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Criminal Minds spoiler thread for "Today I Do" written by Alicia Kirk starring Joe Mantegna, Thomas Gibson, Paget Brewster, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler and Kirsten Vangsness.

**Beware! There will be spoilers in the comments :)


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Team Emily and JJ said...

Ok let the Emily Prentiss storyline heat up! I cant wait to see this episode! Pgets final days are coming to a close. Lets show her and the rest of the cast- escept Seaver/Rachel Nichols- all the support we can!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the Prentiss storyline! Also (and I will keep saying that) Get JJ back and get rid of Seaver!

Anonymous said...

today i do? meaning marriage, i do???? ooo, who know!!??

Ling said...

No, Today I do is the mantra that the unsub uses with her clients. The unsub is, I think, a life coach and that is the mantra that she uses with her clients for them to repeat.

Anonymous said...

I'm kind of annoyed that they introduced such an extreme storyline for Reid in Corazon and suddenly it disappears but I mean, I understand Prentiss is going to dominate these episodes due to real life events. That being said, I would call the Reid episode poorly timed then, because he was basically unable to perform his job and now suddenly, he's good. I love all of the characters but Reid does hold a special place for me so when we finally got a Reid episode after a long time of nothing... well, it left a lot in the air and then immediately moved on to a series of Prentiss episodes.

Either way, I hope the episodes are good and all, just wanted to get that rant out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, don't worry, they will pull the Reid story back out when Prentiss leaves and they fear that people may leave with her.

Team Emily and JJ said...

My "name" says it all. I am on Team Emily and JJ and opposed to Team Seaver, which isnt much of a team.
I think that everyone who can see that Seaver is a crappy fit for the show has a critical mind to some point and everyone else...well, not so much. Seaver does not belong and hopefully she doesnt have too much screen time.

Jademarisa said...

CriminalMinds fans appeal:CBS blackout from 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. on February 16th! They'll listen to bad ratings .Boycott SuspectBehavior!!!

Silvinha said...

I'm looking foward to Prentiss' storyline. The case, the Unsub, the victims, blah, blah, blah... I don't care about all this. I only wanna know about Emily.

Kay said...

Yes, Silvinha, I want as much Prentiss as possible before she leaves the show.

TG fan said...

I've been watching Dharma and greg online. Thomas gibson is a really good actor! I fiound it so hard to believe that Hotch can be funny initially, but now...he's so funny! He's so hot! I love Thomas Gibson!

LT said...

Definitely the Prentiss storyline is heating up and looks good. However, because of what has been done to AJ and Paget by cbs I will no longer watch the show when Paget leaves. If she comes back next year maybe I will watch. But I have boycotted cbs including the CM spinoff that's how upset the AJ/Paget fiasco has made me. As far as any other characters' storylines I do not care only because I will not be watching once Paget is gone. I love CM and all the characters bring something special, but Paget is my fave and JJ was awesome too so that's how it stands with me. I turn my back on CM once Paget is gone. :/

Anonymous said...

As much as these episodes make me happy because finally Paget is going to get to show her acting chops, I can't help but dread them because I know what's coming.

Whatever decision Paget makes will be the right one, as long as she follows her own heart and doesn't worry about pissing fans/the network off.

Anonymous said...

I agree about the timing of Reid's headaches. If they knew Prentiss had an episode arc coming up, why start one with Reid-an important medical one at that- and then just drop it?? God knows the other characters are going to get more screen time with the subtraction of one of the show's characters.

It's almost like they filmed and aired the episodes in the wrong order or something.

Team Emily and JJ said...

As excited as I am to find out Emily's secrets, and hers have turned out to be the most interesting out of everyone's, I am not looking forward to it being the end of days for her. The same way I wasnt looking forward to JJ's swan song. Obviously, the writers sent JJ away with a bang leaving the possibility wide open for her return and I hope that the same is done with Emily.

Anonymous said...

I really hope that the show returns to Reid's storyline--otherwise, I will be very frustrated and disappointed.

gubegirl said...

Jeez, now I have posted on the old thread and not the new one! Because I do not know how to cut & paste here, I feel I must repeat what I said on the other:

For those of you who have Twitter accts: pls DO NOT continue to follow RN (the one we love to hate) as it would appear that even this negative attention is boosting her visibility and could actually be backfiring as far as our desires go. It would appear that she doesn't mind that we are ranting about her and how unfit a character she is playing-she is just eating it up. Maybe even getting an ego boost from it.
U-G-G-H-H! NOT what we want!

If Ed and boys do not get that we think AS is a ridiculous addition to our BAU team by now, they never will. But's letstry a different approach, worry about PB leaving and the outside poss that SM and TG may not want to sign new contracts. Also,re: the writing: either get some of the good old ones back or make the new ones study the backstories of our characters in order to maintain our high level of interest and devotion. (Not you, Randy, you did great!)

That's all! Can't wait to see more of Paget in action - as long as she STAYS that way. (Don't leave, Paget, pls!)

P.S. All you anon characters: pls name yourselves! Click on the name/URL and then plug whatever you want to call yourself in the "name" box and hit PUBLISH. You're done! Thanks. (We want to know "who" we're talking to...:)

sdwally said...

I certainly hope there's a lot of Hotch in this episode. I hope Emily shares with Hotch and Rossi, what's happening with her.

Last week's episode was a nice improvement over the quality of other season 6 episodes. I hope CM's back on track with the quality writing and team dynamics that set it apart from other series.

I'm holding my breath, crossing my fingers and toes until the episode airs.

Team Emily and JJ said...

gubegirl said it all,
RN is getting an ego boost from all this negative attention. How autocratic can one get?anyway,please Paget stay and please aj come back!

Paget fan said...

I am so excited for the next couple of emily episodes because she is my favortrie character and i feel she does not get the attention on the show she deserves, though it will be absolutely horrible when she's gone. So forget Seaver and reid will get his time to shine, but lets give emily the screen time she deserves!

Alison said...

she's getting an ego-boost?! Oh yeah cause having people tell you they hate you is such an ego-booster!!! What she has done is rise above all the hatred which I personally think is admirable.
And if people want to be anonymous that is entirely up to them. The only reason you would want people to put names down is so that you can then pick on them!I don't blame people for staying anonymous considering the amount of hate that is surrounding the show and most of the fans!

MGG Fan said...

I will never follow Rachel Nichols. Never have, never will...I don't care how many pictures she takes with Matthew. But I will say the one thing that Seaver has done is made me really appreciate JJ. Think that was Ed's master plan? She is a poor substitute for the two amazing women we lost this season.

Bring back AJ Cook and Keep Paget Brewster!! I want my team back!

Team Emily and JJ said...


RN does seem to be getting a type of ego boost. Yes in some circumstances its admirable to withstand hatred but her comments...look it up
and Im not anonymous

gubegirl said...


Excuse me, but I have never picked on ANYONE on this blog. If I don't agree with something, I let it slide but choose to remark/respond to those who pose interesting thoughts/scenarios.

But it is extremely difficult to mention or respond to SO MANY anonymous, many who have great/ interesting ideas that I would like to address, thus I am letting them know how to name themselves in case they do not know how. Which, as we have recently learned, is sometimes the case: they just didn't know how.

I am no bully or hate monger and I would venture to say that many who post on this thread could attest to that. I have actually suggested more than once in the past couple wks that we stop talking about RN/AS.

Re: your first remark: I will choose to ignore it.

Alison said...

I've seen her comments and I believe that yes having people tell you not to worry about all the negativity and that you're doing a good job is certainly a boost to anyone's confidence but an ego-boost is something entirely different which she isn't getting!She would clearly be down and people who are her fans have brought her back up.
And yes you're not anonymous because you're spreading so much of the hate!

Soosan said...

I'm sorry, can someone explain how an actress carrying on with her career while fans act immature with personal hatred (towards someone the have never met) is translated as an ego boost?

I think it's a sign of maturity and grace, and that's as far from an ego boost as I can think.

That's really all I want to say, because this thread is supposed to be a discussion on tomorrow night's episode, not a place for people to comment on who should and shouldn't have twitter followers.

BAU2133 said...

OK. Seriously everyone hating on RACHEL NICHOLS, the ACTRESS, please stop! I hate the Seaver character. I really honestly do. I wish the BAU we've had for the past 4-5 years was back in tact. And it's BS that I have to do double takes because of how much she looks like AJ...

BUT Rachel Nichols had absolutley NOTHING to do with all this crap happening to AJ and Paget.

The cast uses twitter as a fun way to interact with their fans. They are not paid to do it, they just want to give us some behind the scenes, fun stuff. They don't HAVE to talk to the show's fans, and quite frankly it's very rude to be making mean comments to her. Like she said DON'T FOLLOW her if you don't like her! Her finally saying something about it is only after being bombarded with thousands of hate messages every day.
Grow up.

When your a young up and coming actress in Hollywood and you are offered a full time part on one of the most popular shows on network TV, YOU TAKE THE JOB!!

Karen said...

Let's just move on from Rachel Nichols Twitter account, please! The solution is simple, she should block the people tweeting nasty messages to her, I think you can even report those people. That's it, a simple solution. Please, let's just move on from discussing this Twitter thing, please.

Cindy said...

Agreed gubegirl and Karen..

NumberOneMGGfan said...


well said! I kindof like ashley as a character because of her fater charles beauchamp. but other wise the only episode I like her in was the first 'what happens at home' but I would have enjoyed it if anyof the characters were in her position but her dadwas a serial killer so that made the unsub in that episodemore interesting because of the conversation. ifseaver must stay I say that they should add more about her dad and his murders

I am a fan of MGG/reid to exponential proportions!!! and would love to have more episodes with him as the promonient character

as for the aj paget scenario I want them both back sooooo badly but I donot have the will power to not watch the show!it is very difficult to quit cold turkey and I may very well go mentally insane if they cancel the show after gubler and mantangas contracts expire for they are guaranteed a 7th season.

thanks for listening sorry about spelling grammar and othermistakes I'm on my phone right now as it is 11 pmand I have school. in case my name does not go through and you wish to respond put my name as: NumberOneMGGfan

5CM said...

I love Prentiss and I'm really sad she's leaving, but it's so hard to concentrate on her final episodes when I'm so worried about Reid's health. He is my favorite character, I hope this isn't just the writers way of ending the show. Reid becoming "crazy", Hotch leaving for Jack, just too many possibilities.

Olivia said...

CM has never been great at continuity. For those waiting for Reid's headaches, spare a sympathy thought for us Hotch fans STILL waiting for repercussions of last season's trauma! :)

I'm really gonna miss Emily... I hate what CBS has done to this show.
All i can say is that if thomas goes, i'll have a free wednesday. Give me my team back! Hotch rocks!

Anonymous said...


karen said...

I have to agree with the laying off the hate of Rachel Nicoles. It's her character we hate, not the actress. She's just trying to make a living like the rest of us. With that said, I continue to support the removal of Seaver. She doesn't fit in with the rest of the group and her presence is ruining the dyanmic of the cast. This is only one of my worries. I'm feeling a bit nervous for the future of CM. Things seem to be looking rather bleak. Now as long as MGG is on the show I'll watch it, but if he goes then I'm no longer watching the show. I just hope CBS will wise up and beg AJ Cook to come back and make amends with Paget so she doesn't go with a new pilot (not that I blame her for wanting the chance to do something else considering the bs CBS put her through).

LaShawna said...

This episode looks interesting. The promos paint the unsub as a psychopath who reminded me of Kathy Bates in Misery. Most female unsubs on this show are almost tragic figures, so it will be interesting if they mix it up and introuce a much more straight forward psychopathic female unsub. I hope this episode continues the good team interaction from last episode and I'm curious how this will advance the Emily arc.

zagi said...

