Saturday, July 14, 2007


There have been several reports recently in the media about the Mandy Patinkin situation on Criminal Minds. Firstly, they are true -- Mr. Patinkin has left the show. What's troubling to us though, is that the reports tend to suggest or hint that the Producers, the Studios or CBS have something to do with what has happened. Phrases like 'maybe cooler heads will prevail...' and the like have been used. Let me make this clear: this is not about a contract renegotiation, this is not about money, this is not about something Mr. Patinkin asked for that wasn't provided -- in fact, everyone involved in the show has for two years bent over backward to give him ANYTHING he wanted.

Mr. Patinkin told the show, the studios and the network the he was returning right up to the day before we started shooting the first episode and then simply did not show up. He also has not contacted anyone within the show (producers, cast, crew) to explain why he isn't returning. Even to this moment, we have no word from him. He gave us no advance notice that anything was wrong, no oppurtunity to find a way to make the loss of this character work, no indication that we should be looking for someone else, no warning that we might have to rewrite the first seven scripts (which is how far ahead we try to work) without the central character in them. None. Zero. He was not, as some media reports have indicated, written 'lightly' in our first episode, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Because of the construct of the first episode story, he was actually in the center of that episode. He left us completely in the proverbial lurch.

As loyal fans of the show, we think you all deserve an explanation and I wish I had a better one to give you. The most amazing writing staff in television is working very hard to find a way to make this work and we will find a way to give you the organic, dramatic experience you expect from CM.

If I have new news I will provide it and if there are questions you have, Jill will provide a way to get the questions to us at the show and we will do our best to answer. If you hear a rumor, please ask us. I remain touched and humbled by the support you have all shown the show.

Thank you so much --

Ed Bernero


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Anonymous said...

I thought better of MP than to just not turn up. Unless there is a good reason that will come out in the future then I have lost a lot of respect for him.

Thanks Ed for being very honest with us, I know I appreciate it.

sherlockette said...

Mr Bernero,
Thanks for the information. While the news is very disappointing to the fans, I am sure it is equally disappointing to everyone involved.

We will have to trust that you will take care of us. Certainly we will let you know how we feel through the blog and the website.

Thank you for your excellent work and your response.

Cathy MN said...

I started watching because of Mandy Patinkin, but after 2 seasons, I love all the cast now. And I'll keep watching without him.

It's just sad that it happened this way, and I hope you can get the scripts organized to explain/deal with his absence.

Fireness said...

This is rather disappointing. This changes my opinion of MP drastically, which is a shame because he is such an amazing actor.

Lee said...

Ed this is incredibly unfortunate news. Please know that we are behind you 100% in whatever you need to do to make this work. I would like to say that Dr. Spencer Reid makes this show for me and as long as he is still a main character I think you'll still have a VERY strong fan following. Again, I am sorry for the situation which you all have been placed.


Elizabeth Bear said...

Thank you for your honesty, and the quick response.

I'm another one who was first attracted to the show because of Mandy Patinkin's presence, but after two seasons and a lot of what seems very bad luck courtesy of the Bad Fairy of Serial Drama, I have a lot of faith in the CM writing team, and I suspect you will manage this with the same grace and subtlety you always show.

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for giving us that info so quickly.

allie said...

I am shocked. I think it is going to take a few days to sink in. I started watching the show because of Mandy.

B.J. said...

Why would he do this? I don't understand. What is going to happen to our show? First Lola and then everything with Shemar that you won't let us talk about. Jill what is the show going to be know?

agnes said...

Shocked doesn't come close. Thank you Mr. Bernero for the timely news but it is horrible. Many of us are Mandy fans. How are you going to write him off the show?

Jill: Did you have any idea when you met him that he was unhappy?

Melanie said...

Very interesting.

I really appreciate Ed Bernero being honest with the fan base and writing the statement. Very respectable. I hope he keeps us updated.

cara said...

I have faith but wow.

janice said...

Chicago Hope and now this. Why? What in the world could he be thinking and what made him so unhappy that he would do this to all the fans that have supported him all these years.

khalid said...

Thank you Ed for the news but I have many many questions on what is going to happen with the show now. I will email Jill and she can help.

julia c. said...

Mr. Bernero,

Thank you for keeping the fans informed. I wish you and the rest of the team the best of luck as you juggle to make this work. We know it won't be easy, but you are just the team to pull it off.

Caitlin said...

Thank you Mr Bernero for being honest with the shows fans! I am disappointed that this has happened but I will continue to watch the show like I always have. I would have thought that Mr Patinkin would be a bit more professional than this. I hope you hear from him and that he reconsiders his decision!

D. said...

As much as I liked Mandy and all, the show can still continue withot him. I met get bitched at but whatever: One man does NOT make the show. This is an ensemble. The show will and MUST go on.

If Mandy does not return at all, I am sure they will find someone with much charisma and hopefully everyone will like. I have complete faith in the writers and the other crew.

Thanks Ed for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

What happens to Doubt? Does that get scrapped?

katherine said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for the timely announcement. I have been wondering about this since the news started posting about it on the internet.

What happens next? Please don't replace him so quickly like you did Lola. It was horrible for us fans. No offense to Paget because we love her now but it was too much too soon.

erika said...

Thanks for the 411 but it sucks. The news lately has been so negative. I received an email from Jill yesterday trying to boost my spirits and telling me that whatever happened it was still OUR show and we should remember that. She is right and you have my full support.

slashgirl said...

Mr. Bernero, thank you so much for giving us an update. I think it's incredibly giving and gracious of you to take the time during this crisis to keep the fans informed. It is truly appreciated.

I have faith that you and your wonderful writing staff, along with the rest of the cast and crew, will manage to weather this storm and come out shining on the other side.

As for Mr. Patinkin? I have to say that I find his behaviour highly unprofessional (although not completely unsurprising) and that any respect I might've gained for him over the past few years has pretty much disappeared.

Anyhow, as they say, the show must go on...and I'm certain that Criminal Minds will do just that--and be as good (or better) than it was before.

Again, thank you.

stacy said...

I wish I was shocked by he has done it again and walked. I am mad which is stupid. It is his business but I love the show and he just royally screwed us all.

I am sorry Jill. I know you hate negative sentiments on the blog but damn this really does suck.

siggen1 said...

Thank you, Mr. Bernero, for the honesty.
We truly appreciate that you level with your fanbase to the degree that you do with this.

I'm one of the few people that'd never heard about Mr. Patinkin before the show (I actually started watching because of Mr. Thomas Gibson), but nonetheless, I had certainly expected more from a distinguished actor like Mr. Patinkin.

This is incredibly disappointing, but I truly hope this can be worked out. I have great faith in the writers of Criminal Minds, and I love the show too much to give up on it because of something like this.

Thank you agan, Mr. Bernero.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero:

Thank you for breaking the news to us instead of us having to read it on the front of AOL. I appreciate as a fan the loyalty you have shown to all of us and to Jill who has done and cares so much for the show.


dana said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for your honesty and your integrity. I really just want to cry. I know you must think us all as just silly fangirls but as a mom of three watching the show is my really only me time. I love it. God Bless you and everyone associated with the show.

Ambra said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for getting this info to us so quickly. I, like many others, am shocked and disappointed by this latest development. I hope MP will give us some sort of explanation as to why he decided to leave in such a manner.

All my best wishes to you, the cast, writers, producers, crew, etc. during this difficult period of adjustment.

rayna said...

Mr. Patinkin owes us an explanation. I really think he does. I started watching the show because of him and then I found this blog and then the message board and yahoo group. I am pissed off. I really am.

tina said...

Thank you Ed for your candor and your compassion. You obviously have a soul. Perhaps you could teach Mandy to have one.

Lizapest said...

What can you say?
I feel for all the cast and crew of Criminal Minds right now who are worrying about their future. It seems selfish that MP would jeopardize their livelihood for no apparent reason without giving any kind of notice.
That being said I have faith in the writers and the remaining cast and their abilities to rise above this narcissistic act and bring us the high quality show that we have all come to know and love. I for one am planning to stick by this show and continue my support the exceptional work that do.
While many people were drawn to because of MP, they stayed around because they got to know MGG, KV, AJC, SM, TG, and now PB, and have fallen in love with their well-written and well-acted characters. I hope the executives at CBS see this blog and the many other fan sites that have rallied around this show and its individual actors and see that all is not lost. I hope they will allow enough time for the cast and crew to prove how amazing they truly are.
I want to extend a special word to the crew of Criminal Minds who are the most effected by this situation. I am so sorry that your futures are being so effected by one man’s ego, I can’t imagine the conversations that are taking place in your homes, plans whispered so that the children don’t hear about the uncertainty of the future. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

anne said...

