Friday, July 18, 2008


Criminal Minds: The Criminal Minds Conversation Yahoo group and the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board have scheduled a CM chat for Sunday, July 20th at 3pm est. The password is still enya.

Kim's Aid Marathon: We have a winner in our first and second donation contests. As we said in the original posts, the first winner will be announced on Deb Fisher's birthday and the second on Andrew Wilder's birthday. We have met Kim's original pledge which is totally awesome. Thank you everyone BUT we still remain behind a runner from another CBS show in total donations and we have until September to have our runner Kim represent Criminal Minds as #1 in total donations. We have definately closed the margin this week but they are now actively competing with us so we have to keep it up and get into first place and STAY there. Thanks to the generousity of Ed Bernero, the writers and fans who have donated auction items, I know we can do this! It is for such a worthy cause and Criminal Minds deserves bragging rights. We're the best and we all know it!

There are four active auctions on this blog right now to raise donations for the Aids Marathon and I will be adding more over the weekend!

The Actors Fund auctions are off to an amazing start. A dozen or more new items will be added to that site every week so please check it often. I am thrilled to say that Ed, the writers and even some of our guest stars have sent items and you would not believe the amount of items pouring in from other showrunners, actors, writers, musicians and crews from other shows. The donation committee has done an amazing job and while it is strange for me to be working on this project with non-CM people I am happy to report that there has been nothing but harmony and incredible mutual respect by all involved.

Counting the days until Season Four and hope you are too. It is not too early to start finding more converts so be on the lookout for non watching potential fans!

Have a great weekend everyone! CM is on A&E tonight. Don't forget to watch.