Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Criminal Minds: Below is the newest statement to the fans of Criminal Minds from Mr. Bernero. I will be posting my statement later in the day.

To all our CM friends:

All I can say is, "Wow". I want you all to know how important the unbelievably kind words you've expressed in response to my statement have been to us at Criminal Minds. I was only trying to provide you with information and really never expected that kind of outpouring of support. We knew you were fans of the show, but the fact that you wish us all personally well blows us away.

You are truly amazing and continue to impress and humble us. We consider you all part of our family.

Thanks again --

Ed Bernero


siggen1 said...

Ed, man -

I hope you realize how incredibly popular you're becoming in this fandom by being honest with us. I think if more people knew what the truth could do for them, they'd be more inclined to use it.

Thank you again. Thank you for this, and for the hard work you and everyone associated with CM do every day for our entertainment. It's enormously appreciated.

You're the man, Ed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ed. I am new to comments here, even if I look at this place every day and I suffered like you all did for what happened. I really think we have something to cherish,or tv show,and we all are deeply affectioned to the show and to the crew,and to the fans,all in one big affection.
Thanks again, we will stand by your side,always.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Ed

What a lovely message.

And I echo what siggen has said - your honesty and the willingness of yourself and your team to engage with the fans has been a real bonus.

It makes the fans feel part of the show, rather than merely passive viewers, and being appreciated is important.

Good luck with all the hard work ahead of all of you and looking forward to the new season.

Cheer, Ed

madison said...


You are such a class act. We appreciate everything you do on a daily basis that we know about and that which we can only imagine.

We have been a group for a long time thanks to Jill and we have done nothing but welcome you into our group.

We love you all.

Lin said...

Ed -- I can't begin to tell you how much it meant to me that you made your first statement here. It's easy (easier?) to be friendly and share with the fan base when things are going well, but when things go all pear-shaped, I'm sure it was tempting to use the normal (MSM) channels to issue statements, circle the wagons and close the doors. The fact that you came here and were completely square with us instead just blows me away.

And if you were actually surprised by the outpouring of support and good wishes -- what blog have *you* been reading? 'Cause we've been here all along. ;-)

I'm sure the dust is still settling, but here's wishing you all a much better week this week than you had last week ...

ginger said...

You blow me away too. I stand in awe that during what must be the time from hell for you that you once again have reached out to us!

I hardly know what to say. Our prayers, loyalty and best wishes remain firmly planted with you, the cast, the crew, the network (though I still do not understand the abc, disney,cbs thing at all), and Jill.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero:

Our love and hopes for you to find peace soon from all your fans in Spain.

With love and the best wishes to you and to Jill.


Lee said...

Well Ed of course we wish you all personally. From my first hand experience in dealing with Mr. Gubler's fans I can tell you we are an amazing group of humane women who really only want what is best for everyone involved. It's simply incredibly unfortunate when those involved don't respect or accept that.

You are a stand up person and I wish you the beset in success from here on out.

Lee :)

Lee said...

Oops ETA and "men". Didn't mean to leave the man out of that, you are all nice and humane too.

Lee :)

annuka said...


Wow! Once again you show us the respect and love so lacking from others not to be named. You are the top man and we are so grateful for this. Please excuse my english. I am trying.

This blog is so important to us and now you are with us on here and it is so important we all stick together.

Much love. All respect.

eden said...

There should have been no doubt in your mind that we would support you. We have supported you here and in the other groups Jill owns for so long. You can always count on us to be with you. That is a given. Always you will have us.

khalid said...

We love you all Ed!

Our group alone has sent to Jill over 40 emails for her to give to all of you. We hope that you know after reading them that we will do everything in our power to continue to promote the show and to protect and provide moral support to all of you everyday forever.

The hug you will get from Jill is from all of us. Know it comes with the love and backing of grateful fans.

allie said...

I could not say it any better than siggen did. It is like she channeled my thoughts.

Thank you once again for your love. We love you back. And we are getting Andrew Wilder. What a gift you have allowed us to have! What a gift you gave to us and to Jill who swears he hung many of the stars in the sky. You have given to us this week and we will always rememeber your kindness and your care.

Jill: Mr. Bernero's statement does not seem to carry the same tone as your last post. When will we reading your statement? We love you and frankly many of us are concerned.

slashgirl said...

Mr. Bernero

Thank you for such a lovely, heart-felt message.

You continually remind us of what a class act you are. I've been in fandom for around 10 years and have never seen or heard of the exec producer of a show having such direct contact with the fans. You very obviously care about and appreciate us...