I feel so bad for all the actors and crew who showed up for work like responsible adults. Now their job is even harder. Mr. Bernero: You are all in our hearts and our prayers and we will support the show till hell freezes over.

belinda said...

I hardly know where to begin. Thank you to Mr. Bernero for giving us the news himself through Jill. My heart is heavy for all the Mandy fans who must be in shock today. My best wishes to all who make the show for us. We love you all and we love you Jill and so we will just follow both of your leads and move on. He wanted off the show then we don't want him there. Time to take the trash to the curb and figure the rest out. All our love.

monroe said...

Is he ill? Could he be sick?

Lee said...

I would just like to say this.

There is one thing to be said for quitting your job. That is a personal choice and if done properly, completely understood. What bothers me is that Mandy waited until the last minute to say or do anything(or not say anything). I mean he even did the press tour with Shemar Moore. If he would have given some notice to the producers, the writers could have organized themselves and written his character from the show expertly. Now they are left scrambling. And now there are hundreds(I don't know how many people work on the show)of cast and crew members with an uncertain future, because one man didn't feel it necessary to give a leave notice.

I do hope that Mandy is okay health wise. But I will say that this was an incredibly unprofessional way for him to leave and I do hope other casting directors/producers think about this before ever considering him for another part.


katie said...

I trust the writers. I trust you Mr. Bernero. No worries. I will show up every Wednesday. I love the WHOLE show and ALL the cast.

Jill: Are you okay? You are so quiet.

june said...

What is going to happen to the show that was held because of Virginia Tech? How will they write him out? Is this going to be another Elle and nobody ever mentions the name Gideon again?

I am in shock!

kellie said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero. Thank you for the show we love and your trust and respect of the fans. Thank you for letting Jill hear it from you and not through a Google Alert. She works so hard.

Nita said...

Ed, thank you for prompt response to the rumors. You and the rest of the CM family have shown us time and again how you respect the CM fans.

There is no doubt in my mind that you, the rest of the writers, cast will pull this into the best season yet. We know you will put many longer, sleepless nights to accomplish this. Your fans are behind you all the way!

To the cast, we love you and are there for you, this sudden turn is comparable to a death of a loved one. While you adjust, remember your fans are here and support you!

Gube, you know your Gubelettes are totally behind you through this!!

Thank you again Ed, hang in there:)

mila said...

We still have Thomas, Shemar, Matthew, Paget, A.J. and our adored Kirsten and that is fine with me. He doesn't want us then we don't want him. Criminal Minds is the whole cast and crew and not just one man. Screw him. The joke is on him. We are going to have the best Season Three any show has ever had!!! Thank you Ed.

maura said...

Ed: Please send our love to all involved in the show.

Jill: We love you. If you need us to field emails or anything then all you have to do is ask!

Anonymous said...

The writers have come back and they are our biggest blessing so okay! We say goodbye to Mandy and move on.

Jan and Quentin said...

Echoing the others, Mr. Bernero, I appreciate your prompt and honest information.

I understand that Mr. Patinkin has suffered from depression in the past. Although it is no excuse, as a person with major depression (bipolar) myself, I know what it's like to behave erratically and suddenly not follow up on commitments. If this is the case for Mr. Patinkin, I hope he's getting the support and possible treatment that he needs.

As for the rest of our beloved cast and crew of CM, you have become our family. I hope whatever cavalry is out there shows up to help everyone put the pieces together. I'm sure that many of you have strong personal relationhips with Mr. Patinkin and have many various feelings about the situation. I hope all will be resolved quickly and to the remaining cast and crew's satisfaction.

Jamie said...

Mandy is the show, Ed, MANDY IS THE SHOW. And even though he didn't return, you know it, I know it, Mandy is the main feature of the show. You can probably pull it off for awhile without him (make him missing) but in the long run, it won't work unless you can get another actor who can pull the same range that Mandy's character can. You need a leader, but not only that an actor. That is the only way this show can survive... A better character and actor than Mandy's... Otherwise, it'll just get washed up in the sea of criminal oriented shows, you're competing with CSI and it's whole bunch of spin offs, Law and Order, Shark, Without a Trace, the other one with the guy from Jag. Make Mandy's character go missing. Do a cross over with Without a Trace.

siggen1 said...

One more thing:

I hope Mr. Patinkin, as well as his family, is all right and in good health.

If he, and they, are, I don't see what kind of excuse he has this kind of unprofessional behavior. Mr. Patinkin must excuse me if he does, indeed, have a valid reason not to show, but does he even realise what he does to all of us fans who were so looking forward to a new season?

We will adjust to Criminal Minds without him, but that doesn't mean that we want to, or that we will forgive him for leaving his castmates, the crew, writers, producers and all of us hanging like this.

Quentin said...

Quentin: Mom forgot to say that we're loyal viewers, no matter what.

Please write in Dr. Reid saying that families with happy collies (esp. with treats) watch 3 years more of quality crime dramas.

And I don't mind being a statistic.

D.D. said...

Mandy is the show, Ed, MANDY IS THE SHOW. And even though he didn't return, you know it, I know it, Mandy is the main feature of the show. You can probably pull it off for awhile without him (make him missing) but in the long run, it won't work unless you can get another actor who can pull the same range that Mandy's character can. You need a leader, but not only that an actor. That is the only way this show can survive... A better character and actor than Mandy's... Otherwise, it'll just get washed up in the sea of criminal oriented shows, you're competing with CSI and it's whole bunch of spin offs, Law and Order, Shark, Without a Trace, the other one with the guy from Jag. Make Mandy's character go missing. Do a cross over with Without a Trace.

Are you for real??? He is not the show. This is an ensemble. Not the Mandy Patinkin show.

You seriously don't have faith in these people to think the show won't last.

As they say: The show must go on.

And season 3 will kick ass.

That is surely ridiculous.

dearlydead said...

Sorry to see Mandy go, but I watch the program for the stories, Thomas, and Shemar (for all his alleged shortcomings). Life will go on.

Anonymous said...

As sad as I am at this news I would ask anyone who says that they are a mandy fan to undersatnd that, he always has reasons for doing things, and of course theri will be for this.We should not show no surport for him or suddenly leave our liking of him, for doing this, as for his health, yes we all have dark times, depression etc and that is what makes us human, give mandy a chance and see what he says.I shall still watch cm and show surport for it. a reply from mandy wil come soon, we all know that.

Anonymous said...

well is it too late for him to say he is sorry and come back?
If not, I fully volunteer myself to take his place, even though I am female and look nothing like him.
I still love the show (especially MGG)

Anonymous said...

he will have good reasons for this and we must surport the for his health issues etc, thats his affair and private.not for us to be rude and ask whats up in that area of his life if any.wait and see what mandy has to say,it will come we can be sure of that. and jill will show us what he says, as she seems a great fan of his as well as all of us.

marilyn said...

Thank you to the entire cast, crew and production company of the show and to Jill who keeps us informed for everything.

Mr. Patinkin's behavior is beyond the pale. I can think of no excuse to explain such unprofessional behavior.

I do have questions. I will email them to Jill.

immertreu said...

Thank you Mr Bernero for being so honest with us fans and telling us what's going on.

I mainly started watching CM because of Thomas Gibson but I can understand Mandy's fans who must be in shock right now. I can just repeat what the others have said: I have faith that you and the team, writers , cast and crew will manage this crisis. My best wishes for everbody who works on this fantastic ensemble show.

Screwed fan from Maine said...

This is not now nor has it ever been the Mandy Patinkin hour and I have been a huge fan of his for years. I have lost all respect for him. He has done a horrible thing to his fellow actors and all the people employed by the show. He has totally screwed us for a second time. I would not watch him on tv again if the Holy Father ordered me to.

robbie said...

Thank you Ed!

Thank you Jill!

Nice knowing you Mandy. You did a good job as Gideon but we will be just fine without you.

I have questions about what happens now. I guess from his announcement we are to send them to Jill. I do not have her email address. Can someone send it to me please.

Kris said...

Thanks for the update Ed. When I met Mandy on the set, he seemed like such a nice and compassionate guy. You never ever know what someone is dealing with in their personal life, so until Mr. Patinkin comes forward and speaks out on this, I will just hope that he has a good and justified reason for this.

You have an amazing team of writers workin on the show, so I know you all will be able to get through very gracefully.

