Thursday, July 10, 2008


Criminal Minds: Kirsten posted this message on her birthday thread but I'm reposting it here so everyone can see it. Thanks to Kim the only flowers Kirsten saw were the live ones. I think they put the other two sets in the Criminal Minds writers room.

Thank you soooo much for my roses!!! They are totally gorgeous and I am staring at them right now (when I am not typing I am staring at them, when I am typing, I am staring at the keyboard of my mac, because, unlike sweet Garcia- I have to look when I type:)
I did have quite a blissful birthday, I am firm believer in the "birthday week" so it's still going strong, thank you very much. Every year me and my friends have a lip sync party where my gift is that they lip sync a song- I highly recommend this kind of party- it's a great mix of terror and joy.
I worked on my birthday but I truly couldn't think of a better place to be than there. We just had a read thru today of our next script, it's written by Erica and Deb true to their demented, gorgeous brains, it's totally spooky. We also have some kick-ass guest stars coming up...not gonna say who- but I was SUPER EXCITED today when I saw who is in this episode!!!
You guys are the best. Thank you so much for supporting us, for loving us so completely, for helping Kimberly(she's a running machine!), for helping the actors fund, for staying involved, for other stuff that I don't know about that you do in your personal life that you should be thanked for, and for my totally awesome birthday gift.
I am grateful for you friends.