I was so pleasantly surprised when Jill told us you'd invited her back to the set in a couple weeks. It means a lot to her and a lot to those of us who read the blog and watch the show. It's as close to being there as most of us will get. I'm sure it will still be crazy/nuts while she visits--but it will mean so much to the fans to see that the show IS going on and things ARE getting back to normal. I can't wait to hear about her trip (and she hasn't even left yet! *G*).

Thank you, again, for taking the time to communicate with the fans. Wishing all the best to everyone involved with CM...


kimmie said...

It has been repeated and repeated for days but I will say it once again. Mr. Bernero: You are a class act and the morals and heart you have light up the hearts of all of the fans of the show. My kisses and hugs to you all and to Jill in what must be a trying time. You will shine. I have no doubt that you will shine. You shine in every statement you make.

danielle said...

God Bless you for all that you must be going through at this time. We love and RESPECT you enormously. You have earned it by action and deed. Never be surprised by our loyalty to you and the show. We have been here from day one promoting it, loving it and talking about it. You have our hearts.

deborah said...

Kisses, hugs and support also to you from Brazil.

Tracy said...

I'm a long time reader of this blog, but have never commented.

Today I do.

Thank you, Mr. Bernero for not only this statement but for the statement you make about the show and all of its members every time you stop and make a point to talk to us. If your intent is to make us all feel a little more like we are a part of this show, then you can be assured you are doing that.

PLEASE continue to pass on my praise and support to everyone on the team. I am looking forward to Season 3 and 4 and 5 and 6, etc.

I tried to find some inspirational quote to include and there were many but I have decided to leave you with my favorite quote.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

Continue your excellence.


alexis said...

It is so easy to reach out when all is right with the world and you have a few spare minutes but you reached out to us during a time when you had nothing but problems and no free time.

You reached out to us again when I can't begin to wonder how horrible it must all be for you now.

Please, please know that what was said earlier by others is the truth from me as well. The hug you will shortly receive from Jill on the set comes with the love of thousands of us. I hope you will feel that love and that it brings you some measure of joy. And please hug her back from all of us. And then we all will put this behind us and move forward to what will be the greatest single year in all of television.

Judiebuk said...

Mr Bernero

If my computer hadn't broken I would have posted sooner, but I'm here now.... what I was going to say has already been posted.... so Ditto from me!

My love to everyone, and that includes all the fans. Like you said, we're like family, and right now it certainly feels like it.

Very best wishes

monica said...


Thank you for caring about all of the fans. We love you. You a such a wonderful example.

I was so happy to hear that you invited Jill back to the set. I think it is great that even though it is probably not the greatest time for a visitor you consider her so much a part of your family that you want her to visit. Please know we are all there with her in spirit.

We love you! Kisses to everone there.

Rach said...

Mr. Bernero -

I agree with the rest, it was unbelieveable to me that you took time out to set the record straight with the fans. I love (and will continue to love) this show and thus, anyone associated with it, but by coming to us to tell us the truth...well, that just put you on a whole other level. It's truly amazing to me that you came to the fans like this so showing our love and support for you and the entire cast and crew is the least we could do. Thank you seems inadequate, but I'll say it anyway: THANK YOU. I wish you and everyone else involved with Criminal Minds the best of luck and continued success in season 3 (and the many seasons to come).

Thanks again,

Jan and Quentin said...

You and all the other wonderful people at CM work very hard at making the best show on television. That you continue to keep us in the loop is phenomenal.

Again, my best to you and all at CM. As I've said before, it'll all be okay. In fact, I'm betting that when the dust settles, things will be better, overall, for all of you.

Jan and Quentin said...

Hang in there, girl. It'll be okay for the fans, too. We'll all be fine, and a good part of that is due to you and all your incredible efforts.

Quentin sends a doggie kiss.

Lizapest said...

With stellar people like you running the show down there in LA I am sure the third season will be a success!
Continue to remind the crew & cast that we are rooting for them and wish them all the best!

respectanimals said...

I agree with the others Ed, you are a real class act. Throughout this whole ordeal you have taken the time to reach out to us fans and keep us updated on what is going on with the show, which demonstrates that you truly care about how the fans feel. Even before all of these unpleasant events even came up, you and others on your team, took the time out of your busy schedules to answer our numerous questions. That shows a definite interest in what we think, so of course we all support you and the rest of the CM team. We all love the show or we wouldn't be here, so the support just comes natural. No matter what the future holds, CM is a great show, with a great group of people in front of and behind the camera, so just keep doing what y'all do best.

aimee said...

Mr. Bernero,

There is no need to thank us for our support. You earned it with your honesty and by reaching out to us in the manner you did.

We will always consider this to have been a honor. We will continue to appreciate and adore you and everyone there always.

My best wishes,


violet said...

Ed, thank you for another wonderful message. How could we fans not support you and everyone involved with this show when you've shown us such great consideration. You've given us the truth and treated the fans like they do matter. Thank you.