Anonymous, thanks for posting the link.


Excerpt of the interview with Forrest Whitaker :

"What's the difference between this show and the original "Criminal Minds?"
According Whitaker, it's the cast that really lights up the screen and at the same time are very unique ..."

Forrest Whitaker you s*** ! I hope the spin-off fails.

I hope tonight`s ep of the real CM will be great and I know our cast will light up the screen big time!

Ingrid said...

Don't really know what to expect from tonight's episode, but I am praying that it will be heading closer to the right direction like last week's episode. And yes, I coined the term "Seaverisms," but like someone said in the thread before this one, to appease the "she's only been in 3 episodes people," which I personally don't think matters given the nature/background of the character, I will give Seaver one more chance. But if there are an abdundance of "Seaverisms," and God help me, if they have her presenting the profile with the team or any such lunacy like that, I'm done with that character. I will just mentally block her out best as I can so that I can see the Prentiss arc. Once the Prentiss arc is over, and I Paget does not return, but even if Prentiss does return and Seaver is still there season 7, I will almost probably not continue watching Criminal Minds. Sorry, there is just no way that Seaver can even get be close to profiling and it irritates me that they are trying to cast that character in that light. Also, to someone in the other threads point, it shouldn't take 5, 10, 15 episodes to gel with or see the usefulness or lack thereof of a character. Like that commenter said, the characters back story and background as a cadet at the BAU (so stupid) doomed the character from the start. Oh Lord, I hope the scenarios I listed with regard to Seaver are not in tonight's episode, please!

I really want to see more than 5 minutes of Prentiss' story in tonight's episode. Let's get that arc rolling people! Also, I think the Anonymous person is right in regard to Reid's headaches. That is the "Pearl of Great Price," for the show once Prentiss steps off the scene, sort of like a fire insurance policy to lure people back who may otherwise feel tempted to switch off once Prentiss leaves.

Anonymous said...

Reid's headaches/light sensitivity: did some research and found that these are often associated with Asperger's Syndrome and Autism (some experts consider Asperger's the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, others consider it a separate condition). They occur periodically (tho more often then shown here) so if CM resumes the story line from time to time it still makes sense.

Reid also has a bunch of behavioral symptoms of Asperger's: talking on and on about things that aren't of interest to others, being oblivious to social signals, and the physical symptom of being physically awkward. Over the course of the series they've actually portrayed these fairly consistently. In addition, to the extent that eidetic memory exists (highly controversial) it is often associated with Asperger's or Autism.

Suspect and hope that the story will be picked up in Coda...how cool would that be???

Would also be wonderful for those who actually have Asperger's to see someone portrayed in a role like Reid's.

Irene said...

As far as they have said, emily's storyline will end in a cliffhanger. It will have an open ending this season. They said they want her to come back. So, if she leaves for good or comes back - we will see next season. I am still hoping for a miracle.

Maribel said...

Ingrid, I am with you. If I see any of the things that you mentioned in regard to Seaver tonight, then I am done with that character and like you will just mentally block her out so that I can see the Prentiss arc get going. And then don't want to hear the same people say "She's only been in 4 episodes," instead of "She's only been in 3 episodes," because that little line will never end. What will it be next, "She's only been in 7 episodes," please.

I am kind of nervous about this episode because I fear that it is going to be unsub centric. For some reason, CM has been moving more and more towards highlighting the unsub and having the team there playing catch up. Sometimes it seems like almost half of the episode are scenes with the unsub. I hope that the preview for this episode is not alluding to that fact.

Yes, more than 5 minutes on the Prentiss arc! This may be Paget's last season and I want to see her in action!!! She is a wonderful actress that should be getting used more on the show, but sadly, hasn't been.

Team Emily and JJ said...

SOrry to offend anyone,
not trying to spread hate for the actress but I wont apologize for wanting her off the show.
My interpretation that she's getting anyego boost from this is becuase there are people that do, they look at any attention as good attention wheter its good or bad, the whole "at least they're talking about me".
But I dont like the actress' acting either and I've seen her in Alias and a couple of movies, but anyway...
I cant believe that paget is done with CM. If she really is then I hope that Hotch and Morgon dont come back either because it'll suck to watch the show wtihout Emily and JJ.
I hope that whatever happens, CS starts listening to the fans as does Bernero.

Lori said...

I can't stand the Seaver character but some of you are getting a little carried away. Please stop taking over every single thread in order to talk about her!
That said I am ready for this episode and some Prentiss time. I hope so much she stays, but totally support her if she goes.

Naomi said...

Lori, yes. It is one thing to talk about the character in a specific episode or if there is an open thread asking people what is on their minds, ok, but the whole Twitter thing, that should just stay out. I also don't like the character and think it is a ridiculous one for the show that doesn't make sense and makes it lose credibility, and I don't want that character back for S7, but that is something that can be said without talking about Twitter or other things not character specific. I expect that people may have some critiques of the Seaver character tonight, but please let's keep those critiques within the context of the show. It seems like it starts that way for some people but then it goes off into something else. Not with everyone thankfully.

I am hoping to get some quality Prentiss time. I want the arc to get into full swing already!!! I want Paget to stay so badly, but I will also support if decides to go, will hate it, but will support her if she goes.

Faye said...

So, about Seaver... lol, just kidding :) Lori, Naomi, you're right. I too think this character is ridculous and just plain stupid considering the BAU, but let's stop with the talk about Twitter, the actreses previous work, etc. If you have something to say about the Seaver character, I think it would be helpful if it is just limited to the episode itself, or the characters role in the show in general. I am sure there will be stuff to talk about just in the episode itself, especially if they have her doing something totally unbelievable and off the charts like giving the profile with the team.

Count me in as someone who wants to the Prentiss story to go full steam ahead. I want the arc to start, but then I am sad about it starting because as soon as it starts, it will soon finish and then that means possibly no more Prentiss :(

Kathleen said...

Yes, please no more Twitter talk. I think gubegirl hit on something that is true; negative attention is still attention and the last thing I personally want to do is shed any attention on that situation. I don't want that character back for S7, whether that will happen or not I don't know, but I don't want to shed any attention in that direction that may be used to bolster the characters return for S7. There is a very simple solution, block people who are sending you those types of messages instead of highlighting them. No need to deal with that or announce it when it happens, if the individual is not doing that, well, then that makes me stop and think why not.

Anyway, with regard to this episode, the girl that is chained up, or is it roped up, well, she looks pretty young, right? I wonder if this is a situation where the unsub kidnaps the girl, or maybe she is part of the school system or something like that. That is what I was thinking because yhe girl looks young. Tonight will rveal whether I was right or not :) Oh and yes, more, more, more Prentiss tonight pretty please!

Laura said...


"CBS’s press materials describe the new crew as “an elite team of agents within the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit who use unconventional methods of investigation and aggressive tactics to capture the nation’s most nefarious criminals.”

I’ve seen the first two episodes and can tell you that none of their actions felt particularly unconventional or aggressive.

They felt like things that Hotch and his team would do, but they weren’t done as well or with as much chemistry (not having Shemar Moore, who co-stars in the original, can do that to a show)."

See CBS/Nina/Bernero? Was it worth to butch our original for the sake of this big unnecessary disappointment?

gubegirl said...

I was intrigued by the comments from "anonymous" (I wish you weren't and I could call you by name) because when Reid's headache issues were first addressed, I researched both Asperger's and schizophrenia. Kicked around and discussed both possibilities.

I believe it was in a discussion with or about Strauss and the make-up of the team, that Hotch mentioned that Reid was autistic but I also seem to remember MGG commenting during an "extra" on one the early DVDs that he played a character with "autistic" tendencies and that he had researched it to better play the character, Spencer Reid. I think...:)

Aspergers differs from simple autism in that these individuals are generally very intelligent and high functioning as our boy, Reid is. They have the ability to focus incredibly well on very select subjects and can become experts in some very challenging areas. I think Mozart had Aspergers before it was actually known as a sub-category of autism.

Anyway, Reid certainly demonstrates many Asperger traits like being socially awkward, but he has never really exhibited the typical lack of empathy that these individuals usually do. Just the opposite. But then, the social skills can be learned, and being a caregiver of his schizoid mom for years could have definitely accomplished that.

Reid also mentioned to a teammate, Garcia maybe, in a much earlier season, what the stats were genetically to become schizophrenic and they were quite high, as I recall.

Anyway, this is all an interesting train of thought, because those migraine-type heaches are usually sensory-overload-related in these cases and the Corazon epi certainly was that. What went on on just prior to them working that case that caused him to suffer enuf to go for an MRI, who knows?

His fear of becoming schizoid could in itself make any h.a.'s worse, if not bring them on. And we know that Reid is definitely fearful of that given his reluctance to visit and see his mom, despite writing to her everyday.

I remind myself that THIS IS TV and the storyline may not make alot of sense but when we are so accustomed to such detailed explanations and we learn so much by watching this show, I think it makes us long for the answers, you know? We want to know it all like they do!

The book, "Look Me in the Eye" by John Elder Robison, brother of the author of the "Running with Scissors" was a great read and showed what a tough time these individuals can have but with proper attn. given their probs., they can lead normal lives, working,and even marrying, unlike many of their autistic counterparts.

Sorry this is so lengthy-kinda got carried away. But at least it's a diversion from much of the recent subject matter and much more fun to talk about!

Have a great day, fellow fans, and we'll talk after the show! Hope it's at least as good as last wk's or maybe, even better! Whoo-hoo!

gubegirl said...

I forgot to say: I will NOT be watching the spin-off and will switch to ion and prob'ly watch a CM rerun.

Hope many of you will be doing the same and we will read about low ratings for CM:SB tomorrow.

Sorry, Forest. Nothing personal.

Laura said...


"The only bright spots are the appearances of the original’s tech-savvy Girl Friday, Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness). But, here, the team calls her Penelope, or “P,” which just annoyed me. She goes by Garcia, people."

I loved this part.

Anonymous said...

can someone published the full address to that review? It's cut off and I can't access it.

Criminal Minds FTW said...

Dam it people.
STOP insisting on the Seaver/JJ issue. This spot is one for commenting the next episode. And (if wanted) to comment on Emily's fate, since that'll be on the episode as well.

We all know JJ is awesome, and Seaver is a rookie here, so give her a break. 'Cause although I don't particularly like her, I'm not obsessed with it instead or focusing my anger to the actress Rachel N. She wasn't the one who said "Fire AJ and give me a job" if you were in the same position as her and someone offered you a job in CM you'd take it. She now has the opportunity to work with amazing actors and actresses in one of the most extraordinary television shows of all time!!!

Hate Nina Tassler all you want!

I saw this pic of Paget bruised and with blood on the set of CM, it was on M.G.Gubler's twitter. I guess she ain't getting out the easy way... =S

I love Emily Prentiss/Paget Brewster. I sincerely hope that she decides to come back for the 7th season as a regular on the show.

With all that. I hope we all enjoy the next episode =)

Laura said...

Oh, sorry
There are so many bad reviews, I got mixed up
Here it goes:


Anna said...

Or you could let people post whatever they want, just like you are free to do. The episode hasn't aired yet, we are commenting on other things until it does.

And we should leave the Seaver discussion behind? Depends, is she going to be on tonight wasting space, that should be filled with professional profilers and time, which we don't get enough to say good-bye to Paget?
Or is she just going to be in the background, like she doesn't exist/is needed? Or worse, giving away the profile like she actually knows anything about it, which she doesn't, because she is rookie/cadet?
Either way, I don't like it.
And maybe, all of these comments and complaints won't be heard, but damn, if it's not good to find a place to speak out about.

