Friday, July 20, 2007


Criminal Minds Fanatic Limerick Contest:

We thought a limerick contest might be a great way for our very creative members to spend part of the “encore episode” season. We also want to get some giggles from the Criminal Minds cast and crew who regularly view the blog and website.

A limerick, for the uninitiated, is a five line poem that follows a very specific pattern. The first, second and fifth lines must rhyme and the third and fourth must rhyme. You have probably heard something like this one:

There was a young man in New York

Who ate all his meals with a fork

But he was given chopsticks

And his table for six

Got covered in noodles and pork!

To see more examples just search the internet for limericks and you can see how the limerick is designed. We do want your original creations, though.

Our topic: Criminal Minds characters and episodes from Season 1 and Season 2

The contest begins immediately after this notice is posted to the blog and ends on Saturday July 28th at 12 PM (High Noon) Eastern Daylight Time.

To officially register your entry:

Go to the message board on the website and send a PM (personal message) to “sherlockette” that includes your entry. These will be saved to match you to your creation after the judging!!!

Look for the Post “LOL Criminal Minds Fanatic Limerick Contest-Entries”.

Post your entry. You must post as “ANONYMOUS” on the blog.


1. Only Criminal Minds Fanatic Website members can participate.

2. Limericks must be original works by the member contestant.

3. Subject matter must be PG in nature!!!!!! That means we want funny but no obscene language-we will delete you!

4. No limericks about the actors will be allowed, so don’t go “off script”.

5. Fanfic and shipping between characters are off limits.

6. Multiple entries are allowed but you must register and post each one as a separate entry.

7. Entries will be judged based on content, creativity and adherence to the limerick style and to the topic of characters and episodes.

8. The judging will be done by a "person or persons of interest"

9. Remember:

The Criminal Minds Fanatic web site

Wants to keep you composing all night

But it’s the judges’ decision

Who’s the poet with vision

He who profiles CM episodes right

Oh yes-the prize. It is a Set of the Criminal Minds Season 1 DVDs!!!!!!!
(thank you to Sherlockette for designing and running this contest)


Anonymous said...

I already have the Season 1 dvd set and I suck at limericks anyway but I'm looking forward to reading the entries from the more creative CM fans! Good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

Just to get the ball rolling:

There once was a producer with heart

Who keep his show’s fans in the loop from the start

When a main character left

The fans were bereft

But they knew the show would not fall apart

Anonymous said...

For those people who may not know, the actress who played Rebecca Garner in FK1, FK2, and NWO2 is Ed Berner's real life daughter, Amanda Bernero. Here is a little ditty I came up with about that:

There once was a CM writer named Ed

Who went where others might dread

He killed off his daughter

In a terrible slaughter

And left her lying there in her bed

Anonymous said...

Matthew GG is the man for me

Known to the fans to be as cute as can be

Some just know of him by fame

Others just by his funny name

But cutie Gubler is just the man for me

Anonymous said...

One day, everyone asked "Where's Patinkin?"

He left us all wonderin and thinkin

The cast thought he had crashed

The fans wept and gasped

With all of them still asking "Where's Patinkin?"

Anonymous said...

Who is this new girl playing "Emily"

At first we looked at her warily

In the beginning we were iffy

But now we think she's spiffy

So now she's part of our family

Anonymous said...

We wish a happy birthday to AJ

We love you and the character you play

It's you over whom we fawn

You're our favorite bombshell blond

We hope it's a happy day!

Anonymous said...

Hotch wears his Kevlar vest

With “FBI” emblazed across his chest

And sunglasses of justice

Add just the right touches

To frighten an UNSUB to death

Anonymous said...

Okay you gals and guys : )

We need some really funny stuff to entertain our cast and crew.

Here are a couple of "revelations" to get your brains working.

The BAU team had a hunch
That Reid might not have eaten a bunch
But they all came unglued
When he ordered his food
“I’ll have fish, hearts and livers for lunch”

Charles said to Reid “You’re a sinner!”
Reid said “No, no I am not I’m a winner!”
Charles then winces and shrugs
“But boy you do drugs!”
Reid said “Yes, but I’m just a beginner!”

Anonymous said...

Inside us all there is something we dread
Even Dr Reid has fears in his head
The dark is his fear
But why is unclear
"The inherent absence of light!" he said.

Anonymous said...

There once was a genius named Reid
And one thing he could do
20,000 a minute
There's really no limit
And that's why we love him indeed.

Anonymous said...

The BAU has a genius, so skinny
When he sprout off the facts, it's too many
So they sent out a plea
"Please don't say,'Actually'
And bore us to tears,don't be a ninny!"

Anonymous said...

They peer into criminal minds
recoil not from what they might find
brave wizards, wise knights
restore peace to the night
show us ourselves, so brutal, so kind

Anonymous said...

There once was a genius named Reid
so dashingly dressed up in tweed
When his lips kinda quirk
such an adorable smirk
. . .
. . .
. . .
. . .
HEY! You there! Stop staring into space with that silly smile and finish the poem!

What? Oh yeah . . . sorry! Where was I -

When his lips kinda quirk
such an adorable smirk
the unsubs should just fall at his feet!

Anonymous said...

There once was a profiler named Morgan
who could do a lot more than kick doors in
but smart as he is
he still loves the boy whiz
and gives him tips on gettin' his groove on

Anonymous said...

There once was an Agent called Morgan
Garcia flew to Quantico to hoard him
He's in her closet with Clooney
Whos barking like a looney
And Garcia's shut those chaps in with him!

Anonymous said...

Morgan was the Profiler Profiled

His past was mysterious & deeply filed

When a visit to home

Had him solve his case alone

And ends in healing his inner child.

Anonymous said...

The best show is Criminal Minds,
which disturbs some good friends of mine.
There's plenty of killing
and interrogative grilling,
but Dr. Reid is Geek Boy so fine!

There is a young man named The Gube
Whose modelling career seemed to loom
He made little movies
That producers found groovy
So now he’s on a show on the Tube

MGG is an actor
And strong motivation is a factor
He takes acting lessons
For his chosen profession
But finds himself modelling tractors
(But with great eyeliner)

The Gube has a thing for his hair
It’s the prettiest hair that’s out there!
He buys the best brushes
That are expensive and luscious
‘cause he knows his follicles are rare.

My fave actor is Matthew GG
and a Gray rhyme is easy to see.
But his last name's appalling -
my self-esteem is falling -
because “Gubler” is making me flee!

Slashgirl is famous for screen caps.
For each ep they serve as street maps.
She’s a girl of such brilliance
She’s adored by the millions
And MGG wants to sit on her lap!

Anonymous said...

The contest in now closed!