with us after it airs. I know the writers are backed up busy right now but you never know unless you ask. Erica Messer and Deb Fisher start shooting their next episode in a few days. That is exciting news. The "Gruesome Twosome" never fail to delight!

I'm told that the production crew enjoyed the chocolate yesterday and that Kirsten received one of the MANY sets of flowers the moderators sent her. What a nightmare that was!