I am still looking forward to a GREAT third season! Good luck!!

philly said...

Jill's email address is

She also has a yahoo one but when I emailed her there I received an auto reply saying she would answer emails later. I am sure she is under water with them.

Mr. Bernero: All my support, love and prayers to you and everyone! You won't lose viewers. We are here as long as you are there.

lostlucidity said...

This is my first ever comment, but I feel compelled to respond.

It's very sad news indeed, but I thank you, Ed, for giving us the news yourself.

I started to watch the show for the stories. At first I wasn't keen on getting involved in another one-hour drama because my time is limited, but this show pulled me in and wouldn't let go.

I don't think that one actor leaving needs to make or break the show, even though Mandy's character was very complex and fascinating to watch.

I will watch regardless and wish you all (including Mandy) the best in this most difficult time.

Anonymous said...

In all seriousness though I have a big concern for Mandy. Where is he and is he safe? The fact that no one has been in contact with him at all and he has no showed something important AND it is not like him makes me concerned that he is alright.
Last time someone famous surprisingly no-showed and didn't call anyone he was found dead with his wife and child (pro wrestler Chris Benoit) now dear God I am not suggesting anything like that is going on, but there is a concern here for me anyway that Mandy is first alright and safe.

elaine said...

How in the name of all things holy is someone stupid enough to leave a top 20 show!!!!! What a jerk he is and what a jerk I am for being his fan for the last twenty some odd years.

Kirsten: We love you and we have been sending Jill gifts for you for season three. Hang in there honey and give all your co-workers hugs from all of us!

Ed: Thank you!

Jill: Thank you!

Criminal Minds rules.

Jean said...

Thank you for being so honest with us, at a time when everything must be so difficult for you; the prospect of major rewrites at this late stage must be an horrendous prospect. It shows once again that you hold the fans in high regard.
There may be a very good reason for how things have turned out, if so, I'm sure you'll let us know in due course. I'm really sorry how things have turned out, but the show is bigger than individual personalities, and although it seems as though the character of Gideon is irreplaceable, these situations happen in real life and the team survives; as will Criminal Minds.

respectanimals said...

I think it's really incredible that Ed Bernero would take the time to make a statement to us fans. That is a really cool thing for him to do and I am very grateful to him, as all these rumors have had me very upset. I just hope we hear something from Mandy soon.

This just really sucks for everyone involved. I feel sorry for the folks over at CM, who have been left holding the bag and must be in a huge panic right now. I feel sorry for Mandy and I hope that he's ok. And I feel sorry for us fans, who were all looking forward to season three so much.

As for the prospect of CM without Mandy, like many others, I became a huge Mandy Patinkin fan because of his portrayal of Gideon and to be honest, I'm just not sure if I will enjoy the show as much without him. Having said that however, the writers of CM are really incredible and ALL of the characters have become important to me over time, so I will definitely give the show a chance, and see what they can come up with. Since all of the characters/actors seem to have a fairly good fan base, I would imagine that Mandy's leaving won't destroy the show, but for us Gideon fans, it's very disappointing.

franklin said...

I think he must have a reason but at this late date it is put up or shut up. Where is his statement???? He doesn't have one. He is a grown man with obligations. Grown men do what is right especially when they have been as blessed as he has been.

natasha said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for delivering the news to us personally. I appreciate it more than you will know. I hate that this happened but you have our complete faith and support. Cyber hugs to you all in this troubling and difficult time.

farrah said...

My best wishes, hopes and prayers go out to Mr. Patinkin. I hope his health is fine and I also hope that when he looks in the mirror the next time that he is able to stand himself. What a horrible thing.

CriminalReid said...

While a lot of people are upset with Mandy I am concerned about him. The fact is that NO ONE has heard from him and this is unlike him.
As I posted at the blog (anonymously) I am a prowrestling fan and this just haunts me of when Chris Benoit no showed an event which was very unlike him and NO ONE heard from him. We all know now that him, his wife and child are dead.
NOW I am NOT suggesting anything like that or close to that is happening here, but my first concern right now is that Mandy is ok and safe.
Jill, I know how high you held Mandy and my thoughts are with you too. We will still watch the show because there are many reasons we fell in love with it. Life will go on.
I do also feel for the cast and crew as Criminal Minds has been on an upward roll and they don't need scandal, or departures to fracture or ruin that for them at all right now.
As soon as you know Mandy is at least ok or that someone has heard from him please let us know as my first concern is for his safety and health.
Thanks for everything you do,

jenny said...

Well now what? I have so many questions. Please email me when you can Jill. I really love the show but would like some answers when you can.

Anonymous said...

we must wait and see whathappens time will tell and time is a great healler,as for those fans of mandys who have now said they do not know why they liked him etchow can you be ture fans when you desert someone in a time like this.mandy gave and gives his all to any part he plays and. do's press things for the shows his in an other publicity thngs after a while it all takes it's toll and this maybe the case, if you are as multi skilled in your career as ,mandy singing, acting etc etc, then you will need to take a break etc, I am sure that mandy will have gone over this with his family,as it is a big thing to talk about, as well as to talk with his agent and advisers , legal and others. .

Lin said...

Let me add my thanks to Mr. Bernero for sharing this information with us. I really appreciate it. We're with you, Ed, and all of the cast and crew. And I believe in the writers. I truly do. Sending you gallons of cyber-coffee and pounds of most excellent cyber-chocolate to get your through.

(My husband thinks you should recruit Kate Mulgrew. You'll have to pry her out of Cleveland, but she's lived here a couple years now; it might not be that hard.)

As for Mandy, I hope he is safe and well. My heart was broken when he left Chicago Hope, and it wasn't until much later that we found out why. Whatever the issue is, I wish him well.

shakira said...

Obviously we are being allowed to say anything we want so here it is:

So far this month: Shemar has a DUI, he has nude pictures posted, Mandy has quit........but you and Simon Mirren have graced us with your participation on the Criminal Minds Fanatic message board.

This has been a confusing few weeks. Really it has. Okay so here is my take on all of it:

Shemar: Great body babe! You are my hero! The owned up to it like a man and I respect that. I trust your mom had lots to say to you about it and we won't see that again. F-U Mandy. Thank you Ed and Simon for being with us on the message board.

We love the show and all the actors. Try to enjoy your weekends and then come out fighting hard on Monday. You are the best and we know it.

gracie said...

Okay! We need a dose of KV!

CriminalReid said...

ok I just equated it this way with my niece who is young but very smart, she asked me why I was sad and why I would still watch the show

It is like Disneyland being without Mickey Mouse, I would still go to Disneyland because there are still many great wonderful things to see and do.

Let's remember that as stupid as it may sound.

anna from germany said...

Thanks Mr. Bernero!

I really do not know what to write. I usually just lurk. I am so sorry this happened. I love Gideon but the show is wonderful and I will keep watching. I just will really miss him. It was a nasty thing MP did. Many people say maybe he is sick but then he should have told you and us. I think he owes us the same respect that you have shown us today. Thanks you and God bless you all.

alice said...

In response to anon who just posted, I do not think Mr. Bernero would have issued his statement if there was a chance of this working out. I fail to see an exceptable reason for such disgustingly selfish behavior. My thoughts remain with the rest of the cast and crew. We stand with you.

clara said...

Okay I am going to come straight out and ask the question many of us are skirting around. Where are you Jill and why aren't you saying anything?

Sonia6349 said...

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Mandy Patinkin has done this. I have faith in the writers and producers of this show to make the best show they can, but, I am really disappointed in Mandy.

I have supported his career since 1979 when I saw he in "Evita" (yes, I have the ticket stub to prove it!). He has been labeled "difficult" since they he stepped into rehearsals for that production.

I have seen every movie (good and bad) and I have seen every Broadway production (ditto) he has been a part of.

I had hoped events in his life and age had matured him and given him perspective. Apparently, that is not true.

For the first time in my life, I am ashamed to call myself a fan of his.

When a lead actor does this, it causes a chaos that is hard to imagine if you have never been part of a major production. I've been in the position that the Criminal Minds production faces now and I remember the way it made me feel. The AWOL actor has looked cast, crew, writers and producers in the eye and called them "family" only to betray them. Lives have been turned upside down, feelings have been hurt and jobs are now in jeopardy.

I hope he reconsiders his actions and attempts to return to the production ASAP.

Thank you, Mr. Bernero for your honesty with the fans. It is rare in entertainment to find a producer that is truly concerned about what the fans are thinking.

