Thursday, February 10, 2011


Criminal Minds: Each week, fans of Criminal Minds can tune in to CBS 2 in Queens at 9PM for an all-new episode to watch the BAU track down the week’s unsub and hopefully rescue a victim in time. Because the case is different each week, the show brings in a number of guest stars, some more recognizable than others. The latest guest star is known to fans of the CW drama, Supernatural, for playing Ash and though his character died in season 2, he made an appearance in season 5 when Sam and Dean died and went to heaven.

Just this week, Chad Lindberg guest starred on the NBC drama, The Cape, as Hicks, adversary to the main character and hired by Fleming. He played the part well, and there’s no doubt that he’ll do a good job on Criminal Minds as well. The news of his guest spot on the drama came via his Twitter and he certainly seems happy about it:
“Good News Flash: I just booked a Guest Star on ‘Criminal Minds’ ;)”
So what character will he be playing? That has yet to be revealed, and his episode won’t be airing until later in the season. He wouldn’t be a bad choice for playing the unsub of the week—he’d certainly be believable in the role. He was the bad guy on The Cape, and he was in the film, I Spit on Your Grave.

Lindberg isn't the first person from Supernatural to guest star on the CBS procedural drama. Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer, guest starred in the season 3 episode, "Identity" as a sheriff. Sebastian Roche, who plays the angel Balthazar, will be guest starring on Criminal Minds later this season, and his story line is said to be connected to Emily Prentiss'. Roche has been tweeting pictures from the set lately.
Tune in to CBS 2 in Queens at 9PM Wednesday nights to keep a look out for Chad Lindberg’s guest spot on Criminal Minds.