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Criminal Minds: What do you think of Aaron Hotchner portrayed by Thomas Gibson, pictured above on the streets of New York where he is promoting Criminal Minds?


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Katelyn said...

we love him unconditionally he is such a great character portrayed by an incredible actor!! if he wasnt on the show i wouldnt watch it

SueVo said...

By far my favorite character on the show. Thomas Gibson is a great actor!

CM fan said...

I love that Hotch is a strong man who despite facing tragedy still stand tall. He is a great leader, as far as I am concern the BAU ONLY unit chief.

Thomas Gibson is a great actor who bring Hotch to life like no one else. The sign that an actor owns a character is when you cannot see anyone else play that character. I cannot see anyone else but Thomas Gibson play SSA Aaron Hotchner!

If Thomas was to leave CM, I would simply stop watching!

CM Fan

Anonymous said...

Hotch is OK. I don't think he's as great or involving a character as many see him, but I know I'm in a tiny, weeny, almost-invisible minority in saying this. I don't hate him -- it's simply that I can't understand what everyone else (it seems) sees in him. And I have tried!

But Hotchner is loved beyond measure by CM fans, so clearly TG must be doing something right. For that reason, I hope he sticks around.

UK viewer

Anonymous said...

Agent Hotchner is portrayed perfectly by Thomas Gibson. Don't change a thing

Pascalian Awakenings said...

Hotch is awesome. He is the strength and backbone of the team. He is a true leader, and Thomas Gibson does an amazing job of playing this character.

Lexell Cassini said...

It's the reason because I'm watching CM!

My mom watched CM but I didn't pay attention since the chapter when he profiles a lawyer in the judgement and I think "OK, now you have my attention".

And I found a great character, I absolutely love him.

Anonymous said...

Hotch simply cannot leave. He is key to the functioning of the team. Thomas Gibson is an incredibly talented actor, and an asset to the show. (Quite frankly, all the actors/actresses on the show are simply phenomenal)Getting rid of any team member throws the balance off, as seen by the loss of JJ, and will be seen again with the upcoming loss of Emily-losing the team leader would be critical.

Kris said...

Aaron Hotchner is strong and stalwart, the kind of nononsense kind of leader this team needs and in direct contrast to the leader of the so-called "Red Cell". I don't see a rouge team being called in to solve the worst of crimes. You need the BAU and the undisputed leader of the BAU is Aaron Hotchner. I really can't see anyone else leading this team of elite profilers and Thomas Gibson brings a believability to the role of Hotch.

stephaniedawn said...

I love Hotchner! My favorite character is definitely Reid but after the team is so equally important and amazing (except the new girl, I don't think i care for her much). Which makes me even more sad about losing JK and Emily. I feel like a part of the family died.

Anonymous said...

My favorite character and if Hotch leaves the team then I leave the team.

Lillian said...

You must simply do whatever you can to keep Thomas Gibson on the show! I don't think you realize the value of this actor and the character he plays on the show. He has been undervalued for far too long and deserves to be appreciated for all of the work he has put into portraying a character that many have said they woudl stop watching the show if left.

It is simply incredible to me that Thomas Gibson is in peril of not returning because the network refuses to acknowledge and value his contribution to the show, but this new character seems to be fine as far as the head chopping block and by all consensus most would be glad, and are actually hoping, departs.

Please do not allow this fine actor to leave the show, and for that matter, please do not let Shemar Moore out of your sights either.

Maria said...

As I see it, Agent Hotchner was meant to be the clichéd/dependable character than nearly every procedural has.

Then they casted Thomas Gibson for the part.

From the start, TG has developed Hotch into one of the most understated, compelling and credible characters of TVland thus turning the "clichéd" part of the initial draft into uniqueness. I very much doubt any other actor would have been able to do what TG has done; he owns Hotch and has made us love the character to pieces :)

anonymous.freak said...

he's hot

(that's all I need to say) XD

emz said...

I love Hotch, its him and Reid that keep me watching the show week after week. TG is fantastic as Hotch. If he was to leave, even though i like Reid, i couldn't go any further with the show.

Anonymous said...

He needs more screen time. He is so under used this season and he is so impt to the dynamics of the team.

Bravo to TG for always delivering great performances. CM would be in the tall grass without him.

Anonymous said...

If Hotch was no longer in the team everything would fall apart. He is the most integral part of the team and portrayed by an amazing actor. Thomas Gibson is an outstanding actor and without him Criminal minds wouldn't be the same... and wouldn't be the Incredible show it is!

Hotch fan said...

Aaron Hotchner is the salt of the earth! I cant believe he wasnt nominated for an emmy for 100! Thomas Gibson is so great. I am watching Dharma and Greg online, TG is a great actor. I also really loved him in Category 6 and want to see it again. But the wrtiers need to get him back to the way he was before, acting like himself and being a leader, being in the forefront.

Lin in Ohio said...

I was channel-surfing the other day and came across a rerun of "Dharma and Greg". My 14 Y/O son flopped down and said, "Hey, he looks just like that guy on Criminal Minds." When I told him that it was the same actor, he insisted that I was wrong. "They look alike, but this guy's all happy and funny."

Yes, love, that's called Acting and Thomas Gibson is really really good at it ... Seriously, I had to go on IMDB to prove it. (Kids!)

I love Hotch. I especially love those moments when everybody else is losing their minds and he's still calm and in control -- but you can see it, just under the surface, the subtext of, "I have such a desire to knock heads together."

Mephisto said...

I am getting a bit worried now, he is not leaving is he? Cause then the show is over. I think we haven't seen enough of him latley and I would like to have more backstory on him, including what happened with Foyet in his apartment, why he lied about it and how he is dealign with what happened in 100. Please !!!

Kitty said...

Aaron Hotchner is the moral center of the show, the man who must act like a solid rock even while his world crumbles around him. He is an awesome character, and what Thomas Gibson has done with him is nothing short of wonderful. No Hotch, no CM!

Anonymous said...

First of all, Hotch is the reason I got hooked on CM. A friend had told me a million times to watch it, so I tuned in one day. "Riding the Lightning" was on. Hotch wasn't the main focus of the show, everything was pretty much about Gideon back then, but I immediately liked the more quiet and serene character of Hotch. So I kept watching, and came back the week after that, and after that...and I'm still here. By the way, I became a TG fan in the process.

So, what do I see in Hotch?

For me, he is the backbone of the team. He's often in the background, just standing there with his arms crossed, observing his team or his surroundings, but you know he's always there (except when the writers "forget" to put him into an episode or a scene... sigh). He's dependable. He's the one everyone can turn to, who picks them up after a very bad day (literally...with Reid after he got kidnapped) and who - usually - keeps his head and knows what has to be done next even when everybody else is panicking or lost.

Sure, the character struggles, too, but that's normal and expected, IMO. I wouldn't like to watch the very same Hotch year after year, not changing in the slightest because it would be unrealistic and boring.

I feared with (and for) him when he lost his family, his wife, and almost his son, and I'm very glad he came out of is alive and sane (I hope we'll see him dealing with what has happened more in the future...).

I think the character has a lot more potential. I want to know more about his past, his parents, his brother. I know his backstory is pretty much messed up by now because no one has been paying close attention to what has been established in the first few seasons, but some sort of closure as to what made him become a profiler and what really happened to his father would be nice. And when do we get to see him crack a joke again? The scene with Reid and his experiment in season 1 is still one of my all time favorite scenes.

Anonymous said...

Thomas is a very good actor. His character, Aaron Hotchner, is my favorite in the show. When Mandy left the show, Hotch has become the main character of the show. Thomas is an incredible actor because his character is a very difficult character to play: dark, charismatic, clever, a leader but a sensitive character... In France, we love the show and we all love Thomas because he completely contributes to the quality of the show. Moreover, we love Aaron because he is essential to the stability of the team. As they usually say in the show: They are a family, and Hotch is the Paternal figure.

Ele said...

Hotch is the reason I watch CM, I like the rest of the characters too but Hotch is my favorite. He is the quiet, strong, dependable leader. He cares for the rest of the team, has a deadpan sense of humor (which could be exploited further!) Is a great profiler and leader but also a great dad, some of my favorite scenes aré those with Jack. Plus he is just so so handsome, no once wears a suite better than TG.
The actor TG does an amazing job , my favorite CM episode is 100. He was fantastic. Plus as I asid before he is súper hot!!!!!
No Hotch/TG would mean NO CM for me!

goober said...

Thomas Gibson is an amazing actor. He is really the only one who could portray Aaron Hotchner. In everything I have seen him in he makes the character his own which in turn makes his fans love him more.

Hotch fan said...

I really love Hotch and Jack scenes because Hotch is such an exemplary father and I loved JJ as Hotch's sidekick, I thought that JJ and Htoch had great professional chemsitry.I hope they delve more into his backstory becuase he really does have a brooding, tortured soul thing going on in his own way, but not really the bad boy thing because he is too responsible for that.I would also like to see Hotch's inner geek come out a bit more. it hasnt surfaced much but there are clues.

Sandy said...

CBS, you have decimated Criminal Minds to a level that I have neevr seen and will never quite comprehend. You fire a critical actress, oush out another one, and add another who character she plays is simply not up to snuff and defies logic for the show. Now, the news that there is a possibility that Thomas Gibson may not return for season 7. I know that if he doesn't return for season 7, that this will be something that the network will chalk up as "a his decision" matter, but in reality, you have the power to stop that from happening.

Thomas Gibson has poured over 5 years into making the character of Hotch something that many CM fans cannot fathom CM without. There are not many actors that can do that, but for those that can, the network should take note and strive to appreciate.

slashgirl said...

Hotch is the backbone and the heart of the team. He's the mom--he's the one who cares what happens to the team, the one who checks up on them, the one who, like moms everywhere, gets the shitty jobs.

CM wouldn't be what it is without Aaron Hotchner and Thomas Gibson. TG is a simply amazing actor who isn't rightly recognised for the talent he possesses.

Sadly if TG is forced off the show, then I will be forced to stop watching as sad as that will make me. Hopefully, TPTB will not continue with their stupidity earlier in the season when they cut AJ Cook.

Leave Hotch where he is: at the heart of the best show on TV.

Shadow said...

During seasons 1 to 4 I really liked Hotch but didn’t put much thought into it.

Then came the break after season 4 and with it the hysteria “let’s save TG for the show”. At first I joined the fan action because I really wanted to keep TG on CM. But the group pressure from the Hotch fans on other fans became unbearable to me, and on top of that I felt like the fans were being used and manipulated for negotiation tactics, so I stopped supporting the action.

Season 5 was enforced Hotch-overdose which actually made me resent the Hotch character and his very vocal fans, especially on this board, which to me seems the most Hotch-biased place in fandom. I slowly lost my interest in the show and distanced myself from parts of the fandom.