Anonymous said...

sure that jill will speak when she is ready for alice comments about the anon,saying that mandy is selfish etc,A good friend of mine saw him in concert recently and he made her feel so specail,she had just ben told she has brain cancer and she has a short time left, mandy took the time to talk with her and took her details, several days latter, she got a call from mandys rep, and tickets fro concerts near by her,plus flowers were that is a man that cares and who is not selfish etc.

craig said...

Could this be a pay issue? A ploy on his part to get more money? It doesn't sound like it from Mr. Bernero's announcement. I am in shock and don't know why. The press about the problem with MP has been all over the internet. I guess I just thought it would work itself out. It will be fine. The show must go on---isn't that the line?

seriously mad in canada said...

PLOY? Are you kidding. He has done this before. I am shocked that I am even shocked. I have nothing but respect for Mr. Bernero's handling of this situation. Thanks go out to him and hugs to all of those hard workers who must now clean up Mr. Patinkin's mess. What network will ever hire him again? None that I will watch.

Laurel Krahn said...

Possibly a silly question, but has anyone heard from Patinkin?

Much as it would suck if he's not showing up on purpose, it would suck more if something bad had happened to him that kept him from reporting in.

brooke said...

Mr. Bernero: Our hugs and love to all of you. We are all confident that you will rise to this challenge and do us proud. Of that I have no doubt.

To all my CM friends: We are going to be fine. The news sucks but he is just of a fine group of actors.

Personally I am more impressed with the great gift I mailed to Jill today for Kirsten. I am going to concentrate on the good and forget about the messy.

Mandy: A reasonable person would have already explained such disgraceful behavior.

Jill: We love you!

Ambra said...

I just want to echo what others have said. Right now, I'm concerned that Mandy has not contacted anyone involved with the show, especially since it seems he had been talking to people right up until the day before filming was supposed to start. Every interview I saw with him, he talked about how much he loved doing the show, despite the physical and emotional stress. It saddens me to see all the "Mandy bashing" that is going on right now; yes, as a fan of the the show and his, I'm upset at the moment, maybe even a little angry, but I will reserve my final judgement of the situation after I've heard his side of the situation. What's important now is letting those involved with the show know they have our support as fans and we can do that without resorting to name-calling and hateful words.

slashgirl said...

Where is Jill? She's fielding the dozens, if not hundreds of emails she's gotten since this hit her blog. She also has a life and commitments outside of this blog and CM fandom. Commitments that don't go away even in the face of such important news.

Have you not considered that this news has hit her hard--she's a huge Gideon fan--and that maybe, just maybe, she's not ready to make a comment yet? When she is ready and has something to say, she will post, until then, she's providing us with a forum to air our thoughts and feelings about what has happened.

As I said, when she has something to say, Jill will then make a comment. Thank you for your understanding.


danielle said...

If he is sick surely his publicist or agent would have contacted someone to let them know. I think the silence is rude in the least.

If we were dealing with an actor that had no done this before it would be different but this is a big DITTO in my book.

I am going to bash Mandy. I will thank him for the past two seasons and for being the reason I started watching in the first place. The show is great. I love it and I think I will take my lead from Brooke and going shopping for my season gift for Kirsten. I bet our Kirsten showed up on her first day with a smile on her face and a lift in her step!

fiona said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for your honesty. You are so special to all of us. Please know we have faith in you. Please kiss and hug all of the cast and crew. We love you all.

alliane from spain said...

Thank you Ed for the announcement and the ending of our wondering about what was happening. Thank you very much.

Becky said...

This is unfortunate. I think is is completely, and utterly unprofessional but...I think the show can survive without him. I adore all the characters (mainly Spencer Reid) and would welcome the third season even without Mandy. I know the writers and producers are absolutely fantastic and as hindering as this situation is looking to be, I'm sure the other actors can strive to make it the same show (er, sort of the same show) we know and love. I for one, will still be tuning in with anticipation come the fall.

This is a sad situation, I'm sorry something so detrimental is happening.

eva said...

I bet this did knock her for a loop. I can't imagine how many emails she has received and now I feel bad because I have already sent her two myself from my group in Germany.

Ed: I have complete faith in all of you. We are going to be there to watch every episode. Promise!

mona said...

Mr. Bernero: It is us that stand humble to you for your loyalty to fans, for the wonderful work you do, for the manner in which you conduct yourself. You are a class act. Thank you for your statement and the way in which you choose to make it. Once again you have shown an incredible amount of loyalty to us and to Jill who has done so much for all of us to help promote the show. You will never know how much she does. All the gifts she sends us. All the questions she has answered from us newbies. When I found the show after the Super Bowl I could not afford to buy the Season One DVDs and she bought them and sent them to me as a gift. You both show the type of dedication and honor that seems to be lacking right now from Mr. Patinkin. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that I am so surprised, but in a good way, that a Producer of a hit television show has decided to deliver such a strong message through the fans. Wow Mr. Bernero thank you so much.

I would also like to add that I am a huge Matthew Gubler fan and I will continue watching this show as long as his character is delivering.

Anonymous said...

I am and always will be proud to be a fan and admire work and career of mandy patinkin and feel sure in my heart of hearts, that mandy will issue a statement be it from his agents office or himself and wait like others to hear it as we all do.I feel sure he is ok and will comfirm it himself, to mand we ture fans care about what you do and will be theri to show our surport for you now and in the future.

jolie said...

Thanks Mr. Bernero. Thank you and all your writers, staff and crew. Thank you to the actors we all love so much. Thank you to CBS for the show. Thank you JD.

eden said...

Glass half empty or half full. We are always complaining that we never get to see as much of Shemar as we would like to but this week we got to see a whole lot of him. I am still smiling. Shemar: We love you. You are the reason for the season for so many of us. You can step up and fill the void. We know you can. We love you babe! We really do and as long as your smiling face is on the show I am there with you every week.

slashgirl said...

To everyone who says we should wait and hear from Mr. Patinkin: He's had several days to make a statement and has chosen not to do so.

Regardless of the reason he did this--his behaviour and treatment of the people at CM/CBS is truly unprofessional, immature and unacceptable. If he was unable or unwilling to call in himself, he does have an agent who can call on his behalf.

There is absolutely no excuse for what he's done nor the way he's behaved.

I can assure you all, that had any of the other cast members pulled this same sort of thing--I'd feel exactly the same way.

Mirra said...

I feel that the rest of the cast of Criminal Minds are able to step up and fill the void that Mandy left. Thomas Gibson has already proven himself to be a strong actor and everyone got to see Matthew Gray Gubler's awesome job in Revelations and subsequent episodes. I know Kristen is chomping at the bit for a bigger part and she deserves it.
Maybe this announcement will give Matthew and Kristen the chance to really shine in season 3

ginger said...

The excellent work done to produce the show never was the work of one person. The heart and spirit of this show has always been the writers and as long as we have them then we have everything we need!

Shame on you Mandy. I am ashamed of you and for you. Thank you Mr. Bernero for having such a big heart. We love and stand beside you.

Lola said...

Thank you Ed for your honesty. It's nice to see you respect the fans of CM so much that you let us to be the first ones to know these odd news.

All I have to say is that as unexpected as these news are, I don't think this will affect much on the popularity of CM. We all know that there are many interesting characters that will make the series beyond the all others.

Just keep up the good work, we'll be there for you!

shemarsgirl said...

First, I have to say I hope nothing bad has happened to him like finding out he has a disabling disease or even fatal one, that he feels he needs to just be with his family. If that is so, he needs to have someone say something so bad conclusions are not drawn about him. He will totaly have our support! But...

If not, 'disappointed' is not enough to express how I feel. I would have never guessed MP was one of those 'difficult' actors. I say shame on him for turning his back on the viewers, the very ones who put him in the position he's in in the first place! I HATE people that think that much of themselves! And, IF that is true, good riddance!

It will not be the same, but I will still watch the show.

Anonymous said...

to all the cm fans all over.keep calm ,pass no judgement.please.I can understand, where evryone is comming from,but should mandy be unwell or have a family illness or whatever the ture reason and his reasons for all this ,just sit and wait and hear what he says, when he is ready.I know it has been days since all this happned,but if their were a good reason and it was one that mandy needs tiem to deal with, then allow him to do this and do not say things that any of us may regret, mandy has my surport in what he may want to say and I shall carry on surportng his career and going to his concerts as well.

olivia said...