Amy said...

Criminal Minds FTW, nobody had brought the issue back up and I think everybody now gets, or at least I hope they do, that comments should be only about Seaver the character, not RN. Yes, let's just stick to the episode tonight and if people have an issue with the way the Seaver character is portrayed in this episode, then okay, discuss that, but agreed, it needn't be a personal thing against the actress RN. There is no need to make it personal. With the exception of a few posters, that has been what has been going on here, people sticking straight to the character, not the actress. So, I think we are all in agreement then, at least I hope so. But in that vein, if comments are made about Seaver the character, then please people, don't turn that into a situation where people have an issue with RN. Seaver and RN are two distinct individuals, one is fictional, the other real. I have seen comments where people are turning comments about Seaver the fictional character into something personal against RN the actress. Again, they are two completely separate people, just because you have an issue with one, the fictional Seaver character, does not mean you have an issue with the other, the actress RN. It is not hard to tell when one is being discussed and where the other is not. Thanks, looking forward to tonight's episode and more light being shed on Prentiss, hopefully :)

Paget said...

Criminal Minds FTW,

My friend met Rachel several months ago and said that Rachel seemed really nice but was really fake too. Idk exactly what happened but interpreting some of Rachel's comments in interviews and...various sources, she seems like she's trying to hard to get the fans to like her so that they like her character, and simultaneously dissing the so called "haters" who all have valid reasons for not liking the character. On the actress, I dont she's a very good actor, but the character? What were they thinking bringing her in? Its irrelevant that she's a cadet/rookie when it comes to her stupid personality, but the the cadet/rookie factor comes in becuase she doesnt belong on the BAU team.

Anna, I gotta agree with you too becuase this is an internet blog post about the show and these are some of the issues. I dont like Seaver taking time away from the wonderful Paget/EMily.

And they also may not bring the Reid headaches up again unitl next season. They seem to do a lot of things off screen then somehow practically retcon it and explain it sevearl eps later.Looking forward to learning more about Emily's mystery but dreading it at the same time becuase she's leaving soon.

Also, do you think Paget looks better with bangs or without? I used to think without bangs but there are eps where she looks so great with the bangs, when they're a bit longer and blown out,not straightened. SHe kind of reminds me of Xena: warrior princess a little with the cut.

Paget fan said...

Imeant to say Paget fan...

mirbee said...

Thanks Laura for the article. I really enjoyed it.
As for tonight´s episode I hope Seaver gets minimum of screen time so I can enjoy it. Lets concentrate on our beloved team and Prentiss arc

hells bells said...

I dont like Seaver the character at all, and I think that RN is a bad actress.
My point is that some people are able to distinguish the character and the actress while some dont like either. For instance, I love Buffy, but I dont like Sarah Michelle Gellar, ever since I found out she was a republican, besides the point but its an example. Or, Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins was played horribly by Katie Holmes, but in The DArk Knight, Maggie Gylenhaal was great as Rachel Dawes.
And people love the character of JJ because of AJ and people love the character of Emily because of Paget's way of playing her. Same with Reid, who else could play Spencer Reid.
yes the actor and the character are two different people but then again...the actor makes the character what is is, despite the way they are written, even if it is a badly wirtten character like Seaver.

Stephanie said...

mirbee, yes, let's concentrate on our beloved team (Hotch, Garcia, Reid, Morgan, Prentiss & Rossi) and cross our fingers that there will be much, much more Prentiss in this episode! I wouldn't mind some of Sergio the cat either :)

jennifer Monahan said...

oh christ here we go with the Seaver hate again ha ha. And the episode haven't even aired yet. I like Seaver she is something new and refreshing. So Go seaver go!
Also hope they keep the core cast along with Nichols!

Jade Watkins said...

jennifer Monahan,

gosh I really hope not!
You have really bad taste in things dont you?
Anyone with half a mind that actually works can see that Seaver does not belong on the team, whether you like her as a character or if you like the actress. It just isnt believable to have someone like Seaver on the team.
Notice that no actual mention of "hate" was included in the above comment.Also, doesnt "hate" speech refer to racist and prejiduced remarks? I dont see any of that happening.

Paget fan said...

The core cast:


NOT SEAVER!!!!!!!!

jennifer Monahan said...

I see plenty of it here in this thread seek and you will find actually it is not that hard ;-)

maybe it is you that don't have taste. I see great potential in this young recruit. You are the one that has dismissed her by only 15 min of screentime combined.

mirbee said...

Sorry Jennifer Monahan
Seaver? Refreshing??? in what? Them team was complete and perfect with JJ. Even she was media liaison she was aslo hepfull in final profiling. What can bring a cadet/fresh agent to the team? only trouble. We don´t need another "profiler" in her case. Seaver is a waste of screentime. That´s my opinion

Jade Watkins said...

jennifer Monahan,

no I am including the first episode as well in whick she was ok but not great. She may have great potential but not for the Bau, maybe for another team like oraganized crime but she sure as hell is no profiler!
Also, people have a right to vent on aan internet blog.
And I have great taste! I can actually think from every perspective and I am open minded. I get if people like the actress of if they like the character. but realistically, she doesnt belong on the team and that isnt just an opinion. You can look up the qualifications on the FBI website. She isnt exceptional either. SHe just had the misfortune of having a serial killer for a father, but the Seaver said it herself, he was a great Dad and she loved him and still does.

Jade Watkins said...

Thank you mirbee!!!!

Now thats a girl who uses her brain and can see the dituation for what it really is.
Ok so its a tv show and I may be getting to worked up about it, but JJ did complete the team and they obviously still need a liason as evidenced by Morgon giving a press conference in sense memory. I dont understand why they dont just ask AJ to come back like they did with Paget. Seaver is a card that has been played too many times, by rachel nichols no less. I read a review from the first episode she was in, where even the critic said the nichols is just playing a vanilla version of a character she played on the cancelled show the inside, which I have actually seen. Not the best acting, not the best wirting and yeah, virtually the same character. At least on the inside nichols character was more interesting if botched up by the poor writing.
if you pick on me, i will pick right back on you. i have read other posts and i'm not the only one who doesnt like Seaver in the least. there is no room for her on the show. bing back jj!

RN fan said...

I like Arachel Nichols a lot actually, she's one of my favorite actresses. When I heard she was going to be a guest on the show I was so excited. Then I heard she's a regular. Then I saw her character. She's replaced JJ and that is NOT cool. And she's playing such a boring and annoying character. I dont see her making it on the team by the end of the season whcih saddens me but unfortuantely, sorry Rachel. You were better on Alias. I heard they're rebooting it so maybe she'll go back to playing rachel gibson? Anyway, really looking forward to tonights episode of CM, though for the thrid time in my life, not looking forward to RN onscreen. SOrry. You still rock though, just not on CM.

Amber said...

I am also willing to give Seaver more chances. Also this seaver complaining is just idiotic to say the least. When its Hotch and Morgan we need to focus on keeping on the show

mirbee said...

You are very welcome Jade Watkins

Bring back JJ! I think Seaver will never be accepted. She was only force add in response of firing AJ and later Paget.. she can´t replace them! Not in a way she´s been introduced. Yes I say replace because the show can´t carry on without female add, besides Garcia. I will never understand that step CBS people made, or should I say Nina Tassler?

Than I say again,if Seaver have to be the regulal till the end of this season, don´t bring her in another. I don ´t care if she´s killed off or forgotten. It needn´t to be explained her lack in another season at all

Katia said...

Amber, I think the point is that people have issues with the character and they are voicing those opinions because they feel it is important to do so, but at any rate, one doesn't have to do with the other. You can still try and fight to keep TG and SM on the show while voicing your disagreement about the recent cast addition.

Also, and please let me know if I am wrong from those who commented, the point is not giving this character more chances, the point is that the way the character was introduced and written into the show is flawed, a flaw that can't be remedied no matter how many times this character appears on the show. The fact that the character arrived with the back story of being so inexperienced is something that can't be fixed in a number of episodes, as the others in the team were written in with having to have years of experience prior to being allowed to join the team. Of course, except Reid who because of his genius was exempted to join the team. This character doesn't have the experience or the intellect that would allow her to join the team.

Tonight, I am really, really hoping for more background on the Prentiss arc! Paget is awesome!

Katia said...

Just to clarify, by intellect, i mean being a genius like Reid that would allow her to join the team without having the necessary experience.

Cassie said...

I wonder what the set-up for tonight's episode is going to be because it seems like this unsub is supposed to be some sort of life coach, which I would think means that there had to be some sort of significant relationship established between the unsub and the victim before the crime.

Be Happy! said...

WOW!! This whole Rachel Nichols thing really has gotten crazy! LOL!! I have no problem with RN, I think she's just fine. But the Ashley Seaver character? UGH!! That's my opinion. Mirbee stated an opinion too, and it didn't sound like an attack. Just an opinion, just like others. However Jade Watkins sounds like she needs a hug! Just because someone happens to like the character (why I don't know) doesn't mean they have BAD TASTE or they don't have HALF A BRAIN. Their taste is just different from yours. Relax. The character Ashley Seaver sucks, she won't go to far in the series.

Dori said...

Be Happy, I am happy with your comment and I agree totally with everything that you said :)

Lil 'Ren ( my rapper name) said...

-Seaver = poorly written character

-Rachel = poor portrayal of a poorly written character (two negatives make a positive...?)

-Prentiss = Will she stay or will she leave? In the mean time, I wish they'd just go with the storyline and stop spending the last bits of the episodes slowly revealing more. I get annoyed and bored when stroylines are drawn out. Yes, I know that they are setting up for the potential deaparture of a major character, but I just happen to dislike the manner in which they're doing it. Prentiss is a great character that I will be sad to see go, should Paget choose that option, but so far, they are not doing her character justice and making her less likeable to me. Now, this is just MY OPINION. We'll see if the pattern continues tonight.

Reid - Reid is my all-time favorite TV character (well, right behind Carter from ER)so naturally, this effects my judgement and I'll admit that. However, it does bother me that they brought up his headaches and potential mental issues and made them so bad that he couldn't even perform his job really and then BAM! Nothing. Poor timing, considering the biggest character moments since then have been devoted to Prentiss and will continue to be the case for a little while. I don't know, I just think they made his issue too extreme to be pushed aside for later.

The Spin-off = Not no, but hell no.

A break from Negativity= All of my little issues aside, Criminal Minds is still one of the best shows currently on television. While we, as fans, have suffered great injustices as a result of the big whigs and the spin-off, we either have the option to leave the show and let it fail or we can stick with it while there's still hope. We've only officially lost one character, the rest are still here and until we lose more, there is still hope.

Anonymous said...

I picked up a copy of USA Today and it gave the spin-off a score of 1 out of 4 stars--very low. Plus, it did call Criminal Minds as CBS's worst show, which is a different matter entirely. I disagree with that, but I do agree that CMBS is a turkey. So they screwed the mothership for this? I'm not watching it tonight, rather the 9 o'clock show.

Pat said...

The only spinning that is going to go on in my house when the spin-off airs is the spinning of my remote to change the channel.

Be Happy! said...

Thank you Dori!!

Anna said...

yep i don't get the outrage on Seaver either. She isn't even a central character on the show. so the outrage is ridiculous. I like that they added a new character to the show and it will be exciting to see where they take her and how she will interact with the group and become more trusted by them

Wanda said...

If you don't get it, may I refer you to the, perhaps, over 100, maybe even 200, comments outlining specifically why people are unhappy with this character addition. Lil' Ren just wrote something right now that was maybe 2 sentences, you can start there.

