Sunday, August 05, 2007


Criminal Minds: Who would you like to see cast as the new cast member on Criminal Minds? And why?


allie said...

The woman who guest starred in P-911 would be really good. We liked her and she has a tie in already with the unit.

faryn said...

I would like more racial diversity within the unit. I have no suggestion on who that actor/actress could be but I would like to see more diversity.

b.j. said...

I hope they leave the seat at the table open for a season but if they feel they simply must fill the space then I would like to see an strong female character developed. I do agree that more diversity of color would also be a plus.

maura said...

Glenn Close would be incredible as the new leader. She is great at playing strong characters.

rayna said...

Lets take the money and use it on more guest stars and more music. The show will be fine with the cast we have. I think we would be better off with just adding to the great things we have now.

ashley said...

Glenn Close is already doing a series called Shock and Law...I think. I read that somewhere. I seriously hope they run out of time looking and we go the whole season without a new person.

olivia said...

What is Lucas Haas doing? He was almost Reid. We could have two sweeties on the show. It would be cool with me.

d said...

Tim Matheson.

And Glen Close is doing "Damages" on FX

kimmie said...

Allie: Her name is Mary Page Keller and I really agree that she was great as Katie. She did have a connection with Gideon and Hotchner but I was never clear on what it was. She worked well with the team and she was great. I could live with her.

stephanie said...


Tim Matheson would be a really good choice. Didn't he do a stint on West Wing as the V-P?

The Boss said...

I really think another female character is NOT the way to go! Considering the BAU is a male dominated area, it would be unrealistic. I think it would ruin the show.
Lian Neeson would be so cool but i guess highly unlikely. But an actor which could play the role as an experienced veteran of the BAU to give direction etc

claude said...

Boss is right. That would make them top heavy with females and I remember the post about Garcia originally going to be a man but they went female because it would have been male heavy. We do need the right balance.

Right now we stand at 3 and 3. That seems good to me. Leave it alone for one season and then lets look at it.

simone said...

Sorry but they have to fill the spot.

It is going to be too empty. Gideon was a major player in the series. The position must be filled.

celeste said...

Gideon is gone but why does that leave us "empty" with a hole that has to be filled? I do not understand the rush to re-cast.

They re-cast too early when Lola left and it hurt the show for a couple of episodes. They should have left her seat open longer than they did before bringing Paget in and they should learn from the error.

slashgirl said...

If it were up to me? I'd get Andre Braugher (Pembleton on Homicide: Life on the Streets, and his last series was Gideon's Crossing. *g*) Andre is an award winning actor who is an amazing talent. I think he'd fit well with the cast,he has an intensity and edge about him (or at least can portray characters like that!). I loved him as Pembleton in H:LOTS. (Info on him at imdb:

Anonymous said...

Opinion only-

They want us to forget the actors that leave as quickly as possible. Not wise for sure but I think that is the logic behind the quick fixes.

Cole Maxwell

gert said...

I do not know where to post this but I am over being mad at Mandy and I wonder if he will come back for some times in future seasons like he did with the show Chicago Hope.

It is just a thought. Please to erase message if wrong place. Thanks.

sherrie said...

Martin Sheen would be good. He is older and versatile.

vivian said...

No yelling at me but what about Mary Tyler Moore. She is old and female and she would be a strong character.

sammie said...

Nobody comes to mind because without the season starting it just feels wrong to just replace Gideon. I feel no closure with Gideon yet and it is hard to picture a replacement character. I think they should wait and trust the other actors to carry it for a season or until the fans are ready.

I can already see that the fans are going to be divided on whoever they pick. That is not going to be good for the ratings and this is not a new show anymore. We have stuck with it for two years and nobody was comfortable with how Elle was replaced. I did not even like Elle and it was a bad move. I like Prentiss much better than Elle and I still say they should have waited longer than one show.

Judiebuk said...

I was thinking about 'Katie' from P911 as well (Mary Page Keller). As has already been mentioned, there is already a tie in with the BAU.

What about an 'unknown' or 'little known' actor? A strong character yes, but doesn't mean it has to be someone we already know??? Just a thought....MGG wasn't especially 'known' before CM...and what a fantastic find he proved to be :-)

jerri said...

Sammie expressed my feeling perfectly.

They are already filming so they see things differently than we do. We are still on break and all we have is the finale. They are already probably into filming the third or fourth episode.

We are not on an even plane with the show right now. When they announce the replacement they will be ready for it but we will all be in limbo land still.

The fandom never completely agreed about Gideon to start with but he was an original so you dealt with it and now there will be a press release and it is not going to go down well. I already don't like who they picked and they haven't picked anyone yet. I want the resolution to Gideon's character before anyone is announced.

bridgett said...

Keller was good in her episode and I would rather her than someone else but no one else is a better option for me.

Personally I think they are afraid that Mandy's fans will leave and the ratings will fall so they are rushing to find someone with a fan base.