I hated reading your message but I appreciate your statement and your honesty. When Jill came back from visiting with you she posted that the true highlight of the trip was meeting and talking with the writers. She wrote about meeting the behind the scenes people with great love and admiration. I fully am putting my trust and faith in all of those people. I wish you nothing but great success and if it is even possible it seems to me that the way you have handled this situation has made me love the show even more. That is a very hard thing for a woman who has seen more Mandy Patinkin concerts than she would ever care to admit to write but it is true. So thank you and may your days become easier and we are ready for Season Three.

CriminalReid said...

some questions:
Some people have mentioned that Mandy has done this before? When? I know he left Chicago Hope but he did not no-show in that situation.

nnumber two : I thought it was announced that Mandy signed a few years long contract for Criminal Minds, if he doesn't return to the show he will be owing them some money for breach of contact.

number three: What are these pictures of Shemar that everyone is talking about?

number four: Has anyone claled the police to say that Mandy is in fact in my opinoin missing?

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ed.

Anonymous said...

This is very shocking! It wont be the same without him.

frogdawn said...

Mr. Bernero thank you so much for your statement and for being so open and honest with us. It means a lot. While I feel a bit shell-shocked, the incredible quality of Criminal Minds and everyone involved with it is keeping me afloat - if anyone can cope with the massive wrench in the works this must be and turn it into something amazing, it's you guys. I hope you can feel the tidal wave of love and support headed your way.

Lee said...

I've been sitting here for 5 hours reading these comments and I HAVE to go get something to eat, but I want to exit on this note.

Whether or not Mandy is ill, his family is ill or what have you, he put A LOT of families in a bad position in making the decision to literally just NOT show up for work. 7 scripts have to be rewritten people, thats playing with fire in such a short time frame. Some of these crew members live paycheck to paycheck and have families to support. What if god forbid this doesn't turn out positive. A LOT of people are going to be in a bad spot because one man felt the need to wait until the last minute to speak up(or not speak at all).

I do hope Mandy and his loved ones are all well, but I really think this was BAD judgement on his part. He was being very selfish.

Oh and by the way, I highly doubt he is missing or anything like that. I'm sure his agent or someone has been in contact with him.


jazz said...

Criminal Minds is a great tv show and we are all loyal fans or we would not be here but I am so impressed Mr. Bernero that you took the time to speak to us. I find it refreshing that in a business such as yours that is notorious for being cut throat and dirty you are such an honorable person. No wonder the show is so good. You make it that way. Thank you for your hard work.

Nita said...

Working with the clients I do, when there is such a sudden change in behavior, there is a cause for concern.

Ed, I stated before, you ALL have myself and rest of fans support. Thank you again for taking time to clue us in on what is happening. You did not have to do that, but hugs to you that you did. Jill, thank you for everything you do and having this avenue for communication.

I cannot in good judgement speak ill of someone when we do not know all the facts. Let us just hope that Mandy and his family are in good health and safe.

maddie said...

I am so confused on what to think. He did do this before but he explained. He is a cancer survivor. Is he sick again? But if so why not let the show know. I love the show. We'll be okay with this. We survived losing Lola and she was the reason I started watching the show to begin with.

meaghan said...

I am so glad that the crap that was being written about money and all of that has been cleared up. I hate Ausiello or however he spells his name. The crap he wrote yest. he should choke on. I mean no ill will to anyone but if Mr. Bernero had not told us the truth we would NOT know and that stinks. I love this blog but it is a crying damn shame that a fan owned blog is really the only place you can trust anymore to get accurate and truthful information. Thank you Ed and thank you Jill. xoxoxoxxo

Tamara said...

Whatever the situation, I’ll be eagerly tuning in next season.

For all the ‘star power’ Mandy Patinkin is said to have, Gideon is still only one element of the show. And in my (humble) opinion, he’s nowhere near the most important.

Criminal Minds takes everything I loved about CSI about ten steps further – the team-as-family metaphor, the layers and parallels in the storytelling, the multi-dimensional, ever-evolving characters.

I love Hotch’s struggle with whether he’s a father first and an agent second, or the other way around.

I love that Reid is allowed to be the socially complex geek that he is, that he’s growing and changing without being polished into a typical TV hunk.

I love that JJ somehow manages to be something of a ‘small town girl’ one minute and a ‘tough chick with a gun’ the next -- and somehow the two mixed together turn into a fascinating young woman who isn’t quite sure what she can handle.

I love those ‘order has been restored, but at what cost to our heroes?’ scenes on the jet just before the credits roll. I love the character dynamics among the team members…

And that’s just what comes to mind at the moment.

I love a great many things about Criminal Minds. And if Mandy Patinkin is no longer going to be one of them, good riddance.

“The show must go on” -- and my admiration and respect go out to everyone working to make that happen under these circumstances.

I’m so excited to see where it all goes, with or without Gideon.

Thanks for taking the time to keep us informed.

shemarsgirl said...

Thank you Ed for showing true interest in us "loyal" viewers.

Thank you Jill for being the mediator.

ED: We are still there for you no matter what. We have faith in you and know that this season will be even better than the last! Could you please consider giving KV more air time? DO NOT let her 'hook-up' with a team member but keep that banter coming! It would be cool if she had a stalker and the rest of the team had to save her! ; ) Yes??

Anonymous said...

Mr Bernero thank you for keeping us informed and for promptly telling all the fan's of CM the sitiuation. we are all behind you and the cast and crew 100%. We are all looking forward to season 3.

cheryl said...

Thank you for the quality show.

Thank you for your loyalty to us.

Thank you for your honesty.

Thank you for all the things you do in a day that we don't even know about.

I agree with the person who posted that you are a class act Mr. Bernero.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being honest with the fan's. I enjoy Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr Spencer Reid.I hope there is a good reason for Mandy not showing up. I and all the other's are looking forward to season 3.

monica said...

It is always nice to know the truth. Thank you for telling it to us. I add my thanks to everyone who has posted before me.

I too am new to the show and I am in shock at reading Mona's post about the DVDs because she did the same thing to me last month. I barely mentioned in an email that I would have to wait to buy them till Christmas time money came in and she asked for my address. I thought she was going to send me a picture but instead I received new season one dvds with a note welcoming me to the CM family. I can never thank her enough. I feel bad Slashgirl that she is being so quiet. I am worried she is upset and not just busy. Has anyone actually heard from her?

Thank you Mr. Bernero. Sorry I was side tracked but I am just bowled over by all of you.


(and also you have the best fans in the world...)

Lori said...

Geez, I am away from e-mail and internet for a day and I come home to find out about Mandy leaving the show!!

First, Jill, you have my love and friendship. I know you have been deluged with e-mails and calls, about this and have been worried and trying to get news about this situation for a couple of days. And know that, like me, you are a big fan of Mandy's this has to be a tough time for you--I am just flabergasted about this news.

Second, to Mr. Bernero, thank you for contacting Jill to give us this news--even though it was something we didn't want to hear. You are a classy gentleman and I thank you for your concern about the show's fans.

I will continue to watch CM as avidly a before, but be saddened by the loss of MP in the cast. As do many of you, I love the rest of the cast and my thoughts are with them, the producers, writers, casting directors, and crew as you all try to move past this.

I am torn between being mad at MP for doing this and being concerned for him, which I am sure is the state that most of his fans are in right now.

Anonymous said...

(and also you have the best fans in the world...)

Okay. I love Matthew and all.

BUT IT'S the CAST and writers and Bernero that make the show. Sheesh. One man can't be the focus of everything.

It's an ensemble.

Anonymous said...

I think/hope this will all turn out to be a blessing in disguise. I have faith that the writing team could make a great arc out of this.

I intially started watching this show for its content not for MP. I have however fallen for Mr Gray Gubler;-)
I wont pretend to know why he's done this or judge him for it but i believe you will still have a great show with a supportive fan base.

You will still have me as a loyal viewer when season 3 airs.


Jan & Quentin said...

I've taken some time to think and feel this through:

...with Gideon
...without Gideon
...with Gideon
...without Gideon

Conclusion: I don't much care. It's an ensemble show, and I have every confidence that the excellent writing team will pull plot bunnies galore out of their hats even without the character. They just have to do it really, really fast, unfortunately.

As to a new "Gideon" type character, I agree w. what someone said earlier; I'd love to see a strong woman working in tandem with Hotch. And as someone else said, not too soon. Give us all some time to catch our collective breaths. As much as I'm growing to like Emily, she came on much too fast after Elle's departure.

It'll all be okay. I'm primed for S3!

kara said...