As Monica said, while it might not seem to be the best time to have a visitor, I think it was so incredibly gracious of you to invite Jill out to visit anyway. I'm sure everyone there is looking forward to her visit--and I know Jill will represent all of us very well. I think having her visit and passing along all our messages of support and love for the cast and crew can only be a positive thing. Hearing that the fans are still here and still going to be watching the show will surely boost everyone's spirits.

Sometimes it's just nice to hear, in person, that what you do matters and is appreciated. It can give you that extra boost to keep going...

So, thank you Ed, for being such
a stand up guy. As siggen1 said, "You're the man, Ed." *G*

janice said...

You and the wonderful cast and crew have always been a part of the CMF family whether it is the yahoo group, this blog or Jill and Stacy's new website. Thank you for welcoming us in to your family.

celeste said...


You blow me away with your kind heart. Jill once called you a "gentle giant" in a post and how true that is. You are an inspiration and wonderful example to all of us. I wish your morals had been shared by other parties involved but unfortunately not everyone has your moral backbone. We support you. We love you. We are CM fans and we will all work with you to make this show hit the Top Ten this season. Our promise to you!

Stacy: I did not know where to post this because she blocked comments from her post but what the hell is going on with Jill. Not answering emails or phone calls.......that only completely scares the shit out of me. Please advise us as she posted you are running the blog today!!! All the members of my group are freaking about this and they all want to know.

Sarah said...

Mr. Bernero:

I don't really know what to say that no one else has already said. I guess I'll have to continue to agree to siggen1 and say that your honesty and openess, as well as respect for your fans, has earned our respect.

You really see your fans as people not numbers and, for that, we are eternally grateful. There aren't many like you out there, so keep it up.

Good luck, best wishes, and Shalom!

jolie said...


I have no words so xoxoxoxoxox to all of you.

Kirsten said...

Ed, your honesty certainly has endeared you even more with your show's fans. We all appreciate the fact that you came to us and told us the truth. It shows us how much you value us as a community. I doubt any other producer would have taken the time in such a crisis.
I certainly wish you the best, and I will be there every Wednesday because the show will still be good. That is what I love best.
Thank you, Ed. You are a rare bird indeed.

babruin said...

Ed,thank you so much for taking the time to update us.We appreciate your honesty and openness. We're here to support all you and your wonderful cast and crew are doing to create another excellent season of CM.Our love, hugs, and prayers are with you all!!!!

steven said...

Thank you so much for all you have done this week to keep us so well informed.

rosie said...

The show is loved. You are loved and you cast and crew are loved. We may a half season behind but the best is yet to come for all of us.

hmr1126 said...

Mr. Bernero - your attention to the fans of Criminal Minds is to be commended. Taking time out of what must be an incredibly busy schedule on a normal day, shows us that us fans matter. I for one am looking forward to an amazing Season 3 and want you to know that Criminal Minds is and will always be my favorite show!!

margaret said...

Mr. Bernero:

For an hour each week I take a break from my job, my children and my husband and I enjoy Criminal Minds. Between seeing patients I must confess to looking and posting on the blog. I thank you for my hour of relaxation and joy and for your incredible expressions of fan appreciation this week.

slashgirl said...

celeste asked:

Stacy: I did not know where to post this because she blocked comments from her post but what the hell is going on with Jill. Not answering emails or phone calls.......that only completely scares the shit out of me. Please advise us as she posted you are running the blog today!!! All the members of my group are freaking about this and they all want to know.

While I do know what's happening with Jill (and have helped her beta her statement for later today) she asked that I not comment at this time.

What I can say is this: Jill's original intent was to post her statement this morning, but when she received Ed's statement, she felt he deserved the respect of having his statement posted first.

Jill will follow with her own statement either late this afternoon or early this evening and she asks that people not be too worried about her.

Thanks for your patience, understanding and support.


Elizabeth Bear said...


Thank you for the information and forthrightness.

meaghan said...

Thank you. No thanks are due us. You work hard to give up a premium show and we love it. You are simply one of a kind and I am so excited about Andrew Wilder joining us! I did not stop smiling at all yest. after reading that post.

sharon said...

Mr. Bernero,

You will always have our support. My group alone has sent Jill a truckload of emails for you all. I hope she makes it through the airport this time without Homeland Security bothering Matthew's things. lol


Could you please at least give the original members at heads up please.

trish said...

Hugs and Kisses from all of us to all of you!

Ben said...

Ed - we all appreciate you posting messages to us like that. You are a great guy.

Jill - enjoy your trip and give those sexy BAU boys and girls hugs and kisses from all of us.

jackson said...

Ed: We'll never know all that you went through this week but I hope that you know we have held you all close to our hearts and prayed all week for you all to find peace.

sammi said...