I think that is a major mistake. Mandy may have been an initial draw for many of the fans but the show isn't going to take as big a ratings hit as they are thinking his departure will cause.

Cast the wrong new person and then they will really see the ratings plunge to the ground. The show has some real competition this coming season and they need to think about their decision really carefully.

My question is why they think without Patinkin the show is in trouble?

elsie said...

Lesson Learned~

Don't kill off every strong actor who guest stars. Carradine would have been a great replacement. He was great as Frank.

Hey...Frank lives and is mentally rehabed and turns to the good side of the tracks and becomes the next Gideon.

Our writers could soooooooo write that.

Anonymous said...

I feel that gideon is going to be hard to replace as is mandy,but would think that maybe as said by sherrie was it that martin sheen would be wonderful or maybe the cahercter of former agent ryan

immertreu said...

I don't think they have to fill a hole but if they really think they have to add a new character it shouldn't be female. We already have three women and Hotch's boss has always been a woman, too (the woman at the airport in the pilot, Strauss in Now Way Out II). It would become very unrealistic.

Right now I can't think of anybody who could join the team but luckily I'm not one of the producers who has to find someone.

Marie said...

I like Robert Davi from the Profiler series. He was always the strong one and the head of every case. I think he was s good leader in that show.

I agree with a lot of the posts that they should wait a few episodes and until Gideon has been worked out of the storyline to recast a major character.


Lin said...

Wellll ... I am hoping the chair will be empty for a while, too.

And then I'm going to get way out of the main stream and suggest Keith Szarabajka. (Yeah, partly because I'm one of the very few who can spell his name.) He was on "The Equalizer" years ago when he was very young, and he was Holtz on "Angel" and the lead in Stephen King's "The Golden Years" and he's does lots of guest spots. He's really versatile -- plays a lot of heavies and bad guys, but also did a comedy vampire movie. When he was introduced on EQ, he said "I figured you needed somebody crazy enough to stick his finger in the fan for you," and he totally sold it.

Okay, plus he's really cute, but in a different way from the eye candy men we already have.

eliza said...

I definately think they should wait. They are going to announce the "new best thing since sliced bread" that they signed for us and then the season will begin.

They still will have to do something to explain Gideon's departure which will eat an episode or two depending whether he kills himself or ends up in a mental instituation. But the whole time we will already know who they are bringing in.

I love the show as much as the next person but I don't want to watch a couple of episodes already knowing who is coming in. It is like knowing the season finale before the premiere. Leaves me dry feeling.

They need to let it go. They got screwed. We all got screwed. Filling some void they think is there from Mandy leaving is not a magic pill.

Plus how do THEY know what kind of character they even need until they see how we like things without Gideon. They can say it is their show but if people stop watching it is nobody's show. It will just be the show that Mandy killed. They ought to wait and see what their ratings are without Gideon before they hit the panic button.

They have so much talent already. They need to use what they have!

caroline said...

Do we know if Mr. Bernero has any input on who they hire? He has his finger on the pulse of his fanbase. That would make me feel better then the network just knee jerk hiring someone.

Jill: Any idea on Mr. Bernero's role in all of this?

kappie said...

I agree with almost everything already posted which irks me because I love to express my opinions. LOL.

I don't want anyone new!

If I had anything to add it would be that it is similar to when I was a child and one of the fish died and my parents would run to buy a replacement fish so we wouldn't notice. We grew up and noticed. I am going to notice that Gideon is gone. A clone replacement isn't going to cut it. A new face isn't going to fix it. Just let it happen.

roman said...

Somebody suggested finding an unknown. I can sorta see the logic but damn that would be a career killer. 14 million plus viewers hating you from day one. What do you do with your career after that?!

Ann said...

I'd like to cast a vote for Keith Szarabajka, too. He's very versatile with his acting (anyone could see that, if watching Mickey Kostmayer in The Equalizer, Chaz Gracen in Profit or Daniel Holtz in Angel, and I'd love to see him on my tv screen again. I'd tape, label and keep all episodes with him, and tape the repeats, and go out and buy the show on DVD, if he joined the cast.

He's got a killer voice, too, and could do a wonderful job with any lines he's given. There's a few video and audio clips available to enjoy here: just click on Video Reel and Voiceovers.

He could be as laid back or intense as the director wants, and go back and forth from each extreme in 0.01 seconds, and have it be completely believable, which is important.

tania said...

Wait one season and then Chris Noth and Vincent D'Onofrio will be available and either of them would be a good choice and the show would gain viewers from Law & Order Criminal Intent. That show has only one more year.

anna maria said...

Voting for an empty seat at the round table!

Anonymous said...

How about Katie from P911? She was strong and fit in well with the team.

kara said...

I thought Geena Davis would have been a good selection but if truth be told we would have been settling. The P911 gal was good. No complaint I could see on that pick. A newbie? No thanks. Even Lola coming back would be bad and I loved Elle.

jesse said...

Mary Page Keller would be the obvious fan fav so there must be a strong reason they aren't going in that direction.

Maybe she wanted too much $.

christine said...