I appreciate Mr. Bernero clearing up the erroneous news displayed on the internet. It was sounding like the Studio was forcing Mandy out and it is nice to know the truth even though it is upseting. I always tell me kids that the truth is always the best. You can deal with the truth. It is lies that shake you up. Thank you Ed!


have toyed all day trying to write the perfect statement to explain an imperfect situation and have come to the conclusion that sometimes perfect is not attainable. So instead I have decided to just lay it out in the open:

1. Mr. Bernero contacted me out of genuine care and concern for the fans of the show. He felt, as I did, that the rumors that were swirling the internet were misleading and apt to be of genuine concern to the fans. They were also completely false and he felt he owed us the truth because we are so loyal to the show. He had nothing to gain from this. He is a very busy man but his compassion and appreciation for the fans of this show is very strong.

2. Mandy Patinkin, and I have it now heard this from two very different reliable sources, is not missing as some of you have expressed fears about but rather while he has spoken with others he has not spoken with the show or explained to anyone his reasons for leaving. So rest assured he is not missing in action.

3. On a private note today has been dreadful for me. It is sad to lose respect for someone you held such high esteem for in the past. You will really never know the tears I have shed today over this but I show up for work everyday or I call in sick because people count on me. If I don't do my job it affects others. I cannot wrap myself around ANY reasonable explaination that Mandy could give at this point to explain this to my satisfaction. If he is ill then of course my prayers are with him as they would be with anyone who is ill. But you make a phone call or send a fax.

4. In the past I have done some things for some fans that are now publically thanking me on this thread. While I appreciate the sentiment I would like that to stop. What I do privately is meant to be private. It comes from my heart and it needs to stay in yours but thank you for wanting to mention it.

5. So now we move on without Mr. Patinkin. Okay. I want you all to remember something I have always said. The show is nothing but not for the writing staff. We have on our show the greatest group of writers writing for tv today. I promise you that. Before my trip to the set I made it very clear that I had to meet Mandy and this one and that. When I was being driven back to the airport I told my CBS contact that as fun as that was my time with the writers was the best part. Isn't it surreal that the people I never ever mentioned wanting to meet made the biggest impression on me. When I asked to come back to the set I asked if I could visit with the writers. Andrew Wilder is brilliant to speak with. Honest, passionate about the show, absolutely brilliant. Speaking with Aaron Zelman was just plain fun. They are all still here and I have full faith and confidence in all of them. Our Producers are the best in the business. Talking with Simon last week and Ed today only reaffirmed my impression of their commitment, talent and passion for this show and their genuine appreciation for the fans.

6. In my guest room are letters and gifts for the cast and crew that I have been receiving the past few weeks. We love them all. We lost one and nobody is going to imply that this isn't going to be hard. It is hard for me but here is my plan:

I am firmly placing my trust and faith in the remarkable people behind our show. I am going to thank Mandy for his past service to the show and wish him well in the future. Nothing is ever worth wishing someone ill will. I am going to keep promoting the show and blogging because this event does not change my feelings about the show. And maybe later I will have a few more tears. Thats okay too.


Oh and one more thing: All those topics that were not supposed to be discussed on the blog but were today were exceptions made on an exceptional day. The private lifes of the cast is off limits again tomorrow though I will admit that one of the few times I have smiled today did concern Shemar. I love him too and just so you all know.....I didn't look!

blue said...

So, they have not heard from him at all? Well, maybe he is sick or missing. I confused.

Has anyone been able to contact him. I still will watch this show. I started watch because of Shemar. And by the way, things are not as bad as they seem with Shemar. Mandy on the other hand, I would wait for a explanation before I start losing respect and dissing him. I was going nuts over Shemar, and it turn out to be not much at all.

Mandy may very well have a good reason for not showing up. I will miss him, but I can think of others who could fill in to make the group complete. Maybe they could write Jason as a missing FBI agent, then later found him (should he come back) or his body and solve the case as a victum of some unsub.

Anyway, who do you think could fill in until Mandy/Jason character is resolved? My vote: Samuel L. Jackson, Angela Jolie father, I can't think of his name now, or maybe a female like Emiliy's mother played by Kate Jackson.

Ps. I'm not try to replace Mandy necessary, just thinking of a fill in. Thomas Gibson could probably carry the load for Mandy's absense.

Oh, btw, Thanks Mr. Bernero, most producer would not do what you have so graciously done for fans, I don't think. Thanks again.

Nova said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for taking time to keep us posted, I have more and more respect for you and the show during this trying time. I pray that Mandy is OK as I am a huge fan of his and I feel he must be sick to have let the show down.

I am still a loyal fan without MP, and hope you show more of Kristen, AJ and LATE NITE WITH SHEMAR!

My prayers are with Mandy and the entire crew.

nicole r. said...

I can't imagine what your day has been like or what the studio must be facing. I hope that sometime in the future MP decides to stand up and explain himself. Everyone deserves at least that much.

rosie said...

I am not worried about the show but I am extremely disturbed by Mandy's obvious lack of work ethic. The show will be great. I am just so very sad about his behavior.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Patinkin owes me no explanation, no apology. Perhaps his work mates deserve more, but this is between them, and is not my business. I have always appreciated his talent and nothing has changed that.
Mr. Bernero went above and beyond any obligation to his audience addressing this as he did. I respect that.
Jill, as always, has remained first class.
I hope this news does not change the temperment of this blog or the website. This has always been an intelligent and respectful group. It would be a shame if this news erodes that.
I will go on to appreciate CM, I will look forward to Mr. Patinkin's next project.I will look forward to intellegent discourse about a superior television show and its characters.

Debbie said...

Mr. Bernero,
Thank you for telling us what is going on. CM is one of the best programs on television today. It keeps us on our toes intellectually and touches our hearts. I'm saddened to know that one of the cast will not return, however, that does not change my feelings about the program. It is one of the few programs I watch these days because the writing is smart and the acting is brilliant. Of course, I have my favorite character/actor, Dr. Reid/Matthew Gray Gubler, but all of them make the show outstanding. The loss is stunning but it is nothing that will ruin the show. Last season's ending had me expecting something like this anyway. Take heart. The fans love you all and appreciate your work. We are behind you 100 percent. I am eagerly awaiting season 3 and many, many more beyond it.
Thank you.


Blue: Let me repeat that Mr. Patinkin is not missing. He has been in contact with people but not with the show and no explaination has been given to anyone at the Studio. He is not missing. He is just silent.

Anonymous said...

I think that Mr. Bernero is really classy to share this information with us. I have felt before like this blog was getting the "inside scoop" from him and as the rumors started swirling, I was a little disappointed that this wasn't "the" place to get the straight scoop. I can see now why no comment was offered before now. There must have been, until the end of the week, some hope. But this blog is still the place to get the best information. Thank you to Mr. Bernero and to Jill for keeping us accurately informed.

Will CM go on without MP? Of course it will. The team of writers is tested and proven. This will be a major hurdle for them, but I'm sure they can do it. The way last season ended makes it really pretty easy to explain Gideon's permanent absence. How much trauma can any one person take in their lifetime before they retire to a quiet place?

And the cast is similarly sterling. There are "old" hands like Thomas and Shemar -- not old in years, but with a lot of television experience. And there are "new" hands like Kirsten and Matthew who bring such great freshness and enthusiasm. With our other ladies, I'm sure they'll be great in the future.

Ans us fans? We'll still be here, cheering you on, every Wednesday night. Promise!

frogdawn said...

to the writers:
CHOCOLATE (that's my emergency fuel - let me know if you need any and I'll send some!)
maybe a nice ADULT BEVERAGE after everything settles down? (I don't drink so I'm guessing here . . . )

and Jill:
you're awesome hang in there

Please let us know if there's anything we can do to help

toni said...

The show is going to be fine. I loved Gideon but maybe a change will be a good thing. Most of us disliked Paget at first and now we love her. Lets just take it all in and watch out repeats and wait for the new season.

Ed: We know it will be great.


While speaking with Ed it became very clear to me that CBS and both studios, CBS Paramount and ABC Television have been unbelievably supportive during this difficult time. Corporations take a hit, especially in entertainment, but they have really been wonderful to Ed, the cast and the crew and have nothing but the show and the show's fans in mind. I already knew that from my previous dealings with them but listening to Ed really reinforced that for me. I hope they also know that we support them and appreciate everything they do for everyday. Quality breeds quality and CM is quality. :)

Anonymous said...

Shemar's DUI charges were DROPPED! I made the best one of the nude photos my computer screen! Mandy will be missed, but Chicago Hope went on many years without him. Life goes on.........

Lin said...

I'm with Jan -- if they're going to replace Gideon, I hope they'll wait just a little bit. However his absence is explained, the team will need time to mourn and adjust.

