Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Criminal Minds: The moderators of the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board sent a chocolate birthday card to the CM studio to celebrate all the July birthdays (Thomas Gibson, Kirsten Vangsness, A.J. Cook and Deb Fisher). I used a new floral company to send Kirsten Vangsness, Garcia on Criminal Minds, flowers for her birthday. I forgot to ask this company if they use a local florist and they don't. So lightening over Salt Lake City postponed them, then they offered to also send a fresh batch to arrive today to makeup for the dead flowers she was going to receive and then, if things already weren't screwed up enough, there was a weather problem with the second set and they aren't being delivered until tomorrow. So lets do the math. Birthday was Monday, receiving dead flowers on Wed and another set of dead flowers scheduled for delivery on Thursday. I wasn't happy and this time a local florist was called in by the company, that seems to have the worst weather problems in the history of flowers, and I have been informed that today Kirsten received one dead and one live set of flowers. Tomorrow more dead ones arrive. Luckily Kirsten is a classy lady with a great sense of humor. ;)

So Happy Birthday all week Kirsten. Maybe the props department can use a couple dozen dead roses for an episode. Recycle! Happy Birthday and next year we promise to use a local florist. :)