Stating the obvious I know but A.J. and Garcia are under used. Is there a reason we can't have more of them? They are well liked characters with huge fan bases that are already ticked off that they are never in any episode enough. If they gave both of them larger roles I think the ratings would hold. Perhaps they would soar.

lizapest said...

Me :) LOL

rayne said...

Why is there so much talk about the ratings in this thread! The ratings are holding just fine with the damn reruns we are watching for the third and fourth time. Ratings are not the problem.

The network is trying to force feed us a new character. That is the real problem. Did the fandom start a letter writing campaign I don't know about screaming for a replacement or did some stupid focus group they used have a problem with our six stars carrying the show.

This is not a ratings issue. This is about what always happens when an actor leaves a show. They don't trust their fan base and then the fans get pissy about the new person and that becomes the only thing talked about for the whole next season till fans get sick of it and drop out.

Watch and wait and I guarantee you that will be the ONLY THING anyone talks about....hate the new person/love the new person! Garbage.

mona said...


Very cool. I would also volunteer for the good of the show to lend my services to fill the spot. Could they shoot me laying down because I would be dizzy being so close to the Gube and Shemar!

Actually I like the Keller lady if we have to have a person.

clara said...

Courtney Vance?????

bryan said...

I think I have it:

Show #1- We get Doubt
Show #2- Kill Gideon
Show #3- Garcia has a larger role
Show #4- J.J. has a larger role
Shows #5-21 We keep our cast
Finale: We meet the new person

Works for me.

curtis said...

I agree about Garcia and JJ! More of them would not kill the writers and would make me happy.

corina said...

I think there will be a huge gap with Gideon gone. He was a huge presence on the show. I only started watching because Mandy was on the show but I love so many of them now that I will keep watching. But there will be a gap. We can't be shy to say that it will be difficult to lose Gideon.

How or when you fill that gap, I do not know. If it needs to be filled then I think you find the polar opposite of Gideon and run with that. If you don't fill it then you have him refered to and spoken about.

If they don't learn from Lola's departure then that would be the biggest shame of all. That was not well done at all. I am in total agreement with those who posted about that.

Side question: Has Mandy made any true statement yet? I haven't seen it but I am often away from the internet.

leeza said...

Your President will be available soon & he is a great actor!

lol. Just trying to add some humor.

robin said...


You did give me a laugh. How about Tony Blair? He must be looking for a job.

angelninjagirl said...

Okay, here are my two cents on this topic.

1) They will wait a few episodes before replacing Gideon. They clearly have to - they've filmed a few episodes. They aren't going to go back and write that person in there at a later date.

2) Expecting them to wait a whole season is very unrealistic. If this were the real BAU of the FBI, he would be replaced in a timely fashion just like Elle. They would look for someone that would fill the job, but they wouldn't delay it even if the team (and in this case, the fans) is not ready. That's why Elle was replaced in just two episodes. That's how the bureau would work. Expecting them to wait a whole year isn't how the bureau would work. We may not be completely ready, but I bet just given a couple episodes and we'll be over it.

3) I do like the idea of them not revealing who the new person is until the previews of the episode where they will be introduced. That would be really smart. I'm not sure that would happen, with the press itching away to leak infomation, but it would be interesting.

4) I do think the cast, as a group of very talented actors, could carry the show on their own. But the team, as a group of profilers (and tech-kittens, lol), need someone to sort of fill that role of Gideon. The profiler with years upon years of experience that they can lean on when encountering something/someone that haven't dealt with before and have words of wisdom. That's why they want to "replace" Mandy. I don't think it's lack of faith in the rest of the cast as much as the hole there would be in the team without that character.

5) At first I liked the idea of a strong woman, but the more I think about it, another guy would be better since Hotch's boss is also a woman. Thinking that there are that many females is probably also unrealistic. If they did go with a woman, I do agree with Mary Page Keller. Her connection was being part of the BAU I believe when Hotch was still just starting out.

6) Martin Sheen might be good; I could see it working.

7) The only suggestion I have at the moment, though, is John M. Jackson. He played the Admiral on JAG and had a brief role on Bones as Booth's boss in the FBI. He's a little older and is good at being demanding and yet compasionate. I think he would be really good in that role. Although, I'm all for some diversity as well.

Okay, so that may have been more than two cents...oh well.


elaine said...


I agree with you completely but this is not the real BAU. This is a tv show. In the real world success is not measured by ratings as the show is. I still don't disagree with you but I think they are busting hump trying to replace him and they are never going to be able to keep it a secret. We will know who it is before S3 starts and that is where the suckage starts in my opinion. The Katie character is their best bet and that doesn't seem to have worked out. Her joining the team makes logical sense. Gideon goes and they need a body. Hotch thinks about Katie and she accepts. We know her already. Less suckage with that.

Anonymous said...

The problem with giving Garcia and JJ bigger roles, is that despite the fact that they contribute to the team this is a show about profilers. JJ and Garcia aren't profilers. They assist the real team, which is Hotch, Morgan, Prentiss and Reid.