After my experience in the TG-frenzy, I did not support the save-the-CM-ladies activity after season 5, even if I’m totally annoyed at losing AJ and Paget. I still can’t shake the feeling, though, that they might have been the victims of “saving” Hotch one season earlier.

Season 6 has found me more at ease with Hotch again, maybe because he’s a little more in the background. He’s still part of the CM family for me, I prefer him to be the unit chief and I don’t want to lose him. But honestly, I don’t want Hotch to be forced down my throat again. If there’s one character who’s really underused in this show, it’s Rossi in my opinion.

While I still like a good part of the CM fandom (and still love my favorite character Reid), I’m almost indifferent to the show by now. I know almost every episode from the first 4 seasons by heart but I barely remember a few from seasons 5 and 6.

While I don’t want any member of the cast to leave, I certainly won’t join any action to save any of them again. I’m rather cynical of such activism by now.

Anonymous said...

THE best. Enough said.

Jane said...

Hotch is the epitome of loyalty, sheer doggedness, and bravery. He is dedicated to a fault, too much so perhaps. You've got to love him for his integrity and grit, but at the same time, always want to remind him that nobody is indispensable at work!!
I think most fans absolutely relish a smile from Hotch, because we would love to see him catch a break and have a stretch of good times after the awful ones he has endured. Hotch is the cornerstone of CM.

Hail to the Chief!!

gubegirl said...

In my opinion, TG is perfectly cast as the unit chief and I cannot for the life of me conceive of anyone else in this role - no way, no how.

I wish we could see more of his soft side sometimes and thus look forward to him meeting someone in the future because Jack needs a Mom! I can't imagine lots of mushy/sexy stuff but a tiny bit would be just right and I would love to see it. He and Jack deserve a good woman to love them.

Re: the Emmys: I think it was a crime that he not even nominated for "100." I have watched that epi at least 4 times and it never fails to make me sob like a baby.

He is an extraordinary actor and he makes an excellent boss even when "his tie's a little tight"...:)

sandy79 said...

Thomas Gibson was the very reason I started watching Criminal Minds in the first place. Now I really enjoy watching every single episode because of him. Well, you can say i became a fan of Tom in general, but it is especially his play of Hotch what makes the show what it is in my opinion - the best crime show to date. And so, if Tom won't be part of the cast in Season 7, I'm more than 90% sure that I won't watch it anymore. I would surely miss someone and something.

khalid said...

He is the reason I started watching the show, the reason I continue to watch the show and if he were to depart he would be the reason I stopped watching the show.

Anonymous said...

Nobody can argue after watching "100" that Thomas Gibson isn't one of the most talented actors on TV today.

Daisy said...

Hotchner is CM for me. The best character on the show. I wouldn't watch CM if TG was to leave the show!


Lynn said...

I think that Aaron Hotchner is the most important character on CM! OUR Unit chief! Enough said!


Diane said...

I started watching Criminal Minds because of Thomas Gibson. I discovered him in Chicago Hope, then watched him on Dharma & Greg andnow Criminal Minds. He is an excellent actor, I just cannot imagine CM without Hotch!

Come CBS give the man a new contract! We want TG back as Hotch in Season 7!

Dave said...

Hotch is THE man on CM!

No Hotch, No CM!

Sierra said...

I think he is a great actor and I think he has shown not only the tender side of Agent Hotchner but also a man of strong character but also the leadership that is needed in that type of job as well as intelligence.mongenc

Marian said...

I have to make a confession, I started watching CM for Morgan, then came season 3, the episode where Hotch was suspended and my attention shifted from Morgan to Hotch. I like that Hotch stood up to Strauss. I like his quiet strengh, his faith in his team hability, how devoted to his team and the job he is. Hotch got lots of layers, he not one dimensional and that is thanks to both the writing and Thomas Gibson talent.

If TG was to leave CM, I would simply stop watching CM simply because he has become to me, CM.


jeannemarie said...

Thomas Gibson is the anti-Charlie Sheen--kind, classy, great actor. You want to see rabid fans, mess with Hotch!!

Deb said...

What I think of Hotchner? I think Hotch is the most interesting character on CM. Hotch is my favorite character. I love how he look totally badass even with a suit and tie! My favorite moment is when Hotch gives someone a Hotchalanche!

Hotch fan forever! said...

Hotch is cool and awesome, love him!

camilia said...

hotch has done no wrong in my book on the show ever! EXCEPT making seaver a part of the team fresh out of the academy, c'mon man! prentiss had to work for your approval!

megprice said...

Hotch is an incredibly engaging character played by an immensely talented actor. Aaron Hotchner is the glue that holds the BAU team together. I couldn't imagine the show without him and I would no longer watch it.

acriminalmind said...

lookin prettyy cool!!

Unknown said...

He is wonderful! A great actor who does an excellent job on the show! This congratulations! We love you!

Anonymous said...

There is just something special about Hotchner! Whomever chose how this character would be played was pure genius, the cool exterior, the way he dressed down Strauss by profiling her, the loyalty to his team, this character is just the proper combination of cool, smart, savvy with the exterior that says, "Don't mess with me" but an interior that is fiercely loyal & affectionate to his team.

Thomas Gibson has brought the character of Hotchner to life, he has made him a believable character unlike other shows such as 24 where the central character is in unbelievable scenarios & almost super-human.

If CBS chooses to let Thomas Gibson go...please don't feed us that same line of bullcrap, "It was his decision to leave the show to pursue other venues"....I'm through trying to swallow network rhetoric thrown together by spin doctors. Simply put, IF Thomas Gibson leaves, I'm done with CBS period!

Unknown said...

The Hotch. OMGoodness. My love of Hotch started with season 1 episode 1. He is the moral compass of the show AND the team. He is who they all turn to in order to reel it in and come back home. There is NO way the team could survive without Hotch. Nor the show without TG.

Granted we ALL have a fave...but if that FAVE isnt that fave interacts with HOTCHNER is integral to how they function on the team. Take that away...and your left with nothing.

Jessie said...

Great character, great actor. CM would not be as good without him!

Kim said...

Hotchner is my favorite fictional FBI agent! I like that Hotch look and sound as a FBI agent. No designer clothes for him. No grungy leather jacket, no scruffy look. Hotch look and sound professional at all time.

If TG goes so will I!

Lindsay said...

the show honestly wouldn't be the same without him. The episode this season where he just wasn't there for some reason was a really strange episode.
Hotch is one of my favorite characters and I think Thomas Gibson does a great job.

Danny said...

Love Hotch, he is my favorite character on CM. He is just so cool. When I grow up I want to be just like him!


Anonymous said...

Thomas Gibson - a great actor has developed the character of Hotch to be an intense, edgy, stoic, emotional leader who adds credibility to the whole raison d'etre of CM. Hotch is a very complex character, and we love him. I cannot imagine CM without Hotch. I certainly wouldn't watch it without TG as Hotch. I like the other characters, but I wouldn't be a regular viewer without Hotch.

Mary said...

What I think of Hotchner is very simple, Hotch IS The BAU!

Love him, want him to stay on CM!

Mira said...

I love CM, it is my favorite show. I never miss it and that is all because of Hotch! Hotch is such a great character. He care so much about his team, the job, the victims. I love that he is a great dad. I wish I had a dad like him!

Thomas Gibson is a great actor, I just can't imagine Hotch been portrait by anyone else but Thomas!

No Hotch, no CM!!!!


Mira said...

I love CM, it is my favorite show. I never miss it and that is all because of Hotch! Hotch is such a great character. He care so much about his team, the job, the victims. I love that he is a great dad. I wish I had a dad like him!

Thomas Gibson is a great actor, I just can't imagine Hotch been portrait by anyone else but Thomas!

No Hotch, no CM!!!!


Melissa said...

I love all the characters on CM but if Thomas was to leave CM I would never watch CM again. CM cannot be CM without Hotch!

Hotch is just that perfect FBI agent.

Thanks to Mr.Gibson for making Hotch such a special character!

Anonymous said...

I love Hotch, what is not to love? The man is totally dedicated to his job and his son. he loves his team and would do anything for them. He is a fair boss and he is so damn hot!

We need more Hotch on CM! been missing him this season.


The Shimmering Sky said...

I love Hotch, I love Hotch, I love Hotch, I love Hotch, I love Hotch, I love Hotch, I love Hotch, I love Hotch!!!

I have to get ready to go get groceries, so I'll come back and post more detailed reasons why I love him later, but there is no doubt that if TG/Hotch left the show, I would stop watching.

Gabrielle said...

Hotch is amazing. He is my favorite male character. I feel that after Prentiss, he is the most mysterious. We've only seen hints of his past. TG is a great actor who portrays Hotch amazingly. I see him as the strong emotional stone on the team. He keeps his cool and is the rational one. I just love him, especially when with Jack.

Madi said...

I'll try and keep it simple, but this is going to be tough. Aaron Hotchner IS Criminal Minds. I started watching for the content of the show, but he is the character that kept me coming back, week after week. I hardly see him at all this season, when all the seasons before have been amazing Hotch-wise, and it angers me to no end. Thomas Gibson is an incredible actor, and this show has gained him another fan in turn as well. Hotch is everything a man should be, a great leader yet possessing totally believeable flaws... in short, the exact man I want my future partner to be. It doesn't hurt that he's extremely good-looking as well. :D

It doesn't matter if the show protrays the exact career I aspire to have. If Hotch leaves CM, I leave CM.

Steph said...

I LOVE Hotch and for me, he is CM and I will not watch anymore if he's not there. He is the Unit Chief in every way: strength of character, intelligence and management of HIS team. Even after all he's been through, he leads with his dedication to the job and the team. I know the focus can't always be on him (if only! :) ) but he's been pushed too much into the background all season and he is sorely missed!!! I hope CBS sort his contract soon!

No Hotch, No CM!

Melissa said...

Hotchner is indispensable to CM. I started watching because I like Thomas Gibson but I continue to watch because I LOVE Hotch! He is the glue that holds the team together and I love the fact that he's so fair, so disciplined and so level-headed. TG has been great at developing the character and I can't wait for more! We haven't had much Hotch this year and it shows. I am 100% sure I wouldn't watch CM without him.

christyzachman said...

Thomas Gibson as Agent Hotchner is a great fit. He brings a broodiness with professionalism and is not reckless or rash. He thinks before acting and is a great boss because he knows how to use his team and give them rope to expand their own abilities. That makes him a great boss and asset to the bureau. The government could use actual people like this character.
I see Hotch as Galahad, the purest and finest of men and Tom's performance is what makes this character great. To lose either would be a detriment to the unit because it would suffer from poorer leadership and more unprofessionalism of the unit.