Thanks Ed. Of course the fans love this show and all the people involved. I think it's marvellous how willing you are to communicate with us. You rock, Ed.

Sharon, I think we need to respect Jill's and Stacy's privacy; we'll be told what we need to know when they're ready and we should just leave it at that. I'm curious, too...but we'll just have to wait.

Nita said...


As you can see, we all think your an incredible, thoughtful man! Again you have shown that with your latest statement. Your extended CM family (fans) will always be there to back you and everyone else! We love all of you there at CM!!!!!

Amy said...

As always, my thoughts and prayers are with everyone. And I agree with Elizabeth, "your honesty and the willingness of yourself and your team to engage with the fans has been a real bonus."

celina said...

I am so impressed with your incredible heart Mr. Bernero. We read so much garbage in the press about people in positions such as yours in Hollywood and then you come along and show us that some people do have hearts and souls. We think you are a treasure.

celina said...

Oh, I almost forgot to say thank you for the news we received yesterday about Mr. Wilder. We love him so much and this means so much to so many of us. Thank you.

curtis said...

Way to stand up and be a hero! You are truly a special man and you must be a wonderful role model for the young ones you work with. You should be so proud of yourself. We are so proud of you and our show.

jenna said...


Love you. Love MGG, Love Kirsten, Love Thomas, Love Shemer, Love Paget, Love A.J., Love Andrew, Love Simon, Love Amanda, Love Scott, Love Gina, Love Aaron, Love Debra, Love Mark, Love Erica, Love all of you!

blue said...

Wow, I can't believe this. I never thought that a producer, his cast and show would be this close to fans.

I mean being able to send gift and notes to a show is something I never seen before. I never though I would have the oppurtunity to be a part of.

This show and especiallly it producer is a wonder and wonderful to see. Thank Mr. Bernero for your appreciation of this group and talking to all us through Jill. For asnwering the questions on the website. I have not ask a question yet, but the fact that you would do that is unbelieveable. Yet you did that. Wow, and awesome sir.

Hopefully, this connect will continue throughout the shows many seasons. God Bless you, cast and crew forever.

brian said...


I agree with everything that has been said so far. I do think it is easy to be a friend in good times. It is a "true" friend that stays with you in bad times. You are a "true" friend.



Love and kisses to you babe!

Anonymous said...


You are so special that I do not know the correct words to describe how I feel about you. I am afraid I will mess up on the english. But thank you.


Keren said...

Thanks Ed. We appreciate the honesty and respect you show us. I love the show and am very happy to see it going into it's third season...and I'm even happier to see you and the rest of the cast and crew on the show recognize the fans and interact with us so much. It really is remarkable and we love you for it.

so thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you.

rock on with your bad selves :-)

mo said...

Thank-you Ed for all you do for us, the fans. Your show and everyone associated with it are great.

And to Jill- thank you for giving us all a place to gather and share our support for the show. You are a wonderful person.

Hugs to all.

rosie said...

Many humble thanks to Ed for sharing so much with us fans.

And I think it is so wonderful that you have asked Jill to come and visit you again. She can pass on all our best thoughts and happy vibes to all the cast and crew.

We love you all.

sherry said...

I have to admit that I trolled the internet this afternoon reading various reports of the "situation" and I read all the excuses being thrown around for someone we won't mention's behavior. I read words like misunderstood, fragile, professional and the one that really made me want to scream was "he took the high road".

NO. You ED took the high road. You were there telling the truth. You were there setting the record straight. You not only did not hide but rather you stood up in the open and said it like it was. You weren't secretive and misleading. You weren't fragile. You were a leader who stood with poise and grace and went above and beyond anything anyone could ever have expected of you. I thank you. We all thank you. We thank Jill for not allowing misleading piles of crap to be posted on this blog and we thank both of you for being ethical and truthful.

Ryann said...

Thank you for your kindness and honesty, Mr. Bernero. You're amazing! Just sending my support and appreciation.
<3 Ryann

Lisa said...

Thank you so much for caring. We wanted to express our support because everything you do for the show and its fan base is so very much appreciated.

Kris said...

Thanks Ed. It's great that we have this blog as a means communication with people from our favorite show!

On the other hand, I am so excited Jill is coming back to Los Angeles. I get to pick her up from the airport and hopefully spend some more time with her than I did the last time she was here. I'm really excited to see her!!

otontv said...

We consider you all part of our family.

Well, Ed, YOU made us part of the CM family and like a real family we support every family member in every situation that shows up.
We support each other in hard times as well as sharing our joy and happiness in good times - and there will be lots of good times in the future, I'm sure...

Wishing you all the best.
CU sindee

natasha said...