My vote is to give fans a chance to adjust and not cast anyone new just yet. Give it some time and see if we even feel like something is missing. I'm not even sure we need another team member.

monica said...

Hotch, Reid and Morgan are all the testerone we need. A bit more estrogen would not hurt the mix.

Anonymous said...


I think that is almost everyone's opinion but it doesn't seem to stop them from looking. The internet is soooooooo full of gossip right now about the search.


sarah said...

Vance is not a bad option.

brooke said...

If they are looking for a strong male who can kick ass and take names then I think Ed Bernero should just take the role!

He could write and produce episodes he stars in. We love him. I'd be excited about that. He has been an extra. Anyone know if he can act?

P.S. I am totally serious!

Anonymous said...

There's an actor who - sadly - has been primarily relegated to daytime dramas, but is an amazing actor that I've been hoping for years would be able to get a role on a prime time show. His name is Roger Howarth, and he's best known as the original Todd Manning from "One Life to Live" and more recently as Paul on "As the World Turns."

They could write it so that one of the existing characters is promoted to fill Gideon's job, and then a new character is brought in to fill that person's spot.

Roger's just always done an amazing job of making even unlikable characters compelling and sympathetic characters complex and well-nuanced. I'd just love to see him get a chance on nighttime TV.

As for the guys from L&O:CI, how many years the show has left will depend on how well the show does on USA. Who knows, it may be successful enough there that they'll keep it going.

IvyB said...

I just created a google account just so I could stop being "anonymous", I posted here a second ago about waiting a bit with casting. Yes I know it's not gonna happen, they're gonna cast someone within an episode or two, and then it will be the whole Lola/Paget thing all over again.

I didn't care about Elle and I didn't care about Prentiss. But everyone online started a whole Pretiss Vs. Elle threads and judging her based on a few episodes.

And that's the problem with introducing a new character that replaces a liked character (for some at least) in the middle of the show. We've grown to like and depend on the BAU team- we each have our favorite profiler and episodes and quotes. Any new character will be under so much scrutiny, cause Gideon was liked by so many, including myself.

Not to mention the whole "explaining things/dynamics to the new guy/girl" that we went through with Prentiss. The team didn't trust her/played hardball, she didn't know about their past/etc. I'd hate to go through the motions again, but unless this is a character that's worked with the team or most of them in the past (like the P-911 character, whom I don't even remember. I guess I should rewatch the episode) then we get a Prentiss again (and kinda an Elle. She joined the established team in the first episode and needed explaining, which I guess was to explain to us back home a few things).

The person they choose to replace Gideon could be the best actor and best choice, and it will still be a contraversy, because people loved Gideon so much, nobody could possibly "replace" him. And like people here said, the fans will be too busy arguing the merrits of the new guy, instead of the show.

pennie said...

Brooke is on to something good!

The only problem I see with her brilliant plan is that I imagine he is already spread thin. How would he add this to his already full plate?

Wow though if it could only happen. I would love to see him do it and the ratings soar and then he could send a note to the one who did "not show up on the first day of school" and tell him that the show didn't suffer a bit from the f-ing they got. Or maybe he could just issue a statement saying "Bite Me!".

Since I am sure Mr. Bernero is not an option then I say we get nobody. Let a good thing role.

callie said...

ivyb said it very well. it will be the story that never dies. not good for the show. not good for the ratings. not good for the fans. not good for the actor who takes the part. just not good.

jamie said...

Agreed that J.J. and Garcia on not profilers and the show is about profiling. The show is also about the unit as a whole and they are important people within the unit. Given that fact I do feel they could easily be given larger roles. In the past Hotch has asked J.J. if she wanted to be a profiler. She turned him down. Is there something to keep her from changing her mind and perhaps giving it a try? It would explain why they are not replacing the missing, and hopefully dead, profiler right away if the concern is that this is not how the real fbi unit would deal with a loss. It could be explained that they are keeping the space open for J.J. to give it a try and take some classes. Just my nickle's worth.

mindy said...

Katie is the obvious choice.

agnes said...

Wow. I leave for the evening and come back to see this thread ripe with comments.

I think Gideon must die. It is the only way to get the closure we need. The door cannot be open even a crack for him to return. We will always wonder if he is coming back unless he dies.

I think that Mary P.Keller is probably the only person that would be readily accepted by the group as a whole.

I further agree that filling the chair prematurely is a recipe for disaster within the fan world. If they bring someone new in mid season then they had better have a huge fan base because loyal viewers like me are going to have a hard time with the change. It will be like watching a whole new show and then deciding if you want to watch it. Some people won't feel the loyalty to a whole new show.

Fans don't like being manipulated. Whenever will the tv networks realize that. They need to save their money and let the show go on. Isn't that the motto? The show must go on.

agnes said...

Oh by the by, I do like the Ed idea. At least we know he would show up everyday. lol

D. said...

Whoever they get, is fine by be. I really don't care who they choose, I just want to be entertain.

amory said...