Lin from Ohio said...

A little OT, but for all TG fans -- "Psycho Beach Party" will be on LOGO this Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. Eastern time.

(This is so what DVR's were made for!)

Abby said...

I totally love Hotch. Best character on CM! Thomas Gibson is so amazing playing Hotch. I hope CBS will offert him a greta contract soon so he can play Hotch for many more years!

MKT said...

If CBS are getting any more idiotic ideas and think that Hotch is a disposable character, they'd better think again! The poll and all of TG's thousands of fans clearly show how much this character is loved and wanted.
This season has been a huge disappointment and aside from the crap we've endured with the loss of our valued ladies, we've had to put up with very little Hotch. This is unacceptable! Hotch is more than just a Unit Chief; its all the subtle things that TG does that make Hotchner so awesome and unique. If CBS screws up again and doesn't renew his contract (with a big raise!) I'll be out the door. Agree with my fellow fans, no hotch, no cm!!!

Patti said...

Even Ed Bernero said how critical Hotch is to CM. Hotch holds the team together and provides the strength and stability that allow the rest of the team to function as a cohesive unit. He is the only Unit Chief that works for me and if he were not to come back, I'd have to give up CM. Dear writers: we need waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more Hotch than you're giving us! Even the new chick has more lines!

April said...

omg is TG not coming back??! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Hotch is my most fave character on tv, let alone cm. I swear i'll never watch cm again if he goes! Need more Hotch! He's so sexy and such a great unit chief. I also like him because he is always so good to victims' relatives. And who can't love Hotch and Jack?!!!
Pleeease leave Hotch and Cm alone!

sdwally said...

It’s funny because I first started watching Criminal Minds because I heard it had a character named Derek Morgan. I felt compelled to at least sample a program that had a character that shared the same first name (different spelling) as my husband, and whose last name was the same as my daughter’s. So I tuned in out of a sense of obligation and loyalty to my own family members.

Once I started watching it didn’t take me long to get hooked. But I found myself drawn to the tall, handsome cerebral character known as Aaron Hotchner. The voice, the seriousness, the strength, the no-nonsense, the always meticulously dressed; Hotchner commanded the attention. Even in the presence of Jason Gideon, Hotch stood tall. And frankly, when Mandy Patinkin left; it was the best thing that could have happened for both Hotch and his portrayer, Thomas Gibson.

In Name and Blood, Seven Seconds, Scared to Death and the rest of season three and four showcased the strength and poise of the Hotchner character, and the charisma and gifts of Thomas Gibson. Season 5’s episodes from Nameless Faceless to Slave of Duty magnified his brilliance as an actor.

I am one who believes a series requires the direction of a great lead character. And Thomas Gibson’s Aaron Hotchner has been that lead; but he and the character have yet to reap the benefits and recognition for it. All of the successful TV shows have identifiable leads who drive the narrative and who serve as the nucleus for the other characters. Hotch is that character. But because of the propaganda perpetuated by the producers that CM’s cast is an ensemble, it gives a false legitimacy to the producers/CBS/ABC’s desire not to recognize and reward Gibson for the role he truly plays. Yes CM is an ensemble like all of the other scripted shows on CBS. However, NCIS has its Gibbs, the Mentalist has its Jane, CSI Miami has its Caine, Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior has its Cooper and Two and Half Men has its Sheen; even the half man on Two and Half Men is treated better than Thomas Gibson.

Just because it’s called an ensemble doesn’t mean all members are equal; and all members of the ensemble are rarely treated the same; as was demonstrated by what happened to AJ and Paget. And even if ensemble members begin on equal footing; eventually, true leaders emerge (remember the Supremes birthed Diana Ross). Thomas Gibson has emerged as the true leader of CM; but the writers/producers seem intent of clipping his wings instead of propelling him and the character of Hotch by equipping him with the quality scripts and storylines that can take CM to another level. I’m not saying that the other characters should be eclipsed by the Hotch character. NCIS’s Gibbs maintains his leadership profile without undermining the other characters. Hotch is comparable to Gibbs; and Thomas Gibson should be treated the same way Mark Harmon is treated.

There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Hotch is the leader of the team; and Thomas Gibson’s portrayal of the character, his commitment to the series; and his range and gifts as actor should have the CM writers, directors and producers salivating over the potential they have to craft material and watch it come to life under Thomas Gibson’s unique, understated and moving performances.

It’s long past the time for Gibson to be consistently given quality material that will make the critics and Emmy voters take serious note. And it’s even farther beyond the time for the CM producers, writers and network executives to cease using the ploy of manipulating screen time and dialogue in order to pressure one of its dedicated stars to bend to unfair contract negotiations by demonstrating they have the upper hand.

Thomas Gibson is Criminal Minds. If he walks, CM will quickly fade. I hope he uses the leverage he has at this moment to exact a contract worthy of his talents and contribution to the series.

Anonymous said...

I am compelled to leave a comment (first time ever, although i love reading, and hopefully understanding, what all of you have to say).
I don't know what it is about Hotch that makes me want to rediscover myself, expect and almost demand more from myself. What is it - Integrity? Strength? Chutzpah? I finally realised it was his 'vulnerability' and ability to recognise it and rise above it. To me, everything about the character is below the surface (nice surface btw), bubbling and seething to surge forth (want me some Hotchalanche. Anyone listening?). He makes things seem empty when he is absent from a scene (or episode, my god - did that really happen?!). TG - what élan, subtlety and conviction in your portrayal. Love Hotch. Helps that he has the best cold stare on the planet.
Sorry it was so long and if i bored you. And thank you for reading. Be happy....

Mary J said...

To quote Nelson Mandela…A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

I’m watching The Instincts, one of my favorite CM episodes right now. In this episode Hotch is definitely in charge, he is sympathetic and compassionate, he respects and listens to his team, he reunites the young boy with his parents and at the end of this episode he delivers that magnificent Thomas Gibson smile in the restaurant scene while Hotch enjoys spending time with his team.

I too began watching CM because I’m a fan of Thomas Gibson and I will most assuredly stop watching if he is no longer part of the cast.

I just want to add that I’m so lucky that my daughter and daughter in law have both become BIG FANS of CM and Dharma & Greg and we have such great time sharing our favorite episodes, scenes and character beats with one another. We love you Thomas!!

Rachel said...

TG and his Hotch are the best part of CM, imho. He is by far my favorite character. I love his empathy, his quiet but unrelenting determination and sense of duty and how he leads by example. If I could pick my boss, I'd pick him. I adore Hotch and can't wait for a Hotch-centric episode. He's been on the bench for far too long this season and, contrary to others' beliefs, the last half of season 5. We need more Hotch. CM needs more Hotch.

Sue said...

^ ITA! I would love to have Hotch as my boss but it would be hard to get work done! lol Seriously, I really respect Hotchner's ability to remain calm in just about any situation. I also love that he really cares about his team and leads by example. I need a man like him!

TG is an amazing actor and it was 'criminal' he didn't get an emmy for 100. CM would be lost without him and certainly short lots of fans.

I love Hotch!

Marrissa said...

I just read that CBS did pull the plug on Two and a half Men. While CBS pays Sheen lots of Millions of $ they cut CM....just plain stupid.

That said, I love Hotch! He is the whole reason why I watch CM. If TG leave then I'm done with CM.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I love him so much. I think Thomas Gibson is an amazing actor and he's absolutely perfect for this part. Hotch is very passionate and serious about his work, so when you do see him crack a smile or show emotion you just fall in love with him. The episode of CM when his wife died.. seeing him cry!! I don't think I've ever cried that hard over a TV show before!! I've been watching since the beginning, and will watch to the end. All the characters in this show are so brilliant and I've fallen in love with each and every one of them. They all have their little quirks that make them unique!!

Anonymous said...

Love Thomas Gibson. Love Hotch. Couldn't have chosen a better actor.

Michelle said...

Congrats to Thomas for winning 'Most Underappreciated Actor' award... it is so incredibly sad that such a popular and talented actor has done such great work as Hotch yet manages to fly under the radar of both the network and CM writers. I think its a huge injustice. Mr. Gibson deserves to be treated like the lead that he is (and has earned). As for Hotch, he's an incredible character, with a lot of depth and subtlety and has so much room to grow. I can't believe how little we've seen of him for the last season and a half and fear that if this continues, the downward spiral of S6 will too.
I love Hotch's quiet presence and I love seeing how he relates to his team and to Jack. I can't imagine this show without him and nor would I continue to watch.
no hotch, no cm.

Anonymous said...

And here is Hotch doing TG . . . you know, I really like to imagine that Hotch and Rossi have some serious Rotch action going on behind the scenes. :) I mean, TG did so good on Love and Human Remains as a gay man - I can pretend, can't I!?

Oh and I love love love! him with Jack (Cade).

Lisa said...

Now that Sheen has finally trumped his diabolical behaviour, maybe now CBS will direct some well-earned $ to TG?!!

Only one Unit Chief and CM isn't worth watching without him. Hotch for me. :)

the celt said...

We love him,simple but true...........

Anonymous said...

All Hail TG! He rock CM!!!!

Doll said...

I can't imagine Criminal Minds without Aaron Hotchner. There's so much mystery, development, & growth left to the character & I'm so psyched to see Hotch unfold. Not to mention what he is to his team - He's their rock, the guiding force.

Thomas Gibson plays him so beautifully... He owns that character. I can't fathom the show without either of them.

LaShawna said...

I think Aaron Hotchner is a great boss. He provides calm, steady leadership. He sets clear, achievable standards. He expects your best performance, but he will also give you the mentorship needed to achieve your best performance. I feel he would have your back in a crisis, and he is a leader you could come to with a personal problem with no judgment. He is the type of boss you would work hard for and achieve your best, because you want to please him, and not because you live in fear of his reaction. Basically I wish I could work for a guy like Hotchner.

I also love the fact that away from the job, the professional mask drops, and you see the loving, caring side of him when he's with Jack or with Haley back when they were happily married.

Anonymous said...

Like many other, I began to watch CM because of Thomas Gibson, his portrayal of Hotch made the show much more enjoyable to watch. I am certain that many people are able to relate to his character more so than the others. He is a father, now single parent, who is dedicated to his job and family. The way TG depicts Hotch is compelling and I know no other actor will be able to take his place. TG/ Hotch is essential to CM, he does indeed make the show what it is. It will be irrational to do away with such an amazing character and actor. I know that if TG was to ever leave the show, I will stop watching.

Gracie said...

He's a very good actor, I started watching CM because I remembered him from Dharma&Greg and Chicago Hope (then I became addicted to the show because of Shemar Moore....LOL). I think he's the best team leader I've seen portrayed on tv, even if sometime I'd like him a little more human....God! there are times he doesn't even flinch!