Love the name.. when is your album dropping Lil' Ren? LOL

Lil' Ren said...

Wanda -

:) Well, I'm working on hooking up with J. Biebs for one of my tracks so I'm not sure yet.

And yeah... I mean, the character is so bad it's kind of hard for me to judge Rachel's performance, in all fairness. The thing is, even with what happened with JJ and what's happening with Prentiss, I would have given this character a shot if her storyline wasn't so darn unbelievable! I could handle asking for her input during her very first episode, but that's it. No more after that.

Wanda said...

Exactly Lil'Ren, that is the issue, the character is so bad that it is something that really can't be repaired because it is so unbelievable, and yeah, what happened to AJ/Paget sucks, but if this were a decent character with a believable story for CM, then I would have been cool with it. I still would miss AJ/Paget, but I would have been cool and given the character a shot.

I'll be looking out for your album and the tracks you are working on with J. Biebs :)

Anna said...

wanda. Actually many of those posts is from the same people/names

Wanda said...

Huh?? You need to check that Anna because there are way too many for them to be from the same people. I know there are some regular hitters like gubegirl, sdwally, coadygirl, etc, and there were people who commented a few times in one thread, but there were a lot of comments from different sources. The same thing at the CM website. I'm not saying there weren't repeat commenters, but not that many to add up to that much. A lot of people come to this site, a lot don't comment, but when they feel the need to, they do.

Wanda said...

To add to that, and I think this is something that the blog owner Criminal Minds Fan can correct me in if I am$ wrong, I think a lot more people have been commenting season 6 because they are disappointed about the way the season is going so far. For example, the writing.

Pari said...

They've added Ms. Nichols to the credits...I have no words :(

Caitlin said...

really? Rachel Nichols is in the opening credits now? I don't want to swear...but WTF!? really?

Anonymous said...

Just saw the opening credits and they already f**cked it up with Seaver added to the credits and cast pic. Otherwise Prentiss storyline just got a bit more interesting.

Riley said...

WTF.. is right Caitlin

Roberta said...

Why is she there... All she is doing is asking basic questions for the BAU which is all she can do since she is so inexperienced. Please ED, write in a character that can contribute!! PLEASE!

Cool that we now know Prentiss was Lauren.

Caitlin said...

Sean's dad from Psych!!

Ben said...

uh she is in the credits now the world is falling apart.

god you guys are really immature as hell and plain ridiculous.
why not support the show and give her time to grow as a character this is only the 4th episode she is in. Every character or person in real life need to first fit in. She does to as an actress on the show and as a character

Roberta said...

LOL Ben, someone in this thread said that the next thing someone would say is "She's only been in 4 episodes," when before it was "She's only been in 3 episodes," LOL.. I predict "She's only been in 20 episodes," LOL

Lysa said...

That unsub is whacked!

Amy said...

So she is just there?
No explanation, nothing?
Jeez, Criminal MInds, don't even bother to explain things anymore, why to I bother watching?
Opening credits?
I'm glad I miss the credits...

BAU2133 said...

Lauren Reynolds. huh. This storyline is distracting me so much I don't even know what the rest of the episode is about.

It's the beginning of the end for my favorite show.

I seriously don't think I can wait until March 16 to see how this all ends.

Lysa said...

Apparently no explanation Amy, but then, there couldn't be since nothing would make sense.

Amy said...

Right? No sense and no respect for the fans.

See why Paget probably won't come back? Who in their right mind (and with 3 invitations for pilots) would come back to the incredible MESS that this show has became?

Karla J. said...

Okay, so now Seaver knows more than Prentiss??? She was running that phone call to Garcia.

CONFUZZLED yet anxious said...

Here's what puzzles me:
Why did it take Garcia a whole season until she finally appeared in the opening sequence, and for Seaver it takes what, 3 episodes?

On another note, this Emily Prentiss/Lauren Reynolds thing is giving me a heart attack. I am so excited for her storyline. :)

Pari said...

Well, I tend to get upset because they got rid of a character who had purpose on the show. I accepted that, because we were told the cut was necessary. But then they bring in a doppelganger who has absolutely no purpose whatsoever (except to annoy me).

We're to believe that an FBI 'cadet' gets assigned to the BAU?

Add to that the woman speaks and acts like she's got a constant 'turtlehead'. And always asking the dumbest questions....BUT then turns around and helps give the profile to the locals....PUH-LEEZ.

So sorry if my dislike of this character offends you, no actually I'm not because I'm entitled to my opinions as is everyone. In my opinion Seaver needs to go.

Lysa said...

Yep, that is true about KV.. pretty F'd up.

Clarissa said...

Is that Corbin Bernson (sp?) Why wasn't Prentiss giving the profile with the guys?

Agreed Pari

Pari said...

I love Reid, but he's one nosy bugger...lol

Lori said...

Wow a Rossi throwdown!! Haven't seen one of those in a while! Nice.

Psycho woman is massively awesome

Lysa said...

They just need to do the whole episode on Prentiss.

Herms said...

I love the Reid scenes, he knows something is not right.

gubegirl said...

It seems like I remember Corbin Berson plays someone's dad. I loved him in the mid-80's when he was "Arnie" on L.A. Law!

Later - We have to wait more almost 2 1/2 hrs here in CA to see it and I could stand to wait, I would NOT be reading these spoilers you are writing here! But as you can see, I can't.

I'm going to reserve my comments for later but I am disappointed already by stmts you have made...damn...

Lil' Ren said...

Hmmm it would appear as though they are going to be linking Reid most closely with what's going on with Prentiss. He's been most interested so far and she's noticed. Interesting... I've always loved their relationship since Minimal Loss. Actually writing a fanfic on it now about them two crashing over the side of a mountain!

But, I don't like them romantically ahah. Needed to add that.

Cindy said...

What statements gubegirl?

BAU2133 said...

that sex tape almost made me puke. completely unneccesary!

Love the whole Reid, Prentiss thing

Anonymous said...

Reid being invested in the Prentiss/Doyle storyline is a very interesting twist.
I'm really excited to see where this is going.

Maria S. said...

Andrew Wilder.. I miss you...

gubegirl said...

Cindy: those that noted you-know-who is now in the credits. Did not want to make a big deal out of this...but, to me...it is a HUGE deal and I am disappointed.

Anonymous said...

evidently people have reached such a fervor of anger that no matter what comes next, the fans will not be happy.
I don't like Seaver. I think the writing has been lacking. BUT there ARE some good points as well. Don't be a negative nancy

Cindy said...

Oh yeah, I unfortunately caught that, very disappointing especially considering KV didn't get that for a whole season.

Caitlin said...

I have a feeling the new Reid storyline they tried working in is going to have something to do with Prentiss's. Plus he cares about whats going on with her, and he has his own things going on...ghosts in his head and whatnot.

Cindy said...

No one was being negative.. I don't understand Anonymous.. someone said something about the sex tape which they didn't like. Could you explain what you need?

Cindy said...

I meant could you explain what you mean

Luiza said...

Quick question, is Hotch still Unit Chief, because it does not seem like he is.
Emily's plot is the only thing making me slightly interested in this show still, but I'm pretty sure that when she is gone, so will I be.

The new girl. Is she here to stay, really? Even though she doesn't make sense and no one likes her?
Wow, show, you just don't care anymore, right? Not even a little bit about the fans. Good to know.

Oh, Reid, Criminal Minds can thank you for me not checking out of this show after JJ left.

ghost said...

Do I spy a bit of Seaver development?

Anonymous said...

Like some critic said about Criminal minds suspect behavior, this episode was one hour of my life I'm not going to get it back...

Back to awful I see.

Lysa said...

What do you mean Ghost?

Peggy said...

The dynamic of the team was off, off certainly from last week. Hmm, I wonder why??? Liked Reid/Prentiss though.

Time to switch the channel for me, I will not be watching the spin-off!

Lil' Ren said...

The promos kinda suck lately bt anyway, the episode was interesting a little. I'm not feeling the team togetherness lately which is sad to me but the season is not over.

Okay, changed the channel and tv is off so I will not be counted for cm: BS.

Until next time :)

today i ... was disappointed. said...


unsub's eyes freaked me out
no team connection
need more hotch, reid, and prentiss

Anonymous said...

I actually liked this episode. I thought the writing was good and the cast did a great job.

I didn't like the credits either but we are all going to have to get used to it.

I like how they are building the Prentiss storyline.

Herms said...

I really enjoyed this episode.
I think the plot was interesting.
The anorexia angle of the plot worked well in my opinion.

I liked the scenes between Reid and Emily, he really cares and knows something is going on.

I would also love to see scenes between Reid and Hotch, I miss their connection and those two work well together.
(Please dear writers, more scenes between Hotch and Reid ?)

Apart from that I wonder how the Prentiss storyline will play out.

I know (from the press release) it'll be mentioned in next week episode and apparently it'll be central in episode 17.
I hope episode 18 leaves the door open for Prentiss to come back.

Next week episode looks good.
Can't wait to see Reid with the child.

Kristen said...

Pretty great episode. damn that unsub was creepy yikes!
the new agent did good today i think she might grow on me

meggie said...

I knew there would be outrage over the new credits. Honestly, I don't think they renamed the show Criminal Minds: Seaver Intent. What she talks about is actually quite logical things when it comes to personalities, as Reid would say "It's Psych 101" and from the plane scene she's still looking to learn from Prentiss and the rest of the team. Just be glad they haven't let her in the field.
I don't mind the character, to me she's still in the background. Though Rossi has been wallpaper lately, and while I'm not the biggest Rossi fan, I enjoy him having a solid storyline (Zoe's Reprise/Masterpiece).

I'm scared for Prentiss and from the upcoming press releases for episodes like "Valhala" she's seemed scared for the team's security since Doyle will aim for your heart and family (which I think is what brings JJ back! Tell her she might be in danger and she just goes "well, i'm all up on this with you guys, screw the pentagon!" But said much nicer. )
I don't want her to leave (Prentiss), I want JJ to come back and I want more "family time." I still am holding on for a chance of that happen and for them to come together in season 7 and have another BH90210 alum come on board for an ep. Come on Brandon Walsh, have a child missing. Bring on Steve Sanders and let him show he's probably got a creepy dark side.

I want more of the Prentiss arch... that's my focus, and if it is a Reid episode next week with "Coda." And I agree their "moment" and last week's "moment" with Morgan has me thinking they'll be more deeply involved in this than the rest of the team.

Anonymous said...

The entire time I was watching the episode I was thinking about AJ and Paget and worrying about Shemar and Thomas. I thought the case was good. The bits with Prentiss was good and I did like the guest stars.

ghost said...

"What do you mean Ghost?"
It's just her information about ED & SI. It seems to imply (to me anyway...) that she's suffered from them in the past. Which makes sense...dad being a serial killer and all...

Caroline said...

Not really cachew lover, I don't have to get used to it because once Prentiss leaves and if Seaver is still there season 7; I'm out. Not saying that others should follow, just talking about me. It just makes no sense for her character to be there. I am glad she didn't get much screen time, although, I see they tried to revisit her sob story childhood in the scene with Hotch and Rossi. Come on, why couldn't they have written in a female like Prentiss- Prentiss is the bomb!!! Strength!!!

Glad that they did not have her giving the profile with the team, but to Karla J's point, they almost had Prentiss deferring to Seaver in the scene at the apartment. Anyway, I'm done with that character.