I can't imagine how much money they would have to offer an actor to step into MP's spot. You would think they would want to save the bucks. You would think the actor or actress must be desperate to take the role.

I like Tim Matheson but not on this show. Not a good fit in mho. Keller is all that makes sense. She would be liked right away. Is she maybe working on another show? Anyone know what she is doing?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't make sense to me that a FBI unit would replace an older agent (who is not the leader) with another older agent. As far as maintaining the 'family' groove, it makes more sense that Morgan would step up into the parenting role than bringing in someone who is not aquainted with the group. I would prefer to see a new younger agent. My vote would go to Danica McKeller, I think someone mentioned her earlier. My greatest concern is that the show remains intelligent and focused on the work at hand, not becoming a prime time soap opera. I think Danica would be a fresh face, look great in a suit, and she is very intelligent as would be necessary for this position.

storm said...

One of these fantastic actors:
Dennis Haysbert
Kevin Bacon!
Famke Jansen
Jared Padalecki
Ron Rifkin
Ewan McGregor
Julie Benz
Lee Tergesen


D said...

Danica McKeller is more suited for Numb3rs

Anon A said...

Michael York, Peter Coyote, this is a tough one.

gracie said...

I agree with Ken about the show maintaining its focus and not becoming a soap opera. My concern is that the mere placing of a new actor within the team this soon will create a circus like appearance. The writers are wonderful but fans are going to make this into another Elle vs. Emily war and I think everyone remembers how much fun that was....NOT!

chris said...

Anon A: Peter Coyote died this year if I am not mistaken. Are we to replace Mandy with a dead actor?

Now that would be the rub.

I think a period of mourning or such is in order for the character. I remember the Katie character but not well enough to give an informed opinion. I will rewatch the episode tomorrow and come back to the thread.

For now I am sticking with leave the seat empty and I agree that Gideon must be killed off. There has to be a real end to his character.

katie said...

Well if we are truly throwing out names,which I think is a huge mistake, then I do believe that Simon Mirren is related to a very gifted and talented actress who would be perfect. Anyone know if CBS has a spare zillion dollars handy to use to hire Helen Mirren.

The headline could be...The Queen replaces the No Show....!

I don't fancy a replacement yet.

harriet said...

If we are thinking big then how about Ethan Hawke.

I'm voting with those who want an empty seat.

D said...

Anyone like the idea of having Ron Eldard??

D. said...

If I must say, NYPD Blue did not take mid-season to replace David Caruso. As soon as he left, the new character Bobby Simone played by the talented Jimmy Smits was introduced in the next episode. It worked out well, and he became the a popular character.

Most LIKELY, they will introduce the new character during November sweeps. Which I think is logical.

But for now, let's wait and see what Bernero and the rest of the crew have to offer, before going crazy and comparing this whole thing to the Elle/Emily debate. I actually liked Emily after she appeared. I did not really care for Elle. But that's me.

Whoever they choose, I am sure will be a great choice.

lawrence said...

If I am not mistaken D. Ron Eldard was in "Blind Justice" and he was good but he is not a good fit in my op. Isn't he a bit too middle of the road? Rather boring looking and his acting while alright doesn't strike me as versatile. I have no alternatives to offer so at least you are a jump on me.

Do we really want them to kill off Gideon? Rather drastic in my op.

jackson said...


I think history has shown that throwing a new character into a ongoing show usually doesn't work. I am sure there are exceptions but I don't think it will work here.

I do agree with you as far as having confidence in Mr. Bernero and the team but they will be told who they are getting. I don't anticipate them having a word to say about it.

That this isn't going to turn into an Elle/Emily thing I must disagree with you. It already has turned into a Gideon/? debate. That ship has sailed.

dearlydead said...

Now that Jayne Atkinson seems to be out of "24," is she going to hang around to torture Hotch for awhile?

Love Mary Page Keller but she is sooo stressed out. Want to see her have a fling with Morgan. A hot guy ten years younger than her, will lighten her right up.

Don't really want to see anyone new in there yet. Want to see the show without Mandy. Maybe they don't need anyone else. I would not be sorry to see more of the existing cast members.

P.S.Thank you, Shemar! ;)

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Smits (LA Law, NYPD BLue)
Hector Elazondo (spelling?) (Chicago Hope)
Tim Matheson (everything)
Richard Hatch (Streets of SFO and BSG)
Patrick Duffy (Dallas)

paula said...

When he joined NYPD Blue didn't they have Jimmy Smits like naked and/or having sex every other episode. No wonder people liked the replacement. I don't see Bernero allowing that on the show. Smits did keep his clothes on when he was on West Wing. He could add some spice to the show.

Tracy said...

I was looking thru some recently cancelled shows and came up with this list - not sure if these people are re-committed or not :

Matthew Perry
Lee Tergeson
Stephen Collins
Miguel Ferrer
Victor Garber
Eamonn Walker
John Mahoney
Steve Harris
Barry Bostwick

rayna said...