Sharon said...

For me Hotch is CM. I love the the show, the characters but Hotchner is the best character on the show, the one that make me want to come back too every week. I am VERY dissapointed with the writers this season, we don't get enough Hotch this season. I hope things will change in upcoming episodes.

I hope Thomas Gibson will stay on CM as I just cannot watch CM without him playing Hotch!


Anonymous said...

Criminal Minds is at its best when Hotch has a strong pressence. The lack of focus on Hotch this season explain in part why Criminal Minds is having a weak season. Hotch is the moral compass, the strong one, the one the team can depend on. Hotch is a good guy but one that makes mistakes. He is a hero but a human one. One that make mistakes, I love that about him. Thomas is a great actor who bring so much to the character.

I hope CM will be back for a season 7 and that TG will be back and Hotch will have a strong presence.

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Hotch is a wonderful character - he's a natural leader without being overbearing, he's an alpha male without being a macho, he's passionate, dedicated to his job and his team without being insensitive - he's capable of great sensitivity where his team, the victims, and of cours his family is concerned, he's a great great father, he's stubborn without being unreasonable, he's pushy without being merciless, and behind that stoic mask hides a very vulnerable person with a bright, brilliant mind featuring a very dry, great sense of humor.

TG has made Hotch his own by showing us the many, many layers of this fascinating character. For me, the most fascinating character on current TV.

And although I love all characters and actors on the CM team (ok, let's not talk about Seaver here), for me it is:

No Hotch/TG - no CM!

Hotch Fan said...

Love Hotch! My favorite character on TV!

Kate said...

The only scene in CM that makes me cry each and every time I watch it is the final scene of "The Fisher King" when Hotch is cleaning up the blood in Elle's apartment. That scene is one of the many examples of why Hotch is the backbone, heart, and soul of the team.

As far as the storylines are concerned, I really don't want to think of the BAU without Hotch's leadership. The chemistry of all the characters (lead by Hotch) is one of the driving forces that keeps us, the viewers (and thus the ADVERTISERS) coming back for more each week. Losing two of the major characters this season is bad enough, but to lose the leader? Unthinkable.

Why CBS is not jumping though fire hoops to keep Thomas Gibson in this role is beyond comprehension. Mr. Gibson is a stand up guy and family man that portrays his characters and himself with honesty and integrity. With all the negativity surrounding Charlie Sheen, you'd think TPTB would do everything they could to enhance their image through solidifying Mr. Gibson's contract. I don't get it, and the thought of not keeping him is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

No Hotch, No CM!!

Anonymous said...

"The most massive characters are seared with scars" (which eppy is this Gibran quote from, can you recall? 100?). There is such a dearth of solid, gritty, honest characters on TV (and in life) that we cherish those that are. And his little imperfections make him human, thus not 'untouchable'. Gives us hope, doesn't it :-) Don't know what TG is like in person but he has nailed this character. Maybe he has more in common with Hotch than his 'shoe size' (think i heard TG say that in an interview when asked what characteristics he shares with Hotch). Thank you to the writers and to TG for giving us so much complexity and so much strength to fall back on. Makes for great entertainment, too, lest i get carried away (ahem). Cheers

Nina (no not Tassler!) said...

I'm not happy with CM this season. We don't have enough Hotch! Listen writers, we need a Hotch centric episode soon!

That said I think Hotch is the best boss, he demands your best but he himself gives everything he's got. He is compasionate, dedicated to his job, team and son. Hotch IS CM for me.

Thomas Gibson plays Hotch with such talent, he put layers on Hotch that make Hotch such an interesting character!

As others have said, No Hotch/Thomas, No CM for me!

Anonymous said...

I love Hotch's character.In my country,Japan,now season5 is on the air and he's so great.Poor but smart and stoic...

izzy said...

Rossi has been my favorite character since he joined the BAU but even the thought of losing Hotchner is weird. Oh wait....we're talking about CBS. Maybe they have found a younger exact lookalike for Thomas to throw at us. The problem is that CBS would never be able to find one that has the enormous talent Thomas Gibson has! So for the sake of CM and CBS I hope they don't do something stupid AGAIN and lose Thomas Gibson. It would be like just canceling the show!

CriminalMusings said...

Like some others said, he hasn't been used enough this season. He's kind of been off in the background a lot. He's such an awesome, powerful character with such depth of emotion that this is a shame. I love when his fatherly side is shown, like the little scenes with Jack this last episode. More Hotch! Thomas Gibson does such a great job with him.

My ViewFind R said...

The CM fans feel a connection to the show and characters. Hotch is a vital part of that connection for the viewers. He (and the other cast) are the show! Without him, there would be no need to watch any more.

My Life and Creative mind said...

Hotch is a great character! And Thomas plays him so well

Bluestarre said...

I love Hotch but I think Morgan has a certain appeal however to lead the BAU Hotch all the way!

Played by a great actor and really makes CM much more dramatic! I think the cast is great and Thomas Gibson is the best leader of the team!


jessie from tampa said...

He's the backbone of the show.

pammie said...

Amazing that we could even be looking at losing TG from the show. It is hard to comprehend. Hotch is the leader and the character all the others revolve about. Give TG some of Sheen's salary or anything else he wants and stop scaring the shit out of the fans.

Anonymous said...

Words failed me if I am asked to give my opinion about our Unit Chief.
Everything I said would be a mere repetitive to what other contributors have said so I am going to give my opinion based on his relationship with youngest agent SSA Spencer Reid.
I am intrigued by their working and fatherly/brotherly whatever you want to call them chemistry since the very first episode.Remember the Reid's effect we've come to know now?
Hotch to Reid IMHO
mothering but not mollycoddling,
caring but not overbearing,listening but never let the rambling, patient yet not submissive and loving unconditionally.
I hope Hotch will play a much bigger role with Reid's problem since with Prentiss's, he is very much unaware of the trouble she is facing.I am not sure if this is done with purpose to utilize him later with other storyline but the lack of him make the story lost it's momentum.
All in all-I will stay with Hotch until he decide to leave.


Anonymous said...

About TG, is an incredible man, I love watching him on screen, I've heard in interviews they have done, is simply adorable.
About Hotch, is the leader who gives balance. Intelligent, strong, and at the same time, human. After the assassination of Haley, had a weak character, but at the same time, tough character. At the scene of the trunk with Jack is great. At the cemetery, and then this week, see it in his role as father, I was very touched.
It is an indispensable character in the plot, simply can not exist without Criminal Minds Aaron Hotchner and Reid are important, Morgan and Garcia. They, along with Emily and JJ were an unbeatable team.
It's a shame the output of Paget and AJ, I hope, not happen with Shemar and Thomas, as are slowly dismembering the program.

Jessica, Costa Rica

Carolyn said...

Just watched the clip of Thomas on the Wendy Williams show, such a funny and nice guy.

I watch CM for Thomas character, if we ever lose Hotch/TG I would stop watching CM. Hotch is just the backbone of the show!


Anonymous said...

I really hope someone could tweet the link to all these awesome posts to TG.It showed how much he and Hotch mean to us.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to watch CM without Hotch/Thomas! Hotch is just too important to CM. Hotch is the central character.

Definately NO Hotch No CM for me!


Anonymous said...

What I think of Hotchner? I think he is the character that makes me come backs week after week to watch CM. He is such an amazing character. Strong man to have gone through hwta he has. Good father. Excellent agent. Great leader. But more than anything, he is human, makes mistakes. He is not the usual tv character that is only the hero that catch bad guys. He make mistakes.

Thomas Gibson plays him perfectly, so much so that I cannot see anyone else play Hotchner!

I hope we will get more Hotch in upcoming episodes as those are usually better episodes!


Dave said...

Hotch is CM, without him no CM.

That is all I have to say!


AL said...

strong, courageous, fiercely loyal and extremely handsome. Hotch is amazing and Thomas Gibson is THE actor to portray him. No Hotch, No CM

sf81387 said...

I think Hotch is the anchor, the backbone and the heart of the show. When you watch, you believe that this guy is in charge. He is intimidating and calming all at the same time and is everything I think of when I think FBI. I can't imagine the team without him. I know the few episodes that had Morgan as the acting Unit Chief, it all felt disjointed and just wrong to me. Morgan attempting to behave all buttoned up was too weird. I wouldn't watch Criminal Minds if Hotch were no longer leading the team. Thomas Gibson has the character nailed and nobody could step in and be a believable Unit Chief for this team.

Anonymous said...

Hotch is my favorite character, will stop watching CM when TG leaves!


SnowLeopardLass said...

I agree with Katelyn's comment (Thursday, February 24, 2011): "we love him unconditionally he is such a great character portrayed by an incredible actor!! if he wasnt on the show i wouldnt watch it" ~ And would just like to add that I tend to favour PBS programming, so "Criminal Minds" and Thomas Gibson have swayed me by giving American network television much needed credibility, in my opinion!

Ali said...

What made me such a big fan of Hotch is that he a great leader and does stand by his team. For me there can't be any other team leader on CM.

The day Thomas Gibson leave CM will be the day I will too!

Peggy said...

Hotch is my favorite CM character: very cool and calm on the outside, but very passionate about what he does, his family and the things he believes in inside. A true alpha male, a leader and a fighter. If you earn his trust, he will trust you completely. If you don't take him seriously or try to discredit him, he will own you. Just watch 3x19. He has style, good looks and manners. And he has brain and knows how to use it.

As for Thomas Gibson I think he is often underrated and underappreciated. He is talented, smart and very funny, but critics don't want to see that, because they hate CM (because it badly written (okay sometimes that's true) because it just another procedural and so on and so on). He doesn't get the credit he deserves. CBS just loves Mark Harmon, Simon Baker, Chis O'Donnell etc., but no love for Thomas Gibson. Atleast he should get an ex. prod . titel in season seven. I think he is a great actor and I will watch everything he does. I don't think CM would work without him.

Lisa said...

I just wish he would smile more. I'd also like to see him and Prentiss fall in love.

TB said...

Watching 'seven Second' Hotch was so great in that one. In command, outstanding while he did the interrogation of the uncle. Hotch is such a wonderful character. I cannot imagine CM without him!

No Hotch, No CM for me either!


Karen said...

You only need to list some of the most popular and best-written eps and the majority will have a heavy Hotch element. That strong presence is why Hotchner is such a fantastic character and so intricately important to CM. He's the perfect blend of sexy, smart and a true motivational leader. For me, he's the hear of the show and I really want to see more of Hotch NOW AND INTO FUTURE SEASONS!

no hotch/tg, no cm!

Anne said...