Meh, something about this episode didn't grab me. The unsub was crazy as hell, but, I don't know. I did like that Reid was catching onto the fact that something was wrong with Prentiss; I'm hoping he will factor more into that storyline. I liked the Morgan/Reid profiling scenes too.

Lana said...

I don't think I can watch this show anymore.

I get too frustrated nowadays.

Nothing makes sense anymore, plots don't go anywhere, every character is OOC, Seaver wont get off my screen, Prentiss is leaving...

Wow, CBS and Bernero, one year, only took you one year to destroy something that was great for five.

See AJ and Paget, maybe you two lucked out being let go.

Anonymous said...

Reid being involved with the Prentiss/Ian Doyle storyline is something I would love.

Cindy said...

Oh, okay, I see what you mean Ghost, thanks for replying.

I don't know, that just seems like a whole host of other problems then for that character; the dad being a serial killer, possible eating disorder, ay, ay, ay. Too soapy for me.

She didn't get a lot of screen time today which was cool, more in the background, and no profiling with the team which was great because last time that was just too unreal.

Have to watch the episode again because someone came by and called.

Silvinha said...

Suddenly Seaver knows everything about profiling! Congratulations writers, you're all such creative geniuses!

Prentiss rocks and I want my team back!

I miss JJ!

Raven said...

I like to do my review as soon as i watch so i am not swayed by others. First impressions after watching the new episode. It was blah. The premise was good (are the writers trying to see how many books they can copy - this was definately based on misery) but the writing was horrible imo. The unsub part was ok but could have been so much more gripping. It would start to attract me but then fall flat. But that could have been fine if the regulars parts were great like last weeks episode. The regulars were back to being unemotional and bland. Even the Paget part...last week i was on the edge of my seat, the writing as well as the direction was thrilling. Left me with wanting MORE!!!! This week it was just off. These are great actors give them lines that can captivate us not put us to sleep. The only regular character that was worth anything was Rossi. You could tell that someone was listening to the negative reaction to Seaver and she was delegated back to being a intern instead of a profiler. I was surprised with the amount of air time/lines though that the character received. Too much too soon. I really did try to give this character a fair shake this week but with the background info we have been told on this character, she just throws the flow of the regulars off. I found myself asking is that something a rookie would know, whereas i never questioned the profilers when they stated something relevant. I really wanted to like this episode...especially after loving last weeks but honestly it fell very flat. I give it a C. Just so so. Not one that i would watch again unlike last week where I have seem it 3 times.

Criminal Minds Fan said...


Cindy said...

Sorry Criminal Minds Fan it is the Leo in me.. will stop.. thanks for putting that out there.. Will go to the time out corner now.

Amber said...

Really interesting episode. Not a bad episode at all
The spin off looks really dull

Lin from Ohio said...

This ep was okay - though there was not enough Reid. When is there ever? But maybe I'm biased. Just a little.

But Suspect Behavior ... ugh. I wanted to like it, but when the most interesting character is sweeping the floor in the gym, it's got problems.

And hey, I'm not a research fanatic, but they twice referenced sites "north" of Cleveland. Sorry, folks, I can look out my office window and tell you that if you go north of the city you'd better have scuba gear. City, breakwall, and then lake. South, west, east? Sure. North? Nope.

MKT said...

Yet another disappointment. Too much unsub, and wtf was Hotch??? I'm sorry, but I will give up on CM the moment he is out the door. Why the hate for Hotch, writers?? He hasn't been seen since the middle of LAST year! Now he's relegated to babysit the new chick who doesn't belong anyway and whom "our" Hotch would never have permitted on the team in the first place!

So disappointed for my favorite character being turned into a ghost.

Only positive thing I have to say about this episode is that Emily was strong and had some things to do.

(NO TG, NO CM 4 ME!)

Glynnis said...

Regardless of any of the other characters and what happens on/off screen to them, I want MORE HOTCH. He's been back-burnered too much this season.

Get over yourselves, PTB! You had a great show and are mucking it up. The fans' reserve of love for the show is not endless. Stop taking fan opinion for granted and stop putting all positive attention into CM:SB (which in my mind stands for Criminal Minds: Second Banana). :P Did not watch newbie. Still busy lamenting overall decline of CM...

Thought the lady playing the unsub did a good, creepy crazy job.

But, back to my initial comment. NEED MORE HOTCH!

Christa said...

Raven, I think you captured what I was about to say. There were points in this episode where I felt like the scene was going to grip me, but then, flat. Rossi did get some good screen time in this episode, finally. Rossi was beginning to be like wallpaper which is terrible because Joe is such a good actor. Am watching Zoe's Reprise on ion right now, and it is such a great reminder of how good Joe is in that role.

I love Prentiss, but you're right, she did seem kind of unemotional and bland, in a sense, they all did. Maybe her being that way is because of everything that is going on with Doyle, but then I think of last week's episode and she was much more vibrant in that episode. It was interesting to see a little more of her arc story, not enough time in my opinion, but that is mainly because I want to see how the story develops. I did like how Reid caught onto the fact that something was off with Prentiss. I do hope he plays a role in that story.

Seaver, yeah, I mean it was good that she was more in the background, more like an intern as you said. But, like you, I also found myself asking how is it that a rookie could have this type of information. Honestly, that is really going to be the issue that plagues this character, that line between having someone of her level (inexperienced) being there and asking questions that really needn't be asked if she were experienced and that interrupt the flow of the back and forth in the profiling scenes at the BAU and on the plane. But on the other hand, you don't want a situation where she is up and profiling with the team, giving profiles with the team to the police, because considering her inexperience that just doesn't make sense. This character is boxed in and she is boxed in because a cadet/rookie isn't someone who should be on the team. One of the things I love about the show are those scenes where they are collaborating with one another, pooling their experience and knowledge together. Those scenes flow, again, because of her background, her doing that seems fake and forced and most certainly disrupts that flow. Sorry, but I don't really see her function there long-term.

Hotch, I know he was in the episode, but really, I don't remmeber much of him. Am I wrong about that? Sort of the same feeling with Morgan except I do remember his scenes with Reid which I liked.

coadygirl said...

The opening credits left a *thud* in my chest, truth be told. I knew it would happen but I guess it was with the thought it wouldn't be so soon. On the other hand, I did like this episode. More team work, a better storyline considering past eps, and Emily/Laura is whetting my appetite for more. It's subtle but "she who cannot be named" looks to be taken thru the case by baby steps. Unacceptable by any professional standard. It looks like the writers are trying to humor us by saying "see, she's not profiling yet...not really" Anyway,just a couple more eps and Emily will be gone.Reid's interest is intriquing and I look forward to seeing that unfold. In my line of work, sales, we often go to motivational seminars. This episode fit in nicely to my own thoughts on these "Motivational Speakers from Hell" After sitting thru some of them I'd welcome a wack to the knee. :)Closing thought: I'm highly disappointed in the direction our CM is going but I'll continue to watch because I guess my faith in it's turn around is greater than my belief it's become a failure. I will tho fight tooth and nail for TG and SM..that's a given. Ed Bernero may have forgotten that he created CM to be watched; but I haven't. I am one such watcher and being so has given me some viewing rights. Opinion is very influential.

sdwally said...

I really didn't like this episode. There was far too much unsub, and far too little Hotch. It was good to see Prentiss, Rossi and Reid do more; but it was the first time that I could remember Hotch assigning a team member to go it alone as he did when he first sent Prentiss to the missing girl's apartment. Typically, if the agents aren’t paired up together, they are paired with the local detective, sheriff or officer heading the case. I guess the writer didn’t want Hotch to share airspace with Prentiss, so she had him send Prentiss to the crime scene alone.

I liked the opening scenes of Prentiss that reestablished her saga; but I’m getting more and more frustrated than intrigued by this storyline. It’s beginning to not make much sense to me. I know the objective is to maintain mystery and suspense; but if as a federal agent; Prentiss is not going to confide in her team of elite profilers; and she appears to be afraid for her life; why would she tell her Interpol friend to leave where she is and come to America as soon as possible; so they can huddle together in a dark room with a blanket over their heads.

And there is absolutely no interaction with Hotch or Rossi, none. I guess that’s the only way the writer can justify why these two “clowns” haven’t sensed that something is up with her. Hotch and Rossi are beginning to lose credibility as profilers because they are oblivious to Prentiss’ uneasiness, which really doesn’t make sense if they are supposed to be such a close knit group. Morgan mentioned it in the last episode; Reid is allowed to overhear “Lauren Reynolds” and sense something; while the senior members have blinders on; they appear to be completely clueless, which is annoying. I hope this storyline doesn’t become more cartoonish than suspenseful.

I thought the ending was incredibly stupid and weak when it showed Prentiss, Morgan and Reid already arriving at the house, while Rossi and Hotch were on the phone back at the station; only to have Rossi and Hotch dressed in Kevlar; show up at the scene just to pull their weapons. Hotch completely disappeared after that one shot; at least Rossi remained at the scene and had a few words for the father. It was a waste of our time and theirs. And please, how did this woman have the wherewithal to leap out of the unsub’s arms after being slammed by a speeding car, and she already had a damaged leg. I guess all the cops showed up at the right time so that the members of the BAU didn’t have to get wet wading into the water to pull the unsub away from the victim. It was all so contrived.

The writer, Alicia Kirk, and the director seemed to have a difficult time choreographing the script and the story in a manner that made the cast contributions relevant to the scene and to the episode. All of Hotch’s scenes were disjointed and short, and easily could have been phoned in from the golf course. He was slightly more integral to the plot and storyline than Seavers. I kept thinking to myself, I’ll bet Ed will have Forest Whitaker chewing up the scenery in every episode of CMSB; which only heightened my indignation with the way Hotch has been minimized this season. This episode was a continuation of that. I refused to watch the spinoff to confirm my suspicion. However, I read enough reviews and articles to know that Ed was overjoyed with the way Whitaker was contributing to every aspect of his character and the production; while he and CBS treat Gibson like a second-class citizen.

And Rachel Nichol’s presence in the credit is a sort of in-your-face backhand to the fans who abhor the character. Ed is obviously committed to this character and the actor and is sending a clear and strong message that what he wants goes. He’s got his precious spinoff with his Oscar winner, his new pilot and his junior cadet on CM. Ed seems to have made out like a bandit in this deal where AJ lost her job , Paget was diminished; and now Thomas’ and Shemar’s status is threatened...

sdwally said...


I wonder after Paget’s final episode, will her name and likeness be as quickly removed from the opening credits as Rachel Nichols’ was quickly added.

I had hoped this episode would continue the good storytelling that Randy Huggins started last episode. Maybe next week's episode will do a better job.

Christa said...

sdwally, thank you for your review. I thought I was going crazy because yes Hotch was in the episode but I didn't really get the sense that he was really there.

And yes, I do have to agree with your assessment of the opening credits.

Tomas said...

Watching the episode now... the opening credits are just utter blasphemy. Yes, I said blasphemy.

Kristen Vangsness did not enjoy that privilege until after a season, but then this sort of ties back to the character who really shouldn't be on such an elite team but is there anyway.

Zzzzzzzz said...


Debora said...


This was a very "ok" episode, the storyline was interesting but got a little flat and boring. Non team interaction, a very forced Seaver, Prentiss and her storyline were good but also her looked like i don't know

Where's the old CM with maybe not such great storylines or flat unsubs but great team interaction, great actings (I'm not critizicing the actors, I'm critizicing the lame material writters, producers, etc are giving them), the jokes between them, the wat they worked together?!

Where's the CM we know and learn to love, to watch every week, to wait for new episodes with the feeling we were going to have something great and not like we are now: just waiting to learn more about a character because she's leaving?! and just hoping we will get a decent plot the next time and also a decent, nice, well written and deserve goodbye for Agent Prentiss?

