Thursday, July 03, 2008


Criminal Minds: The Criminal Minds Yahoo group and the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board will host a CM chat on Sunday, July 6th at 2pm est. Password is still finale.

The news of a second CM related spin-off is all over the internet. I did email Ed Bernero and he said that when/if he has an announcement to make then he will let us know. I have received literally thousands of emails asking me for info. Sorry but they won't be answered. All news will come from Ed.

Thomas Gibson's birthday is today. Please sign his birthday card. A generic chocolate birthday card has been sent to the studio for all the July birthdays. On Monday Kirsten will receive a colorful basket of roses from the Criminal Minds moderators. Beautiful flowers have also been ordered for A.J. (with a teddy bear for the baby) and for Deb Fisher which will be delivered on their birthdays. I realized that we didn't send Paget flowers on her birthday, so I ordered her a very nice arrangement which an apology. Thank you to the moderators.

The planning committee for the CM convention is scheduled to go to LA in Feb. The convention looks like it will be in June of 2009. I am amazed that you all started this wonderful idea and the amount of people that want to particpate. WOW!

Donations for Kim Harrison's Aids Marathon and the Red Cross have slowed so please open your hearts and wallets and donate if you haven't already and donate again if you already have. The script for "Lucky" is still on auction (a few posts down the blog) and winning that auction would be a great way of owning a CM collectible while donating to worthy charities.

The Criminal Minds Multi-Fandom Assistance Fund blog goes live on Monday with donations from some of the top shows on tv today, as well as from writers, musicians, etc. Check it out on Monday. I am told that new items will be added every week. The goal, I believe, is $25,000 to be donated to the Actors Fund and WGA to assist those still recovering from the WGA strike. Multi-fandoms working together.....who knew it was possible. :) Link is on the blog to the site.