Love Hotch! My fave! We haven't had enough of him this season and its one of the big reasons why I haven't liked Season6. I wish the writers would give him more screentime and better material and show us how he's dealing with all the trauma from last season. There is just so much depth to Hotch and TG plays him so beautifully tptb are being stupid by not fully utilizing it. I really want CBS to hurry up and re-sign him so I can look forward to next year and some hotch stories. Hotch rocks hard! Without him, I'll for sure find something else to watch.

Karen said...

oops, typo: hotch is the HEART of cm for me! Another chance to say it though! :)

Eve said...

I was a huge Dharma and Greg fans. When I found out that Thomas Gibson was going to be on Criminal Minds I started watching the show and loved it.

Hotchner is character that hold the team together, that was demostrated when Hotch had to step down. I never felt that Morgan was as good as Hotch as team leader. Not that Morgan did a bad job but just that Hotch is so good at it!

I hope that Thomas will be back for season 7 as the BAU team need its Unit Chief!


Anonymous said...

Watching CM on A&E and realise that why I don't like season 6 as I did previous season is that we don't have much Hotch this season.
That is what's been missing this season. In previous season Hotch was always there, was always in the middle of things. Not this season and I don't like that.

CM is at its best when it use its best assets and Hotch is a major one. I hope the writers will focus more on him in the remaining episodes of season 6.

and it goes without saying that I want Mr. Gibson to be back for season 7!


Nancy said...

I was a huge Reid fan then I switched focus from Reid to Hotch during LoFi and Mayhem. Hotch was great in those episode. Total leader, he never left Kate even knowing that a second bomb could have been nerby. He is a hero.


Anonymous said...

Like many have said before me, Hotch is a great character and we love him! I will not watch season 7without him!


Leea said...

I watch CM because I like all the characters and especially Hotch. I hope he will be back in s7!


Anonymous said...

I've really scared about why we're having to say why we love hotch, especially because cbs has been so stupid lately and seem to hold a grudge against cm... If they are even thinking of getting rid of Hotch too, then I'm done with the show. I love Hotch and I love Thomas Gibson, who puts his heart and soul into every single episode, even if his lines aren't great. I love that Hotch can do it all: leader, remain objective,have empathy, contribute to profiels and all the physical stuff! :0) Nobody can or should take his place. He needs to be more in the front and def back next year! No Hotch/No CM.

BAU1919 said...

does anyone have the video from Regis and Kelly?

Did he say anything about any upcoming episodes?!?

Jenna said...

(^)No he didn't say anything about upcoming episodes.

Hotchner has been a winning character since day 1. He has grown so much and TG plays him perfectly! I love how he's the mom/dad for the team and an awesome dad for Jack. I love how he seems emotionless, yet gives us subtle hints as to how he's feeling. I've missed Hotch this season and feel the show has been empty when he's pushed to the background. Hope the writers rectify that soon.

Should Hotchner not be back next season, this fan won't be either. Liking the 'no hotch/tg, no cm for me!'

Christel said...

Its already been said, but its worth repeating: there is NO replacement for Hotchner and there is NO CM without Hotchner.

Love Hotch, love TG! Want more, not less!

Lesley said...

I just started watching Criminal Minds on ION a few weeks ago and love it! My favorite character is Hotchner because he is awesome and cool. I like how nothing seems to get to him. He cares about the team, love his talk with Reid in the episode about the kid who was bullied and then the kid those bullies and his girlfriend father.
He is also a very handsome man, I like that too!

I'm watching the new episodes on CBS now but I don't those as much as the old one because Hotch is so much in the background. I hope that will change soon. I want more Hotch please!


Anonymous said...

Agree with what so many of you have said so well.

Liking hotch sort of snuck up on me, I only realised its intensity when we were confronted by the potential loss of both Gideon and Hotch (I hadn't heard any of the behind the scenes carry on) and it was the idea of losing Hotch which seemed horrific! He is the back bone of the show, even though he hasn't been well used since Slave of Duty as long as he is in it, it is worth watching for whatever TG might bring to it or give to the other characters but without him ... for me Criminal Minds would lose not just it's backbone by also it's heart

Anonymous said...

Hotch is a monumental character. TPTB and the writers - keep him, nurture him, allow him to just BE all that he can be. Thomas, you better not leave. We're going to do very bad things to you if you do.

Anonymous said...

I could write forever on what I think of Hotch. He is my fave character and the only reason why I watch the show. So I'm missing him big time this season. Why is he so underused? Thomas Gibson has proven for 5+ seasons that he is an incredible actor yet we barely have had an epi with him since mid Season5. :( I hope to god that he isn't being given a hard time by cbs because he is the backbone of the show and alot of fans would stop watching if he were to go. Hotch is unique and is the glue that holds the team together. He might seem serious, but deep down you know he cares so much. Nobody else could play Hotch and CM needs him to be in it way more than he is right now. The actor and the fans deserve more Hotch!

Lizzy said...

Hotch has become such a positive and huge distraction for me, lol! I belong to a book club but every time we are forced to meet on a Wednesday, the tv is inevitably turned on to tune into criminal minds but more specifically, for Aaron Hotchner. He is such a good example for young people, a blend of dedication, strength and hard work. He is a wonderful leader and, for us young women, very sexy! ;)

Without Hotch, there's no reason to turn on the tv.

JanetC said...

Many have already listed what I love about Hotch and why I like him. All I can say is that I agree with everything that most have posted.

Will add my own, 'No Hotch, No CM'.


Athina said...

The character of Aaron Hotchner was not a brilliant one to begin with. He was supposed to stand out second, after Jason Gideon, as the true FBI agent of the team, focused on high places within the Beurau ‘s chain of command. A person struggling between home and professional life. It worked up to the point when Gideon left.
After that, the story lines needed a center of reference, a character to keep the team together, a true team leader. And they found it in Hotchner and Thomas Gibson.
So, the writers along with TG expanded the character beyond the original plan. The collaboration worked so well, up to the point where the Reaper stabed SSA Hotchner on the floor of his appartment and you could not watch, because it was too painful. He lost his wife and you were crying along with him.
In fact, Hotch is Criminal Minds. A character so powerful, that if left without, Criminal Minds would go under. And they would go under big time.
Whether you like CM or not, one fact is beyond dispute: TG was the best choice for the character of Hotch. He is a brilliant actor, humble, probably unaware of his true worth and extremely good to his fans. The fans recognise that in him and love him like a member of their own family.

Robin said...

Agreed with Athina. Hotch is what hold CM together. I don't mean the other characters are not important, they are but Hotch is the one that hold everything together. He is a dad/mom to the team. The one who will look atfer the team well being before his own, he even did step down to protect the team and keep them together!

Even if I like all the other characters, if we lose TG/Hotch, that will be the end for me. I did stand by CM after Mandy and Lola left. I stood by CM after CBS fired AJ and reduced Paget's episodes numbers ( just for no other reasons then the freaking spin off!) but I am drawing the line at Thomas. He goes then so will I.


Chris said...

Athinca, you're right, Hotch wasn't the greatest of characters to begin with. It was never really clear whether or not he was in charge, even though he was the Unit Chief. Then Mandy left and the remaining cast picked it up and a new Hotch emerged. Thank goodness for TG and the writers at that time! Although I now like Rossi, I still think the show would have been just fine if left on its own with Gibson's Hotch, newly liberated, leading the way. Hotchner and Gibson have gone from strength to strength and there is still so much to be explored with the character, the heart of cm. The other characters are ok, but for me, its Hotch that I'm interested in and am still scratching my head at his little use this season. All I can say is that without Hotchner, the show will fizzle and there will be a large number of fans looking for something else to do. Hotch IS that important. TG IS that important. I wish tptb would start to realize that.

Claudia said...

How could CBS give so much money to Charlie Sheen but haven't already resigned Thomas Gibson? As much as I like Reid and Morgan, without Hotch, there is not CM. Hotch is multi-layered, he is such a competent agent, a total Mr. FBI. He is dedicated to the team and the job. I'm sure he would take a bullet for anyone on his team. He may look hard and cold but anyone who have watched CM knows that he is a very compassionate man. One that did wash blood from a team mates house. He would not report Reid over his drug addiction but offerd support. He could have made life difficult for Emily after he realized that she was put on the team to get dirt on him but he didn't. He trusted Emily to do the right thing. He trust his team. He trust their judgment and abilities. He got their back and he knows they have his too.

I like Hotch for all those things and more. The BAU team without him would simply not be the BAU team.

I hope TG will stay on CM and that next season he is put at the forefront again because frankly, this season been dissapointing. We lost JJ and looks like we may lose Emily too. We got a new character, Seaver, that is for now, not fitting in and Hotch in the background. Nothing to make a longtime CM viewer happy.

I hope for the best but if TG was not to come back, I don't think I would be watching season 7, Hotch is too important a character for me to just watch CM without him. Would simply not feel right.

No Hotch, No CM! said...

I think Hotchner is the best character on Criminal Minds and only Unit Chief for the BAU team!

Teri said...

Totally disagree with with Annonymous ( why not leaving your name?). Look at what happen to CSI, to Grey's and many other shows, when you take out central character, show lose viewers because like it or not those characters cannot be replaced. It isn't just a structure thing, it is how the audience relate to characters. We care for the characters, losing any makes us care a little less. Losing a mjor character, like it or not Hotchner is the central character on CM, just look at how many episodes are about him, look at how many season ender was focused on him and look at the ratings those episodes had then you will know that yes Hotchner is very important to CM.

Strauss cannot take over Hotchner's role as she is not a field agent and it would also mean she would take a step down rank wise.

Rossi told Strauss when he came back that he was not interested in the job on team leader. As for Morgan he is not a team leader, he showed again in the last episode when another uunsub died on his watched.

How can you say we worry too much after we lost AJ and may lose Paget in the SAME season?!? I do worry we will lose TG and unlike you, if he leave I will too!


Anonymous said...

Teri wrote:

"Strauss cannot take over Hotchner's role as she is not a field agent and it would also mean she would take a step down rank wise.

"Rossi told Strauss when he came back that he was not interested in the job on team leader. As for Morgan he is not a team leader, he showed again in the last episode when another uunsub died on his watched."

Strauss couldn't be a field agent, no, but that's not what I suggested. She'd probably (for TV reasons) have more presence on the show to fulfil the office side of Hotch's role.

The things you say about Rossi and Morgan are arguably what would make them interesting leaders. For me, Mantegna is seriously underused on the show and I'd love to see how Rossi would work a team. In comparison with Hotch's by-the-book, we'd get a very different kind of approach. That's for sure!

I agree that the show seems to be leaking characters and that's a worry. Hopefully Prentiss will stay. But I think people are a little over-anxious about Hotch in particular. His role would be filled in practical/professional terms. His fans would miss his particular dry scene presence but it wouldn't be the death of the show!