What the hell happened, where's Criminal Minds???

neuroticjew said...

please please
Rachel Nichols is no one's enemy. She is an actress who took a job on a hit series.
She has done nothing wrong - the writing and character development is at fault. And who is responsible? Ed B. Just remember that.

Don't boycott the spinoff. This is the first time that CBS actually is promoting something with Criminal Minds in the title - its good for something after all.

Prentiss storyline is great - and I agree with everyone about the Reid dropped storyline. Let Morgan be Morgan and not try to be three dimensional

We need more Hotch and Rossi...let everyone support them. That's the show isnt it?
And while we are at it lets shout out to Kirsten - the only good thing on the spin off

Caridad said...

Hmm, I kind of remember when Reid said "It's Psych 101" and it wasn't said in a glowing way, a little tinge of sarcasm. The problem with Psych 101 is that the BAU is not a Psych 101 unit; it is way beyond Psych 101 and at this point to take them to that Psych 101 place because of this character is just a shame. What makes them unique and special, what gives them strength and credibility that law enforcement reaches out to get help from is that position of being way beyond Psych 101; their expertise. But, like Caroline, I'm done with that character.

I don't know what's this latest kick with the show in heavily concentrating on the unsub. The female unsub this week did a good job, she played the role of creepy well, but lately it seems that too much time is spent on the unsub. Seriously, I remember more unsub scenes than some of the team scenes. I suspect this is because they are getting more recognizable guest stars who are playing unsubs and other characters. Because of that I think they feel that they need to use these guest as much as possible throughout the show.

Rossi got some screen time, cool :) Hotch, can't put my finger on it, but I don't know, it's like I remember him at some points, but not really. I love how Reid picked up on Prentiss' mood and like others I hope he factors into that arc. Umm, speaking of the arc, when is that going to come into full swing???

Last, but not least, well, I am just going to cut and paste what Tomas said,

"Watching the episode now... the opening credits are just utter blasphemy. Yes, I said blasphemy.

Kristen Vangsness did not enjoy that privilege until after a season, but then this sort of ties back to the character who really shouldn't be on such an elite team but is there anyway."

Caridad said...

Just as an aside, I love the latest picture of Paget in her kevlar that was just put up. I am really going to miss Paget. Argh, CBS!

neuroticjew, everyone knows that the character RN plays is not her fault. She's an actress, this is a paying job. Unfortunately, this character is just horrendus for CM and that is just the truth, not trying to be harsh towards Bernero, but it is really not a good fit for the show. It is taking it backwards instead of forward.

About the spin-off, sorry, that will never be viewed in my home. I love KV, but the spin-off is a no go in my house.

O Wilde said...

I liked this episode. The unsub was creepy in that Annie Wilkes sort of way.

I think Reid is going to be involved in Prentiss's storyline. He knows somethng is up. He is not usually so nosy to inquire about her private phone conversations.Funnily enough she told Morgan to mind his own business last week.

It says Prentiss will become worried about about the safety of her BAU co-workers. Does something nearly happen to someone on the team? Perhaps as a warning from Doyle that she is in his sights.

Blue Sunflower said...

Keep Prentiss, more Reid, and NO Seaver. She even makes me not want to watch the Reid scenes.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If something like that occurs, how much you wanna bet that it's gonna be Reid? As usual. Though it hasn't been as frequent lately (Corazon being most recent), Reid always seems to be the trouble magnet/damsel in distress. When Prentiss is gone (sad), if future stories involve an agent held hostage, it'll probably be Reid because it would be seen as politically incorrect to have the sole female be the damsel in distress (or both of them at the same time). I don't know.

adrift said...

To me, the best episode of season 6 thus far remains the very first one.

The choices of the writers are mind-boggling to say the least. I'm not even talking about network decisions, but about stylistic problems in the writing, gaps left unfilled and things like that. It's almost embarrassing to watch now.

I think if it has to come to a point when the fans say they will only watch if a certain character remains, then it means our show has reached Level 999 of Sucktitude. Frankly my favourite combination is Hotch, Rossi, Reid, JJ, Prentiss and Garcia, but even though JJ left and the dynamic was thrown, I thought it could still work, if they tried hard enough in the right ways. And much as I love Reid and he is my favourite, I thought I would probably still watch if he left, because I like the overall premise of the show and the cases that they talk about.

But now, the writing is blah and I see too much of people who shouldn't be important. So I might change my mind.

Blue Sunflower said...

Tomas said...

Watching the episode now... the opening credits are just utter blasphemy. Yes, I said blasphemy.

I was thinking today that Rachel Nichols reminds me of a scab. I know that's not what happened, but dang if one looked at this superficially, her hiring just smacks of it.

And before anyone goes off on me about my comment, again I will repeat I KNOW THAT'S NOT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.

Anonymous said...

Thought this episode was OK but somewhat of a letdown after the truly great one last week. Hoping Randy Huggins will do many return engagements.

Guessing Prentiss will get "killed" in Lauren but really go into a "witness protection" - type program, so that she can be resurrected next season if Paget decides to return.

Hugely looking forward to Coda.

the Celt said...

Thought it was an ok episode but nowhere as good as last week, just shows the power a good script has......not much Hothch in this one, but some nice airtime for Rossi.....really hurt to see AJ removed and replaced on the opening credits, I had never heard of the actress RN and am wondering what pull she has to have landed this role, her character makes no sense to me, the BAU would never hire a cadet when so much is at stake with the cases they handle.......we are talking lives here and we are supposed to believe that she can just walk in and become a member........not buying that sorry........watched the spinoff and to be honest it was better than the CM we got tonight and what really made me sad was the writing had them acting like a real team, kind of like what our old CM was like.........

Anonymous said...

1. Ed did not create the spin off, Chris Mundy did so please stop hating on him for hiring Forest Whitaker when it was not only his decision but other peoples as well. Ed took over the spin due to creative differences and is now doing a great job running 2 and potentially 3 shows
2. Don't hate on Rachel Nichols, because realistically if it wasn't her it would be someone else, and to have her, a fan of the show actually respect the show, AJ, and Paget is better than what could have occurred given the unfortunate situation

Anonymous said...

Dear most recent Anon post,

are you Ed?

No one would feel fortunate to have Rachel Nichols. like sorry bye

Diane said...

Here we go with the mixing of one person with another, those being the fictional character of Ashley Seaver and the real person Rachel Nichols. After all of the numerous comments where people have kept these two separate some will continue to insist on the tired "hating" on Rachel Nichols line, then so be it. The continuous victimization of this actress based on the criticisms targeted toward the fictional character she plays are growing increasingly wearisome.

For your reference, I think the character of Ashley Seaver is terrible for the show because first and foremost, as many have stated time and again, there is no way Hotch would just be fine in having someone that unqualified be on the team. Her lack of experience detracts from the flow of those on the team who do have the experience. It is simply not credible that she would be on the team.

Now, after that reasoning where Rachel Nichols was not mentioned once you'd like to say that I "hate" Rachel Nichols, then have at it. Also, it is because of my respect for the show, a respect that has been severely tested and compromised by recent happenings like the writing and the addition of the Seaver character, I took the time to voice my opinion. I care about this show and am troubled at what has occurred to it in such a short period of time.

Anonymous said...

You just offended all of your French viewers with your exaggeratedly chlichéd depiction of France. Do you know that France is not stuck in the 1920s? And cafés and boulangeries are two very different things.

Laura said...

I don’t like this.
I don’t like the fact that this storyline has made a liar out of Emily. So she didn’t spend 10 years in the FBI? Does Hotch knows all of this or she lied in her resume? And now she’s lying to everyone and putting her life and their lives in danger.
I don’t like the International Affairs that is going on either. This is a show about serial killers, not 24 or Covert Affairs. And especially because that is not what Interpol does. But now that I know Ed Bernero thinks the Second Unit of Disappointment can be called Red Cells (Wikipedia, Bernero, Wikipedia), I guess sense be damned!
Also, I don’t like how little sense the new character makes.
I have been a fan of this show for 5 years, I know this character is not fit for the show, and if I know that, shouldn’t the producers and the writers know that too? Or they just don’t CARE anymore.
And the simple fact that the writers won’t even bother to try to explain why she is still there, is what is even more alarming. We are supposed to accept this nonsense and shut up about it? She just came back and sits there and that’s it, she belongs now? Can she bit British and an ex-con too?
And am I supposed to believe that Hotch is this kind of boss now? That is, if he is still the boss. Which I don’t believe so, since he does nothing but stand there in the background, doing the job JJ used to do.
And he would just allow an inexperience rookie join in cause her daddy was a serial killer? She barely helped in the only episode her presence kind of made sense (What Happens at Home), there’s no reasonable explanation for her to still be here.
Unless the network and Bernero want to show the actor how easily they can be trade of. Which is a slap in face. Especially because I remember every interview with Paget and how much she loved working on this show.
But if I were AJ Cook and Paget I’d be relieved right now, the way things are going, the BEST thing that could had happen was for them to be let go.

This is my favorite show, but with every new episode, I question myself is why do I come back? This show needs to get itself together. And stop thinking that they can throw anything at the audience and we will take it gladly. I’m still here, but this show is testing my patience, my intelligence and my devotion for it.

Gina said...

I used to think it was just Seaver I didn't like but really, Rachel Nichols can't act. She speaks in this weird whisper and with a very flat tone. Please replace soon!

I'm sure Hotch and Rossi appreciated a trainee telling them why people cut themselves. I understand they are guiding her but do you really think the BAU is the place for on the job training? Shouldn't agents on this team already be experienced BEFORE they join?

Now before people say well Gideon trained Reid. REID is an exception. He is a one in a million brillian mind that they groomed. Seaver does not impress me as a brilliant mind that they had to have on the team.

This was another example of the mediocre Season 6 episodes we've been given all season. The new writers don't know how to write for the team so they don't. This could have been any outfit doing the job but it's not. It's our team and we'd like them to be present.

Fix the show quickly please. More team, not less. Thomas and Shemar need new contracts. Bring back AJ. Keep Paget some how. Give Matthew more money. Joe and Kirsten are apparently the only ones not in chaos. And above everything else, get rid of Seaver. Experiment tried, experiment failed!

A Former CM fan said...

Another disappointing episode. Again, the writer, Alicia Kirk did ONLY write for the unsub, the victim, the boyfriend and the dad. The team? What team? There is no team anymore. They may be in the same room or airplane but there are no interaction save for reading the case file.

This weak apart from Rossi who did his thing in the interview room, no one on the team shine, it was all very bland and impersonal. All the lines said by the BAU team could have been said by anyone else. Before this awful season 6, the characters had a personality, not anymore. Does Alicia Kirk KNOW that Hotch is the Unit Chief? That Reid is a genius? What i am asking is, does the writer know who the characters are? I think not. I guess this season theme is about how much destruction the writers and producers can inflict on our (former?) favorite show before we quite watching it.

Where are the secrets we were promised? We had three, Garcia and her love of theater, Reid headaches and Prentiss past coming back to haunt her. How about Hotch, Rossi and Morgan?

You know what would be awesome CM writers? For you to watch older CM episode and KNOW and WRITE for the characters we love, Hotch , Reid, Prentiss, Rossi, Morgan and Garcia. But I am dreaming, this will not happen. We have written here and on many other forum about what is wrong with CM but Ed and the writers don't care because if they did, Hotch would still be an awesome character. Reid would dazzle me with his knowledge. Morgan would be the action heroe and great support to Hotch as he use to be. Rossi would show everyone what a great profiler he is. but The writers don't care except to rip off popular books and movies.