I really like most of the actors and actresses that have been suggested but I am sticking to my empty seat vote from earlier.

irma said...

Someone brought up the season ender. Hotch was in trouble and Prentiss is on the hot seat. That could be enough to keep us busy for awhile.

Is there anyway that Mandy could apologize and come back at this point in time?

stan said...

CBS liked to recycle. Look at how many actors and actresses from Judging Amy, which they canceled, have been guest stars. Who does CBS owe a show to? Anyone know who is their back pack waiting to have their contract completed?

nancy said...

Oh God Irma! I would think that is impossible. How do you walk yourself back from all that has happened?

I could readily accept Keller but anyone else makes it a whole new show. Who knows at that point.

Anon A said...

Chris, Unless Mr. Coyote died in the last few days I believe you are indeed mistaken. He is presently shooting a low-budget film "Adopt a Sailor" which should wrap in the next few weeks.

Rach said...

Okay, thought of a few names.

Michael Douglas could be cool for an older actor.

For some diversity, if they wanted someone a little younger too, Lou Diamond Phillips. He is fantastic in his Numb3rs guest appearences and was awesome on Psych two weeks ago.

Some others:
Morgan Freeman
Danny Glover
Benjamin Bratt

DayDreame said...

I happen to aggree with the folks that have mentioned Keith Szarabajka. He is a tremendously gifted character actor who would be a delightful addition to any show....why not make it this one?

Anonymous said...

Ooooh -- Hector Elizondo would rock.

slashgirl said...

irma asked:

Is there anyway that Mandy could apologize and come back at this point in time?

Personally? I think about the only way Mandy would get back on the show is over Ed's rotting corpse...and then they'd be looking for 6 new actors cus everyone else would leave in disgust.

Ain't gonna happen.

Jan and Quentin said...

Empty seat for half the season (or at least the first several shows) for me.

Or move Reid up to Asst. Asst. Director Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid.

D said...

Like I said before, they most likely will introduce the new character during November sweeps, which is fine by me.

Phoenix said...

I don't see a real need to re-cast immediately, but I'm glad that Geena Davis was just a rumor. I like Davis, but it would be unrealistic to add more women in this show, even a strong female.

But if it is decided to re-fill the role with a 'senior profiler', I think an excellent choice would be Hector Elizondo. He's a great, strong actor and would add some diversity...not to mention some irony.

Jan and Quentin said...

Jan: Quentin, why doesn't anyone ever get our jokes?

Quentin: Mom, they get them....

Mom, let's got to a bar and eat peanuts, ok? Reid will still get a bigger role. And all the other fantastic actors and characters on our favorite show! We don't need no stinkin' Gideon! (Wipes tears from Jan's face.)

D. said...

Hector Elizondo is committed to another CBS show: Cane

violet said...

d said:
Hector Elizondo is committed to another CBS show: Cane

So, it's a new show and from what I've heard it's not a great show. It could be cancelled within a couple eps. Nothing saying he couldn't come in as a mid season replacement.

Besides we're all just tossing around names here. I haven't seen you suggest anyone--and you're so sure they're gonna do it during Nov sweeps, why not tell us who it is, too? ;)

D said...

So, it's a new show and from what I've heard it's not a great show. It could be cancelled within a couple eps. Nothing saying he couldn't come in as a mid season replacement.

Besides we're all just tossing around names here. I haven't seen you suggest anyone--and you're so sure they're gonna do it during Nov sweeps, why not tell us who it is, too? ;)

I just said he was COMMITTED to another show. The previews of Cane look interesting to me. Since I like Jimmy Smits. Critics don't know diddly.

I have mentioned names, but that's of course in previous discussions.

And I didn't say I'M SURE it's going to be November sweeps. I said IT'S A POSSIBILITY. That;'s when the oooh's and ahhh's usually happen at the time. I think it's logical.

I don't know anything, JUST tossing out what I think when someone new will appear.

So please, don't get snippy

D said...

P.S. When I like an idea that has come up, I will repeat various times.

Sorry, a habit.

max said...

I think cool thoughts need to prevail here. All anyone is doing is speculating and voicing their opinions. It is certainly an interesting topic but not worth turning on each other. We don't usually even turn on the unsubs.

Sooner or later they will pick somebody. Some people will be happy and others won't. Whoever stays with the show does so and those who jump ship jump.

If it was an easy decision or situation then it would have been decided a few weeks ago. Obviously they are having a hard time finding someone they think it right for the show.

Maybe they will decide to leave a good thing alone. I have no idea. Sweeps week never means much to me. The show is good all the time.

Lee said...

I was really sad when Geena passed. I love her. Um Andre Braugher basically rules so I give him a thumbs up. I need to come back and revisit this when I think harder. Great post though!!!

Lee :)

Anonymous said...

I was really sad when Geena passed. I love her. Um Andre Braugher basically rules so I give him a thumbs up. I need to come back and revisit this when I think harder. Great post though!!!