And so will the fans.

On the other hand, I can totally see that bit-- er, woman who was trying to get Hotchner fired sticking the team with a senior profiler from the other team "temporarily". And then Emily would have to decide if she should warn him that the "temp" is probably his replacement ... hmmmm, the possibilities.

I've been trying to decide if I think Gideon actually needs to be replaced or if the remaining cast could manage as they are. I'm still up in the air on that one. I think I'd be happy either way. Trusting the writers again.

Jan and Quentin said...

We just want to see the smart, sexy and creative BAU team find unsubs.

Just so long as Physics Magic is involved. Otherwise I'll have to watch "[bad movie w. MGG in it for 45 seconds]" again, and please, not that!

stewart said...

TV Guide just posted that Mandy is returning to the show. What the hell is happening here?

jamie said...

I also just read that. If he is coming back for an episode to close his storyline then why were we not told about it. Why does tv guide have it and not us!

maxie said...

Jill: Why is TV Guide calling your blog Ed's blog and why is his letter to us reprinted there and why is he saying that Mandy is returning when we have been told he is not returning? I think this day has gone from bad to worse in about ten minutes.

martina said...

What the hell is right?

violet said...

I've also just seen that post. But Ausiello's an idiot who can't even credit the blog correctly.

And who am I gonna believe some loser tv columnist or Ed Bernero?

Anonymous said...

Do you think he could be going back to "Dead Like Me" because i see that they are making a to DVD movie. if the movie sells good. They will be making a 3rd season.

Just a thought

SweetThang said...

Sorry to hear that Mandy Patinkin will not be returning to Criminal Minds. I didn't know Mr. Patinkin very well as an actor. But after reading these blogs it sounds like many of his fans are highly upset.

I started watching Criminal Minds to see Shemar Moore. However, I started enjoying the other actors as well. I don't know how they are going fill the roll that Mr. Patinkin played. I will still watch the show but it just won't be the same.

sammy said...

I just heard about Mandy leaving and now TV Guide is saying he's back.

I think I'm getting a stress headache and need to go lie down...*sigh*

SandyB. said...

Wow. I went and checked it out. It says he's back for ONE episode to wrap up the story line.

So, um. What's happening?

annette said...

That would be great if he came back for one episode to finish his character out. Lets wait for further word from someone more reliable than the jerk from TV Guide.

Diane. said...

I rather believe the word of Ed then stupid Ausiello. The guy can't get ANYTHING straight.

And honestly, Matt Roush can sit on it.

This is one crazy EVENTFUL Saturday.

lily said...

Maybe Mandy finally found his conscience and decided to not leave the show in the dirt by simply walking away. One episode should be enough to finish him off. Fire him or give him a nervous breakdown or something!

bella said...

We can't believe everything we read. TV Guide also the other day said that he was negotiating his contract and might walk out and that turned out to be rubbish.

Trust in Ed and the folks that really know what is happening. If he comes back for one episode then okay and if not okay too.

Kirsten said...

If it's a cash grab, it's a stupid one- CBS is the channel that fired Valerie Harper from the show called- VALERIE.
MP- left Chicago Hope.
Left CM.
If you don't want to do network TV, don't accept the part.
As for the show, I will keep watching, as I find it a better written crime drama than any CSI- L&O out there.
Now use TG, MGG, and KV more. Thet're my favorites anyway.
Ed- thank you for coming to us all and letting us know what is going on.
Jill- hang in there. We all love you.

Lin said...

Ed posted this many hours ago. Mandy's people may have been in touch with him since then.

I think one episode is the least he can do.

Cee said...

I started to watch the show because of Shemar (by the way his little "problem" was handled and he is doing his "thing" finish it out). Then I started to like the other actors and their characters.

I do not know what is wrong with MP but I wish him well. The show will go on and maybe this will be a blessing for the show. This could open up new story lines and get a little deeper.

Just pray for our show and MP.

cc said...

I wish I could send Kirsten or Shemar over to Jill's house to give her a hug. And I wish we could all hug Mr. Bernero!

amber said...

What a day this has been. I so appreciate Mr. Bernero's taking the time to accuarately explain things to us. The show is great because of all of them. I am a Hotch lover so more screen time for him makes me happy. We'll adjust to losing Gideon.

Di. said...

I know we don't want to replace Gideon right away,

but HOW about having Kate Mulgrew on the show?? She's a good actress.

And can actually scare you when she is intense when telling someone off.

Ambra said...

I don't much stock into anything TV Guide says. If we get a statement from Mr. Bernero or confirmation from him through Jill, then I'll believe MP is coming back to at least wrap up Gideon's role in the show. I would still like to know why MP has made this decision and why he chose to leave the show in such a manner but again, I have little faith in the entertainment media to report the truth. Hopefully, he'll choose this blog to tell us if and when he decides to give the fans an explanation so we know we're getting the info straight from the source.

Jill, I'm glad you posted. I was going to send you an email but I figure you're probably overwhelmed, in more ways than one, as it is. As a fan of MP's, I'm a bit emotionally confused at the moment too, although probably not as much as you. Thanks for being the link between us and Mr. Bernero. Now we know, at least in part, what is going on.

ashley said...

wow, this is really shocking. i really cant beleive it. whenever mandy talked abnout the show, it always seemed like he had such a passion ad conviction about it. very shocking.i dont want to say anything negative towards him since i, nor anyone else, knows what happened to him for him to make this drastic decison.

but, CM is such an amazing show, and i believe that it will still be amazing even without mandy, even though he gave an amzing energy and life to the show.
thanks for the honesty ed!! i hope you and and everybody else who works on the show can make it through this!!!!

leonada said...

Well, apparently Mandy is upset about something and perhaps he and the network have chosen not to disclose what the issue is about to fans.

When things like this happen, it just reminds us that actors are just people just like the rest of us and they can disappoint. Diehard Shemar Moore fans can attest to that with the recent events surrounding him in the last few weeks and few days.

On the flip side, life does go on. While Mandy was a main character on the show, he certainly was not the entire show, and I for one have no doubt that the show can and will continue to be successful without his presence. I'm sure that the network will find another talented actor who is more than willing to step in. It's entertainment afterall, and the show must go on.

Anonymous said...

I may be in the minority, but I wish they wouldn't add another character to the cast when Gideon's gone. There's talk on various sites about replacing Gideon and who should be brought on - why bring someone on at all? I'd much rather just see the remaining six major characters continue to do what they do, and maybe even see a bit more of each of them. There's still so much to be explored.

Jan and Quentin said...

Hmmmmm. MP back for one more episode. Man, would I like to be a fly on the wall during that filming!

Sorry. Just being mean. I don't want the remaining cast to be uncomfortable or sad for any reason.

But I think a wrap-up ep would be extremely helpful. I hope it works out, regardless of the info source.

Victoria!! said...

Ok so he left the show.
I love him dearly, I love jason, but it is an entire cast that makes this show, not just one person, they could always use the whole "prentiss trying to ruin the group" thing as an angle and say that gideon left because he didnt want to play that kind of game.. what ever.. they are some of the best writers they can work it out.
If CBS takes this show away.. it would be like chopping off a foot!
the person who should feel bad is MP he knows full well what it takes to put this show together and knows what leaving would do.

Anonymous said...

I will love to see a woman taking over MP place as the team expert. HEATHER LOCKLEAR will be perfect for the show. Please think about her...

natalie said...

Ditto to what Victoria said. He was only one of the stars of the show. We have many more and they shine bright. Very bright.

Anonymous said...

heather locklear should be hire to replace MP. a woman will be a nice change.

sterling said...

I love the show. The whole show and not just the Gideon scenes. I loved Gideon and I will miss him but that is okay. It doesn't change the stories or the writing. Thank you Mr. Bernero and if he gives you or anyone on the set any grief for his one show you just need to let us know. We'll boycott everything he every does again. It is time for Mandy to put on his "big boy pants" and act like a man.

D said...

Omg, Heather Locklear??? Ick. Sorry.

Voting for: David James Elliot, Kate Mulgrew, and Michael Wincott

angela said...

Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford are available since Studio 60 folded. Also, maybe we could borrow Eric Close. He is a honey.

We are going to be so awesome in season three. The show is going to be even better. Thank you to Ed for showing us the love. We love you back!

Anonymous said...

why did my comment not post about mandy maybe going back to "dead like me" for a dvd movie

Adanac said...