I'm so disappointed in CM, writing suck and Ed doesn't care because he has the new spin off to sink his teeth in. He doesn't care about the CM cast because hey they are are not FW. But hey Ed, I don't care about the spin off because it isn't Criminal Minds.

I'm tired of how bad CM is turning so much so that once Paget leave I will too and that pains me since Hotch is my favorite character but I cannot watch what the show is doing to my favorite character. I was hoping for something better but next week seems to be a Reid episode, no wonder Rick Dunkel wrote it. Then we have the next two about Prentiss leaving. After that it will be, I'm sure, another endless string of episodes where only the unsubs gets screen time, while the 'team' are just there to deliver the case files to the viewers. Better not stick around for this. If I was TG and SM I wouldn't either.

Thanks to Ed and CBS for destroying my favorite show.

A Former CM fan

heyya said...

"Today I Do" was a so-so episode. It was just alright. I didn't care too much for the unsub or even the victim. The team moments were the only ones I actually liked. I liked that Rossi had a bigger role to play because in the last few episodes he hardly had anything to do. I liked Reid&Morgan being paired together again, I liked all the bits with Reid, Emily and Morgan actually. There was profiling involved which was a bonus. So I guess this was a filler episode for me. Easily forgettable. I wish there would have been more Hotch. I hope he has more screentime in the upcoming episodes. I'm also curious to see how the Emily storyline will unfold. We know that Lauren is Emily so episode 18 will definitely be interesting. I'm just sad that they had to wait till her exit to give her an actual, credible storyline.
What can I say about Seaver? Honestly, seeing her in the opening credits made me want to throw up. She just looked really awkward and out of place(according to me). Given the way she was introduced and her background, it's really difficult for me to take this character seriously. Even when she says something that actually makes sense I get the urge to roll my eyes. Would it have been so sad to bring in someone with actual experience? Anyways, she was bearable in this episode. I'm scared about what's going to happen when Emily's gone. My other gripe is that they gave no explanation for Seaver's return. She just waltzed in there and started working with them as if she's been there the whole time. The writers need to buck up. I'm really looking forward to "Coda". I think Reid is autistic and it'll be really sweet and interesting to see him with the little boy.
I quite liked Reid's concern for Emily. Reid definitely knows something is wring with her judging from his little glance when she was talking on the phone. He's always been very empathetic though, like when Elle was struggling he confronted her too so I hope he confronts Emily too. Will make for a few memorable scenes. I just hope Emily's departure doesn't push him over the edge. I think he took JJ's departure the hardest, losing Emily may be brutal. Poor Reid :(

Erin said...

Ok, let me start off with some positives. The woman who portrayed the unsub did a very good job. Her facial expressions, they way that she would deliver most of her lines was good. Reid being perceptive about what is going on with Prentiss I think was good and I do hope plays a role in upcoming episodes. Morgan and Reid together was nice, these two are very experienced and good at their job as profilers, so it is always good to see them dialoguing about a case. Rossi, I am happy that we got to see him interviewing. Rossi does very well at interviews, given the characters background it would make sense that he do this more as he has interviewed many serial killers, victims, etc. Was good to see a little more of the Prentiss arc and a new player in that storyline.

Well, I guess I ought to brace myself to be labeled a "hater" because now it is on to the negatives. Not only was Hotch barely rememberable in this episode, but I still don't understand how there can be such a divergence from who Hotch has been for 5 years to now. Specifically, how seemingly overnight, he would just willingly accept someone as inexperienced as Seaver to be at the profilers table, let alone going along with them on investigations. I'm sorry, but this is simply something his character would not accept. To make matters worse, the characters background and back story are indeed things that not only don't qualify her to be on the team, but is truly something that prohibits one from taking the character seriously. Briefly to other people's comments, her inexperience does disrupt the flow of the team collaboration in that either they have to stop and answer and explain basic things to her, or she is volunteering information and insight that not only could they have contributed themselves, but that is also way above her experience level being so green. This is just not the sort of team to be saddled with such inexperience. It doesn't make sense to take then two steps back in this regard. It is just implausible and not good all the way around.

Lastly, I wish there weren't such a focus on unsubs. I'm not averse to having some notable guest stars but not if they are at the expense of the team. Overall, the episode was ok, but something I will most likely not view again.

sf81387 said...

This was probably one of my least favorite episodes this season. There was nothing suspenseful or shocking or frightening/creepy about the unsub, she was mostly just boring and somewhat annoying. The Prentiss storyline has become a distraction and I'll be glad when they're done with it. It's too far fetched for me and I'm already sick of watching it unfold. I so want to chant "dun, dun, dun" every time she glances down at the scary mysterious messages on her cell phone. The idea that this woman has this ridiculous past and nobody in the FBI has a clue about it is absurd. I'll file this episode away with "25 to Life" as one that I probably won't be rewatching.

Emma said...

"The idea that this woman has this ridiculous past and nobody in the FBI has a clue about it is absurd. I'll file this episode away with "25 to Life" as one that I probably won't be rewatching."

I agree, besides not ripping stupid pink resumes in two when they are given to him, is Hotch really that clueless about Prentiss and her past? Yes, Strauss brought her in, but come on, Hotch would've check. But apparently she was so higher up that this wouldn't come up. Yeah, right.

JJ and Hotch said so themselves (2.15, writers, Revelations, look it up), she came from a desk job...

And speaking of rewatching, is any one out there planning on buying this season on DVD? because I'm definitely not.

Betty said...

@ Emma, yeah, I remember that moment in that episode. Both Hotch and JJ knew there was something off with regard to Prentiss' background. Like they said, she was just too poised, just too good to have come off a desk job. I think it is something they were probably always suspicous of, but as time went on, just dropped.

As soon as she got on the show, I knew that too. Prentiss had a lot of composure, knowledge, experience, I just knew there was something more to her background. Again, she was just too good and skilled. She jumped in with no hand holding, no explaining, she just hit the floor running and would sometimes out run the men :)

The only thing I can think of is that her past was kept on a level that Hotch didn't have the clearance to check. That is the only thing I can come up with, but who knows.

To answer your question, no, I will not be buying season 6 on DVD's.

Betty said...

Oh, and in her second episode, Hotch told Gideon to take Prentiss with him and Reid to Guantanmo Bay to interview the terrorist guy. Gideon was resistant, but Hotch told him to take her because not only did she understand Arabic but that she had experience and knowledge the behavorial science/behavior. So yeah, I think maybe he has always known, but just for some reason never delved more into it. That is the only thing other than what I wrote before that I can think of.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed last night's eppisode. I love how they are bringing out more of Prentiss's story line. Since she worked where she did OF COURSE NO ONE THERE WOULDN'T KNOW!!!!!! SHE CAN'T SAY ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked have Seaver back, though I do miss JJ.

I also watched Suspect Behavior last night and loved it! It was so good!


Angharad said...

"" I'm really looking forward to "Coda". I think Reid is autistic and it'll be really sweet and interesting to see him with the little boy.

I'm really looking forward to Coda too. I'm hoping for some nice insight into Reid and maybe those autistic tendencies of his when he bonds with the lad in the episode. Plus hopefully seeing his storyline from Corazon picked up again.

As for this week's, it was okay I guess. Nowhere near as good as last week's episode but...well... okay. A filler episode for me. Although I did like the Reid, Morgan and Emily moments. I always love seeing Reid and Morgan working together and I liked that Reid knows something is definitely wrong with Emily.
Like others here I'm hoping that Reid's storyline ties into Emily's somehow. I'm very interested to see how her leaving affects him. The poor boy is already stressed enough as it is these days.

As for Seaver..sorry...I tried to like her but I can't. I just can't. For all the same reasons that many, many, many people have described so eloquently on this blog for weeks and weeks now. The character is ridiculous and just doesn't make any sense, especially when you consider how the BAU has been presented in the previous 5 seasons as such an elite team which requires people to have years of experience before they are even considered for a job there.

Unknown said...

I am desperately missing the CM that I know & love the CM I fell in love with from the pilot & over the years have become obsessed with, I’m desperately trying to be constructive but don’t seem to have a lot to work with this season

After the glimmer of hope last week, I was hoping for a strong episode but was left disappointed yet again, which I guess fits in with the not so great S6 so far, a little detached I thought, heavy focus on the unsub again seems to be the trend of S6, didn’t like this one at all, have to put it in the same basket as 25 to Life.

• Loved the Emily / Reid connection, especially after their phone conversation at the end of 06E14
• Was nice to see Morgan & Reid in the field, I hope we get some of the earlier dynamic we had with these two
• Rossi interviews & interaction with victims Father
• Seaver more or less in the background was something of a positive, was easier to block her out

Actually I’m struggling for positives here so let’s move to the negatives ..

• Where has our Unit Chief gone?? What’s happened to Hotch this season, I honestly feel that the writers can’t write him, I miss our old established writers, Andrew Wilder especially! the amazing, positive, intelligent, dynamic Hotch is no longer and we have a shell of him these days. TG is such an amazing actor, I honestly can’t understand why he is not being utilised to his fullest potential, if he was there tonight I hardly noticed!!
• All our regular amazing cast seem to be shells of themselves & with no real connection or emotion, the dynamic is just off, so off, they just seem to be there to get the unsub & get out, there is no real emotion and all the hard work they have done through the years to establish this team & knowledge & connection they have built to their jobs & each other seems to have gone out the window .. so I guess it’s not surprising that they are ‘missing’ what’s going on with Prentiss .. appalling really given they have always been such a close kit team/family ..
• Prentiss story line development not so great, I hoped there would be some connection with Hotch on what was happening with her, but instead he sent her off alone in the field, something that we have not seen before (I can’t recall this happening other then when JJ went off to interview the victim’s friend in the Performer)
• I’m still struggling with Garcia presentencing the cases, but I guess I’m going to have to get used to that
• Opening credits, what the?? I will point out that it took an entire season for Garcia’s character to appear as a regular in the credits
• The tape, I won’t say any more
• That fight in the bedroom, cliché that it had to be her having being knocked out by the guy comes driving down the road to hit the victim
• I’m struggling with the story lines getting more & more unrealistic, how was it possible for the victim to put up any kind of resistance to the unsub after having been hit head on by a ton of metal, come on the women should have been dead or close to, I hate that some of the recent episodes insult our intelligence ….

Especially given that I fell in love with this show for its thrilling, intelligent, realistic, attention to detail stories & amazing characters it brought to our screens each week, which no longer seems to be the case.

I’m trying so hard to give my favourite show a chance, but to be honest I’m getting to the end of my tether, I honestly don’t think that anything we as fans have been saying for months now is being taken any notice of so I guess what’s the point!!

Anyway there is probably more to say and I’d like to have gone through comments posted so far, but I’m tired and disillusioned especially after I stayed up to the early hours of the morning to watch this episode which was really a waste of my time & sleep!

I wrote this straight after watching the episode & before I logged on to post so have only scanned through comments but sdwally I have to say I totally agree … I’m so totally in your space!

Glynnis said...

I just finished watching my Season 2 DVD and the special feature "Profilers Profiled." I really wish the writers would go back and watch it. I mean, set aside the stuff about Gideon always being there and their expectation that he would be in the BAU forever (chuckle), but note that there was a time when they realized that humanizing the team gave the show heart and the stories cohesion. There are dozens of crime procedurals on air. Get the heart back into CM!

gubegirl said...

I am bummed.

This epi not nearly as good as last week's. Writing did not flow, scenes seemed disjointed somehow and I was having difficulty following the story.