This time next year we are all going to be talking about how season three was the best of all the seasons and how proud we are that our ratings soared. We will all be able to look back with you and see how far we came and we are all going to be so proud.

beth said...


I couldn't say it any better than Natasha just did. You lead the march there and get the job done and we will get the viewers. The best is yet to come.

Thanks Jill for all of this!

nancy said...

Ed: You are amazing!

leta said...

My best wishes are added to everyone else's who commented before me. We worry about you and that the stress on you and the crew is overwhelming. It was so nice to read this before retiring for the evening. Now I know you are fine and doing well.

Cecilia said...

capg190Mr Bernero,

I cannot believe that any of us can thank you enough!

I was sooo thoughtful of you to let us know what was going on straight out! As I read on this blos, we DO read pretty much garbage from the press, that sometimes I feel I am being desieved.

I really appreciate the fact that you have include all of us (the fans) in to the big CM family, it really means a lot!

All I have left to say is GOOD LUCK! keep in mind that we are all here to support OUR FAMILY, and that of course, includes you!

Best wishes from the Argentinian Fans!


Anonymous said...

We all luv ya :)

Ambra said...

It's us who should continue to thank you, Ed, for being so forthright and gracious during this time. Please know that all the fans continue to keep you, the cast, and crew in our thoughts and prayers. We know you guys can bring order to the chaos and give us the best season of CM yet!

bennett said...

Please express our great love for the show to everyone that is involved in creating it for all of us. We love the show and if it is possible more so now because you have included us in your CM family. You are certainly a part of our CM family here.

Anonymous said...

Ed- Thank you for everything. Thank Andrew Wilder for the wonderful news from an earlier post. Thank all the people there. Hug our girl good when she gets there. She is like a magic elixer for what ails a person.

All my very best to you. Eva

blair said...

Just when I think you are amazing you come back at are even more amazing. If you ever make it to Sweden I am going to meet you and shake your hand.

Madelyn said...

Mr. Bernero,

Thank you so much for your honesty and openness. It definitely makes a difference to fans. We are as grateful to you as you are to us.


Lisa said...

Dearest Ed:

There are really no words to explain how great it is that you communicate with all of us, we support you all 100% no questions asked. For you to post a personal comment towards us really blows me (and everyone else away). You are a great man! Thankyou from the bottom of my heart, and I am personally looking forward to seeing all of the great creativity that CM offers us:)

Best wishes

-I know I have said it before but thankyou to Jill, and all those that bring so much to the table for all of us, you are appriciated!

Angus said...

No, thank YOU Mr Bernero

Thank you for your generosity and for your candour. Thank you for caring about the fans. Thank you for being a gracious professional.

I hope that you all enjoy making the next season and that Jill has a good time visiting with you.

angela said...

Thank you so much for your kind words.

carrie said...

Please kiss and hug everyone there from everyone here and then we will have Jill hug you and then everyone will have been hugged.

You are so special.

dearlydead said...

Thank you Mr.B. You put out an excellent program. I have every faith in you to continue to do so. I appreciate the fact that you talk directly to the CM fan base. I am anxious for the new season.
P.S.Thank you, Shemar! ;)

maura said...

I am so impressed with the show, how the networks handled themselves but I am most impressed with you and how you reached out to us twice. Now that we have Simon Mirren, Scott David, you and Andrew Wilder could we maybe here something from Amanda? We all talked about it in chat a few weeks ago. You killed off your own daughter. Jill said that when she spoke to you that you said you would ask Amanda if she had time to join us for some fun. We would love to know what her new projects are so we can look for them. Thank you once again for your thoughtfulness.

Joyce granny said...

"MR. ED"...



jody said...

Ed- Thank you for visiting with us again. You are an inspiration.

rosa said...


My thanks are added to all those who have already expressed them.

Love to all. I am off to bed. I wll check back in the morning.

Macmillk said...

Everyone has said everything I would have by now. So to keep it short and sweet, we love you, and are behind you 100% of the way. We know you'll pull through this and still come out on top, because your show, your crew, and your fans, are all top notch. ;-D


Mr Brennero, you are so nice, we will be stuck in front of our TV when the season 3 will begin and we will follow it as we did for 1 and 2. ALL of us and more and more and more, I PROMISE YOU.
Stop worryng. Smile.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero,
We know you and your entire cast and crew are capable of giving us the magnificent show we've grown accustomed to, even with these recent setbacks. I can only speak for myself, but it's the show that's important to me. Keep up the good work and you'll keep my support and admiration.

leonada said...

Mr Bernero, it's so nice of you to take the time to thanks the fans personally. That's something you really don't see too often. I have no doubt that Criminal Minds will continue to be as successful and popular as ever. With a fantastic cast, crew, fans, and producer, how can it possibly not be successful? Keep up the great work and I'll definitely keep supporting the show.