As I said before, I hope he doesn't leave but it needn't be terminal if he does. It went on after Gideon jumped ship, an actor of some talent.

UK viewer

CM addict said...

I watch CM for Hotchner as I started watching the show after seeing the '100' episode. A friend told me I should watch it as it had amazing writing and acting from Gibson. I was very reluctant as I don't watch broadcast tv, only cable shows like mad men, breaking bad, true blood.

I was blown away at how good that episode was! I couldn't believe that on broadcast TV they would have a central character kill someone with his bare hands. I asked my friend to lend me her dvd's ( she is a huge fan and got every season on dvd) as I wanted to know more about that Reaper storyline. I ended up watching the entire serie! Now I am a major fan and Hotchner is my favorite character.

Hotchner got so much depth. Love how he deals with Strauss, polite yet firm. he does what is good for the team and not what is good for the bureau only, unlike Strauss. Hotch is great with his team, he trust them to do the job. He never micro manage them, he gives them latitude to do the job the best they can.

Hotch is good with his son too, not the best as he works a lot but he tries to be there for him.

All this and more, is why I like this character and I would definately stop watching if Gibson left. I cannot even imagine CM without Hotch! Not a show I would want to watch!

CM addict

Anonymous said...

Funny, my post got lost again. Second time. And now poor Teri's response looks out of place. Third time lucky (and at least I'll remember to sign it this time). Is it my computer or is someone deleting me for some reason???

I don't quite agree with what people say about the centrality of Hotchner. The BAU would continue to operate without him and CM would reconfigure soon enough to fill the gap. It would probably mean more screen time from Strauss to take up the office stuff he does (a bonus in my eyes) and more of Rossi and Morgan in leadership roles (interesting too). So whilst Hotch would be missed by many, he's not indispensable. You people worry too much!

I'd carry on watching and look forward to what new things the show would discover through the different command structure.

UK viewer

A Hotch fan! said...

Well I would miss Hotch if TG left and yes it would be terminal for me when it comes to watching CM if Thomas Gibson don't come back! I stopped watching CSI when Pettersen left and I will stop watching CM without TG.

I say this loud and clear, 'No Hotch, No CM!!!!'

zagi said...

@ uk viewer. My posts also get lost all the time. Maybe because I did like Hotch better in the earlier seasons, but got tired of him after all the personal drama story lines? I still like him though, but would continue watching if he was gone.

Anonymous said...

@zagi, thanks for letting me know. Nice to meet you! Good to know I'm not the only one.

And sorry to the forum moderators for giving you this to delete. It's just nice to meet someone who hasn't gone entirely dark side!!! But you can delete this one. No worries! I'm just being chatty.

I do understand what it's like to be a fan. Personally I LOVE David Mamet's writing, which is how I come to CM, through the wonderful Joe Mantegna, but please, with a smile I say it, please do ease up on the delete button. It's good to have an exchange of views, and it's not one of the seven deadlies not to adore Hotchner.

UK viewer

Anonymous said...

I respectfully have to say that while Hotch is not my ultimate fav I would miss Hotch very much. I am a huge Garcia fan but I can't begin to imagine the show without Hotch.

Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at a few peeps that are complaining or implying that their comments were deleted. I looked at this thread awhile ago and they had posted the same comment multiple times. Perhaps the moderator of the blog didn't feel it was appropriate for you to spam the blog with the same comment over and over again.

I don't think the show can afford to lose another major character. Gideon was easy to lose thanks to all the drama Mandy caused by abruptly leaving the show. Hotchner has been a staple of the show since day one. I don't think most fans will take his leaving well at all. I would stop watching the show.

celeste said...

No Hotch No Me!

Anonymous said...

I love Hotch, he is the best character on TV. I wish I had a boss like him!

I agree with everything people been saying here, well except for one or two people.

Vince said...

Will not be watching without Hotch.


The Shimmering Sky said...

OK, I am back to give some details about why I love Hotch. It seems like there's an endless amount of reasons why I love him, but one episode that comes to mind when I think of him and what he stands for is the episode where there's someone who's going after people in red cars and killing them. In order to stop this man, Hotch rams his BAU SUV into this guys truck. I thought that was incredibly heroic. He risked his life to save the person the Unsub was trying to kill and got injured in the process. Another episode that gets to me is an earlier one where Hotch tries to run to save the guy who has gone into the burning building to sacrifice himself in order to kill a terrible Unsub. If Gideon and Morgan hadn't held him back from running to that building, Hotch possibly would've gotten seriously injured trying to save the guy. Hotch was willing to put his own life in danger to save that man.

There are some actors that are meant to be the leads of their show and Thomas Gibson as Hotch is one of them. I hope the network, etc. gets some better writers soon who can do the Hotch character justice--preferably Andrew Wilder, and as many of the fired writers that they can get to return to the show.

Melanie said...

I haven't read the other comments on this thread because quite frankly I don't really care what others think about him. I've heard enough other fans say less than positive things about him to be quite convinced I would find similar comments in this thread.

For me quite simply he is the essence of Criminal Minds. He is the glue that ties everything together and the firm hand that gives confidence in any circumstance. I think he has so many incredibly subtle traits that are not appreciated to their true value.

I believe he is indispensable to the team and I sincerely hope that the rumors concerning his contract negotiations are just rumors. It would be the end of Criminal Minds for me if he were not to come back in season seven.

I love this character and I appreciate the opportunity to say so.


Megan said...

To me, as a Hotch fan, he is one of few 'untouchable’ characters on CM. Superficially, he provides a great deal of the obvious: leadership to the BAU team, dry humour, eye candy and yes, he can break down doors when required. He is who the team members look to for big decisions and he always leads by example.

Yet Hotch’s character isn’t at all superficial, which is why he is such an important character and so central to CM. He takes leadership to the next level. He brings out the best in his team because he shows them that he values them, even in subtle ways like a simple look. Hotch cares about the team on an emotional, family level, not just as ‘staff’.

On an even more profound level, Hotch is the moral compass for the group and as we heard from TG himself, the consummate professional. What a great example for the younger profilers. But he isn’t perfect,and I think that this simply adds to the believability of the character. Hotch may bend, but he will not break; such inner strength and integrity is not only critical to this show; it is its soul.

As for what he brings to me as a viewer in addition to all of the above, TG’s portrayl of Hotch is outstanding. I love to see different layers to the character and know he’s not one-dimensional, that he is not so easy to analyze. It’s interesting to see where the writers and TG will take him next (if they give him the chance!); they have only just started to scratch the surface. I also love the way Hotch appeals to a wide range of audience. He's a great role model for leadership and a ‘hero’ that we can enjoy once a week while the rest of our real world is filled with corrupt and greedy bosses making the headlines. CM would not be CM without our SSA Hotchner and I wouldn't watch without him.

Maddie said...

The man is hot that's what I think! especially with his kevlar on! Thomas Gibson is soooooo handsome it's incredible. I can't stop swooning all episode long. Can we get an all Hotch show?

Anonymous said...

ha, i was expecting more comments - why is it that bad things draw in people by the thousands and good things so few? come on, fans, put in your two cents....
nice interviews, thomas! "i think she is not telling me something." ha ha, love this ol' chap.

evelyn99 said...

I read a recent article about Don Johnson who may be returning to TV after having been in two successful, long-running series: Miami Vice and Nash Bridges. The writer went on two say that there are few stars who can claim this achievement; but two others he mention who achieved this success were Thomas Gibson and Bob Newhart.

To underscore this accomplishment, a second article I read talked about Jenna Elfman’s new pilot project; and how she has yet to achieve a second hit like her former co-star Thomas Gibson who followed the success of Dharma & Greg, is another hit major hit, Criminal Minds.

Successful series are hard to come by and to have two in a row is a unique accomplishment experienced by few actors. CBS, ABC, Ed and the producers need to take not and recognize that the winning ingredient in their recipe is Thomas Gibson. Aaron Hotchner is an invaluable character because Gibson made him that way. Criminal Minds owes much of its success to the caliber of this man’s talent, his grace and charm, and his good looks, and his pre-existing fan base.

Hotch is the heart and strength of CM; and no other character can fill his shoes or replace him. And I think TPTB already realize the firestorm they will create if they fire Gibson and try to bring in a new lead character.
As someone said before, why are CBS/ABC/CM producers trying to scare the hell out of the fans with the prospects of Gibson not returning? He should be given whatever salary his asking for, some say in the show with an executive producer credit; and any other benefits/demands that will recognize and reward his contribution to CM. And for those who say the show will survive without him; I wouldn’t bet on it, maybe if it were produced in the U.K.

Paige said...

What I think of Hotchner? I think he is hot! lol! Thomas Gibson is one handsome man!

Seriously, Hotch is my favorite character on CM. I started watching CM after a friend told me that Thomas was on CM. Hotch is such a serious man, like that he take his job to heart. He believe in what he is doing and does it because he want to help. He is a true hero.

If Thomas was to leave CM I would stop watching.

Hope CBS will give this very talented actor a new contract soon!


Meg said...

Just found this blog, nice one. CM is my favorite show because of Hotch! He is such a strong man who survived against the reaper! He is the only unit chief I will ever accept!

LunaM said...

It ‘s a testament to the character of Aaron Hotchner and the acting of Thomas Gibson that – despite the obvious attractiveness of TG – almost all comments exclusively revolve around the great character traits and skills of our beloved Unit Chief and how wonderfully and perfectly he is portrayed by TG. Of course TG is an insanely attractive actor and Hotch is our tall, dark and handsome profiler, brooding, mysterious, sexy in Kevlar as well as a suit. But what draws most of us to the character is his strength, his morals, his sensitivity with victims and their families, his integrity, his compassion, his caring for his son and his team, his devotion to his job and all the things already said here.

In literature as well as in film and on tv, I normally feel drawn to the sidekicks, the second-in-command the wingmen and –women. There are very few exceptions, one of which is CM. I was fascinated by Aaron Hotchner right from the get go and he is my absolute favorite character on CM since day 1. He is such a rich, multi-layered and deep character who still has so much to explore. Only … why don’t the producers, writers, execs use him? The extent to which Hotch has been put on the backburner since ‘100’ is getting ridiculous. When I heard that this season’s theme would be ‘secrets’, I was kind of intrigued and thought how perfect that is for Hotch, because his character provides such a huge blank canvas for all kinds of secrets. However, we’re at the 16th episode now and haven’t really seen that much of Hotch AT ALL. Whatever reason: lack of ability on the part of the writers or network politics, it has to stop. NOW. As someone before me already said, the strongest CM episodes generally have a very strong Hotch presence. That doesn’t have to come at the expense of the other characters. I love them all (except, you know … not going there here), they are all interesting (except .,.) they should all be showcased. The CM makers have shown in earlier seasons that they can do character-centric episodes in which still all the characters shine. I hope they will get back to that. When it comes to Hotch, I’m growing a bit hopeless with the lack of Hotch-sreentime and the reduction to being line-giver for other characters. It’s really a question of quantity AND quality. It is incomprehensible why the makers waste such a great character and such a fantastic actor by not using him fully.