Totally apart from Seaver's character not being a fit, RN's lines seemed forced and her presence did not feel natural. Doesn't feel good to me. I am not saying that as a Seaver-hater, I'm just saying how I felt.

You would expect to feel an interest and curiosity in a new character and what they have to offer but I'm not feeling that the way I did with PB and JM when they came on the scene.

Hotch is practically non-existent. Those who have compared our team members to currently being "shells" of their old selves are not off the mark. Blame this on the writing that does not know these people, their personalities and skills.

As far as Em's prev exp and what is happening to her now, I always felt there was something clandestine about her joining but I have to admit, I do not remember any remark to anyone that she was coming "off a desk job." I never felt that she wasn't quite experienced, both as a profiler and as a field agent, she excels.

Reid was his usual sweet self and his picking up on Emily's troubled cues endear him to me. He is a very sensitive sort (unlike autistics)and I do believe he will play a greater role in Prentiss' storyline than maybe some of the others and I like that.

Maybe his headaches will come back during this - this is a story that needs finishing.

The former co-workers portion of Em's storyline was intriguing but I don't like the text threats - a little too contrived for my taste.

JM was good in the interview - he always is. Garcia was Garcia-ok.

The unsub was played well, but they usually are. Did not like the whole story at all tho' so did not appreciate much of that casting including Molly's dad, Corbin Bernson.

What else is there to say other that I am feel let down.

I DID NOT WATCH THE SPIN-OFF. Not one minute of it.
There. That's it for now. Will check back later to see what Cindy, LaShawna and the other regulars thought:)

Try to have a good day - we can always hope that next wk's epi will be as good as last week's!

Anonymous said...

For the writers of Criminal Minds: If you want to save the program, I suggest that if there must be a victim "Lauren", which is Seaver, even if it means giving a 360 º to the story. If they do well and keep Emily in the program, I assure you that will delight many of us.
But you may be asking too much, and I know more than one would bother my guess, but after watching a character without regard submitted by an actress with no talent, I wonder the real reason to keep Seaver in history, how many be fucked to be included in the story?
OK, I'm cruel, but I'm frustrated to see how they are destroying CM, in the eyes of us fans and not flinch. Simply, I'm upset, and I do not care if I defame someone, I still enjoy my show with the characters that I fell in love.
It is that simple.

AJ/Paget fan said...

Ok first time posting on this thread though I do like to read them but now I just feel utterly compelled to post.

Prentiss wise, i think her secrets will involve a romeo and juliet type of love story gone tragically awry. Really cant wait but so dont want her to go! Prentiss definitely turned out to be mysterious and the writers need to work on thier consistency and be more realistic becuase thats why people love the show. It can seem all too real sometimes, though not of late.

Whatever happened to Jeff Davis? The actual creator of the show? When did Bernero take over exactly? Just a thought.

We need more Hotch, it doesnt feel right without him. And I would also like to see hime with his shirt off. I like sexy older men...

Seaver: the way she was in this episode was more tolerable but she seems to be a setback for the team. The BAU solves time critical cases and Seaver is a waste of time. Her intro was fine for a one off guest star but after that...she doesnt have BAU family quality. It seems that no one knows what to do with her. She's not fitting in. She cant be a profiler becuase she doesnt have the experience or any unique qualities to be one. And there are more than one children out there who unfortuantely have a serial killer father. Also Seaver isnt the liason, THANK GOD, so she cant contribute anything there. And it seems that the writers are trying to get a pity vote from us and are constatly reminding us of her past, when they implied that she may be a cutter or she may have an eating disorder. Well, pity is osmthing that she can get if she's going to be a cry baby type all the time. Seaver also seems to emotional to be stable. How dis she get into the FBI and how did she pass her psych exams. She just doesnt cut it.
Gotta say that I love how Prentiss looked at Seaver as if she were an idiot which Seaver kind of is, when Prentiss asked her whats the first thing that pops out at you? The consistency is really off this season, ever since JJ left and its getting worse with PRentiss' time coming up.

In retrospect, JJ had the best nonprofiler job in the team. She was the communications liason for seven years whcih meant that she was beyond useful to the team and they still need her. So obvious, but also because she has seven years of experience training with profilers in a way. Hotch asked her second season in the north mammonth ep why she didnt take the profiling classes. JJ obviously has the stuff to be a profiler and should have become one but the writers seems to be...

Bottom line, Seaver needs to go and JJ needs to come back and Prentiss and Hotch and Morgon need to stay.

AJ/Paget fan said...


and everyone else.

I am ashamed tos ay that I did watch the spinoff...SORRY! But I only watched half an hour becuase it sucked and it was sooooooooooo bad!!!!!!!! I dont like any of the characters and... I switched to an old CM episode to watch the gorgeous Thomas Gibson as Hotch.
You didnt miss anything and if the spinoff gets a seacond season...

Lysa said...

I didn't watch the spin-off, but I would say that even if it did get good ratings for its premiere that people shouldn't fret about that. With all of the promotion the show was getting, promotion by the way that has never been given to CM, there was bound to be people who were curious enough to tune in. However, if it was as bad as some people who saw it have already stated, I would expect more of a dip in the ratings in the weeks to come.

Ilona said...

Well I am going to try one more time.

There is a petition to remove ashley seaver off CM.

I personally signed it and hope more people will do.

AJ/Paget fan said...


where is the petition to get Ashley Seaver off the show? I want to sign it a illion times?

Mahële said...

Really not one of their best episodes.

The cliché way they choose to represent France was cringeworthy.

The story had too much focus on the unsub and it didn't bring much to the story.
I still appreciated to see Rossi more, his scenes were great.
Some Morgan, Prentiss and Reid scenes were also nice.

There's still one thing I absolutely loved : the scene where Reid talks about the origin of the phrase 'Today I do, tomorrow I will".
"It's found in pretty much every self-help book. I read 22 of them today".

That put a big smile on my face, thank you for that little scene !!

I miss seeing Hotch leading the team. Since Jack is listed in 'Coda', maybe we'll see him more and hopefully he'll be more 'Unit Chief' like during the case.

I'm really not thrilled by the Prentiss storyline so far.

This storyline is all over the map and not terribly credible in my opinion.

I also understand that Emily might not be at liberty to discuss freely about the case, but her silence and her way of dealing (or not dealing) with those issues are both not realistic.

And the idea that absolutely no one in the FBI would know about her former activities at Interpol or about her former identities seems far fetched.

We don't know what Prentiss did at the end of 'Sense Memory' when she left her apartment.
Maybe she already informed Hotch about the situation, but I don't like the idea of Prentiss only telling Hotch about it and leaving the rest of the team in the dark.
Her colleagues are worried about her, and I would like to see the whole team involved in this story and trying to help Prentiss.

I'm really looking forward to 'Coda'.

I personally don't see Reid as autistic, but who knows how the story will play out ?

In the promo, they talked about symbols as a ways to communicate for this kid.
I hope Reid gets to decipher some kind of code, that's something I would love to see.

AJ/Paget fan said...

Sorry but I just checked out several CM twitters and stuff. SOmeone named Romy Skye said that Rachel is friends with AJ and Paget so why cant we be?
Firstly that is really doubtful. AJ only worked with Rachel once and it just doesnt seem to me that they are firends. It seems that Rachel is using thier classy and nice attitudes towards her advantage which makes me hate her. And other people are trying to get us to like Rachel becuase of her sweet personality? Yeah right. The Seaver character sucks. I am so upset right now. I love AJ and Paget and I just feel so affronted. They arent even following her on twitter. Sadly, Paget is hardly tweeting at all and neither is AJ.
It kind of shows through Paget as Emily Prentiss that as nice as she can be to both Rahcle and Seaver, they arent going to become friends.

Ilona said...

It is on petitiononline and you can find it under criminal minds remove ashley seaver. That should do the trick. It is still new, I am number 143. Good luck. And please pass it on.

Sara said...

Oh yeah Lysa, CM has never gotten even 1/2 of the promotion that the spin-off has. I believe there is even a full episode of CMSB on the website; there are only measley little clips of CM on the website.

Yeah, I would not be surprised if the first episodes ratings were high. I'm sure a lot of nielsen viewers tuned into to see what the deal was with CMSB. Plus, with all of the promotion it got....

What happens in the coming weeks will determine CMSB's fate.

kat887 said...

Good team episode.

I channel surfed during CMSB, but it seemed to have good energy. I suspect it's here to stay. Hopefully it'll increase CBS support for the original.

Why sign a petition to put someone out of a job on a fictional TV show?

Criminal Minds Fan said...

I don't want a link to the petition on this blog.


Belinda said...

The spin-off hasn't had any good energy or positive outcomes for CM to date. So, if it is indeed here to stay, saddle up CM fans, we're in for more bumpy rides.

Ilona said...

Sorry about that Criminal Minds Fan. Will not happen again.

To the person asking why someone would do that. I am a die hard fan of Criminal Minds for the longest time. And I am sorry, there is of course a lot more going on then just the character Ashley Seaver. But to me she (the character not the actress) is awful. It irritates me so much I can not enjoy the episode any more.

I just want my good old Criminal Minds back. With good writing, good actors/actresses that have CHEMISTRY, that family feeling I miss now terribly.

Diedra said...

Yes Belinda. If this is what Tassler has done to CM pre- spin-off, I can only imagine what she would do to CM post- spin-off.

Anonymous said...

There is a petition to sign for bringing JJ and Emily back as well. Sign that too.

Ben said...

to AJ Paget fan and Illona

I dont see how Rachels acting is any worse than anybody else's. I thought she did fine. If AJ had said the exact same lines with half the heart into it that Nichols put, we wouldn't even hear about it.

and this hate on her and her character is just so damn childish and ridiculous

And how do even know that she isn't friends with them. So what if they are not friends with her on twitter. They don't have their make up artists as friend either and i see ton of pictures with them with her

You 2 are a disgrace to the CM fanbase

AJ/Paget fan said...

I think that the actors do make the character what they are in addition to the writers and creators. Rachel Nichols had the fortune of getting two potentially great roles: Rebecca Locke on "The Inside" and "Criminal Minds" Ashley Seaver.
How she got the roles is beyond me because RN is a terrible actress most of the time. Both Rebecca and Ashley are virtually the same type of character and RN butchered them both. RN has had a few moments but she is just a pretty face who cant act.For some people, "hating" on the actress is completely valid.
To prove my point that the actor shapes the character, can you imagine anyone else playing Dr. Spencer Reid other than MGG or someone else as Htoch other than the delicious Thomas Gibson?
I'm guessing no.
Therefore, RN and Ashley Seaver both suck and are a terrible fit for CM whcih was so good up until Tassler and Bernero messed it up.

Ben said...

to kat887

i agree that petition is just distasteful and it is not what the CM fandom is about at all. And i KNOW Gibson and the rest of the cast also thinks the same about it

AJ/Paget fan said...

I've ntoiced this that anytime someone has something particualr to say about RN, you try to be her little white knight. Like my above comment, the actor makes the character as well as the writers. So dont pick on me and call me a disgrace because I can hit right back but I wont since you are too immature and are obviously crushing on RN. She's pretty but she cant act. And AJ can breathe life into characters. JJ started out as a regular but a background character and she is now one of the most loved characters on the show. People want her back and people want Emily to stay. So come up with anew defense.
How about ten reasons of why RN is so great and if you can convince me of 5 then...we'll see. Btw, they have to be reasons withing CM. I've seen RN on Alias, The Inside, GI Joe, P2 and Dumb and Dumberer or whatever. I gave her a chance when she came on CM. She is a dissapontment. And why dont you respond to someone else who doesnt like her either?

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