Many blessings!

sherlockette said...

Thanks Mr. Bernero for your message. Very few bosses in the business world are willing to be out front in a crisis.

I hope this one is blowing over so we can all get back to the reason we are here, making and enjoying a great TV show. Thanks.

charlie said...

I am watching every week no matter what.

dora said...

Thank you Ed for your calm leadership during this time of upset and wonder.

stanley said...

Thanks Ed and Jill. All our best from Manchester.

simone said...

Jill - have a super time and make sure you hug Shemar a lot.

Ed - we love your show and after what you have done for the fans, we love you.

Criminal Minds can only get better and better and we know the next season will be fantastic.

Please tell all the actors that we are thinking of them.

smokey said...

Wow. It's so cool that you're willing to communicate with the fans Ed. It makes me love the show that much more.

I didn't realise Jill was going back to the set--that's so cool, can't wait to see her blog entries about it.

Looking forward to season three and wishing everyone on the CM set all the best!

Jakey said...

Ed, thanks for this; it's great that you keep in touch with the fans--it makes such a difference.

I can't wait for season three...and to hear about Jill's trip.

meredith said...

Thanks for everything Mr. Bernero. We love you. CM rocks the planet.

lawrence said...


I just think it is so cool the way you handled the messy stuff last week and the grace you are once again showing us today.


adam said...

Ed: I tried to ship Jill a bottle of wonderful wine made in my city but Jill's state doesn't allow spirits to be shipped in so I had to settle for a card. I drew you picture of a bottle of wine. Silly but it is the thought that counts right? You are such a great person and we really appreciate you.

kendra said...

All our best wishes and all our support today, tomorrow and when season nine starts shooting!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero: I am one of your younger viewer. I love the show. I watch with my whole family. My favorite is Spencer Reid but mom's was Gideon. Don't feel bad. Mom said that the show will still be great without him.


Bell said...

How nice of you to thank the fans...too cool, dude. *G* Looking forward to the start of season 3 and I know that the whole cast and crew will continue to give us their best...thank you so much.

ashley n. said...

I came late to the show and to the blog but both have become a part of my routine. I wouldn't change that for the world. Thank you for your commitment to the fans.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero,

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to let us know what is going on. Its greatly appreciated it. I found the most up-to-date information about this, here, from what you told us. I googled Mandy's name, after the first post here, and it was not as up to date as what you told us. I want to thank you for keeping as in mind.

marina said...

You really have no idea how much it means to us when you write to us. I think you probably just think we think that it is a nice thing to do but it is so much more. When the first episode aired so many of my friends were not interested in watching it. Then I found Jill's yahoo group and the blog and I started begging my friends to watch and now almost all of them love the show. So many of us have fought so hard for the show and that you respect that means so much. Thank you.

Lori said...

Wow, Ed, as has been said before me, you blow us all away.

Thank you for taking the time to send us that lovely message. You can be sure that Criminal Minds will be viewed at my home every Wednesday night at 9 p.m.!

We really do care about all the cast and crew at Criminal Minds, and send you and the rest of the cast and crew virtual hugs *HUGS*!

And to Jill, hang in there sweetie.

alice said...

Why has tonight's chat been canceled? It was to be my first time in the new chat room.

frogdawn said...

Wow! Right back at you Mr. Bernero. I'm afraid like many folks I am more familiar with what ends up on screen than what goes on behind it, but I knew there had to be a reason for all the awesomeness - and now I know where it comes from.

Criminal Minds Haiku

In darkness, stars shine
and behind the scenes, pure gold
I have found treasure

(sorry about the poetry - I blame it entirely on the Gube and his fans, but I mean every word) said...

O Man this is so great I feel warm in side

janet said...

A thousand thanks you for you kind comments to us. We love you and thank you for everything.

Anonymous said...

Jill, where is your statement?
We are waiting with bated breath.

Henri said...

You said you were "only trying"...

but to us it was important because ever site and news organization was posting inaccurate information. Even major sites that are "supposed" to be CM friendly were jumping on the misinformation band wagon and it really seemed like you and the studio were out to screw and fire Mandy.

There is no "only" about what you did. You told the truth and you told it here. While the rest of the internet was publishing the wrong info this blog owner posted that she would make no comment. I was surprised frankly that a blog as large as this one would have no comment and not report one word on the story. I almost stopped coming here. In hindsight her decision was right. I thought it sounded rather stupid of her, sorry Jill, to say that until she had the information from a reliable source she would not allow it on her blog or in any of her other groups. It would seem she had the right idea and I was the ass.

Then you came around and told us the truth. There is no "only" about you at all Sir. You really are a moral man.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Thank you once again for gracing us with your words.

clarissa said...