No Hotch/TG, no CM for me.

SSA Hotchner fan! said...

I have like Hotchner since the episode The Tribe. He was so awesome in that one. I still watch CM to this day because of Hotch and Thomas Gibson great portrait. It is unthinkable that CM could lose Thomas. If it does lose him then I will be watching something else on Wednesday night at 9:00.

SSA Hotchner fan!

Eliane said...

My name is Eliane, I’m from Paris France.

I love Criminal Minds, or like it is called here, Esprits Criminels.
My favorite character is Hotchner. He is such a great leader.

I wait every week to watch a new episode on French tv.

I read on a French forum that negotiating isn't going well.
Hope he not leave, the show would not be the same.

Thank you for reading me,

P.S sorry for my bad english

Kelly said...

As a 5+ season Criminal Minds fan, I say enough is enough. We have stood strong with our favorite show through 2 major cast changes, a writer's strike, the firing of 5 writers including our beloved Andrew Wilder and the firing of 2 of our key and popular actresses. We have spread the love of CM like wildfire.... and we are repaid by reported contract crap with TG/SM?
I refuse to support CBS in any further cuts in cast of my favorite show. Count me out if CM loses anymore "family", especially if that is in the form of Thomas Gibson, whose "Hotch" is a backbone of the show. Treat this actor like the lead and leader he is.

No Hotch/TG, no Cm!

Clara said...

Hotch is the leader of the team. He’s strong and determined and he leads by the power of example. He believes in the job and in bringing the bad guys to justice, making this world a better and safer place for everyone...especially his son, Jack. He keeps everything together under extreme pressure and always takes the heat to protect the team. You can always count on him to do the right thing. He is intense, passionate and has an incredibly strong sense of morality. I think he's the best Unit Chief this team could ever have.
I also think CBS would be out of their collective minds not to give Thomas Gibson a solid contract to come back next season!

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with your view of Hotch and also what the writers are doing this season. This is getting to a point that I am considering not watching CM anymore. The slap in the face came when we had 25 to Life, TG's name was in the credit but he was not in the episode. I felt cheated as that episode was not advertissed as an episode without Hotch. If I had known he would not be in it, I would not have watched.

This season is a dissapointing one for Hotch fans because so far, after 16 episodes, we have yet to know anything of Hotch secret. I guess the new writers have no idea how to write for the characters, we noticed that all season, just read all the episodes thread on this blog. So instead of writing for the characters those new writers write for the unsubs. I don't watch for the unsub, I watch for:

1- Hotch
2- the team
3- unsubs/case of the week.

Hotch is such a great character, CM best episodes are often centered on him or have a strong Hotch presence ( 100, Slave to Duty, Mayem, LoFi, Nameless faceless, Haunted, damage etc..).

I hope Thomas will stay on CM and that the writers will give him some worthy material. CM path to go back to be the awesome show it use to be is by sending Hotch at the forefront once again.


Theresa said...

I am depressed and disheartened by the recent turn of events on one of my favourite shows. I cannot comprehend the actions made by those at CBS. They cut AJ Cook and Paget Brewster and now Thomas Gibson’s negotiations aren’t going well? Really? When Hotch is the lead of this show they’re thinking CM can do without him too? He’s the embodiment of everything Criminal Minds to me. Strong, stoic, subtle. I won’t watch the show without Hotch there.

Anonymous said...

I love Hotch more than anything on CM!!!!!! It's so admirable how he so beat up and still does he job! Then there's the fact that he has a son and can balance it all. If I were him, I'd be an suicidal alchoholic by now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I <3 HOTCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LunaM said...

MysticGirl, I share your disappointment with 25 to Life. That episode was weak to begin with and not having any Hotch at all in it, although Cade Owens (Jack) had been advertised as being in the episode, was a slap. I refuse to acknowledge this episode as a CM episode at all.

Julia said...

CBS works in mysterious way. First they gives tons of money to Sheen who turn around and bash them to a point that Two and a Half Men got canceled for the rest of the season and may not come back ever. Then CBS fires AJ Cook and reduced Paget Brewster episodes number. Why because they needed money for the spin off ( I'm sure oscar winner are not cheap!). As if that wasn't enough and CM being CBS favorite pinata to beat, decided, that since that pinata wasn't busted yet, it could still give! So there goes Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore!

Well if TG goes so will I! CM without Hotch is just not CM!


Anonymous said...


I have not rewatched 25 to Life because I was so dissapointed with that episode! I didn't know Cade Owens was advertissed as being in that episode! it's even more dissapointing!


Andrea said...

I never mind talking about Hotch but reading that contract negotiations aren’t going well puts a new spin on things. Put simply, Thomas Gibson/Hotch is so important to the show. I know I’m biased since he’s my favorite character, but no actor can do what TG can. He has been so under-appreciated (but won an award, yay!) yet his character is the base for the rest of the team. I love his quiet yet powerful leadership and I’ve missed him this season as, like the actor, the character seems under-appreciated by Ed et the show’s detriment imho. So, to whoever does the contracts: give TG whatever he asks for! He is not going to be unreasonable, which should be a pleasant change given others on your payroll. Else cut your actors cut your fans. That's the way it will roll!Just saying. You should try letting other tv series’ go, and not dump all the cost- cutting onto the original, the ONLY credible criminal minds. CM (the original) and TG deserve their time in the spotlight! TG deserves more publicity, more respect and care from cbs. I hope it starts now. No TG, no cm 4 me.

Danielle said...

Hotch is so cool! He is such a great FBI agent and leader. I love seeing him do interrogations (that stare is amazing!) and leading the kevlar charges to get the bad guy. I don't like seeing him in the background this year. :( The show wouldn't be the same without him.

Unknown said...

Hotch to me is the glue that holds this team together, the unprecedented Unit Chief with his unwavering loyalty standing by his team through thick or thin, who goes about his work and home life with a passion and dedication parallel to no other and no matter what the cost to him always does the right thing.

Thomas Gibson is an amazingly versatile actor who brings this character to life on our screens and I’m certainly thankful for this, from the pilot episode he made his presence and character felt and has done a tremendous job for CM. Yes I realise that this is an ensemble cast but for me Criminal Minds is all about Hotch/TG.

There are so many amazing episodes from the early seasons that bring Hotch to life and I as a viewer have gone on that ride, culminating in 100 & The Slave of Duty, all the ups and downs, highs and lows and through it all Hotch/TG has stood strong.

I would love to see Hotch’s back-story explored further, I’m one of those viewers who is still waiting for the fall out of the Reaper arch and the impact that this has had on Hotch and Jack especially, and also his team.

But keeping it simple …I think of Hotchner as Criminal Minds!

Kaitlin said...

I love Hotch. He’s so good-looking and intimidating! I love his scenes with Jack and wish we could have more of both of them. Hotch is my favorite and why I watch cm. Agent Hotner rocks!

Kirsten said...

CMF put together a project for '100' & I was lucky enough to be one of those to write for Hotch. Here's my take, shortened: :) "Simply put, Hotch is the heart and soul of the BAU. There are several fitting analogies to describe the agent but the proverbial ‘tree that may bend but won’t break’ seems best. Aaron Hotchner is the imperfect hero who is constantly striving to “do the right thing”; it's this imperfection that makes him so believable, so human and the best character on TV.
There are so many words to describe what Hotch brings to his team, but 3 in particular continually jump out at me: leadership, integrity and strength.
A leader has been defined as an individual who possesses traits such as drive, leadership-motivation (the desire to lead but not to seek power as an end in itself), honesty, integrity, self-confidence, cognitive ability, and knowledge of the business. It is easy to see how Aaron Hotchner personifies all of these characteristics. It is also well-known a team will tend to take on the characteristics of its leader so in essence Hotch brings all of these things to the BAU through his role as Unit Chief.
Hotch is a man who leads by example; he never asks the team to do anything he wouldn’t do himself and is frequently leading from the front. He values his staff as both profilers (comfortable in seeking and using their opinions) and as people. He believes that he is their protector: physically, politically and morally. He fully understands each member and uses this knowledge to get the most out of each individual for the benefit of the collective, finding a balance between pushing and praising. Hotch appreciates them and although not lavish with his outward approval, it is obvious how much each means to him. By demonstrating such confidence and trust in the team, he ensures they stay motivated to do their absolute best and the team operates smoothly and effectively as a result.
Hotch takes all of his responsibilities seriously. He considers himself to be the leader, the mom and the dad. Completely unselfish, he deflects praise from himself but will take responsibility for his team and their actions, defending them even if it means risking his own career.

Kirsten said...

Hotch has an abundance of integrity and is the consummate professional. His attire, stoic determination and dedication are second to none. As boss, he has extremely high standards for the team but he is always toughest on himself. Furthermore, Aaron is always respectful, of victims, of local law enforcement and of his team. My favourite example was at the end of ‘House on Fire’ when he went out of his way to make things right with Garcia.
Also embedded in Hotchner’s integrity is his loyalty to the team, whom he considers family. The all-time best example came in Strauss’ office. His “Let me tell you about my team...” speech showed so much more than excellent profiling skills. Hotch demonstrated that he recognized the person within the profiler and his intention to stand by each member. Although described as a ‘drill sergeant’, Hotch will go (and has gone) the extra mile for any of the team. Finally, Hotch has always been an exceptional mentor and role model.
Hotch has shown his tremendous emotional/psychological strength since the very beginning but he is at his best when needed the most. After Gideon’s abrupt departure, Hotch was there, giving stability in the midst of uncertainty. The team certainly doesn’t function as well when he is absent.
Hotch seems to have endless and supreme inner strength. It is this which prevents him from falling apart. And yet Hotch is unafraid to admit his faults and shortcomings to the team which also requires great strength. He admits his mistakes and attempts to rectify them. He very rarely loses his composure, even when baited.
The team always feel the Unit Chief’s calming presence even when he doesn’t say anything. His strength is palpable and commands respect. And yet Hotch also knows when to be more forceful. He brings an intimidation to the team, most often viewed in the interrogation room but let’s not forget that Hotch can also kick down a door when necessary! :0)

No discussion of Hotch can be complete without mention of his actor. Thomas brings such realism and subtleness to the character and it’s been amazing to see the development over 5+ seasons. Just as I cannot imagine the BAU team without Hotch as its leader, I cannot imagine CM without Thomas as its star."