Lee :)

Geena Davis is not that great of an actress. I only digged her on Beetlejuice.

Like 95% of the people threw a fit when they thought she was in the running to replace Mandy.

brokengrateful said...

My vote is for Bradley Whitford or Richard Schiff. Both have proven that they can be part of an ensemble cast and interact well without "egos" getting in the way. If they want someone more upbeat to offset Hotch, Whitford is the guy... if they want someone more like Jason Gideon, dark and mysterious, Richard's the guy.

Julia c said...

I'm in the Andre Braugher camp. The man is an amazingly versatile and subtle actor and he's an "actor," not a "star" and would fit in well with this wonderfully low profile cast of professionals.

Jan and Quentin said...

Julia C said:
"I'm in the Andre Braugher camp. The man is an amazingly versatile and subtle actor and he's an "actor," not a "star" and would fit in well with this wonderfully low profile cast of professionals."

But I'm concerned that they ARE looking for a "star" to replace Mandy. Not a soap actor, however worthy, or a wonderful character actor like Andre Braugher, extremely talented though he may be. I believe this will be a contest among a very small group of "name" actors and the rest will be shut out.

But then I'm in a bad mood, so please ignore my HO, which is probably not realistic, anyway. I have absolutely NO IDEA what TPTB are thinking.

Quentin: Mom, take a chill pill. Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

The very fact that people have asked if Mandy could come back is the reason the character of Gideon needs to be killed. He went back at some point to Chicago Hope and if Gideon doesn't die then everyone will be waiting for Mandy to come back.

Slashgirl's opinion on what would have to happen before Mandy could come back pretty much says it in my book.

I did like some of the names offered up. I think Martin Sheen could really add something great to the mix. Keller is a natural fit. Lots of possibilities. I hope they take their time and think it through really well before hiring the first one who shows an interest.

Face it folks. We are Gideonless.

blue said...

Hey, this question was asked at the website.
I was liking Craig T. Nelson, but I think he may be to old now.

I like C. Vance or Martin Sheen. but I would really like to see someone older not younger. or at least not younger then Hotch. And I still would like it to be a guy. but if the pic a gal - angela basset. Just my opinion

rebecca said...

Once I heard the news about Mandy leaving and them talking about replacements, the first person I thought of was Gary Sinise. Too bad he's on CSI: NY :(

I also think they need to just hold off and bring in someone later in the season than right away. It would also be fun and interesting to just see our 6 awesome actors to run the show for a while.

Just some other thoughts...

Jeff Daniels
Paul Gross... Loved him in Due South
Tommy Lee Jones would be interesting, but he's kinda older
Terry O'Quinn...did his character die on Lost?

Johanna said...

Andre Braugher - I would love to have him on the show.

respectanimals said...

As a Gideon fan, I would prefer they leave the seat empty for a little while, but eventually they have no choice but to bring in someone new, to fill the void he will leave. Whether the new character is male or female, isn’t as important to me as their experience level. They absolutely must replace an older experienced agent with another older experienced agent.

My first choice is still a strong female, although it has to be the right one, such as Mary Page Keller as Katie or maybe Margaret Colin or Christine Lahti (both of which are older, have done television before and have played strong characters). Going for a female character would depend largely however on how big a role Hotch’s nemesis is going to play in the next season. Personally I wish they would just forget all this political crap and go another way, but since that’s not likely, if Jayne Atkinson’s character is going to be a big part of the show, then that would be too many females on the show, so a male character would be a better way to go (unless they plan on getting rid of Emily anyway). A hardened male pain-in-the-butt type, like Agent Ryan, that would go in and piss everybody off and make everyone feel uncomfortable, could make for some very interesting scenes. I think Peter Coyote is a great suggestion. Jimmy Smits and Hector Elazondo were good too, but I believe they are on a new show already this season. Martin Sheen might not be too bad either.

The Boss said...

They should just wait. Deal with Gideon leaving first. That is going to be traumatic enough!!
Then wait and see how it works without him before casting someone else.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Liev Schreiber on the show. He did a fabulous job portraying Mike Keppler on "CSI" and could easily pull off a role on "Criminal Minds". :)

Anonymous said...

Ray Liotta

kathleen said...

I don't even want to think about a replacement yet. He is not gone yet. I am still watching him every Wednesday night. I sit and watch in a happy state of denial that he has left.

joyce too late said...

Eddie Cahill (CSI:New York, Det. Don Flack)...because he charasmatic like Gibson...AND HE DRESSES & IS HANDSOME LIKE HOTCH!!! We call him "Gibson's brother".

Lori said...

You all have great suggestions! I love the idea of Andre Braugher! He is intense and a great actor.

Obviously, they are taking their time to find the right fit, because the are still filming new episodes without that 7th person at the round table.

As much as I love the other actors, and agree that Morgan, JJ and Garcia need more screen time, I think they need someone with "the voice of experience" on their team to give guidance and to teach. A lot of what Gideon did was to teach them and the viewers on a weekly basis--like asking them to talk about about they different types of bombers or arsonists, etc.