Lets just all agree to thank each other! lol. We are team CM. Thanks Ed.

fran said...

I sent Jill the link but did you guys know that Ed was in the NY Times and there was a link to the blog.

I thought it was a great story Ed. I hope Jill liked it. She's been quiet.

justin said...

Thanks Ed. Once again you have placed a smile on my face. I had a long day today but I am sure yours was longer.

Fran: I got the link too from a google alert.

Evie said...

I love the show and thank you for your honesty and openness on the situation. This is coming from someone who started watching the show last summer because of vague curiosity not any particular cast member. I've kept watching for a variety of reasons but the WHOLE cast is definately past of it.

Although the intire situation is a major inconvienience to the writters, case, crew and anyone remotely related to the show maybe this is all for the best. Free publicity, hey maybe with MP gone the demographic rating's will improve...I mean I just knew MP as the old guy who was in the Princess Bride in the 1980's.

To Season 3 and many more to come! Now if only we knew who the new cast member was...

bella said...

I wish we had not killed the Van Der Beek. He was great. How about the guest star from The Tribe. We loved him.

Whoever you find will be great. We'll be watching every week and we have confidence that the show will be even better.

D said...

Ya know who would good in my opinion?

Michael Keaton. I kid ya not.

ryan said...

Thank you Ed.

martin said...


Season Three is going to make us all very proud.

Hang in there.

sol said...

You are just the sweetest man in the world. Your parents raised you right!

erika said...

I just got back from a two week vacation and I am shocked by this news. I had not heard about it while we were away. Horrible situation. I also come home and find Ed Bernero on our blog. Someone pinch me. Welome Mr. Bernero. Now I will make my way down through all the posts that I missed while I was gone.

sassy said...

Ed- I don't know if you allowed to answer this question but the Times article had an under tone that sounded like you were in trouble for speaking with us about the MP situation. Are you ok?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero:
I too share all the previous comments regarding you and the CM staff. We all appreciate you being so generous with your time in being active in the blog and website. The talent on the show is phenominal and that is why CM is the best.

It was hard taking the news that one of the cast members had left, but like a family we will rally together to get through this rough patch. I will still be there waiting for Season 3 and telling everyone I know to watch.

I wish you and all the CM staff nothing but success & blessings!


farrell said...

Welcome back Mr. Bernero. The glory is all yours. All our best wishes and prayers go out to you and the cast and crew. Please tell them that for us.

Anonymous said...

Best Wishes from all of us overseas fans.

Anonymous said...

I won't watch the show without Mandy Patinkin.

Since it was one of the very few shows on CBS that I thought was worth watching, I will not be watching anything else on CBS either.

Les Moonves and Sumner Redstone are both a couple of knuckle-headed idiots if they think for one moment that any intelligent people want to watch Pirate Master, Big Brother, Survivor or any of the other so-called "reality" ship-wrecks.

When I tune in to CBS, I expect to see talented actors performing scripts written by talented screenwriters, not a bunch of average people who are not more entertaining than watching paint dry.

If Les Moonves and Sumner Redstone are too stupid, greedy and selfish to spend the money required to hire and keep good talent, then they have absolutely no business running a television network and should step down immediately.

The 15 million dollars they wasted on Katie Couric's salary is an abomination. 15 million dollars for 15 minutes of "work" reading a tele-prompter each day? What a rip-off!

It would have been better spent developing 3 new comedy series to offset the depressing preponderance of "All-Crime-All-The-Time", to quote Les Moonves.

At least with Criminal Minds there was some effort expended to explain the awful images presented in ghastly High-Definition detail.

It's quite obvious to me that the dollar is more important to CBS than the viewer is. CBS may actually be incapable of realizing that without the viewers there are no dollars.

I am currently a stock-holder in Viacom but I am selling all of my stock in Viacom tomorrow and removing CBS from my digital television tuner listing.

Warner Brothers Television made a huge mistake forming a partnership with CBS Television and I will have to seriously consider selling my Time-Warner stock as well.

Furthermore, I will boycott all Viacom, Paramount and CBS productions from this moment onwards, including the productions on the CW network.

For me, the CBS eye is closed and my expensive HDTV is now a worthless pile of electronic components.

This is not directed at you, Ed Bernero. The problems that any companies have always start at the top. I know you're doing the best you can with what you're given to work with.

Haribo said...

Ed of course we will support you. You are clearly an amazing man running an amazing show. Best of look for all of you in the future. I'm sure Season 3 will be mindblowing.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad you "stunned" Hollywood. It just shows where they are. A guy being honest and upfront with actual "people", fans of the show, to speak on an issues like this says everything to me.

Thank you and best of luck to everyone at CM.