And I will go on record that as much as I enjoy CM and the other characters, if TG isn’t back next year, I won’t be either.

patty said...

No Hotch/TG, No CM for me!

Not much else I have to say!

Anonymous said...

I was just watching "Outfoxed" and then saw TG on the Wendy Williams Show. Here is what i have to say.
Dear Mr. Gibson,
You owe me a few $$$ in hospital bills due to dehydration (from all the drooling), palpitations (that face at the end of the episode, good lord!), and the last bits of my nails. You will soon owe me my lawyer bills - hubby is not taking current obsession with as much equanimity as i had thought. your sincerely, etc....
As someone before me said, it is hard not to be distracted by TG's looks and it is to his credit as an actor that people are able to fall in love with the character despite the inordinate distraction of his good looks rather than because of them.
No Hotch/TG = What CM?

Kim said...

Every cm fan is different but for me, the most interesting character is the irreplaceable Aaron Hotchner. A little dark, a little imperfect but incredibly dedicated and strong... not to mention so sexy and handsome! I adore Thomas Gibson. I hope that tptb are not thinking of doing something stupid. Note: DO NOT ALLOW this gifted actor to leave! He is the core of the team, which you are already ripping apart! I would hate to stop watching but I would just as a protest if we don’t start seeing much more of this great character and a return for all of Season7.

Sarah said...

LOL Dee! I'm so with ya, sista! Hotch is incredible in every way and the best reason to tune into CM weekly... good for the health! :0)

No Hotch No CM!

Amber said...

I consider myself to be a picky viewer. And yet I found this gem of a show called CM that had great writing, great acting and was simply amazing, especially in the character of Hotch and an actor named Thomas Gibson. I have really enjoyed seeing this character grow from out of the shadow of Gideon to being the stalwart leader we have today. We need more modern day TV lead heroes like Hotch, what a super role model for youngsters. Please reward Mr. Gibson for his excellent work. Season6 has been weak and I feel a lot of that is down to Hotch being in the background as well as a loss of focus on the characters. I hope that this changes: give TG a new contract and put more of him in front of us. I love HOTch!!! 

Anna said...

I have followed Hotch since the first day I started watching the show. I have watched him go through a painful divorce, almost get blown up by terrorists, being tortured by Foyet and losing the mother of his son. And yet, here he is still standing, still fighting to make the world a better place. The man is the personification of strength. Hotch is truly an amazing character, and the best Unit Chief this team could have. No one could replace Hotch.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, I've been trying to not rererewatch CM every single day. Obsession's not great for our health, is it? But i am addicted. Anyone's got a cure?
I love almost (won't get into that now) all the characters and anyone leaving would change the dynamics, the chemistry, and we have already seen the woeful results of you know what. However, without taking anything away from any of the other characters, i have to say that i think Hotch is the fulcrum. Take him away and things would likely fall apart. That's TG for you. He seems nothing like Hotch in his interviews. I don't think Hotch knows the meaning of
"taking it easy" (TG's response to the question about the secret of his 'eternal' youth on the WW show). But there is Hotch, in whatever meagre (these days) bits the writers give him, as a modern-day Colossus. Amazing to behold. And yeah not good for the heart, although great for the soul, if you get my drift.

Del said...

I was just watching Haunted on A&E and I must say that was one great episode with a lot of focus on Hotch. What I liked about him in this episode was that even under stress and coming back after being attacked by the Reaper he was still very good at his job.

The episodes that have Hotch play a more central role are the best, because his character is multi-layered, which adds complexity to those episodes. I miss that complexity this season.

Let's hope CBS will make sure Thomas Gibson stays on Criminal Minds and we can continue to enjoy Hotch as a character. I just can't imagine and won't imagine Criminal Minds without Hotch! He has to be a part of Season 7!


Sarah said...

Once again, ITA Dee! The man is my superhero. He is so underestimated as a character and I just love it when Hotch proves otherwise. He isn't just a leader, he gets his hands dirty and manages to hold together and be a father for Jack. He may not do it all perfectly, but that's still heroic in my books. Oh yeah, baby, def most beneficial for the soul! Won't watch without him, that's for sure!

No TG/Hotch No CM!

Evelyn said...

Hotch bands the team together and is the only one that can get them to work effectively together and maintain control. He's the only Unit Chief I want or will watch.

TG is amazing. I love that he takes time to interact with his fans, even if its just a quick tweet.

Anonymous said...

Thomas Gibson is great man, I love his act in this TV show, if he wasn't in the show i will never watch it. he makes the show fantastic and action. so thanks agent Hotchner:)
Best regards

Anonymous said...

Kirsten, i just read your comments - so wonderfully analysed! maybe you should write his further development :-) oh the complexities that could be written into his character. I'm salivating over the wealth of possibilities....

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but Aaron Hotchner makes that show - if Thomas Gibson were to leave, that would be the end of the show. Love the others, but Hotch is like the lead(er).

Anonymous said...

I love the character of Hotch, and Thomas Gibson who plays him so well. Hotch is my favorite character and I will not watch CM without him or Thomas Gibson in the role.

I watched Haunted last night on A&E, which is one of my favorite episodes. I loved the Hotch and Prentiss scenes and hope we get some before Prentiss leaves. It would have been nice to have more scenes between the two of them this season; they have such great chemistry--what a waste.

Season six has not been good because of the lack of Hotch. I agree with those who said the Hotch-focused episodes are the best episodes of the series.

If TG leaves, you can count me as one of those people who will no longer watch CM. Hotch/TG is the only reason I watch. I do love the rest of the team; but no one else is enough to make me stay.


Eric said...

What I think of Hotch? He is the show for me even if I do like, in order; Prentisss, Reid, Rossi, Morgan and Garcia, Hotch is and was alway the one that made me sit down every Wednesday night and watch Criminal Minds.

So much has happen to Hotch, to see him not just still standing but still be the Unit Chief of the most elite group in the FBI is a testament to his strenght! I admire how he doesn't break the law or go rogue to get the unsubs, unlike the team on the spin off ( could never respect that team, they are everything the BAU team will never be thanks god!). Yes Hotch is a by the book guy but when he and his team make an arrest it will stick!

Hotch integrity both at work and home makes him a good role model. He does inspire trust. Not many boss would be told by a subordinate, Morgan to Hotch in Craddle to Grave 'we'll go to the mat for you'. Hotch team, even Morgan who could have his own team,respect and admire Hotch enough that he want to work with him, even help him with part of his duties so that Hotch could go home at decent hours and spend time with his son. If a guy as famous as Rossi came back to the BAU and worked as a subordinate to the man he did recruit, that tells me that Hotch is an exceptional boss.

Hotch trust in his team is total. He trust them enough that when he had to step down he was not afraid to name Morgan as his replacement.

But the best about Hotch is that despite everything that happen to him, everything he has seen on the job, he is STILL a good guy. No he didn't go rogue, he didn't lose it, sure it all affect him but he is still doing a great job, with passion and integrity. That is something rare these days when TV shows like to hail anti-hero, non conformist, the lone wolf as people we should admire. Hotch does the right things within the bounderies of the law, within the system, THAT is much more difficult to do!

If CM was to lose Hotch, it would lose a character that makes the show an interesting one. CM would become a show I would have no interest in.


Anonymous said...

it's easier to write about a character you dislike than to write about one that you love. Dislike can be rationalised; love is kind of 'bam'. I had a 'bam' moment in Mayhem. Even the way he asked 'where is it' when the paramedic/unsub told him to drive to the hospital. Strange that i love TG's diction (i need help i know).
On an entirely superficial and facetious level, the stare that he gave Haley in Season 3 - that phone call - i thought, Haley (rest in peace) you are a very stupid woman and then i stopped thinking altogether. I understand how she needed to get out of the marriage, but that stare :-P i have never recovered.

Madison said...

I just love Hotch. He is the characters on CM I love the most. He's got such a cute little boy. Can't wait for Hotch secret!

We need More Hotch Please!!!


Shelley said...

In a show of pretty darn good actors, one still manages to stand out: Thomas Gibson & his playing of SSA Hotchner. Normally (and falsely) accused of being boring and stiff by other viewers, Hotch is anything but and just shows the enormous range and abilities of TG to bring such depth to this wonderful leader. I like the way Hotch is so caring. He always knows the names of the victims, he always volunteers for the burn unit, and his determination to get the bad guy is awesome. Dressed so well in his suit, he IS Mr.FBI and for sure the man I want knocking on my door if I’m in trouble. I have watched this show from day 1 and was hooked immediately because of Hotch and continue to watch because of Hotch. I hope tptb don’t continue to attempt to ruin this show.
No Hotch/TG for S7, no me.

Anonymous said...

"I stand by my team, and if you think that you can find a better person for the job, good luck."

This is said by Aaron Hotchner when Erin Strauss is suggesting that he cannot do his job effectively anymore. If you think you can find a better person for the job of leading this cast than Thomas Gibson, then good luck. It ain't gonna happen.

no tg, no cm.

Jen said...

Hotch. Greatest character creation in years! I love everything about Hotch and Thomas Gibson plays him perfectly. It is such a treat to watch Hotch each week, although as a loyal cm fan, I have to admit I'm not liking season 6 much. Not nearly enough Hotch and too much of other characters. I hope this gets rectified soon, I'd like to see more in the Hotch-Rossi friendship as well as the Hotch-Prentiss. Hotch is the anchor of the show and I hope this continues for many years to come.

Hotch4evr said...

Hotch is an instrumental part of the show. His acting is excellent and highly underrated. The character of Hotch is very difficult to play. The temptation is probably to overplay it, to add to it. Mr. Gibson doesn't. He stays true to the character. There's also the danger of underplaying the role. Again, he doesn't. He doesn't hit a false note. He needs more stories. Such a great actor and character. Characters are important, including the ones in procedurals. Hotch is one of the most fascinating multifaceted characters. Characters make for good tv. Without Hotch, cm isnt good.

Again, please don't think talking about him has anything to do with being fine with another cast member leaving. It's just that if you are concentrating on him, then so will I. Please keep Mr. Gibson and the rest of the cast of this show.Angela

TGdeservesAraise said...

My thoughts on Hotchner are that he seems to be stupidly underused this season, which is a great cause for concern because cm is lacking too. TPTB have shown they can't be trusted.

I'm a long time fan, I have watched ever since the first episode and was hoping to watch until the show went off the air but if Hotchner isn’t back for Season7, then I’m done. After all that we’ve had to endure this year, I refuse to be a part of such a calamity.TG/Hotch are such good role models that anything less than a raise and some recognition for both actor & character is so unfair. I join my Hotch fans in saying that without Hotch, CM isn’t CM anymore and it won’t be something I care to watch.

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