My personal choice would be Patrick Stewart--I know he is British, and a former Enterprise Captain, but he speaks with the voice of authority. Just my 2 cents!

d said...

Anyone ever heard of Chris Potter?? The actor, not the singer. This guy SERIOUSLY needs a job.

robynterese said...

In addition to my suggestions, I've seen some absolutely wonderful suggestions on this blog, which include Glenn Close, John M. Jackson, Andre Braugher, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart. I also think that the gentleman who was the star of the "Equalizer" would be an excellent choice, though I can't recall his name either. I will look up his name and re-post.

My suggestions are:
1. Denzel Washington
2. The bald attorney from "Murder One" (I can't recall his name, presently)I will check for his name
3. David Caruso (would be great for crossover episides)
4. Regina Taylor
5. Alfre Woodard
6. C.C.H. Pounder
7. Lorraine Toussaint (my preference for a female role)
8. Pam Grier

I believe that the above actors have just the right balance of talent, intensity, depth and compassion to make them a viable candidate for the role of "head" of the BAU

robynterese said...

Hi again,

Further to my previous post, the name of the actor from "Murder One" is Daniel Benzali. Another actor from that series, the gentleman who played Richard Cross, would also be an excellent candidate.

The star of "The Equalizer" was a British actor, Edward Woodard; if he is still around, he would be an excellent candidate as well.

claus said...

I don't want somebody new. I looked at the names suggested and liked a few but for season four not three.

Anonymous said...

It's not what you want, it's what Ed Bernero & Company want.

emma said...

Well Duh Anonymous. Nothing like stating the obvious but everyone is still entitled to express an opinion since the thread is an open one.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone mentions Liev Schreiber!

respectanimals said...

Another suggestion would be Lance Henriksen. Henriksen could open up a lot of possibilities for the character, and due to his having played a profiler on the show Millennium, he’s already associated with that type of character. He could play a similar character to Jason Gideon, in that Lance plays dark and moody very well. He's getting a bit older, but that doesn't seem to be slowing him down any and he would most likely bring a lot of his fans to the show.

respectanimals said...

Or how about James Morrison, if he isn't returning to 24 next season? He's done a lot of television, and is about the same age as Mandy. I have liked him in everything I've ever seen him in. He's really good! He even guest stared on Millennium as a profiler once.

Kayryn said...

Victor Garber
Alan Rickman
Helen Mirren
Eugene Robert Glazer (La Femme Nikita)
James Morrison (24)
Rodney Rowland

Anonymous said...

Richard Dean Anderson!!!!


Everything has been said...I think they should keep his seat empty for a while, let the team mourn...put more of the others (REID OF COURSE!!!) and then find a new MALE character. Maybe a wise asian old man bringing some soothing pearls of wisdom...showing us that what does not kill us makes us stronger...I THINK WE NEED IT!!!


someone told Richard Dean Anderson...well, THIS is a good idea, I will even happily give upe the wise asian character!!!!!

Jeani said...

In other threads about this a lot of people are saying Liev Schreiber. I think he held his own in CSI but I'd like to see an actor along the same lines as Mandy going into the show.

Personally I'd like to see Ray Liotta :D

D said...

I was watching Pulp Fiction the other day out of bordem, and I realized WOW, I would love to see Harvey Kietel on the show! He's a great actor, and kinda a mysterious character.

frogdawn said...

This would never happen in a million years but wouldn't it be cool to have James Van der Beek? He was so awesome in Revelations -if he can convince me he's three completely different people in the blink of an eye, I betcha he could do a nifty FBI profiler personality. And lots of interesting possibilities with his "resemblance" to Tobias freaking Reid out a bit. Never happen but fun to imagine!

Debbie said...

Please, pleae Liv Schreiber. He's gorgeous!!!!!!! oh so gorgeous!! He would be so perfect to replace whom I really, really didn't like.

windycity said...

Oh Lord yes, Liv Schrieber. I strated watching again when he was brought in while Peterson was doing a play back east. OMG, I couldn't get enough of his scenes. Then they killed him off cause he was just prettyy and awesome to share the screen with Peterson. I stopped watching again. If they can get Liv Schrieber on Criminal Minds, the show would definitely have the #1 spot on my TiVo priority list. Oh Geez!!! Drooling over here.

Anonymous said...

I think Timothy Hutton would be a good choice. He does well in crime dramas and he can be a strong leading male. His wit,sensitivity and grit would fit well within the team dynamic

Dorianna said...

Lance Herkenson(forgive spelling)

Anonymous said...

Think it would be best to let series 3 run without a replacement until the last episode. I for one think the remaining cast members are all strong enough to carry it off until the right replacement is found.

Seng said...

Angela Bassett! This show needs a strong woman, mentally and physically.

Anonymous said...

How about Flava Flav or...hell...even Clay Aiken?

Anonymous said...

Dustin Diamond

Eldon said...

why does Reid walk with a cane?