Anonymous said...


The Times had a link to this blog and I was amazed to read your statements. Very refreshing. I admire your conviction.

Stella Raymond

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero-

Every Wed. night at 9pm our whole dorm floor at SUNY has "Criminal Minds" night. We pop popcorn and sit and watch the show in the Commons. Then we all get our laptops and jump on the blog.

It is a way for us to unwind from classes and join together in a common interest. We really enjoy the show and the blog. I have read both of your statements and I wanted to tell you that you could wear the banner outside our dorm. It reads "Honor, Integrity and Creativity". I think it suits you very well.


Corrine P.

Anonymous said...

I must apologize for posting here but I wanted to post a comment on Mr. Bernero's earlier Statement but when I tried a message came up saying you were not allowing anymore comments there. I do hope it is alright to post one here.

I thought the article in today's Times article was wonderful. I found it refreshing and uplifting to read somebody actually verbalize exactly how they felt on the subject of Mandy Patinkin's departure from the show without sanitizing their words first.

Jean said...

I don't think there's anything I can say that hasn't already; but you have shown us the utmost consideration and courtesy, we love the programme and respected your talent, and that of the entire crew for producing such quality. Of course we're going to want to support you and let you know that your honesty and integrity have earned you even more respect.
We all wish you, the cast, writers, wardrobe - everyone the very best as you try to overcome what has happened.

edward said...

I am bursting with pride for our show that you are in charge. I know it is the safest hands possible.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero,

I can't remember the last time I read a statement quoting anyone in the entertainment business that I felt was honest and uncensored. Wouldn't it be uplifting to hope that you have started a new trend among your equals of just telling the truth.

I have only watched a few episodes of your show in the past but in support of your candor I intend to watch it weekly now. I am only one person but I hope that many more people will feel as I do that supporting people who are special is a cause for celebration.

Katherine Corbin

Anonymous said...

I've been a viewer since the beginning, and think you have nothing to worry about. From my Patinkin was the least important person in the cast.

samuel said...

I think if we looked up the word LEADER in the dictionary we would see your picture. I am really proud of you. You are one of a kind.

fay said...

This is amazing. Congrats to this fandom for having an honest leader.

stefan said...

Perhaps you underestimated the response your first statement would get because you did not know how much it bothers us to have the press lie to us and how much it meant having you tell the truth. It is sad that unless Jill hears info from her friend at CBS or we hear it now from you we do not know which of the press is feeding the daily garbage.

meredith clay said...

You really should have expected that you would receive an out pouring of love. Fans are always taken for granted and lied to repeatedly by the press. You stand up and put us first. How else would you expect us to respond but with renewed commitment and utter thanks.

angie said...


The love from us has always been here. All you had to do was reach out to feel it. You did. How extraordinary your behavior has been through this entire mess.

I think it is important for everyone associated with the show and the network to know that we always say that it is our show. Actually it is yours but we have embraced and stood by it while reviewers panned it and we see this sad situation as nothing more than a challenge we know you all will face and overcome. Our best to all involved. We stood behind you before and we shall stand behind you know.

Anonymous said...

I am unclear as to which of your statements to post my comment so I am picking this post.

Mr. Bernero~

You are either the first honest man in your business or the last one standing but either way your article in the Times just earned you a viewer.

Cole Maxwell- Denver


While I am allowing everyone to express their opinions I would like to address some of the comments that have been made.

CBS is a wonderful network which employs dedicated and hard working people. They have been nothing but wonderful to me and this blog and I can't stress enough my appreciation for everything that have done that we do know about and more importantly all we don't even know about. They are a class act. Trust me on this. I know what I am talking about.

Jemma said...


I'm sure I echo everyone here when I say that, because of your honesty, professionalism, wit and general demenor, you have become very very popular within our little fandom.

I personally thank you for, despite the problems I'm sure you face, being completly honest with us and providing us with information to keep us 'in the loop'.

Thank you for everything you, the cast and crew continue to do, and just know (or be warned! :P) that we will always be behind you all!


isabelle said...


Thank you from the CM group in Spain.

shelby said...

You are first class all the way!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Bernero:

I was a CM fan from the first, but allowing MGG to use your set, yourselves, and the cast in his "unauthorized" bio was our confirmation of what a great bunch of funloving, real people you and Mr. Mirren and the rest of the cast and crew were. Watching all of you in the mockumentary was a blast. Your statements have just proven what we already knew. You all are wonderful people and this bump in the road is just that, something to challenge your excellent self and co-workers to be even greater! Who knows, maybe a little less scene-chewing was needed. I know, I'm so bad, but we just need to start making that lemonade!

God bless you, the cast and crew and WE are WITH you!


eduardo said...

We appreciate you in Mexico to.