Saturday, July 26, 2008


Criminal Minds: Shemar Moore, Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds, talked sports at the CBS TV Critics party.

“Criminal Minds” hunk Shemar Moore, whose family lives in West Roxbury, said he was sooo happy that the Boston Celtics won the NBA Championship because the L.A. transplant needed to be “welcomed back into the house” in the Hub.

“The Patriots may have choked but the Celtics made up for it,” Moore told us the other day during a bash CBS threw for TV critics at Boulevard 3 in Hollywood.

“I was born in Oakland and live in L.A., but all I wanted was to see seven games - make it close - and then have the Celtics win,” said the TV detective whose mom was raised in Brighton. “It was so cool.”

During the drama’s last hiatus, Moore said he came to Boston and did all the “very simple stuff” like go to ballgames and eat at Friendly’s and Kelly’s Roast Beef.

“If it’s real regular, that’s what I love.”