Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Criminal Minds Family: When I called in my monthly contribution to Kim Harrison's Aids Marathon today, I asked them how Kim's total was stacking up against the other runners. We're doing great raising donations for Kim but she is $1,868 behind the leader (who is running and works on another show). Criminal Minds beat "Lost" and we beat "Private Practice" and we really can beat whoever this person is. When Kim runs her marathon wearing her Criminal Minds headband, she should do so as the leader in donations. I would say she should also be number one across the finish line but that is a VERY long marathon and just finishing it will be a triumph.

We have a winner for the donation auction from last week for the handcuffs and we will announce that person's name on Deb Fisher's birthday since that is the date we used in the contest.

Lets kick it up one more notch and get our Criminal Minds runner into first place! Andrew Wilder's birthday is on August 19th and he has been "Lucky" for us before so lets use his birthday as our next benchmark. By August 19th lets have Kim in first place. I will call the Aids Marathon office on the morning of AW's birthday and the person who made the donation that put Kim into first place (and lets hope that happens tomorrow) will win this Criminal Minds cap that has been autographed by the Criminal Minds writers!

No donation is too small! The winner of the handcuffs was kind enough to donate $5 and she won! Every dollar helps those who need it most. We can do this!

Nobody beats Criminal Minds (except that Idol show and that doesn't really count)!