Right, there isn't much else I can add that hasn't already been said, so rather than reflecting on the past, let me just look forward.
Mandy leaving sucks, but we must see this as an opportunity for the show to grow even better.
I know a few people are against bringing in someone new, but perhaps a fresh face would add new dimension. His leaving actually opens up a ton of new storylines and really closes off others that were worn dead. I look forward to how the show will shift and change now.
I vote for someone like Matthew MacFayden to come in. Yes he's younger, but he could be someone with expertise from outside of the US, a whole new dimension like I said.. just a thought.

Either way, thank you for taking time out of what must be a very difficult time to share with us Ed. You truly are one of the best. To the rest of the crew, I will reiterate what I posted to Matthew on the Discuss the Gube board and say believe in yourself, and your own talent. You will be successful no matter what you do. Know that you have our support and keep your spirits up. You have done nothing to deserve this!

D said...

Another thought: Anyone ever heard of Peta Wilson?? She is a great actress and tough. It would be cool to see her play the "temporary replacement." for Mandy.

Google her, she's awsome. =)

rebecca said...

WOW! I just got home and read this. I'm stunned. WTF!?

gert said...

Look at how awesome this group is. We have gone from shock to loathing to casting suggestions all in the same day. Mr. Bernero: We love you..psst....someone cute please as a replacement......please.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero,

Know that we fans have faith in the writing staff and look forward to watching the cast shining even brighter now that the spotlight has become wider, and rightly so.

I, for one, can not wait until the new season now more than ever!

Madelyn said...

Mr. Bernero,

You have been incredible to your fanbase in the past, and this is just another example. Thank you for telling us this.

I'm sorry for the tangle this must have put you in, and I want you to know that I still support this show, and will continue to watch it.


lena said...

Jill: Thank you for supplying Mr. Bernero with a safe forum in which to reach the fans and set the record straight.

Mr. Bernero: You are a stand up guy and until today I only knew what Jill has previously posted about you. But today I learned that you are a honest and caring human being. Thank you.

Mr. Patinkin: No matter what you may be going through we deserved better than what you dished out to us this week. The people you have worked with for two years deserved better than what you dished out this week. The network deserved better. We have supported you for so many years. These people gave you a job and I would guess a large salary. I am sure the network, your castmates and your fans gave you respect. Didn't we all deserve your respect?

If you were unhappy then you say so and you make a graceful exit and you burn no bridges. This sir was not the way to make that happen.

paulie said...

Is it just me or is this Chicago Hope all over again? Sign a contract and then dart whenever you feel like it.

pam said...

We increase A.J. and Kirsten's parts. We split the rest of the load between Thomas, Matthew, Paget and Shemar. If we had to lose one then Gideon is the easiest to write off the show.

patch_tank said...

Wow, I'm in shock right now. I really, really hope Mandy Patinkin is okay. I'll continue faithfully watching the show, because I know the writers and cast will continue to be amazing. Jill, hope you're doing good, thanks for being a hell of a classy lady and running this blog, you rule.

bonnie said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for setting the record straight and thinking about the feelings of the fans. Thank you very much.

anita said...

Mr. Bernero: You have no idea how bad I feel. The press made it sound like you were nickel and diming Mandy in contract talks and I believed it. I really was upset with CBS for trying to screw him over. I am so sorry. I should have known better but it was all over the media. I hope that you will accept my apology and I will immediately delete every post I made in the groups that I belong to that were negative. I had no way of knowing so thank you for setting the record straight and for hopefully accepting my apology. I love the show.

candace said...

Anita: Don't feel bad. We all thought the same thing. The media kept saying that he was calling in sick for more money and the network was not giving in. They compared it to CSI. What else were we to believe.

Thank you Ed for being honest with us.

blue said...

add Craig T. Nelson to the list of possible replacement. Remember the show Coach and the district.

wouldn't be funny if Ed consider our suggestion.

Lyn said...

Thank you, Ed for your very honest report. CM is hugely popular here in Australia and I do hope the show will continue to have much success, with or without Mandy. There are a bunch of talented people on the show and I look forward to many more great eps.

martina said...

Our Scott and Gina must be really busy trying to find a replacement. Man that is going to be a hard job.

Thanks Ed for the real story. We are all behind the show 100%!

Anonymous said...

I hope this information finds its way to Ed Bernero. I know this is nuts but I know who MUST replace Mandy. Her name is Brooke Smith she was recently in Crossing Jordan on NBC. She is perfect to come in and shake things up a bit. Just give her a chance I KNOW she would be perfect. I just know it.

rebecca said...

OK, I'm getting over the shock of this news now. It had to sink in for a while.

I just wanted to say Thank You for letting us know. You truly care about us fans and I appreciate and respect you highly for being so honest and keeping us informed. I can't imagine how this news has affected the crew and cast. I know Mandy has been like a friend to everyone on the show over the past 2 years and has to be hard seeing him leave. I just don't understand why there would be no communication.

Anyway, I'm excited for the 3rd seasona and excited to see what will come to all the cast now that Mandy is gone. The rest of the cast are incredible, especially Matthew!!! Can't wait for shows!!!

andi said...

Shocking that an entertainer with his experience would not have better manners than this. I look forward to reading what he has to say when he decides to make a statement.

henri said...

Could this have anything to do with the long standing rumors that he did not get along with Thomas Gibson? Still not a good excuse for bad behavior but I was just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Until we hear from Mandy it is one person's word against another's. Yes, it is irresponsible to fail to show up for a read-through, but I'm sure that there's a perfectly good reason for Mandy's absence. I do hope he returns to the show, as I started watching it because of him, and I've only just started watching it recently. Come back Mandy!!!!

Ambra said...

Ok, just wanted to add my suggestion for a possible replacement. What about Liev Schrieber? He did a great job on "CSI" while William Petersen was off doing a play and I think he'd fit in well with the cast.

marta said...

My heart goes out to all the people who have to work so hard to dig out of this mess. I feel so ashamed for believing the news reports an being so mad at cbs. I thought they would not give him money and that they were ruining the show. I feel like such a fool.

christina said...

Marta: I think many of us thought like you did that what we were reading was true. They said he was holding out for more money. I kept thinking that why would they not just give him his money. I thought if we lost him then the show would suffer and it would be their faults. I feel badly too. When I think of the emails I sent J blasting the network I want to crawl under a rock with you but how were we to know. If not for Mr. Bernero setting the record straight we would not know. Don't feel badly. We all fell for it.

Anonymous said...

mr bernero,

thanks for the information. really bad news.
but you know that we are always right behind you. we are cm fans/reid/mgg from all over the world. please never forget that we are here for you!

melanie (germany)

Christi said...

Look, We don't have his reasons and I think it is a bit early to start any hating of Dear Mandy. You never know whether it could be that something has happened to him, his wife, or his children.

But thanks Ed, for providing some information, but I think we're going to need Mandy's side too.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you for the statement Ed, it can't have been an easy thing to do.

I'm sure the whole team will find a way to make this work and the show will gain rather than lose because of it.

But I am so disappointed in Mandy.

otontv said...

Oh, wow, I so hoped for this not coming true.

As long as MP is not missing or seriously ill, I think there is no good explanation for this unprofessional behaviour.

My thoughts are with you Jill, who I got to know as a very, very big fan of MP - hope everything appears better after one day... *hugs*

Also the whole crew is in my mind. You must have a very difficult job rewriting the first eps not to mention finding a replacement (which has no priority in my opinion...).

Ed, it's a big thing from you to give us information on such short notice. Thanks for that and good luck with your work, esp these days.

But life (and CM) goes on and we will have an incredible third season.

CU sindee

dora said...

I honestly do not know who be madder at first. His behavior is beyond excuse and the media should fry for what was reported. All the talk in my CM group was about him getting his new contract but that is a lie. How do they get to do that. Say whatever they want like that. Thank you Mr. Bernero for the truth.

jesse said...

I agree that there are always two sides to every story but you have to tell your side to be heard and he has remained silent.

Thanks to Ed and Jill for setting the truth on the table.

And I want to know like everyone else how the media gets away with making you and cbs look like tight wad skin flints forcing Mandy to the curb because he is sick and wants a better contract. Can't you sue them there in the US for printing false article?

aggie said...

I will miss Gideon. I really will. I hope they cast nobody for awhile. I didn't like how the Elle thing was handled and now MP puts us in the position of having to go through this all over again. Sucks.

diana said...

What will happen to the episode "Doubt" that has Mandy in it that we never got to see?

missy said...

Thank you Mr. Bernero for the truth. I read that he will return for one episode. How in the name of all that is holy are you going to be able to look him in the face without wanting to tell him off! I would have him barred from the set.

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